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Wednesday ride TDCC - Main Group - Every week at 0915 at Gorokan Fish Co-op. Check here for away rides or changes. Wednesday 24 September 2014 - Blackall Park

Wednesday ride TDCC - EazyRiders - 10.00am Wednesday at Gorokan Fish Co-op, for an easier ride, about 30km. Check here for out-of-town ride venues.

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1. Skylarkers ride - Fridays at 0900 at Gorokan Fish Co-op at Toukley Bridge for a faster ride of 60-80km.

2. Norah Head Coasters – Meet at Jenny Dixon Reserve, Norah Head, cnr Bungary Road & Park St, 9.00am Fridays – moderate pace 40 km. Please check here for out-of-town rides.

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Wednesday 17 September 2014 - Eazy Riders Report
Hi all,
It's been a while since my last report, but with the weather and all we have not had any rides of significance. But today was a perfect day for a ride. We had 7 riders and a big welcome to new members Frank and Carol Ullrich.
The ride took us along the top of Tuggerah Lake to Waroongah Rd, Minnesota and Warnervale Roads to Warnies, the track to Farmgate Café for lunch. Return via Highway, Johns Road and back to the lake at Wyongah and the Co Op.
Talking to James last week he tells me he is on the road to recovery after his broken elbow. He now has 90% movement in his arm.
Hopefully all our regular riders will be back on deck in the coming weeks,
Happy and safe cycling
John L.
Easy riders
Wednesday 17 September 2014 - Ourimbah
A beautiful warm spring day brought everyone out for a ride today - 30 riders signed on, including Rod's friend Ghisl, riding his old bike, quite well too. Peter led the ride after Paul F declined with an upset tummy. Doug wore his yellow cap for the day (means he was the sweep).
We were all very well-behaved, with no falls, accidents, punctures or lost riders. There was quite a stiff SW breeze blowing all morning, giving us plenty of fresh air on the way down to Burns Road, Ourimbah, and a lovely tail-wind all the way back. Just looking at the Seabreeze® Graph, it was mostly westerly, but feels the same.
After going over Kangy Angy, then back along Enterprise Drive, we took the back roads to Tuggerah Super Center, then back to Wyong Rotary for lunch. Sue was all set up with hot water, tea, coffee, cakes and bikkies to ensure a delicious lunch. Marshall had been keen to join us but somehow arrived at Blackall Park instead of Gorokan. The moral of this story is always check the program or website the night before. After making contact by phone he caught the train down and had lunch with us.
Good to see everyone again, especially Jen and Graeme who are going interstate this week. A top ride of 50km, thanks everyone for joining in!
Friday 12 September 2014 - Coasters and Skylarkers Ride
Similar to Wednesday, it rained right up to 9.00am then gradually cleared. We had 12 riders, plus Robyn, turn up at Jenny Dixon Reserve in their rain jackets, not a bad roll-up for such a dodgy morning!
Pedro took control, and Col wore the yellow hat cover, as we finally rolled towards Toukley and beyond. Paul came a bit late, but Richard and Pam didn't arrive till 5 to 9, and by the time Richard found his shoes etc we didn't leave till 18 minutes past. We had a call from the Skylarkers who were obviously feeling a bit lonely, asking our position and heading. When we confirmed that we were going towards them they happily joined us for a non-skylarking ride.
So it didn't actually rain again all day, and gradually got warmer, only to 18°C, with a 10 knot southerly breeze. We rode down to Gorokan and then along the river road to Wyong where we took a welcome tea-break at the toilets, after fixing John's flat tyre at Wyongah. From there we crossed the river and turned right at Johnston Street and into Mardi where we rode through the estate, causing much mirth and amazement to the locals. Never seen 16 cyclists before. Up MacPherson Road and onto Old Maitland Road to Woodbury Park.
On Allison Road it was Doug's turn to get a flat, probably from some nasty green glass scattered along the roadway near the Milk Factory. Did you see the article about Kevin Parson's son's cheese shop? Doing very well apparently! We then rode the back way through Watanobbi to the highway and along to John's Road where we split up somewhat, Col and I heading to Wadalba and Minnesota Road, and others going home, leaving the main peloton to make their way to the Canton Beach café for morning tea. I was going to drive the Paj down to join them, but when I got home I lost interest.
Another excellent novel ride from Pedro, thanks to him and everyone else for making a good ride out of what looked pretty soggy to start with.
Wednesday 10 September 2014 - Hue Hue Road
A stupefyingly beautiful day, but pouring rain up till about 8.30am, causing many people to stay in bed or eat breakfast till late. Many of these people had a re-think on seeing the sunny skies and joined us later.
There were about (can't remember) 16 at the start, gradually swelled by late starters or reduced by emergency departers as the day wore on. I thought we were going via Gosford Road at Wyee, then Bushells Ridge and Tooheys Roads and back along the Motorway Link to Hue Hue, which sounded like fun, so I volunteered for the ride leader position. Sadly I was over-ruled due to muddy weather and we skipped all the interesting bits.
We started at the Fish Co-op and headed for Noraville, picking up Linda at her street, then down to Budgewoi, picking up Col along there after he had a late change of mind. At Gosford Road we found Ken coming the other way looking for us, a well-judged interception.
Joining Hue Hue Road at the northern end we headed towards Wyong but after a short distance came to a grinding halt due to a puncture in my back wheel. Thanks to John and Col for helping out with that, then we were on our way along this hilly road with no bike lane and plenty of garbage trucks to keep us awake. At this point Warwick developed a disintegrating tyre and headed straight back to base. We also met up with Annie who had a rethink about letting her husband have all the fun and caught up with us somewhere near Jilliby Road.
This is a tough ride but all the riders kept up and never complained, except me. The magpie at Allison Road attacked Ken as he arrived early at the T-intersection, but luckily let the rest of the club to go in peace. Straight to the Park at the Wyong Bridge for lunch, still 16 of us, but not the same 16 as we started with. Heinz made an early start back, saying he would go slowly so we could catch up. I never believed him for a moment and, sure enough, I never saw him again. Warwick turned up in his car after getting back safely to Gorokan. Marshall was waiting for us when we got back too, but I didn't see him either as I went straight home at Wyongah, leaving the club to find their own way back through the unfamiliar territory.
This turned out to be a longer ride, about 55km point-to-point, and further for others who rode from Ocean Street, Noraville, whoever they might be. A challenging but satisfying ride, and a credit to all who participated in it.
Friday 5 September 2014 - Coasters and Skylarkers
Another cold and windy morning (see Seabreeze® Graph below) at Norah Head where 13 riders congregated for a relaxing short ride. Instead Paul took us on a spin around Tuggerah Lake anti-clockwise, between 50 and 65km for most of us. All the first half up to Tumbi bridge was into a stiff headwind, and the rest was with the wind.
The Skylarkers did something similar, riding to Tuggerah then over Kangy Angy to Ourimbah then on to Chittaway and waited for us at the DCE Café at The Entrance. There were four of them, Doug, Nigel, John and Ken. We saw Ken heading for home near Tumbi after leaving the others at coffee. He probably rode over The Ridgeway on his way home to Narara.
The coasters set a steady good pace through Wyongah and Tuggerawong on the way to Wyong. We decided to stick to the road at Chittaway as the path might have been flooded. We copped only enough rain to force the sugar cubes to put on their raincoats, then it was gone again as we stopped at Tumbi bridge to let Mike have a ride over it and back for the first time. A few more sprinkles and no more rain, but plenty of sun.
We found the Skylarkers at the café and joined them for refreshments. Afterwards we headed for home in front of a nice breeze up WBD to Norah Head. Unfortunately I copped a puncture about halfway up which ruined my mad dash home. Eventually my good friends stopped to help me and we were nearly ready to go again when we realised that the tyre wasn't going up. The last time I had a puncture, last Friday, somebody else fixed the flat while I concentrated on the new tube, but somehow thay missed the hole with the patch by a good centimetre. Still it's the thought that counts(?). Col coughed up another tube and we were on our way again. Thanks guys for your help!
A nice ride with the two groups on a challenging day. What a club!
Wednesday 3 September 2014 - Mingara, whoops, Tumbi
To appreciate today's report you must know the weather... Overnight heaps of rain and southerly wind to 30 knots. At 8.30am it had almost stopped raining and even looked sunny, but the S wind was still there, at 20-25 knots (50kph) and it was 12°C. I drove down to say hello and see who was there, so did Linda (I wanted to see who the mad people were!), and Mike was also there in his civvies. Amazingly there were 16 riders ready to go, despite the weather! Hopefully we'll get a report soon.
On a very windy and cold morning 16 hardy souls turned up for our Wednesday ride. Mike, Linda and Danny also came to the start to make sure we left and didn't head off to the closest coffee shop. The weather must have been too nice for two from the Old Dart, as their absence was duly noted.
After as many delaying tactics as possible we finally headed off, hoping that we wouldn't be blown into the lake as we crossed Toukley Bridge. Travelling via our normal route we were soon at Noraville Cemetery for a regroup. There were no mad sprints down Wilfred Barrett Drive except for Nigel and Rick, everyone else was glad to stick close behind our Ride Coordinator, Pete. The wind was relentless and there were few stops today between Noraville and Tumbi. Rain threatened a couple of times with black clouds approaching, but thankfully no rain fell.
Before we knew it we were at Lyn's place at Tumbi for lunch. Lyn had taken a short cut and had the urn boiling, cake cut and tables and chairs arranged for when we arrived. I am not sure if we would have been keen to stop for lunch at Sutton Park today with the wind howling in from the south and very little shelter, so it was a perfect day for lunch at Lyn's.
After lunch Ken left us and headed off towards home over the Ridgeway, but had forgotten his backpack, so Lyn chased him down in the car with backpack in hand. Karen had been having some bad knee pain so she got a lift home from Lyn's with Paul F. We hope the problem is not major and she is 100% very soon. We left into more head wind until we reached the Central Coast Hwy and then with the wind at our backs it was a sprint all the way home.
A very windy but a good day never the less. Many thanks to Pete for leading the ride, Lyn for her hospitality and Doug for keeping us all together.
Sunday 31 August 2014 - Hawkesbury 100
Toukley Cycle Club was well represented at the Hawksbury 100. There were a total of 13 riders all up, with a large percentage from our club. Had a few minor hiccups before the start, the usual start place was being used for a boat race, so the start venue got moved to Macquarie park.
Then it was discovered the boat race also meant the Sackville ferry was out of operation between 9 and 12. The whole route was rejigged to allow for this. Pam must have kicked Richard out the house rather early. He was at the start well over an hour before, just meant he needed a "Nana Nap" about half way. Tony from Windsor cycle club briefed us on the new route and we were off just after 8.
Lots of traffic on the way up to the Stone café at Maroota. Café under new management, so no Pink Galahs to feed this year. It felt we were a bit faster than last year and it was a bit easier too, to this point.
After coffee we turned around and went a different way down Cliftonville Road. This had one of those nasty steep sections of downhill towards the end, and meant the brakes had to be on for long periods. At the bottom we regrouped and the rims on the Tandem were too hot to touch. Within a few minutes of setting off John D had a puncture. Just to make sure, he had another two, straight after all in different places on the front tyre. We had stopped a little way up the road, and, whilst Chris cuddled up to Richard, watched the boat race go by. 3 minutes short of half an hour the boys showed up after playing with John D's tubes. I think they were just a little tired and couldn't keep up. It was strange how Mike picked up some smelly stuff on his shoe at this point, we just wonder what they were playing at?? Lunch was at the kiosk at Wisemans, we tried to relegate Mike and his smelly shoe to a different table, but he wouldn't have any of it.
Had a brainwave for Chris's Fathers day present at this point, Dennis from the Windsor Cycle club has an electric bike, and there were several electric wheel chairs buzzing around the park. I could get him a fangled electric chair, and encourage him not to be stingy and plug it in regularly!!
After lunch, (glad they keep the Coasters tradition of an hour!) we continued on a few K's by the river before turning right up Laughtondale Gully road. It was all unsealed. The Tandem was first away but last to the top. I wish Chris wouldn't speed up when I pedal harder to overtake him, he's so slow on the uphills! We were last to reach Old Northern Road, but we were all needing a short rest from the long 4 and half K's of climbing. Told Jen it was easy from now on but she didn't believe us.
Across to the Sackville ferry which was operating by now, missed it by a few seconds. A loo stop on the other side and then around Tizzana Road via the oldest Church. A few of us, including me, were starting to flag by now. A quick sugar fix helped. Then back to the start, where the Windsor club had laid on chairs, coffee, Tea, Bickies and lovely mud cake. Big Thanks goes to them, to Tony for organising and leading the ride, and also to Sally or Sue for sorting out the refreshments at the end. We all had a great time, made better by the lovely weather.
Hopefully we will be back next year. Photos are here.
Friday 29 August 2014 - Sydney Tour
Mike's Magical Mystery Tour from Meadowbank attracted 13 takers today, namely: Viv, Carol, Robyn, Warwick, Merrilyn, Graeme, Jen, Graeme, Dave, Doug, Mike, Chris & myself (Irene). A great starting venue at Meadowbank ferry wharf with free waterfront parking, facilities plus close to the rail station for those training it today. Mike had this ride planned some time ago and Doug offered to do tail end.
In cloudy conditions we headed South on the very pleasant waterside bike path to Homebush park where Mike decided to do a "tour de park" trying to find the right exit for us so we wouldn't have to cycle down steps!! Soon sorted as we continued our journey crossing 2 major roads then through lots of little parks, bridges and back streets eventually reaching the Cooks River Cycleway. What a delightful ride following the river on peaceful bike paths with lots of twits [sic] and turns, plenty of "posts" to avoid (none jumped out at us today!)!
We had a "nature stop" and little snack at Beamen Park, Marrickville area, and as we left we copped an unavoidable heavy shower. It didn't last long, the sun came out and the scenery just got better and better with moored boats on our left, really neat allotments with heaps of vegetation [market gardens?] growing on our right and planes overhead. Then all of a sudden, Botany Bay was in front of us in all its beauty, as we cycled along the Grand Parade of Brighton-le-Sands. What a great venue to stop, have our coffee, rest awhile and enjoy the vista! (See photos here.) We were fairly sheltered despite there being plenty of "white horses" on the water but this gave us a handy tail-wind going back. We returned the same way somehow doing it ˝ an hour quicker! All up, we covered 64kms with an average temp of 19°C, in great company, with no punctures - not bad considering the rain, wind, bridges, posts etc. A really enjoyable ride, Mike (I don't remember any hills!) - amazingly impressive how you find your way around and let's not forget Doug who very efficiently did a fantastic job of "tucking us in" at the back! [Ha ha!]

Friday 29 August 2014 - Coasters Report
Mixed conditions today - cloudy, sunny, windy (10-15 knot SW), cold, warm... Everything except rain, but Ken copped some riding up from Narara.
Ten people turned up at Jenny Dixon Reserve, then we picked up Ric just leaving his home as we rode past, heading off to do the same ride we were on, viz Munmorah and back to Lakes Beach for morning tea, so that was 11 of us, more than enough. We had a good spin up Elizabeth Bay Drive with the tailwind, with me (Danny) out the front of course, but destined to come to a screaming halt at the roundabout with a flat rear tyre. First puncture this year! It also turns out my pump is shit, so between us all we got it fixed, even repaired the old one, with everyone lending a hand.
Pedro was leading and took us through the back way into Munmorah up a very long hill and around the lake, before popping back out at the bowling club. Back to Doylo then down beside Camp Breakaway to the bike path. We had a new guy with us today, Rob, on a hybrid. He and Peter B stopped to help a lady with her windsurfer, which had a stuck-on cap to be dislodged.
Finally we made it to Lakes Beach Café and sat out in the sun/cloud getting warm/cold while we had our refreshments. There are new owners there and they seem quite keen, with their little helpers sweeping the sand away. Actually Mum stayed home as she didn't think there would be any customers, so we showed her, eh! I hope Paul F offered Ken a lift down to Narara as the wind in his face would have been 15-20 knots. Otherwise Ken was looking at 105km for today. The rest of us did nothing like that, probably 40 at most. A good ride for Pam, Richard, Linda and the rest of us.
Wednesday 27 August 2014 - Mannering Park
Looked at the radar around half seven this morning and saw some heavy showers in the Norah Head area. Could see they wouldn't last, so decided to make a go of it. Nineteen riders turned up, with a few regulars missing. After a slightly delayed start of around 10 minutes, Pedro led us out.
At our first regroup, at Wallarah Creek, San Remo, had the usual smashed glass to clear away under the bridge. Proved quite timely as the first of the showers came through and the bridge gave us a decent cover. Ken decided it might be a wet soggy day and made a run for home.(He does ride up from Wyoming) so you can't blame him. The shower didn't last long so we were soon on our way up to the Doylo lights, and then on to Wyee. All the wet weather gear having to be discarded as everyone was getting too hot.
Another regroup at the Yates factory entrance, this was to allow us to cross the road safely, turn around and take Ruttleys Road. It would have been quite dangerous with the road works otherwise, good move Pedro! On the lead into Mannering Park for lunch, joined by Marshall somewhere and we even had a bakery that Ric could get his coffee and cake deal at. During lunch the rain clouds came in and it bucketed down. Briefing was held with us all huddled under one shelter trying to keep dry.
As soon as the rain eased up we made a dash for it. Not long after, my pilot on the tandem insists this mail man (Post!!) jumped out in front of him. Humpty Dumpty had a really big fall!! I landed on the grass thankfully. Male driver!! Put Humpty back together, and the tandem and set off again, none the worse. Once on the Pacific Highway Nigel and Ric left us to get back for the granny sitter. We knew something was wrong when Doug was missing at the Doylo lights, and we waited... worked out a few others were missing too. Waited some more... Col and Paul F went back, more waiting. Tried the mobiles, eventually news came through, they were just coming, Robyn had had 2 punctures.
Down through Camp Breakaway, around Budgewoi Lake, looking at the windsurfers skimming past us in the stiff breeze. Found out the windsurfers were Peter (Linda's other half) and friends who had beaten us to one of the beaches. Quick chat and then with clouds looming tried to get back to the Co-Op before the rain. Paul F was doing corner patrol at Elizabeth Drive, stood still, and he fell off!! Small leak from one of his legs. One way or another, a little soggy, we managed to get back to the Co-Op before it rained and any further mishaps.
An exceptional job done by Doug at the backend and Peter on his leadership - thanks guys.
See photo below:
Friday 22 August 2014 - Coasters and Skylarkers ride
Six hardy souls gathered at Jenny Dixon in defiance of the weather forecast and decided that The Entrance would be a good place for coffee, then have a tail wind to blow us home. Danny and Mike S arrived to wish us well for the day. With this in mind we set off with Pedro leading and due to the small number a tail was not needed.
Out of Norah Head, through the alleyway and along Kelsey road etc to Toukley bridge. Out along Marks road on the usual route to Wyong. At this stage we were joined by 3 lazy skylarkers who decided that they wanted an easy ride. Wyong was passed by and then the Tuggerah Straight. By this time the clouds were begining to float away so we pressed on via Church road to Chittaway.
Assuming that after all the rain the bike track along the lake would be flooded we rode the bike path alongside Wyong road. Left at the roundabout and found our way to the new bridge over Tumbi Creek. Here we struck a problem, there was no way of avoiding the bike path which was totally flooded, so it was through the water we went. (Think we may have to say something to council about this problem.) Along the bikepath to Long Jetty where workmen were looking at the site for the replacement of the wooden bridge (Saltwater Creek). Info from Richard was that it will be in use next Easter.
A bumpy ride along the back road where Anne D joined us before we arrived at The Entrance and the coffee shop for a well-earned rest and gabfest. By now the sun was shining like a spring day. Timing is always difficult but we had just sat down having placed our orders when who turned up but Mike S. Eventually we managed to drag ourselves away and had a pleasant ride back along WBD, with a tail wind, to JD park. Participants on the day were Pedro, Viv, Graeme, Merrilyn, Richard, Karen plus John D, Doug, Nigel and Anne D.
Do not forget that next week's ride starts at Meadowbank in the car park under the railway bridge. See above for details.

Danny's report
Quite cool this morning and raining all night up to 8.30am. At the last minute I decided not to take my bike, just visit the start place and see what happens.
What happened was 6 riders turned up at Jenny Dixon Reserve, Norah Head, including Merrilyn and Graeme, just back from Iceland, with some great stories, and Richard and Viv who rode up from The Entrance. Pam stayed home, like most people. Pedro was there, and Karen turned up just before nine. She didn't ride last Wednesday as it was raining at her place, only to read in the report we had 27 riders front for a lovely day riding. So she was coming today regardless of the weather. Mike turned up after I left for home.
I got to the fish co-op about 8 minutes past nine, to see 3 riders, Nigel, John D and Doug, wanting to join the Coasters, wherever they went. So I was able to tell them the Coasters were on their way past here on a circuit around Tuggerah Lake. They duly turned up a bit later and they all went off on a great bike ride, in the sunshine, while I went home and back to bed. No, I didn't. Pedro has a more detailed report above.
Wednesday 20 August 2014 - TDCC ride to Wyee
A chilly (15°C) and damp morning with stiff breezes (see© graph below) greeted the 27 riders keen enough to make the effort to turn up. Well done! Also Marshall joined us at Wyee to make 28 riders, amazing compared to the kayakers on Tuesday when no-one turned up, save Doug and Sue. Pedro led us and Doug brought up the rear. Even though I left the group to go bushwalking, Doug kept an eye on me till I rejoined the main group, a very dedicated sweep!
Pete took us along Marks Road but turned off at Jacqueline Avenue before the hills, and took us over the top and up Walker Avenue for a change. South along Hughes Avenue to Wadalba then along Minnesota Road to Warnevale Road. This is all in a chilling breeze from the south-west, but nobody complained.
Eventually we got to Sparks Road which we stayed on to the bitter end, Hue Hue Road. Turning right here gave us a nice tail-wind to Wyee, but the giant hill soon had us puffing. It's always a hard ride to Wyee, but nobody has ever failed to do it. No-one even got off and walked! I certainly felt like it! Especially as I was on my Hybrid mongoose in readiness for the kilometres of dirt road from Gosford Road, via Tooheys Road to the Link road. It would have been memorable, given the rain, but democracy got in the way and we just rode straight to Doyalson instead. Bah!
Although the program suggested lunch at Blue Heaven, the park is long since returned to the wild, so we went straight back to the Fish Co-op for lunch. Well, not all of us, I turned right at the highway instead of going to visit Camp Breakaway, and thus being 10 minutes ahead of the game, went straight home and got my car to go to lunch with the others. I wasn't riding that wretched bike up Durham Road if I could avoid it!
Not a very far ride, under 40ks(?) but interesting and fun. Thanks to Pedro and Doug for excellent rider management, thanks to everyone who came. Nice to see some old faces back, like Heinz and Marshall.
Friday 15 August 2014 - Coasters Ride
Back in the saddle today, even if it was only the coasters. Eleven of us made up the squad today, including Jenny and Graeme. Mike and Pedro did the duty back and front respectively, Peter, Linda, Richard, Pam, Margaret and Col made up the rest. We saw other riders heading towards their own events and hopefully we'll have reports from them also.
We decided on the Lakes Beach café for morning tea, so we then had to decide how we were going to get there. Pedro led us on a random tour of Norah Head, then down to Canton Beach and on to Gorokan Fish Co-op. From The Corso we rode to San Remo, then through the back way up to Blue Heaven to the Link Road. We crossed that without incident (you wouldn't want to have any incident there!) and continued up the highway to Tall Timbers Road, CVB. We realised we had already covered two thirds of the ride at that stage, so driven by a need for caffeine we rode the bike path to Carters Road and over the bridge. I led a sprint along LBD down to Budgewoi, where I kept going to the café as it was so close, but Linda and Peter waited at the caravan park. Big mistake!
The rest of the crew soon joined me at the caf, minus Linda, Peter and Graeme. Pedro had led the club off the road to the new boardwalk along the beach, and never saw the caravan park. Eventually Linda and Peter showed up, but Gra was not to be seen. We rang him and he said he had ridden back to LBD looking for the others, and got a flat. When he still didn't show up we found a SMS saying he didn't have any tools, and was walking back. We never saw him again, but Peter B and Jenny rode back to meet him, bringing some tools. That's what happens when you don't obey the leader!
Weather was very nice, with a pleasant SW (See Seabreeze Graph, you doubters!) breeze in our faces. You can always rely on the coasters to have a nice ride.

Team 100
Despite all the predictions, the weather turned out alright for the 100k's run to Yarramalong. 7 Riders turned up, Paul, Dianne, Viv, Anne D, Karen, Chris and myself. Mike came to the start to wave us off and asked to go as the Lanterne Rouge (The Lanterne Rouge is the competitor in last place in a cycling race such as the Tour de France. The phrase comes from the French "Red Lantern" and refers to the red lantern hung on the caboose of a railway train, which conductors would look for in order to make sure none of the couplings had become disconnected). We declined but there is a picture below!!
Going down Wilfred Barratt Drive was a bit wet from the overnight rain, plus a bit chilly, At the turnaround we had our first problem. Viv's front derailleur had jammed in the large chainwheel. Tried to undo screws and curse at it but it wouldn't move, couldn't even manually change it. Viv being the supa fit girl she is, would just have to go in a hard gear all the way, and forgo her climb she had planned up Bumble hill. On cue we made the cemetery at 9 on the dot. It was decided to do Jensen road to make up a few K's and the plan was to do a loop, but the urge for a loo took care of that. Made it to the loos at river road, after the ones at the tennis courts were closed, just in the nick of time. My teeth were just starting to float away. Waiting at the loos was John D. (I wonder why he was waiting out side a toilet block??) and he joined us for the rest of the ride.
By Red Hill Forest Road, Karen was doing her best to keep up with the group, she was suffering a bit of a lack of energy, plus lack of sleep. Managed to get to the cafe at Yarramalong to meet the Skylarkers just leaving. They had only done a short sprint ride, knowing Ric had taken all the cake deals, we persevered on( Let the cafe restock, and for us to do a real mileage, not a stroll round the block). Turned right up Bumble hill and had a race to the top...... no, no, we just carried on for another 5 to 6 K's up the valley towards Ravensdale. Then coffee called, so back to the cafe for some yummy cakes. A good stop, but I miss the coasters hour.
On the way back, just past Old Maitland road, we had a bit of a regroup. Karen was still suffering, tried to hydrate her and get a mars bar into her. We thought we would also swap places, I ride her bike, and she hop on the back of the tandem. Chris said later, the tandem never went so fast (Cheeky B!). From then on we managed to stay as one group getting in to Jenny Dixon at just on 100.2 Klms. at 2.15 p.m.
Thanks To Paul F. for leading the ride, in his anxious state he forgot his mobile phone so had no way of recording his ride. But we can vouch that he led all the way, doing his first 100k ride. Well done Paul, well done to Viv riding in the hard gear, and well done to Karen for putting up with Chris on the back half of the ride,(you see what I have to put up with now!!) [What about Dianne?]
Irene (with a little inspiration from Lola)
Slide your cursor over this thumbnail to see a bigger picture.

Wednesday 13 August 2014 - TDCC ride around Brisbane Water
Hi Danny,
Such a shame you weren't well enough today - it was super ride.
It was nice to see 21 souls turn up today despite heavy rain overnight and apparently it had only just stopped raining before the lads from Wyong had to start their train journey down to Gosford for today's start. Nigel cycled all the way down from home, just for fun! Robyn and Warwick cycled in from home and so did Chris and I. Peter was ride "organiser" today and Col volunteered to be sweep. Amidst cloudy skies, we left Gosford sailing club all in our winter woolies but from hereon in, the weather just got more and more sunny. I'm not saying it got warm though!
As we reached Adcock Park, there was a poor injured lorikeet screeching its head off in the middle of the cycle path and it was wonderful to witness Ken stop all our group to gingerly pick up this bird and place it on a branch of the nearby tree. A lovely "feel good moment"!!!
So onward we went via the new path near the RSL and into the quieter cyclepath, stopping at the Marine Rescue centre near Point Clare. Great to cycle along the water's edge here and the next stop was Woy Woy facilities. By the time we got round to Lion's Park, the wind was really whipping up across the water and we could feel it.
Through Orange Grove then under the Rip Bridge to make a tight turn up a steep wee hill getting us onto the bridge path. Continuing on through Empire Bay back roads, where Doug pointed out his son's house, then back onto the main road where it's best to keep single file all the way to Kincumber South youth centre. Here, Mike found the skateboard course and couldn't resist taking his bike around, as did we! A comment from Richard suggests we're all still young at heart! From here, it was a lovely ride along the waterside to Davistown where we managed to sit, amongst the ducks, in some sun for lunch - it was a bit breezy in the shade of the picnic table there but some had brought hot flasks to make soup and others went to get a coffee etc. from the cafe round the corner. Paul M had to fight the birds for his lunch!
Chris and I departed the group here to ride back home giving us a total of 67kms. Hopefully everyone got back safely from this point. The "big guns" were going to shoot up the Entrance Road and cycle home to Wyongshire making it close to 90kms for them. For Nige, I can see from Strava he's done 111kms today. Robyn & Warwick reckoned they would have done approx 75kms by the time they got home. So a good effort by all in sunny but cool windy conditions, thanks to Pete for his expert leadership and also to Col for his expert sweepmanship! Average temp 15°C.
PS get better soon Danny - we all missed you today! [Cough cough!]
Friday 8 August 2014 - TDCC Coasters and Skylarkers Rides
Skylarkers - After going through a patch of rain at The Entrance, on the way to the start, only six riders turned up for todays Skylark. Nigel, John D, Col, Ken, Doug, me, myself and I, no shadow at the start, cos of the overcast conditions. Danny was missing in action after we blew him up last week, it pays to have your own speedometer, rather than rely on Chris saying we are doing 26 kph, when the actual speed is just a touch over 33kph.
Actually Danny is quite sick with flu like symptoms. Anyway, after a bit of a long chat we eventually got away a bit late with Col setting the pace up Elizabeth bay drive. At the Pacific highway we turned left down to Doyalson. (The coasters thought we had turned right and went to Swansea, they believe anything!!). Col then left us just below Doyalson, as he had an early appointment. Nigel took over the leading down to Sparks road. Doug and Ken valiantly trying to keep up, only withering a bit towards the end. Few spots of rain. Into Warnies for Coffee, just after the Coasties had left, deciding to go to "The Farm Gate cafe". At this point we had the smallest of showers, and we too decided to go to "The Farm Gate" We could see the Coasters just ahead. When they turned right on the track, I followed, only to be called back by John and Doug. Take the short cut, straight on. Good move, it got me into the cafe first, for the 'free coffee and cake deal', Fred got last time.
Coasters must have been in a hurry, as we only got 50 mins for morning Coffee. Just after we left, I got a puncture. As I was at the back, (as usual), saw the others disappear off in the distance. When I continued, found John and Doug waiting for me at Johns road, at least somebody missed me. Weather had turned out fine by now, and we didn't dawdle back to Jenny Dixon Park, where the coasters turned up about 15 minutes later.
Some members already know, but in case you didn't get an email, a forum has been set up at Yahoo groups to discuss bits and pieces, post photos and discuss proposed rides. You have to apply to join at In there you will find details of next Friday's ride of 100Ks (for those who want to), plus other bits about The Hawkesbury Classic ride on the 31st Aug and a ride proposal from Sydney Meadowbank to Brighton le Sands on Friday 29 Aug.
Lola (Chris)

Coasters - We had 17 starters today namely: Margaret, Vivien, Linda, Anne, Pam, Richard, Jill, Trevor, Pam, Richard, [two Pams and Richards!] Joe, Rod, Paul F (dodging showers on his way up from North Entrance), Peter B, Barry, Mike and myself. Anne and Barry had a ride in mind, discussing it first and came up with a plan of attack with the old Warnie's cafe our aim for coffee. Barry kindly offered to lead and Anne donned the resplendent pink cap!
Keen as mustard, we all set off down EBD [Budgewoi Road?], chucking a hard left at Budgewoi down to the cycle path around the lake edge. We are so lucky to have access to great bike paths with lovely scenery like this. Making good progress, Barry expertly led us through Charmhaven towards Warnervale. Not long after we crossed Sparks road, we hit a shower of rain which we all put up with and as we squeezed through the gate of the "other Warnies cafe", Rod decided he'd had enough of getting wet and went home. Jill and Trevor fancied the coffee at this cafe and so stayed there. The rest of us continued on that great little track between the 2 cafés and unbeknown to us, the Skylarkers had spotted us and took a shortcut to be there first! As we arrived, Anne had a fight with the bushes and thankfully survived! So we all had a nice coffee break with both groups and decided to leave together taking the River road, Marks Road etc. back home. It wasn't long before Anne noticed Chris had dropped back doing something with his bike so Doug and John kindly went back to see what was up. Turned out to be a puncture and those cunning 3 musketeers found a way to beat us AGAIN back to Jenny Dixon.
With the sterling efforts of Barry and Anne, we all returned safely having done our exercise for the day with fun-loving people. A distance of 48kms and average temp of 16°C. - it did feel pretty cool most of the time today. Well, Coasters haven't had a puncture for weeks and we're not going to let the skylarkers tarnish our record!!
Wednesday 6 August 2014 - TDCC ride to Chain Valley Bay
Another fantastic winter morning, chilly early on but warm in the sun. Got to 19°C at my place. Twenty-nine riders signed on, including Jill and Trev at Budgewoi. Barry was the race, oops, ride organiser, and Col kept the tail straight till he went home near the end. Viv was back after some amazing trips overseas.
We didn't have any trouble with punctures, cars or accidents, so good on us! We rode to Noraville and Budgewoi before backtracking along the bike path to Highview Avenue (Camp Breakaway) in San Remo. Then up to Scenic Road and out to Doyalson. Everybody who rode today is an experienced rider so there weren't any hold-ups, we covered the ground fairly quickly and efficiently.
Up to Tall Timbers Road and into Kingfisher Shores (CVBS) for a pitstop, while an elderly admirer took our photos. We continued up the bike track and Mulloway Road to CVB Road which we crossed and entered our favorite dirt road up to Kanangra Road. Unfortunately the council was grading the road, and had only just started, so the road was partly graded and partly not. On the graded bit it was thick dirt and even some builders rubble. Then a huge water tanker truck started down the road towards us, but luckily he didn't spray us. We made it to Kanangra Road and out onto the highway OK, which is not a foregone conclusion given the accident record for this road.
Down through the State Forest to Lizzie Bay for lunch. The shop there is quite good now. I had a works hamburger which was too big even for me. After a quick pep talk by Pedro and Baz we continued our ride to Budgewoi, where a few people rode directly home. Through the back way to Canton Beach before hitting Main Road to the bridge, and it's all over! Thanks to the ride personnel and all of the members for joining in and making this a very well-run and enjoyable ride.
Monday 4 August 2014 - Diane's Big Ride
Diane's 100km Ride: Last Friday, during our Coaster's ride, Diane asked if anyone was interested in doing a 100km with her, on Monday. She wanted to take on the challenge because she'd never done 100kms before and needs to do it for her October Ride for Cancer.
There were a few takers so yesterday morning 7 of us turned up at Mackenzie Reserve, Budgewoi: Anne, John, Karen, Diane, Rod, Chris & myself (tandem). It was a chilly start but with beautiful clear blue skies. Chris led with Rod bringing up the rear with his trusty helmet camera - just in case!
We set off at a nice steady pace down EBD turning into the Pacific Highway at the lights and no re-groups till we reached the speed camera. Whilst riding, we saw Nigel on the opposite side of the road obviously coming home from an early morning ride. We took the Murrays Beach exit and cruised into Swansea Macca's for a quick coffee. Amazing how quickly that highway trip goes in nice cool weather. Not wanting to hang around as there was still a lot of work to do, we continued on the bike path as far as we could up to the start of the Fernleigh track. After a few kms, John had to leave the group to go home to receive some visitors.
So we got to the end of the track at Adamstown, dare I say, actually overtaking a few cyclists along the way, plus a bit more at the end when Diane said she'd reached her 50km mark due to cycling down from home in the morning. Also Anne and Rod had cycled down to the start point in the morning. So we decided to turn around then knowing that Karen, Chris and myself could be a bit short of 100kms but we would make it up at the end.
So back down the track to stop at the TAFE for lunch, sitting outside in the glorious sunshine. All fueled up, there was no stopping us until reaching the top of a doozy of a hill back up the Pacific Highway where we stopped to recharge our batteries! As we didn't do the SRA on the way out, we decided to do it on the way back and low and behold we saw a lone cyclist near the toll booth there which turned out to be Rick on his Monday ride! With home in sight, there seemed to be renewed energy in the ranks and we all got back safely to the Budgewoi start point where we said goodbye to Diane. Karen, I and Chris had only done 95klms at this point and couldn't rest (especially Karen!!) until we reached 100klms. So we escorted Anne half way home along with Rod. Then Rod peeled off and that left 3 of us with 3kms STILL to do. We then trawled the streets of Budgewoi (more than once!) in a bit of agony, I have to say, trying to reach our target. Suddenly Karen spotted Merle and proudly shouted out to her that we were doing 100kms but couldn't stop as we were so close but that bit of excitement spurred us on till we finally got there.
Phew - what a great ride with beautiful scenery, good company and perfect cycling weather. Congratulations and thanks to everyone in completing it. Elevation of 640mtrs, 18°C average temp.
Friday 1 August 2014 - TDCC Coasters Ride :
Today 15 troopers turned up on a warmer morning than we've had for some weeks. These were: Anne, Margaret, Karen, Linda, Diane, Robyn, Warwick, Pam, Richard, Rolf, Peter B, Peter H, Paul F, Rod and myself. Anne kindly offered to do sweep and Peter H said he had a little ride in store for us, to places we'd never been before but he wasn't giving anything away. We were all intrigued and Anne was worried she might get lost off the back!!! Peter asked us all to ensure the cornering system would be used to avoid any lost sheep!

So, we trekked down to Canton Beach, past the Co-op, onto the turbulence of Marks Road then a sneaky RH turn up Jacqueline Avenue. From hereon in, Peter lead us on a merry dance through all these back streets with sneaky little hills, towards Watanobbi. During this time, we kept seeing these big hills looming up in front of us and as we all gasped in horror, Peter would suddenly chuck a left or a right and the sighs of relief sweeping through the group, were very audible. As the last big hill became visible, we could see no way out (no right or left lanes to take) when Warwick came to the rescue and knew a little footpath to take just at the last minute - phew!! These were all nice quiet streets to go around and we eventually hit the River Road at Wyong and as always, is a lovely ride alongside the river.
The aim then was to reach the "Fuel Stop" at Canton Beach before the Skylarkers caught us up. It was starting to get windy now so it was good to sit indoors and have a "natter"! During our coffee stop, we were watching a kite surfer on the lake making good progress. From this cafe, it's an easy ride up to Jenny Dixon. A big thanks to Pete for providing us with different interesting ride, where some of us were totally lost, but he safely got us back again. Thanks goes to Anne too for sweeping up in her fine pink helmet cover. A distance of 41 klms and an average temperature of 22C. Dare I say it - no punctures again!!
Map below and a PS message: [I like the bit where they short-cut across the river on the way home! D]

Skylarkers Ride to Yarramalong: Sorry for the late report, only just recovered enough to type. We had nine riders at the Gorokan Fish co-op at 9.00am and the destination was Yarramalong. I was heading for the coasters, but as I passed the co-op I saw all my mates there so felt obliged to join them.
We had Dave, Ken, Doug, Chris, Danny, Col, Ric, John D and Nigel. We set off to Wyong along the rivery road all the way (no stopping of course). The weather was sunny, clear and windy, with a westerly of about 10-15 knots, enough to fly a hull on your cat on Tuggerah Lake. This slowed us down on the way up the Yarramalong Road, what with the hills and everything. The younger guys were thoughtful of our old bones, but by the arrival at the café I was well extended. I checked our speed going up the road, sitting behind Chris, and was told '26kph'. Sheesh! (That's not what I said.)
After a pleasant coffee and muffin we were ready for the ride back. Much easier this time with a brisk tail-wind and a drop of about 25 metres in altitude (yes, that's all, but the drop from Kulnura is 340m!). I don't think we were ever going to run across the Coasters, so they need not have worried. I was dropping back badly by the time we got to Hillcrest Avenue, so I took the shortcut up to Jensen Road, while the others kept on the river road. I did come out onto the Tuggerawong Road ahead of them, but not by much. No flats, no falls, thanks god! A good Skylarkers ride, thanks to all the guys who joined us. A special mention for Doug, who I know suffers on a hard ride like I do, but he never complains, just keeps on plugging away. Thanks Irene for your wonderful reports on the coasters.
Wednesday 30 July 2014 - TDCC ride to Batto Bay for crocquet
Nearly 30 riders on today's ride, at one stage or other. Conditions were very nice, with starting temperatures around 18°C rising to an expected 22°. The NW breeze was slightly inconvenient coming home, but good on the way down to Batto Bay.
Pedro took us on the scenic route, viz Cresthaven Drive etc. Alan had enough by Long Jetty and returned home from there, after starting at the cemetery on the way up. Doug looked after the back end, with much patience, thanks Doug!
The plan for the day was to attend the crocquet court at the sports complex at Batto Bay, where Pedro and Jean are members. Have lunch, play a tournament, go home. Warwick and Robyn drove from home in their joggers to play, and Trevor drove down to join Jill. Ken went home, and I didn't want to play. Sue also arrived with everyone's sporting footwear so there were 27 players. I was bored stiff, so I did the dishes and filled the urn for something to do, then I rode home, into the slight headwind. Hope everything went OK for the ride home and I'm sure we all had a good time, thanks Pete and Jean and the crocquet club members who turned up to help us learn the game.
PS A good story to come out of Sunday's CCTCC ride was that Diane's mobile phone went missing out of her pouch after a P-plater forced her into the rough stuff on Dog Trap Road. She didn't notice this until they were at the bottom of Mangrove Road, and she realised what had happened, so went back there to look for the folder with her phone, licence, credit cards etc. Paul was a big help, and so were Simon and Josie who took her back up the mountain. Diane's husband was home, with a 'Find My Phone' app on his PC, so he told her where it was. They all went back up to the bush and searched in the long grass, ringing the phone to get a fix on it. Eventually they heard it ringing away in the long grass and recovered the folder! Hooray!
Friday 25 July 2014 - Coasters and Skylarkers Rides
1. Coasters: A very cool and dampish day to start, and in fact there was no sighting of the nearest star in the sky today, but we didn't cop any rain either. Nineteen riders grouped for the coasters, and Mike led us out, with Pedro, back after his medical lay-off, sweeping up. With rain spitting we rode down to Elizabeth Drive, Noraville, that little street off Budgewoi Road with the steep hill, and out onto the main road. Then to Budgewoi and up Lizzie Bay Drive to LB, then continuing up LBD and over the highway towards Chain Valley Bay South. Down Carters Road to the bike path to CVBS, out onto Tall Timbers Road and into the shopping centre on the highway to get onto the h'way, cross at Colongra Bay Road and into the pleasant Dianne Crescent Reserve. Pedro did manage to fall off and skin his knee. Back down LBD to Budgewoi, with Paul F and I having a little sprint, followed fairly closely by Wazza and Diane.
We went back to Elizabeth Drive, Noraville, but up the hill this time and on and on to the café at Canton Beach, where we had coffee and stuff and a good chat for a long time. When you get that many chatty people in a room with no soft furnishings, the noise is deafening, especially if you're already deaf! Home from there, with about 35km under our wheels, lots of fun and didn't get wet. Perfect Coasters Ride! No punctures for days! Fred White sent a message from his hospital bed to say his spleen should be OK, and he'll be checking out on Monday.
Next Wednesday we will be riding to Batto Bay for a spot of crocquet, with tea/coffee supplied by the crocquet club. It's in the sporting complex opposite Stockland Bay Village (over the CC h'way), UBD map ref 70 K13, Yakalla Street.

2. Skylarkers: Ten riders turned up for a rather overcast ride to Gosford this morning. By the time we reached Tacoma, Cindy and Lance were in a breakaway group, didn't see them after that and learnt later that Cindy was crook and had gone home.
Usual regroup at river road, Wyong, and then another one at the top of the hill at Kangy Angy. All the while it would try to spit on us with rain. The pace then picked up slightly down through Lisarow into Narara. At the turn off on Racecourse Road, Ric got a puncture, which took a few minutes to fix. It was then on past Gosford hospital, where at two different roundabouts motorists would stop in the middle of the roundabout and wave us out. Very un-nerving!
Round past Central Coast leagues club where I seemed to lose the others, I stopped near the pool and the others were seen on the other side of the road coming on the cycle path. Ken departed from here as he had started out from near here earlier in the morning. Quick old man's stop and then round the backstreets of Point Frederick to Springwood. Another regroup at Erina before the long climb up Erina Heights, coming down the other side was good, over 68 km/hr!! Freewheeling!
At Forresters turn off to Shelley Beach, Nigel left us to get back to his babysitter. Dave left us not much further on as he had to be home early too. Still trying to spit on with rain. The remainder, Col, Doug, Ric, Fred and myself and I made it into The Entrance for coffee. Muffins were good, Ric got his cake deal and we had only been sat a few minutes when it rained.
Now, both Irene and I have been learning how to navigate our smartphones, and you know Irene is the romantic type and me being more the no-nonsense sort of guy. Irene being out with the coasters having her coffee decides to send her husband a romantic text message and she wrote: "If you are sleeping, send me your dreams. If you are laughing, send me your smile. If you are eating, send me a bite. If you are drinking, send me a sip. If you are crying, send me your tears. I love you."
So I texted back to her: "I'm on the toilet. Please advise."
I actually left my phone at home, but that would have got in the way of a good story. Fred looked up his phone and saw a gap in the radar image and we decided to head for home. Col said "a nice easy pace up Wilfred Barratt", I looked around just past Magenta shores and nobody was there! Still trying to rain, pressed on to the cemetery and waited for them there. 75 Kms all up and roughly round 26 km/hr for the whole trip. It was a good ride. We did more kilometres than coasters so the report is going to be later than theirs. If I was good I would get next week's report in now, and beat them for next week.
Lola (but I know Danny will change this to Chris)
TDCC Eazy-Riders Wednesday 16 July and 23 July 2014
Bon soir,
just getting in the swing for the Tour De France. A little late for my report for Wednesday 16th. It was not the best start for the day, overcast with a good possibility of rain. We had 4 hardy souls turn up for the day's ride, I don't think the main group had their normal numbers either. We went via Manuka Pde, back streets to Lake Haven, through the wetlands and cycle paths to Warnervale Rd and on to Warnies. Seeing we were a little early for lunch we cycled the track to Lucca Rd, turned left and picked up the track again and back to Warnies for lunch. We returned via Waroongah Rd and back to the Co op, a total distance about 30Km.

Wednesday 23rd.
We had 9 riders, led by Don and tailed by yours truly. Around Budgewoi lake and lunch at Hali club. Unfortunately myself and Ann had an appointment for about 1.00PM so we didn't stop for lunch. We welcomed a new member, James [Jim] who lives at Buff Point. I hope he enjoys his riding with us and has been told that if he prefers a ride with the main group he would be made most welcome. Next week we have an out of town ride so we won't see any of you at the start. Till next week,
Au revoir (bye) John L. easy riders.
Wednesday 23 July 2014 - Blue Haven, Wyee, Doyalson, Budgewoi
Another cold morning soon warming up to a blistering 17°C, sunny etc etc. Twenty-nine riders congregated at Gorokan including recovered patient Kathy and Joe, and another Joe X who abandoned the Eazy-riders and did OK today with us. Wayne came back in his disguise as Azi with the white moustache (fooled me!).
Barry led the ride, with Dougal minding the tail, up The Corso to San Remo then up the back of Blue Heaven to The Link Road. With this many riders we spread out over 500 metres, blocking off whole intersections. Rolf had a nasty experience coming to the start, one which we have all seen, ie, angry driver blowing his horn and waving his fists, as Rolf slowed his important progress to his own death. Idiots!
Then a fast sprint down the Link Road to Sparky, which Nigel won. We turned right into Hue Hue Road, so named after a town in Vietnam which was a major battle site 50 years ago (maybe). At Bushells Ridge Road we split the group, with the skylarkers continuing down HHR while the rest of us took the scenic route along BRR, with its gravel section, to meet up at Gosford Road east of Wyee. Very pleasant ride!
Our first toilet stop was at Budgewoi for lunch. Whew!! We had planned to dine at Edgewater Reserve in Buff Point, but all the seats were taken so we perservered to Mackenzie Park. I peeled off at the bottom of Highview Avenue (Camp Breakaway street) to buy lunch at the bakery in San Remo. I got to Edgewater Park just as the tail was setting off for Budgie, so I took Buff Point Avenue to come out ahead of Barry at the nice bridge.
After a very pleasant lunch we continued along the bike path up Budgewoi Road and through the back streets of Noraville, losing a few on the way home. A good ride of about 50km on a beautiful day with wonderful people!
PS Fred White is still in Wyong Hospital with his broken ribs, and a damaged spleen and collapsed lung, till the weekend at least.
Friday 18 July 2014 - Coasters and Skylarkers rides
Coaster's Ride - 18.07.2014: Today there were 17 souls who braved the gusty conditions, ready to do battle with the wind. These were: Karen, Linda, Diane (not the only lady today, Danny) Robyn, Warwick, Peter B, Eveline, Ralph, Merrilyn, Graeme, Jen, Graeme, Pam, Richard, Joe, Paul F and myself. Paul F, Karen and Richard did their warm up before the start up WBD.
Peter H greeted us all at the start and I think was a little jealous he couldn't join us as he had strict orders from his Dr, not to cycle for a while. Warwick again kindly took on the role of "organiser" and had the theory that as it was a South Westerly wind, we should head West initially and get blown home ish! His theory did work and we had nice ride although of course we couldn't avoid the wind altogether. So the plan was to head to Warnies Farm Gate café and we set off down that little sneaky path across the CC highway [near the roundabout] straight into the back streets of Noraville. At this point, everyone's fingers were freezing.
First re-group was in the sun (thanks Warwick) opposite the co-op where Eveline decided to depart the group and go home from there around the lake. The rest of us battled on up the roller-coaster of Marks road which immediately warmed us up. Up the lovely Jensen Road and we were at the café by 10.10am just in time for it opening! We were there much less than an hour and starting to get cold so we prepared to leave then the Skylarkers turned up! We did a little "chin wagging" then continued along that nice little track between the Warnie's cafés. After crossing Sparks Road we eventually wound our way back via the Corso then re-grouped at the co-op with Jenny Dixon not far away now.
Some of the conversation today centred around Aldi having a sale tomorrow of clothing to exercise in, so some of us cyclists might be found queuing up there. Well, a total distance of 36kms although Richard, Paul F and Karen cycled back down WBD so their total might be closer to 56kms for the day - not bad considering the windy conditions. An average temperature of 16°C. So, a very enjoyable ride in good company, thanks to Warwick and Paul F for sweeping up. Oh, nearly forgot, no punctures!
Ha, I beat you to it today Danny!!!

Thank you Irene, you cheeky boogger! Eight skylarkers fronted today at the fish co-op for a ride that promised to meet up with the coasters for m/t. Namely Fred, Ric, Chris, Col, Doug, Danny, Ken and Nigel. Up to Noraville but we didn't see the Coasters, as they took that little short-cut and rode straight down Main Road. Off down WBD towards North Entrance, but I couldn't keep up with those fast guys. Thankfully Doug stayed back with me as the others rode out of sight. The 6 year older Col kept up with them, so I have no excuses. There was a slight breeze in our little faces, but not too bad. Not even all that cold, even though I did forget to put my pants on, over my tights. They said I would get a sore arse, but I didn't. They kept up a good pace all the way around to Chittaway, including the new magnificent bridge at Tumbi Umbi. Be glad when they do the one over Saltwater Creek too!
As we approached the path over the bridge at Ourimbah Creek at Wyong Road, the others stayed on the east side and rode via Geoffrey Road, Church and Lake Roads. I went under the road and pedalled along Wyong Road to Tuggerah. On the bike path on Tuggerah Straight two cars had had a bingle and they chose to stop and park on the bike path. I waited there for the rest of the team who came along in a few minutes, squeezing past the cars and tow-trucks. At Doug's suggestion I then led the Skylarkers through Wyong and round the back way to Wattanobbi, a good way missing the highway altogether.
In no time we were at the Farm Gate Café where we found the Coasters just mounting up to leave. This was just after 11.00am. So off they went and we had a relaxing morning tea without any girls! Ken had left us there to ride back to Narara, with a total of about 100km for the day. Fred tricked us by getting the waitress to announce his free coffee while we tried to work out what he had that we didn't!
After we left we noticed the difference in the wind, now behind us as we trundled back along the Warnies Track and down Warnervale Road. I don't think the wind made much difference to the day, after all.
A good ride of about 50km for us. Thanks everyone!
Wednesday 16 July 2014 - TDCC ride to Ourimbah
Not very cold this morning but cloudy and moist. Eight members, more than a quorum, rolled up for the ride which I was forced to lead due to a lack of other qualified leaders. As we rode along Mary Street from the Wallarah Club I decided to keep on that road and not go down our usual way, and who did I find coming the other way? Ken! Would have missed him if I went the other way!
Not actually raining at the time, but by Wyongah I had to stop the ride to put on our jackets. At Jensen Road Col got a puncture so we waited patiently while he and his little army of helpers fixed it. Then we waited some more while he found a tube that wasn't already flat to replace it. Then Jensen and Braithwaite Roads to Wolseley Road, then to Wyong bridge, after stopping at the toilets. A young workman told us to watch the wet paint as he was in the middle of painting the toilets. Peter B not paying attention parked his bike against the outside wall and took away a nice sample of the colour on his bike.
Down to Tuggers and over Kangy Angy. I was feeling strong today so when Nigel passed me up that rotten hill, I changed up and stuck right behind him to the top. On the way down to Palmdale, Paul copped a flat. Once in Enterprise Drive, Nigel and Ken and Col took off, only to come to a sudden stop when Nige got a flat. After putting a new tube in he pumped it up and blew it out due to poorly-fitting tube. This fixed he took off again at speed but only got 500m before the new tube went flat again. Not finding the original cause?
I continued down to Wyong in case Trevor was coming with coffee, but he didn't come. The others eventually arrived after taking the scenic route around Geoffrey Road, Chittaway, and Church and Lake Roads. With only 9 of us we decided to go up to the railway caf for coffee and muffins. Warwick and Robyn found us on Enterprise Drive and stopped to offer their help. They also joined us for coffee at Wyong.
From the rail we went over the bridge at the north end of the station and through the netball courts, Pollock Avenue and Johns Road, and Wahroonga Road, where Doug and Paul dismissed me and I went straight home, while they took the few remaining riders home to the Fish Co-op. Thanks guys! Col and Diane left us at Wadalba and rode home along Minnesota Road.
By then it was quite sunny and a beautiful day on the bikes. All you guys who wimped out - Never Give Up!
Friday 11 July 2014 - Skylarkers
Not so cold today, maybe we're all just used to it and wearing proper clothing! Nine riders, viz Dave, Fred, John, Doug, Col, Ken, Lance, Danny and Chris, headed up to Noraville on the way to Budgewoi and Elizabeth Bay Drive, at a brisk trot. Funny thing with these guys - they don't want to stop for a breather or a regroup, so up EBD to EB, Lance and I got there first and stopped, but the others just kept going. So up to the highway, no stopping, up to the bus stop at Kanangra Drive - no stopping! I eventually had to stop at the Big Prawn for a minute or so, while Dave, Lance, Ken and Fred headed down to Nords Wharf and up the other side to meet us on the highway - these guys didn't have their first stop till Macca's at Swansea.
After a good chat and coffee we were rested enough for the ride back. I headed over to the roundabout to go straight up the hill on the highway, but the others went via Murrays Beach. I came out 500 metres ahead of them, which was the start I needed to keep ahead for a while. Dave and Fred detoured down into Catherine Hill Bay, so we waited for them at Blue Wren Drive. At EBD John and Chris turned left to catch up with the girls at Jenny Dixon reserve while the remaining riders rode back to the Fish co-op or home. I was back home just after 12 noon, so a good hard ride for us Skylarkers. It's about 60km I think.
Danny (now where is the Coasters Report?)

Coasters Report
11.07.2014: Today saw 15 enthusiasts roll up for our Coaster's ride, despite the cool conditions namely: Carol, Margaret, Diane, Merrilyn, Graeme, Jen, Graeme, Robyn, Warwick, Pam, Richard, Barry, Paul F, Peter B and myself. Richard and Paul did their usual early morning warm up, riding from the Entrance and Carol also, before we even started.
Paul had a very nice ride in mind for us all and kindly offered to be "organiser" with Richard happy to do the sweeping up. The intention was go around the lake via Wyong with lunch at the Entrance. So we turned right out of Jenny Dixon, crossing the CC highway where Paul found a sneaky little path which brought us out onto Kelsey road and the back streets of Toukley. This is where Merrilyn suddenly realised their car was not locked so Graeme dashed back to Jenny Dixon to lock it whilst we continued on (Paul giving him directions as to where we were headed). By the time we'd done the roller coasters of Marks Road and stopped at the usual re-group spot, Graeme had locked his car and caught us all back up again - what a trooper!
So then we continued on round the lake and creek and it was sooo windy here. Along the Tuggerah straight after which Warwick and Robyn took a quicker route to the Entrance due to a prior appointment. The rest of us went off down the lovely quiet Church Road, eventually hitting the cycle path at Chittaway Bay. Inevitably, we came across the new Tumbi Creek bridge which we had to stop to admire. It had nice clean shiny handrails, lovely views and that sensible black holey stuff for the surface which has great grip for us cyclists, especially if it ever rains!
At the Entrance we found Robin and Warwick already well settled into their coffees so we joined them sitting out in the sun, shielded from the wind, whilst waiting for our refreshments from the usual place - heaven. Eventually, we had to peel ourselves from our seats, Carol departed along with Paul and so Barry took the lead back up WBD with Richard still sweeping up, having already done this trip early this morning. I'm pleased to say, no punctures, beaut blue skies, an average of 18°C and a distance of 49kms. Great ride Paul and thanks too to Richard for the all important job of sweep.
Wednesday 9 July 2014 - Eazy-Riders Report
On Wednesday we had 9 riders, it was a welcome back to Harry who we had not seen for a few weeks. Also Barry who has been absent for most of the year, welcome back. We rode via Charmhaven, cycleway to Budgewoi, then Elizabeth Bay for lunch and return to the Co-Op via Elizabeth Bay Dve and Noraville. Best of luck to Tony who was having a melanoma removed on Wednesday afternoon, hope to see you riding soon. Denise, let's hope they can sort out your eyes after your cataract operation so as you can re-join us. Have a good week everybody and see you next week.
Bye for now,
John Lonard, Easy riders
Wednesday 9 July 2014 - Link Road, Hue Hue Road
A beautiful winter's day saw 24 riders start at the Co-op and head to Norah Head on our way to Budgewoi and San Remo.
John was our ride organiser and Doug kept the back end tidy. We had a flat on the bike path as Rolf's cheap and nasty tube shredded itself. Up through Blue Haven and onto The Motorway Link for a quick dash down to Sparks Road. Dave blitzed everyone, in fact I never even saw him till Sparky's. Time for Jenny to practise her tyre-changing skills while we all waited in the sunshine, still only about 15°C.
Hue Hue Road didn't seem so bad, especially as we took the Holloway Road/Burlington Avenue deviation. Nigel got a neighbour to look after his wife as he took off after us, catching the peleton at Sparks Road. Trevor and Sue had our coffee ready at the Rotary Park, plus bikkies! A pleasant ride back along the river finished the perfect cycling day. Thanks to everyone for being part of it.
Sunday 6 July 2014 - Yarramalong
Sunday's weather was sunny and fine but with a blustery westerly, pushing against it all the way to our coffee stop. Danny wasn't able to lead as he was helping the Toukley club with their BBQ at Bunning's so I took over the reins for the day and Trevor kept the rear end going.
There were 18 of us with a few new souls looking for some punishment. There was Kerrie from Sydney who came along for the second time, Bev whom we met last week, Sue and her husband Glenn, Lyn and Josie from our Thursday rides. Well done guys, you all did well, good to see John and Fred again.
Was a bit hard going there but once there the coffee and sitting out of the wind with the sun shining on us was good. After our rest we set off with the wind behind us, that made things a lot easier and helped us back to Wyong and no problems with punctures, so all up was a nice winter's ride.
Next week Trevor is leading us from Gosford to Ourimbah, Chittaway, Tuggerah, on to Palmdale circuit and stopping for coffee at the Ourimbah Nursery on the way back home then back to Gosford.
Thanks everyone for your support!
Paul M.
Friday 4 July 2014 - Coasters Report
Coaster's Ride - Friday 04.07.2014
Today's ride started in pretty cool temperatures with everyone all wrapped up in their winter gear. Nineteen folks arrived and I'm not going to name everyone cos I can only remember 18 faces! Welcome back to Ralph who has joined us Coasters for the 2nd time - we must be doing something right. Warwick took on the role of being "ride organiser" with Anne offering to do the back end with a lovely new pink smiley hat cover which Sue had kindly brought along for her. The pink colour worked well and was very noticeable.
So after a short briefing, we headed off down past the cemetery, spotting Danny coming in the opposite direction which we thought rather strange. Then onto Richard's barrier (he's famous now - whether he wants to be or not!) which was unusually in the UP position. Along Canton beach and eventually re-grouping at the co-op. Down the Corso to Charmhaven continuing round the lake to Budgewoi. What a delightful ride this was, skirting the lake on such a beautiful day with great company! Then took a left down EBD towards Chain Valley Bay - chucking a few more lefts creating a loop back up to EBD where the plan was to visit the Lakes Beach Cafe. Pity it was closed today - "the best laid plans of mice and men"!. So Warwick did some quick thinking and took us up that "wee hill" to Noah's cafe at Norah Head instead (memories of the orienteering ride came back here). We managed to confuse the poor staff who had difficulty attaching the right drink to the right person.
However, we all enjoyed the yummy food and drinks but it soon got cool just sitting around so we didn't stop as long as normal. Apparently the "Fuel Stop" at Canton Beach is also closed for a couple of weeks. Well that was an ace ride - thanks to Warwick for his proficient "organising" skills and to Anne for sweeping up at the back. An average temperature of 18°C and 46kms distance - not bad for a winter's day. Hopefully, a map will be included in this.

Skylarkers Ride
Great Skylarkers turn-up today - 11 riders, including Cinderella who didn't sign on and left the ride at Wamberal. Lance, Fred, John, Col, Doug, Danny, Ken, Dave, Chris and Ric made up the numbers as I led them out towards Terrigal. At The Beachcomber, the rest of them decided to go the back way and failed to follow me up Main Street, so I had to turn right near Coles, finding myself 200 metres behind them. Luckily they chose Belbowrie Street to get to Evans Road, and I knew I had 'em. Going around through the caravan park I met them at the bottom of Oleander, coming out in front of all but two of them. That's when I saw the Coasters going down to the c'van pk.
Needless to say, these guys keep up a fairly determined pace so it was a good lung-clearer going down to The Entrance. Not to mention the leg mussells. Hardly any stopping, as I gradually got weaker and slower. At Wamberal I said I wasn't going any further, so kindly they all decided to go back to Shelley Beach SLSC for coffee.
After a break we rode back to The Entrance and up WBD to the cemetery. We all rode back home (Ken went home to Narara from Batto Bay). For me the ride was about 60km but quite tough. Makes the Coasters seem quite easy.
Wednesday 2 July 2014 - TDCC Rides - Eazy-Riders Report
Hi all, Brrrr! What a cool start it was today for our ride! Well, we had 15 riders join us today on our ride to Wyong,and what a great day it turned out to be. After a fresh start the day turned into a sunny day with just a gentle breeze. We rode out on Marks Rd, Jensen Rd and Pollock Ave to Wyong for lunch. It was a special day as it was Don's 80th birthday and we all celebrated it with a cake which was enjoyed by all. We welcomed Jim as a visitor, and he said he has the intention of becoming a new member. Our return to the Co-Op was via the River Rd through Tacoma.
Have a great birthday on Friday Don and we wish you many more. That's all for now, happy cycling and see you all next week.
John Lonard, Easy Riders.

Main Group - Ride to Glendale and Belmont
Well, seeing John has already done his Eazy-riders report, I'd better get on with it. We had 32 riders assemble at the bottom of the Fernleigh Track for a ride over to Speers Point and up to Glendale. As with the other group, the weather was cold to start but becoming quite warm later, leading to the mass jettisoning of surplus clothing.
As expected, the cycleway to Speers Point was crawling with mothers and kids, pushers and bikes. We watched one really cute little girl riding with her brother, going really fast, all of 4 years old, when she suddenly ran into the back of her sibling's bike and fell face-first into the rocky shore. Gasp!! As I flashed past she was lifting herself up with no visible injuries, and some of the other guys behind me stopped to help, reporting later that she was OK, for such a nasty looking accident.
Marshall had been on the phone and was waiting at Jesmond Park with a bbq for us, expecting about 15 people. Receiving the newsflash that we were 32, he rushed off to the shop to stock up on more provisions. So we were greeted after our long ride with bread, hot sausages, crispy bacon, onions, sauce, tea and coffee and bikkies! What a legend! Marshall joined us later for the ride down Fernleigh Track.
We also celebrated Annie's birthday, but she didn't say how old she was, about 64 I think. Well-preserved! Her husband John led the ride, and Doug held up the back, with assistance from Pedro and Mike at stages. Nigel wasn't here today, after a car crash involving his wife, Anne. No more known at this stage, so let's think of them.
An excellent 50km ride, with many old faces popping up again (Jenny, Jim). By-the-way, John Lonard said they had a new Jim with the Eazy-riders, and we had two Jims with us, one new from the CCTCC. Not a bad club TDCC, with 47 riders on the road at the same time, amazing!
Friday 27 June 2014 - Coasters
No wind today, otherwise the same as before - cold to start, sunny, and climbing to 18°C for lunch. Twenty-three cyclists converged on Jenny Dixon Reserve, for a spin down WBD to The Entrance for starters - a great effort!
I had planned to go on the Skylarkers ride today, from Berowra rail back to home, but my bike was in the shop, so I took the old Mongoose out again with the Coasters - not a hardship really. Mike was our competent leader, and Pedro looked after the tailenders. After re-grouping at North Entrance, Mike led us down the bike path to Killarney Vale, and through a maze of back streets till we popped out at the Shelley Beach SLSC for coffee.
After a casual m/t we headed back to The Entrance again the shortest way, and back up WBD again. These trips up and down this country road are always interesting, with certain individuals determined to be first to the end. I usually get away to a quick start, but get overhauled eventually by younger, stronger riders (I'm in my 8th decade you know). It's all good fun and makes us fitter.
An excellent ride in perfect conditions. Thanks to everyone for joining in!
PS: I just got my Giant back, with 2 new Schwalbe tyres, new chain and new cassette. The old one is totally worn out, on 4th gear. Looking forward to Sunday's ride to try it out.

Skylarkers Report
It's 4 o'clock and I've only just got back, so apologies for Skylarkers report being on the late side.
After a near freezing ride (10°C is near to freezing for me!) into Woy Woy to catch the train. When I got off at Berowra, six riders were present. Nigel, Doug, John D., Dave, Ric and me, myself and I. Danny's bike still not fixed, and Col made himself lame at the gym the night previous. Priorities at the start were an old men's stop, which went on for ages as there was only one loo. Doug set the flying start into Cowan, but once we began the descent into Brooklyn, it was whoever used the brakes the least to set the pace. Didn't quite get to 60 kph, I blame the cold.
Quick regroup at the Hawkesbury Bridge, and a suggestion to catch the train home from there. The long climb up to Mount White started. In the distance we could see this cyclist in Orange and as we passed, guess who it turned out to be??? Kee! He had waited at Berowra till gone 9.30, thinking he had missed us, he had set off in pursuit. Half way up the Mount White climb, he turned around at the road works and headed home (Poor soul, he would have had an even longer, harder climb back to Cowan!). The rest of us regrouped under the M1 underpass at the top, most of them shedding the layers being nicely warmed up. Dave having got there first, wanted more punishment and came back down to meet us, using the excuse that his legs were cramping and he needed to keep moving.
Around the Truck checking station, another cyclist was heard telling us to hurry up! This was Fred, He had been dropped off at Pymble, by his wife, had a cup of tea, then decided to cycle via Bobbin Head, and tried to catch us up from there. So he did a second cracking climb coming out of Bobbin Head. At Calga, the 7 of us took the old Freeway north to Peats Ridge. It was along here I managed to crack the over 60kph mark(must have been warmed up by then), it was still only 14°C. At the old Oak Milk Bar we had a stop for coffee. Ric was highly disappointed there were no coffee and cake deals. Usual dramas of confusing the poor girls behind the counter, some wanting extra hot coffee, some wanting skinny milk, I'll just settle for a skinny, extra hot girl behind the counter!
Nigel wouldn't take a pic of us all on the display horse outside either, meany! Got him back though, as after we left the Milk Bar he got a puncture, and I nearly got Fred and Dave lost by taking the wrong exit road! Eventually after ages we did the descent down Old Dog Trap road. Bit exciting at times, pot holes suddenly appearing, and corrugations in the road kept you on your toes. If that wasn't enough, going into some sharp bends and seeing the surface going from dry to wet, made you wake up. Another regroup at the base. It was here I departed back to Umina, the other six went on their way back to Toukley. Instructions left that any exciting bits would be added later.
Trip from Berowra to Umina for me was 88 Klms. Good ride, nice sunshine but was frozen most of the way.

Kee's report: I waited for the guys until 9.40 am but no sign of them. Had to visit the toilets, so I went off to the truckies stop just North of Berowra. Still no sign of them, so I rode off to Brooklyn. When I climbed up the hill at Cheerio Pt, I looked right and it was Nigel biking next to me. Doug was the Sweep but he was way back and not in form. He might have retired half way.
I turned back not far from there and did 45km. Felt like 60km bcuz of the hills.
Deerubbin Reserve car park is still partly closed. Poster says ready by early July but I doubt it. Still a lot of work needed. So don't plan any kayaking launch there yet.
Wednesday 25 June 2014 - Orienteering Ride
Quite a different ride today - the club was divided into teams of four, given an Instruction Sheet and sent off from Jenny Dixon reserve, to finally arrive at Pedro's place for lunch.
About 26 riders came on the ride, and some Eazy-riders and others were at the sausage sizzle. Linda conceived and executed the exercise, which was a lot of fun and very well organised. My team, The Wanderers, thought we had time for coffee at the Rockpool Retreat, which made us late at the end, however due to Barry's diligence and perserverence, our team won the contest by half a point. Col, Rolf and Baz and I received vouchers for AA Cycles for $25 each. Well done us, and everyone else who participated. The actual ride was just around Norah Head, and down to Canton Beach, then over to Toukley and back to Noraville, only 30km. The weather was excellent, as long as you like 25 knot westerlies, and a chill factor of 10°C.
Jean, Peter, Sue and others made a beautiful lunch for us, with coffee, soup, sausage sangers, cakes etc which was much appreciated. A memorable day!
Slide your cursor over these thumbnails to see some photos, taken by Irene on her Box iBrownie (the wooden game on the ground was fun, until Kee broke it):

This is the Seabreeze Graph for today:
Sunday 22 June 2014 - CCTCC ride from Parramatta to Richmond
Hi folks, Sunday's ride was from Parramatta to Richmond via Windsor. Seven of us were there - five came by train and two were waiting for us at Parramatta park. It was Trevor's first time leading a ride, so well done Trevor, and Paul kept an eye on the rear.
The morning started out cold and cloudy not knowing if it would rain or not, but luck was on our side the clouds started to dwindle away and the sun started to peek through the clouds and when we were half way to Windsor at our first stop the old sun started to radiate the heat through. We encountered quite a few stop lights and crossings for the first 10ks but then we started to get into a good riding rhythm on a good cycle way along Old Windsor road.
On arriving at Windsor we stopped for lunch and coffee at the local bakery and by then there wasn't a cloud in the sky. After lunch we headed down to the back roads around the turf farms towards Richmond - lovely and flat and easy riding, finally arriving at Richmond station to train it home.
No flats or incidents and a nice ride thanks Trevor good work. Welcome into the club our new member Lana Meggs who rode with us on Sunday.
Paul M.
PS Don't forget to notify me if you're coming on our weekend away.
Wednesday 18 June 2014 - Eazy-Riders
Last Wednesday we had an out of town ride, starting at Gosford sailing club. It was a glorious day, plenty of sunshine and no wind. Altogether we had 11 riders which I thought was a very good turn up. Of these three were visitors and, after introductions, we were on our way.
After riding to Woy Woy fish co-op, we proceeded along the cycle path to the end. To add a little extra, we cycled up Orange Grove Rd, Flathead Rd, Fassifern St, Memorial Ave, McMasters Rd and back onto the cycle way to Woy Woy fish co-op for lunch. After lunch a leisurely cycle back to Gosford. In all we cycled 34km, had a great day with good company.
That's all for this week,
happy cycling.
John Lonard, easy riders.
Friday 20 June - Coasters Ride
Still hanging on to summer by the skin of our teeth, today was cool to start but rose to 21°C by lunchtime. About 17 riders fronted at Jenny Craig Reserve, to lose weight, and enjoy a decent ride. Pedro led the ride, and JD (welcome back) took the rear.
In sunny perfect conditions we pedalled out through Budgewoi and up Lizzie Bay Drive to Munmorah. I had my old Mongoose so couldn't ride with the Skylarkers (too slow). The chain and cassette are worn out again on the Giant, so back to the iron horse.
After a diversion along the lakefront reserve we got back on the highway and rode back to Doyalson. From there we stayed on the M1 Link Road to the motorway and up onto Sparks Road. We were quite well spaced out by then as it's a bit of a raceway down the Link Rd. Not far to Warnies and along their lovely track to the Farm Gate Café where we had an early lunch. Four stars from me.
A quick spin back along the highway to Pollock Avenue where we managed to cross the road without any accidents, mainly due to considerate car drivers. I hived off at the end of Johns Road to go to Kanwal and Lake Haven while the rest kept on to Norah Head, except Baz of course, bailing out at Gorokan. A lovely ride of about 50km, thanks Pete! And everyone else.

Chris's lost report from last week - .....And then there were eight, after Danny and Rod left. Col and I had to work a bit (well Col led I just drafted!) to catch up to the breakaway group at the Freemans Drive, M1 turnoff. Some how we had lost a Steve and gained a Dave or maybe Danny had a seniors moment [sorry!]. On the way in to Freemans Waterhole, Paul F was telling us of his days working as a stud in a brothel at this place beside the road. (Maybe it was a brothel owner in a horse stud, I dont know you will have to ask Paul F.!) At Freemans W.H. stopped for a coffee. As we were leaving, and going to the Loo, this woman was trying to get in the Gents toilets. Then this elderly gent tried to chat Nigel up in the Loo. This Lycra has a strange effect on people. Along Awaba road they were laying a new surface, you could feel the heat in the road surface, coming up at you. Tyres all went sticky and gooey.
As we entered Toronto we departed from Col, Paul F. and Ken whom left for the train at Fassifern. The remaining 5 cycled back at the new pace (you know, doing half an hour in ten minutes). Coming down one of the hills near Wangi, Nige had a lucky moment, when his chain came off and could be heard against the rear spokes. Regroup at Dora creek. Lance went his way home at Hue Hue Rd. At Buff Point had another near miss when a guy pulled into the roundabout with the four of us nearly T-boning him. Back to Toukley, I made it a fraction under a 100 Klms, at least it didn't rain. - Cheers Chris

Friday 20 June 2014 - Skylarkers Report
Eight members plus two visitors, showed up for today's ride. I was running a bit late because Lynne had a puncture going up WBD. Just gave her some moral support, and pumped the final bit of air in for her. So having ridden up WBD, got to the Co-op, turned around and rode back down WBD. Going along Tuggerah Parade by Long Jetty is nothing like the cobbles on the Paris-Roubaix, the road surface is shocking! Dave managed to pull a wheely going up the short hill at the back of Killarney Vale, too much power in that lad!! Back along Enterprise Drive, some doing the half an hour in ten minutes bit, to the old Big Flower Garden Centre for coffee. Ric didn't get his coffee and cake deal, but think of the calories you didn't put on. Fred got his hot tea though, and I thought the coffee was pretty good. After Coffee one half of the group peeled off, not sure if they did get up Dog trap road. The rest continued the ride as planned. Nigel succumbed to a puncture just after the Pacific Hwy roundabout. We had a few drops of rain after that. Doug departed at Wyong. The rest, Nige, Ric, Col and Chris took an easy pace back to the Co-op. Overall average speed worked out at 26 Kph. It was a good enjoyable ride. Chris
Wednesday 18 June 2014 - Wamberal Ride
On a beautiful winter's morning 15°C to 20°, about 27 riders, including 2 at Noraville, undertook this quite serious ride straight down WBD through The Entrance to Wamberal for lunch.
A SW breeze freshened our faces up as we headed south, but gave us a little push coming home. Mike led the ride, and the sweep was shared between Richard and Col, thanks guys! We had lunch in the little reserve next to the Wamberal Surf club, with coffee available from there or other nearby cafés. Our route back took us along Cresthaven Avenue, all the way including the hill near the end, but it was easy enough for the experienced riders of this club.
We had a new guy today, Jim from Morisset, who acquitted himself satisfactorily thus meeting strict joining qualifications. Most of our regular riders were there, except J & A D, who will be back all too soon I guess. I think they should have a slide night to show us their fabulous holiday in Europe. With supper.
Anyway, a fantastic ride from Mike which everyone loved. 60km plus more if you rode from home.
Sunday 15 June 2014 - CCTCC Budgie Bludge
A coolish morning saw 15 riders headed for Wyong to the start. Pedro however thought he missed us and went back to Gorokan to wait for us. The rest of us led by Narelle rode off into the cold blustery conditions along the Wyong River back to the fish co-op. Doug swept for a while, then Paul took over for the rest of the day. The temperature wasn't that cold, at about 17°C, but a very stiff NE breeze factored in a chill. It was fairly easy for this section as the wind was behind us.
After our comfort stop we rode east to Toukley, taking the back way via Canton Beach and the caravan park. In the absence of any better ideas the club arrived at Lakes Beach café for an early m/t, about 10.00am. They have a good special there, coffee and a big ham, tomato and cheese sanger for $7.
Narelle wisely decided against riding up past Camp Breakaway to Doyalson then Blue Haven, as the weather was very threatening, the sun having disappeared behind dark clouds, and the temperature dropping by a couple of degrees. Our numbers were down by now, with Linda and Fred having hived off for the comfort of home. Popping out of the bush at the Charmhaven bridge, after a strenuous battle against the wind, we pointed our front wheels towards Wyong, as more of us deserted the sinking ship. I headed for home just around the corner from the Charmy nursery, with Marshall and Pedro to keep me company. I pointed these two in the right directions and was home by just after noon. The rest of the group headed for Minnesota Road, via the Warnervale Wetlands, then via the highway and Pollock Avenue to the start/finish.
Thanks Narelle, and Paul for looking after us. Nice to see Fred back. Meredith came on her own as Graeme was sick. Ian saw us off at Wyong, then joined us for coffee at Lakes. John, Simon, Josie, Doug, Annie, Richard and Pam, and Trevor were the others on this ride, not a long ride but tough conditions. Well done CCTCC!
Saturday 14 June 2014 - See Lance and Nigel's extra reports on the Skylarkers below Danny's report.
Friday 13 June 2014 -
Skylarkers Ride to Fassifern
  After Peter's stern talk on Wednesday, 11 riders turned up at Skylarking Central for a nice ride to Fassifern then catch a train back. Danny, Doug, Col, Nigel, Lance, Ken, Fred, Dave, Rod, Chris and Paul Fl left Gorokan at 9.00am and rode towards Doyalson. We only got to Panorama Avenue when Doug hit a grate in the gutter and fell off. He landed heavily on his shoulder and lost skin off his knee and elbow. Luckily Rod was behind him with his Go-Pro mobile camera to record the whole event. But Dopey Dora (Rod) managed to delete the footage by accident as he went to review it. Doug then went home nearby accompanied by Nigel, who soon caught up with the rest of us at Doyalson.
We then continued up Wyee Road to Morisset, straight across the roundabout (owning the lane) and on towards Coorabong. Just after Cooranbong Lance pointed out that I had a bad buckle in my rear wheel, which turned out naturally to be a broken spoke. I had to disconnect my rear brake to stop it rubbing on the rim. I lost interest in finishing the whole ride, and set off back home, with Rod for company as he had had enough, after his 9 month break from riding.
We got back to Doylo soon enough, at a leisurely pace, Rod going down to Budgewoi, and I heading for the bike shop. Had to then go home and bring the wheel back. Rod did about 60km and I would have done about 55. Nigel was going to ride home again from Fassifern, so I expect a report from him and whoever joined him in due course. Doug completed about 4km. The others will have ridden about 60km, at a rate yet to be revealed.
Back to the good old days of skylarking! I expect a report from the coasters soon.

Addendum by Nigel: After leaving Danny & Rod to return, the rest of the group carried on to Freemans Waterhole where we enjoyed coffee & snacks before we headed towards Toronto where Col, Ken & Paul F turned off to catch the train from Fassifern leaving Nigel, Fred, Chris & Lance to carry on to Morisset, left up to Hue Hue Rd where Lance turned off, the rest carrying on through Doyalson to Budgewoi where we left Dave. On to Noraville, said goodbye to Chris, down Main Road to Toukley. Nigel turning off leaving Fred to go on to Kanwal. 100km for most riders, 140 for Lance. A great ride with good company.

SkyLarkers 13/6/14 Part 3 - by Lance
After a regroup at the freeway overpass after Cooranbong, we set out for Freemans Waterhole for coffee and lunch. After some nice coffee and Subway we headed into Toronto and the decision to ride home or head for Fassifern for the train. Col, Ken and Paul headed for the train - a good ride for them all especially Ken who had already ridden up from Wyoming.
So the decision then was which way home, around the Lake to Swansea or back through Rathmines. Nigel was set on doing the hills back to Morisset so we all decided we would stick together - Nigel, Dave, Chris, Fred and me (Lance).
So the climbing began with Fred showing us how strong he is. 'Hills? What hills?' he said, as he took off. We regrouped at Dora Creek with Nigel bringing up the rear after a near catastrophic chain loss on a fast down hill section.
Back through Morisset and onto Wyee Rd, Fred and I stopped for water at the servo while the bunch continued on. Fred took off after the others and I struggled to catch up.
I got to Rutleys Rd and discovered why I was struggling - had a flat tyre! The rest continued on to Doyalston, Budgewoi, then on to home or cars home. I turned off at Wyee down Hue Hue rd to Wyong and then home.
Nigel, Fred, Dave and Chris all around 100 klm for the day. By the time I got home I had done 140 klm...

Coasters report from Irene
Hi Danny,
I knew you would be expecting a report from us - I'm just not as fast as you!!
Today we had 14 riders come out in what felt like very cool conditions with some cloud around, namely: Vivienne, Carol, Margaret, Karen, Diane, Pam, Richard, Merrilyn, Graeme, Barry, Warwick, Peter, Jo and me. Richard had a good ride route in mind and therefore took the lead with Barry kindly offering to sweep up at the back. Richard just happened to mention that today was Friday 13th and a new moon tonight - that put the shivers up us all! Apparently, it can also be called a "Honey Moon".
We started off with a trip down Oleander Road to say "hello" to Clarrie for those who wanted to and it just so happened that Warwick's eagle eyes also found his brother nearby. So we were all feeling happy that they were close to each other and in a nice place. We then proceeded down Elizabeth Bay Drive all the way to the lights on the Pacific Highway, going straight across toward Chain Valley Bay. Richard was the only one to make the green lights so some of us had fun going over the pedestrian bridge whilst others waited for the red lights to change.
Had a nice re-group at the facilities on the water's edge then continued north on towards the SRA, heading in the easier direction which is mainly downhill. After a few mentions of "watch for the bump at the bottom", Richard says we can go as fast as we like over that bump as long as we lift our bums off the saddle at the time! I wasn't convinced but it must have worked, cos nobody came off!! By this time, we were all ready for our coffee stop and and made our way quite sprightly along to the Lakes Beach kiosk where we enjoyed some refreshments and relaxation. After a tad under an hour we all appreciated a quick ride "home", groaning at the "wee hill" along the way.
A distance of 35kms with an average temperature of 18°C. What an enjoyable ride with great company - many thanks to Richard for guiding us safely and to Barry for sweeping us up at the back end. No punctures - not bad for a "black Friday"!!
Wednesday 11 June 2014 - TDCC ride to Toowoon Bay and General Meeting
A beautiful day for us, with old friends returning from holidays, 20°C, 5 to 10 knot Westerly swinging to S at 10.30am... Twenty-seven riders on the main group, plus a lot of Eazy-riders, so a big presence on the road by our club. Doug was the ride organiser (the new name for the leader), and Col was sweep.
On the way down WBD, Col got a flat, which held us all up at the bridge. Alan peeled off after Toowoon Bay for home. Turned around at Shelley Beach Road and rode straight back to the clubhouse (TSC) for a beautiful lunch and the meeting.
We have been offered another Bunnings Sausage Sizzle day on 6 July. Our financial status is secure and correspondence was mentioned. Peter and Mike gave a presentation on riding through roundabouts, and how the RMS says we should do it. That is; occupy the lane, don't sneak through by the kerb - you will get squeezed. Enter the roundabout in the middle of the lane, and stay there till you leave the roundabout. Car drivers may not like this, but you will be safer. Thanks guys for that!
Nice to see everybody there, a lovely ride, thanks to all who participated.
Sunday 8 June 2014 - CCTCC ride to Terrigal
After Friday's rides were washed out, we wondered about Sunday, but Doug and I headed off from Lake Haven at 7.25am to Wyong. The weather was nice, with no clouds at that stage, a slight headwind (see Seabreeze Graph© below), but cool at about 12°C. It only got to 17 at lunchtime, so, good for riding.

From Wyong we went the usual way down to Tuggers and Kangy Angy and on to Gosford. At Masons Drive we joined the rest, making 7 altogether. Later we found Chris, no Irene, who joined us for the rest of the ride. Paul led the ride, thanks Paul, and found many unusual routes and big hills, which didn't faze us at all, seasoned riders that we are (I'm chicken salt). We stayed with the Central Coast Hwy to Willoughby Road, then headed to Terrigal.
After m/t Doug and I split to make our way home via The Entrance, leaving the others to return to Gosford via Terrigal Drive, for a committee meeting, which I would miss. Sorry, Paul! Maybe Paul will do a further report which he describes the journey back to Gosford, and the highlights of the committee meeting. Thanks to Doug for looking after the tail on the outward trip.
Doug and I did about 82km, after which I was quite tired. As we passed Tuggerah Lake at Canton Beach, we saw the Toukley sailing club running their annual Brass Monkey Regatta, which I raced in or officiated at in years past but I gave it up to ride with you guys! Good decision! Great ride! By the way, 30 minutes after I got home, the temperature fell 2° and a heavy shower fell. Timing!
PS Don't miss all the reports below over the last few days.
Saturday 7 June 2014 - Eazy-Riders report from Wednesday
Hi all,
After being away for 2 months it was great for both myself and Ann to be back on our bikes and what a good weather day to do it. On the 4th June 11 riders were led by Don, and Peter being sweep. We circled Budgewoi lake anti-clockwise with a short excursion around Blue Haven.
We made sure that we would be back at the co.op to share lunch with the main group. What a surprise to be greeted with a feed of fresh prawns, everybody appreciated the invite. I think it is great to mingle with the other riders of our club as they get to know them and and talk to them.
Hopefully we will have a good number next week for the club meeting,and don't forget lunch is supplied by the club.
See you all, happy and safe cycling,
John Lonard. Ezy riders [thank you John!]
Saturday 7 June 2014 - Annie D's photos from Germany and Suisse
Some more photos from our trip.
We've had a great time cycling around Lake Constance this week. It's a very popular cycling area with a well sign-posted mainly flat route on cycle paths and quiet roads right around the lake passing through some major towns and little villages. It's about 273 kms around, with 72 kms in Switzerland, 23 kms in Austria and 173 kms in Germany, so it's a very interesting place to cycle and we highly recommend it.
Photos are here.
Friday 6 June 2014 - Coasters Ride
Tricky weather! Doug, Col and I left home in clear conditions, but within minutes it began raining, and has barely stopped since (12.25pm). So Doug and I rode, while Col, Paul F and Richard and Pam drove their cars. Doug and I got very wet, then we all sat under the picnic table shelter for an hour waiting for the rain to stop. It really pelted down and we were marooned in a lake. Eventually it cleared a little and we all made our way down to the Canton Beach café for morning tea. It's very nice there with an excellent view over Tuggerah Lake. Afterwards, Doug and I rode home, just getting in before another heavy shower which persists still. Southerly breezes of 10 to 25 knots and a temperature of 15°C makes home the best place to be. So all you people who stayed home - good choice!
Diane Rhedey's Ride to Conquer Cancer
Diane is one of our members and is riding in this charity ride in October to help conquer cancer (which she has already done herself). This involves a 200km ride over 2 days on 11 & 12 October. If you want to find out more about the ride or even donate some money towards her goal, then click here.
Wednesday 4 June 2014 - TDCC Chain Valley Bay ride
A brilliant sunny day, with temperatures from about 15 to 21°C. No breeze, no cloud, no rain, no fog. Twenty-two members or would-be members assembled for this ride to CVB. Rod was here again today, but this time he rode with us, and we look forward to his re-joining the club.
Pedro led us back along The Corso and on to Charmhaven to the bridge over the Wallarah Creek. Then on to Budgewoi and up EBD to the highway. The skylarkers led the way up EBD but behaved themselves after that. We rode straight back to the Fish Co-op after skewering CVB from top to bottom, as we had planned to have lunch there, after the short ride.
Back at Gorokan, Mike bought a big pile of prawns to feed us and the Easy-riders who turned up soon after. Sue brought coffee and tea so we had a fairly posh lunch, compared to the hardship usually suffered by us out in the field, or picnic area.
A very pleasant ride, thanks to Pedro, and Doug for keeping it all together at the back.
Sunday 1 June 2014 - CCTCC ride to Umina Ocean Beach
A cloudy morning, cool and rainy-looking, but none fell! Thirteen riders grouped at Gosford, and after the late-arriving train travellers joined us at Woy Woy, we were 15. Melissa led this ride, with BBill looking after the tail-end.
No punctures or any other misfortune happened to us as we made our way down through Woy Woy to Umina. We arrived at the SLSC café by half past ten, to be greeted by Ian as usual. After a feed and coffee or whatever, we re-assembled and rode back to Gosford at a sedate pace as befits our senior status. There were a few new people including Josie and Erik, Josie with Simon, and some not so new like John, Lyn and Marshall, and plenty of old-timers. Marshall, Doug and I hived off at the Gosford railway to catch a train back to civilisation. I rode down from home, so completed 85km by the time I got home, quite tired. The 3 stooges rode back to Wyongah together from the Wyong rail before we split up. A good ride and thanks to Melissa and Bill, and Paul for organising everything. Some of the riders today are from Paul's newly-formed Thursday riders' group. Well done everyone!
Bill is definitely going this time, on Tuesday. He has had more goodbyes than Nellie Melba (know that one, Bill?).

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