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Wednesday Ride TDCC:
Group 1
- 0915 for 9.30am at Volunteer Coast Guard car park, Peel Street, Toukley, UBD map ref 42 D9.
Group 2 - 0915 for 9.30am at Volunteer Coast Guard car park, Peel Street, Toukley, UBD map ref 42 D9. Shorter and slower ride.
Check here for away rides or changes for either group.

Regular Friday Rides:
Skylarkers - Fridays at 0900 at Gorokan Fish Co-op at Toukley Bridge for a faster ride of 60-80km.

Norah Head Coasters – Meet at Jenny Dixon Reserve, Norah Head, cnr Bungary Road & Park St, 9.00am Fridays – moderate pace, 35-50 km. Please check here for out-of-town rides.


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Friday 20 October 2017 - Coasters/Skylarkers
Bit of a wet one today, only 1 (one) riders turned up at Jenny Dixon Reserve for today's mystery ride. The mystery is - where is everyone? Conditions were cloudy, slight breeze ( says 0 knots E from 9.00am till 12.00noon), temperature 22°C, oh, and some rain.
Danny led the ride today, and swept up after himself. Paul and Pedro arrived in their cars, and we went straight to Legends café without passing Go. Then I rode home, still in the rain. Thanks everyone for coming, well done Daniel! I think the Skylarkers stayed in bed.
Wednesday 18 October 2017 - Group 1 Tuggerah Lake Circuit
A perfect day for riding bicycles outside - nice temperature, sunny/cloudy and a NE breeze rising from 15 knots to 20 by lunchtime. Seventeen riders signed on for Group 1 (22 for G2, so 39 riders in the TDCC today!), with Paul Flacco leading us astray. Doug and Pedro followed up, but fortunately there were no punctures or mishaps once we got going. Some delays happened at the start due to equipment failure (bag fell off).
All riders were experienced and strong, with most of the Skylarkers with usso we kept up a good pace down WBD, and for the whole day really. Only two girls dared to join us viz Kerrie and Viv, and they were at the front most of the time. We rode on the bike track around the lake till we got to the Tumbi bridge, where we detoured to Wyong Road near Mingara and around our tough little diversion via Hansen Road and Leetes Lane, with some good hills included. Once we got back on to Wyong Road we headed for Enterprise Drive, which included another hill just as steep as the Leetes Lane ones.
Evenntually we made Bluebell Park where we flocked to the many shops there for coffee and a very yummy curry pie. Nothing much unusual happened after that, just pedalling hard into the strong headwind over 20 knots. Paul took us from the Wyong Toilet to Pollock Avenue, then the length of Jensen Road to Wyongah. I peeled off for home after that, and Barry a bit later, then Doug, I imagine, at the Toukley bridge. A good hard ride, for me, very satisfying and enjoyable, a good follow-up to our adventures in Mudgee. Thanks for coming you guys!

Group 2.0i - Wednesday 18/10/2017 TDCC Grp 2 ride. NVille-Budge-LakeMunrh-SRA-loop
On a very windy day, 22 of our riders turned up for the ride to the Tea Tree Lookout, in the Lake Munmorah SRA. Special mention to the riders who live out of town, and made the effort to join us for the ride. Mandy and Kee from Sydney, Robyn and Warwick from Umina, who left home at 07:30 hrs to miss the traffic, Frank B and Darryl C from Newcastle, Bob W from Terrigal, and Pam from Long Jetty. Some of our local riders wanting to do extra kilometres rode from home, they were Steph, Virginia, Ian, Jill and Trevor, Di, Westly, and Dave, a great effort from these riders. It was noted we had three sets of partners riding in the group today, congratulations to these riders. We also welcomed back Kevin McK to our group, Kevin has been on holidays and doing lots of sight-seeing around Australia, also Frank B returned after a few weeks off for family reasons. Lyn S, partner of Rick, joined group 2 ride today, to our knowledge, it was her first ride with group 2, welcome Lyn. The other riders not already mentioned were Marg L, Berny, and James who only rode a small section of the ride. We also welcomed back our riders who have been in Mudgee for the last week.
Steph was the ride manager and Di was the sweep. We set off from Peel street towards Budgewoi into a strong NE breeze of 30-35km/hr, some sections of the ride made us work hard, it was noted lots of glass on the road made for a lot of zig-zagging to ensure no flats were encountered. Lyn S joined us at Slade park Budgewoi. From Budgewoi we headed towards Elizabeth Bay battling hard against the NE wind, Steph giving the faster riders the go ahead to do their thing, which of course they did. We did not stop at Elizabeth Bay for our normal regroup, as everyone was feeling on top of the world. We continued to the highway at Lake Munmorah and had a regroup after we turned right into the Pacific Highway.
Steph gave us the instructions for the next part of the ride, which was to turn left at Chain Valley Bay road, then right at the dirt road that links to Kanangra Drive. Chain Valley Bay road and the dirt road proved a challenge to some of our riders, but soon we had a regroup at Kanangra Drive. From there we rode across the Pacific Highway to Tea Tree lookout in the SRA. Although the road in the SRA is good in patches, it still needed to be ridden with caution due to the pot holes and speed humps which seem to jump out of nowhere. We had lunch at the Tea Tree lookout reserve, where the said Tea Trees provided protection from the strong NE breeze.
After a well-earned lunch break, where most of the discussion was about the Mudgee trip and the upcoming ride in March, at Myrtleford in Victoria, the group headed up the nasty little climb to the top of the hill, from there it was all down-hill to Elizabeth Bay, with caution taken at the speed humps, with the 45km/hr wind at the riders' backs. It was a fast ride back to Budgewoi, where the locals left us for home, the rest of the riders headed for Peel street with the aid of the ever-increasing NE wind. Not too many riders ended up at Peel street, as most riders had either left at Budgie or gone straight home upon reaching Noraville.
Just a few words about our group 3 non-riders, Ann L has had her operation, and informed us she is feeling well, and that her recovery is coming ahead in leaps and bounds. Frank U has had his operation, but has told us he needs to go back for a second operation to tidy things up. Best wishes to Ann and Frank.
Just a reminder that next week’s ride is an O.O.T. and starts at the Ourimbah R.S.L. car park.
From Strava the average speeds varied from 16 to 19km/hr, we climbed 230 metres, the temperature varied between 23-24 degrees, the wind speed varied from 35km/hr at the start of the ride, up to 40km/hr at the end of the ride, the wind direction was NE all day. Although the going was tough due to the wind, still an enjoyable day out for our riders.
Mudgee Cycling Holiday 7-14 October. See Warwick's brilliant report here (PDF). Photos are here.
Friday 13 October 2017 - Coasters
Twelve Riders turned up at Jenny Dixon Reserve for our Friday Ride,with Doug and Di joining us from their week at Mudgee. The morning greeted us with blue skies and light winds and not a sign of rain. I was our ride manager and Doug was our sweep (thanks again Doug). We decided to head west for the Farm Gate Cafe, travelling our usual way . Unbeknown to me Ken had tagged on the back, but when we passed Chris and Irene going the other way, he did a u-turn and buddied up with them, we were happy for you Ken.
Riding on over the Toukley Bridge on to Marks Rd. and a regroup at Wahroonga Rd, where we all had a refreshing drink then on to Wadalba riding down to Minnesota Rd. Then onto Warnervale Rd, where we planned on going through the gate at Warnies onto the dirt road then onto the Farm Gate, but when we arrived we found the gate locked! Quick meeting and we could see the gate open in Warnies and we decided to ride on and keeping our fingers that the gate at the other end was open, which it was, everybody was happy about that [lucky!]. Then onto the Farm Gate, where everybody was happy to relax with coffee and cakes with plenty of stories from Di and Doug about their week at Mudgee.
After everybody was refreshed, we rode back along the highway, back on Minnesota Rd. Up to Sparks Rd. Through the Wetlands up to Lake Haven up to the gate, which we found was locked (thanks Danny) [sorry!]. We managed to climb over the fence and crossed the highway where we regrouped. Di left us there and Doug left us on the Corso, Barry left us Toukley Bridge, the rest of us pushed on back to Jenny Dixon Reserve. I think everybody enjoyed the ride with great company, riding 36km.
Paul F.
Friday 6 October 2017 - Coasters
Sixteen riders made their way to Jenny Dixon Reserve (JDR) in Norah Head, for a Mystery Ride managed by young Col. Warwick was our sweep, and Peter B did a lot of the corners, thanks you guys.
Conditions were quite nice, with the temperature about 22°C, and with a cloudy sky and a slight W breeze, which at ten o'clock suddenly changed to a 20 knot southerly, with matching wind-chill. The route Col took us on had us guessing all the way to the Warnervale wetlands - by then we had worked it out - morning tea at the Charmy nursery café.
First of all we rode to Budgewoi, then along the north shore of Lake Budgewoi to the Charmy bridge, back to Lowana St/Panorama Avenue to Gorokan, then the wChole length of Dudley Street to the main road, right, then left down Brennon Street which took us to Barry's house, but no, we didn't stop there, up Marks Road over the roller coaster to Wahroongah Road and up to Louisiana Road, ducking through the path by the sports fields, where Col got a puncture. He had it fixed in short order, but took 10 minutes to pump his tyre up.
Once under way again, we threaded our way through Wadalba to Minnesota Road, and rode the full length of that one too, popping out at Sparks road. To continue the mystery aspect, Col then took us up Hiawatha Road to Hakone, thereby completely missing the actual wetlands. When we got to the nursery, and rode through the sand and rocks shop, a guy came running out to abuse us for randomly riding through a busy workplace, but after a short discussion where I mentioned that this was the way out for everyone, he calmed down and was nice. Even so, I think that in future we should go up that last little street and through the gate to the front of the nursery to reach the cafe. Nowadays it seems the gate is never locked, it just looks that way. This is apparently not true either.
After a very sociable m/t (see photo above), we headed off back to the distant JDR, into the cold and boisterous southerly, except for those of us who had already ridden that bit, like me and Virginia, and Doug, so we just went home. Thanks for coming everyone, a lovely ride of 40.0km (for me).
By the way, welcome back to Graeme and Merrilyn after their amazing trip to Africa, climbing the cape and walking everywhere, such an adventure!
Wednesday 04/10/2017 TDCC Grp 2 ride. Budgewoi lake-BHvn loop-Noraville loop
Some of our riders who live around the lakes area would have had second thoughts about riding this morning, as a heavy fog had descended over the Central Coast. Their worries soon disappeared as the sun quickly burnt off the excess moisture. By the time we arrived at Peel street the temperature was 17°C, but with the wind from the SSW at 20km/hr, the wind chill factor made it feel a lot cooler, wind cheater jackets were soon being worn.
A good turnout of 20 riders arrived at Peel street for the short ride before a General Meeting of the TDCC in the Uniting Church at Toukley. Steph was the ride manager, we believe it was the first time that Steph had fulfilled this role, best wishes were made all around to Steph. Di was the sweep, John, Doug, Westley, Chris, and others fulfilled the roles of marshals at various corners in the winding ride around Blue Haven. Thanks to all these riders. We had one rider not familiar to most of our riders, we welcomed Jenny B who rode as a guest, and performed very well. The riders in sign-on order were James, Ian, Chris, Berny, David, Westley, Di, Marg L, John L, Steph, Darryl 2, Mike, John L’Es, Virginia, Doug, Hans, Mandy, Kee and Jenny.
With all riders assembled and after Steph’s pep talk, we headed for East Toukley with a regroup programmed for HMO. After all riders got through the traffic lights we headed for Gorokan where a pit stop was programmed. The wind at this stage had no effect on our riders. After a quick visit to the loos, we headed down The Corso, where Virginia’s maggie was having a day off work. Unfortunately she advised that a Noisy Miner had taken a dislike to her earlier on the ride to Peel Street. It was realised that the CCC would not put up a sign warning riders about Noisy Miners, so Virginia will have to take her chances. Ian, Chris, David, Westley, Marg, Virginia, Steph, and a few other riders showed their class on the ride to San Remo and led the main Peloton into San Remo, where we had a regroup at the bottom of the Wallarah creek bridge. Steph showed she has fully recovered her health matters and was always at the front of the ride. She had doubted her ability to lead, but her misgivings were unfounded. After a short rest at San Remo we set off under the bridge dodging those nasty barriers, where Mandy nearly came to grief. Luckily, Kee was close by to look after his missus. The ride through the Blue Haven loop was nice, as we kept to the flatter sections of the roads, however on our return to San Remo, we found that Berny had not caught up with the group, as he had dropped into his house to drop off his wind cheater. By this stage we had disrobed, well, partly. We decided to keep going, so we aimed for Edgewater Park at Buff Point, with again our lead riders heating up their tyres.
On arrival at Edgewater Park and after a call to Berny, Westley located his mate, he was behind us but catching us at a rate of knots, sighs of relief when he arrived. Lots of Mums, Kids, Grannies, and Poppies at the park, which is one of the better parks in the area. Unfortunately it was brought to our attention that most kids who were riding their bikes in the area were not wearing any helmets, we just shook our heads. Steph advised our next stop was Slade Park at Budgewoi, so we headed up the great bike path that links the two parks. Slade Park not the best due to the Sewer pump aromas. Knowing that a great lunch was waiting for us at Toukley, our riders took off with revised enthusiasm towards Peel street and the Uniting church. Those who chose Peel street had to ride up that nasty little hill leading to the Church, the rest of us took the clever route back to the Church where we had left our cars. A special mention for John L’Es, who travelled from Umina by train to be with us, he did not take a short cut in his travels, he rode from Wyong, instead of the easy way via Warnervale.
On arrival at the Church we enjoyed our sumptuous lunch which also included Sausage Sangers, salad, some nice vegetarian filling, ice cream and fruit salad etc, thanks to all those who organised the lunch and set up of the church, including Jill and Trevor, Pam and Richard, Waz and Robyn. Warwick will send out the minutes of the meeting for your perusal.
Best wished to Anne Lonard who goes into hospital next week for an Op.

Wednesday 4 October 2017 - General Meeting rides
Group 1:
General meeting today, so just a short ride to Batto Bay for G1, with Col leading us astray, Pedro on the back. Kept bumping into Group 2.0i as we all made our way through Toukley. So, down to The Entrance North for a quick breather, then into T/E CBD and on to Toowoon Bay for another re-group. Just the six of us to start, but we picked up Azi and Rolf on the way. Rolf came out to a flat tyre in the morning, so he did well to catch us up.
No stopping for coffee as we were expected back at St Bartholomew's Church for lunch. Stopped at Batto Bay at the new sandstone lookout where we took some photos and discussed going up Crackneck Lookout (I think they were joking). Then we headed back down to Tuggerah Lake and followed the bike path all the way back to Toukley (with a bit of road-riding on WBD).
Total distance was about 41km. We lost a few on the way back, like Ken and Azi who went home, and Lyn who raced ahead to get her car. A very nice lunch was enjoyed by the members, including fruit salad and ice cream, thanks Viv.
Don't tell Rolf I said this, but he rode with Di on Sunday, completing the 110km loop to Cedar Brush Creek. He doesn't read these reports. Anyway, well done everybody, for today and Sunday. Cheers
Of course Ken, down here, regularly does over 100km, riding to and from his place at Wyoming. And that's my little mate Viv with him at Batto Bay.
Wednesday 27/09/2017 TDCC Grp 2 ride. Wyong Farm Gate Loop
With group 1 having an out-of-town ride, we expected a few more people than usual, however 20 riders arrived for the challenge, a few group 2 riders rode with group 1, we also had a few from group 1, not a bad attendance thanks to a few new starters in the last 2 weeks.
The weather was perfect on arrival at Peel St, and a good ride looked promising. Shortly after arrival at Peel street, a Highway Patrol car pulled into the carpark, we were thinking - What have we done? Apparently some criminal activity had been going on earlier, a council ranger informed the boy in blue what happened, the officer then proceeded to carry out some type of investigation. Later some of our riders spoke to the officer, he informed us they are carrying out a blitz on bike riders not doing the right thing, such as not wearing helmets, and not obeying general road rules, so take heed.
He also checked out all our cars via his auto scanning number plate detector, thankfully no problems for our riders. Trevor turned up in civvies as he had to perform at a concert at the new Wyong Arts centre. Jill went on the ride like a real trooper, probably the first time they have not ridden together. [She often kayaks without him]
Chris B was the ride manager, Westley was the sweep, Carol, Steph, Di, John, and Mike performed the marshalling duties, thanks to all these riders. The riders on sign-on order were James, Jill, Robyn and Warwick, Chris, Di, Robert W, Paul F, Darryl C, Westley, Darryl M, Bones, Mandy and Kee, Mike, John L, Carol, Berny, Peter H, and Steph.
After getting our riding instructions from Chris, we headed off towards East Toukley via Aldi, having a short regroup at H.M. Oval. With all riders present we headed for Craigie Park for our next planned regroup. The wind at this stage was just starting to increase but it was still a pleasant ride. The hills before Craigie Park sorted out the better riders from the tail, but after a minute or so we were all together. Bones was a bit late restarting but showed a turn of speed to catch the main group. Chris led the main group to Tacoma setting a blistering pace. After a short break, we headed for the Wyong Loos. Mandy flew past us at a hundred miles an hour, John reckoned she turned on the after-burners.
On arrival at the loos we were met by Steph who had ridden from her home, and had a key - a lot of relieved faces, as it was another half hour ride to the Farm Gate. Her call of “last chance at the Loo” reminded some of us of the call at pub closing time, “last drinks please”. After restarting our ride, heading west, we cradled the edge of the Wyong River which was very relaxing. The next part of the ride was not so pleasant, as Hope street and its adjacent hills loomed. Some riders took short cuts gleened from our most experienced riders to avoid the worst of the hills. One of those riders was Mike, thanks Mike. We then traversed the back streets of Watanobbi, where the ride is very pleasant due to the variation from mild uphill to fast downhill sections. We were soon at the Farm Gate, by this time the weather had warmed up and the winds were getting nasty, so the cold water provided at the Farm Gate was most welcome.
After lunch, our plan was to ride to Warnies via the track, however the track was closed so we sauntered up the Highway and followed it to the Dam Hotel and into Minnesota Road, where we did a U turn, and crossed the highway. We then progressed past the fire station, and then onto Wahroonga Rd. Once over the hills it was all downhill to the lake and then onto Marks Rd. Most riders bypassed the Gorokan Co-Op. The tail regrouped and headed over the bridge. It was hard work with the wind trying to take control of the steering. Before too long we were all back at Peel street. Following our after-ride chats, we headed for home and left the car park to the wind surfers who by this stage had arrived in numbers. It was good to see Darryl M riding so soon after his hip Op, also thanks to Darryl M for encouraging Darryl C and Paul W to ride with us. Best wished to Frank who is in the sick bay.
From Strava the tail averaged around 16km/hr and the gun riders around 19km/hr, we climbed around 300 metres. The temperature varied from 20 to 23°C, the wind was NE, 30km/hr at the start climbing to 45km/hr at the end of the ride.

Wednesday 27 September 2017 - Group 1 - Cedar Brush Creek
Eighteen riders came to Wyong for today's ride up past Yarramalong to Cedar Brush Creek, about ten kilometres past Y'long. Many of our number rode from home, so lots of high distances were recorded. Moonie beat everybody again, with 107km, and Ken made 101km. There may be other better results, but I'm just going on what Strava shows above at 4.00pm. Some may still be riding home.
Conditions were very nice - sunny, 24°C, with a NE breeze which had us tricked into thinking it was NW on the way out. Anyway it looked like we had a headwind in both directions. At the end of the official ride several riders were faced with heading straight into it all the way home. Not a word of complaint - you are such amazing old people, you guys!
I was leading today, and Barry took the tailgunner position, but I never saw him again. John D did the tail on the way back, thanks (95km ridden). A good brisk ride with nobody getting lost, no punctures nor any accident. I only wanted to go 5km past Y'long, to make a 50km trip, but accidentally went 7.5km past, so we thought, hey, let's go to the gravel and make a day of it. Nigel, Kerry, Azi and some other freaks had gone on ahead, and we didn't see them till m/t, as they must have gone further up the gravel road just so we couldn't catch them.
After coffee at the almost-completed new servo and café at Y'long (no petrol yet), we just rode straight back to Wyong without stopping (most of us) into the wind, still keeping up a good steady pace. It was a very satisfying ride, as I felt stronger the further I rode. Thanks everybody for coming along. We did see Irene and Chris at Y'long, with the S.H.I.T. club, with Irene doing 134km. She must be a super athlete now.
PS I notice that on the Strava, Annie D and I did almost the same km, and exactly the same vertical, so you would think our phones did the same trip, but I forgot to turn mine on till we were 13km up the road, but made up the distance by leaving Strava on till I had driven home. But still the same vertical! 721m (Ken did 1319m!).
Friday 22 September 2017 - Coasters
Hi! Today we had twenty Coasters line up for our ride, and about 5 Skylarkers, who left from Jenny Dixon as well, heading for Redhead Beach, up the Fernleigh Track. Conditions were warm, and getting warmer, and a NW breeze of about 10 knots, sunny and beautiful.
We rode at a sedate 22kmh over the Toukley Bridge, and down through Wyongah, on our way to Tacoma, where we stopped for a while.Continuing along the 'river road' we eventually arrived at the famous Wyong toilets, where I opened up the toilets for our use. Pushing on, we rode to Pollock Avenue and up to the highway, where we turned left and rolled down to the traffic lights for a safe crossing of the Pacific Highway.
We had to spread out a bit, owing to our excessive numbers, and enjoyed a lovely m/t, most of which Margaret G spent trying to furl the blind to get more fresh air. After we felt fully refreshed we again mounted our grids and headed back up the highway towards Wadalba where Minnesota Road is, in case you didn't know. The full length of Minnie road then right at Sparky to the Warnervale Wetlands, where we zigzagged through the parklands to Arizona road, Charmhaven. I sent everybody ahead while I waited for Waz, up the little road where the gate is, but I was the only one to use the gate, which looked locked to everybody else, and by the time I got up to Moala Pde and the hwy, everybody had gone, so I just went home, as was my plan. I assume no incidents occurred, so a very pleasant ride with nice people. Cheers

Friday 22 September 2017 - Skylarkers
Skylarkers had 8 today starting from JD's, planning to ride to Redhead beach. Lovely to catch up with Coasters at the start before the serious business. Ken, John, Nige, Rick, Dave, Tony, Chris and myself. Ken had a puncture fairly early on the Pacific Highway - managed to find some shade while we waited then onto Belmont with no problems. Lovely shade up Fernleigh Track then a short trip out to Redhead. The view was wonderful but no decent cafe here as the normal one got burnt in a freezer fire! So we made do with only hot drinks on offer - no food or cool milkshakes. Tony got accosted by a little boy confusing Tony's hairy legs for his Grandad's!!
Refills of water at Blacksmiths then the hard hot trip home. Dave managed to get a puncture about 10 mins short of his house. Soon all fixed and Ken stayed with us all the way plus riding home, despite rumblings of maybe catching the train -he ended up with 154 klms as against 80 ish for the rest of us. A good ride despite the warm return. Irene's photos are on FB TDCC club page here.
Wednesday 20 September 2017 - Group 1 ride Wyee Loop
Sixteen riders logged on for this morning's ride in beautiful conditions viz sunny, light breeze (5-10 knots S), cool (max 20°C at noon). John D managed the ride, and Rolf held up the back, thanks you two.
We had only gone 1km when we bumped into Group 2.0, thereby re-forming into one whole club again for a few minutes. There were 20 of them so that made 36 - well done TDCC! That also didn't last long as Lyn continued down Evans road to go home for an appointment. Anyway, thanks for the advice about the Gym, Lyn. G1 then continued westerly with the bulk of the club riding on the road over the Toukley bridge, and safely crossing into the Fish Co-op. A few of us took the path over the bridge, then down by the Vietnam Vets Garden, before popping out from under the bridge, without taking any risks at all. It's a pleasant little ride by the water too.
After a wee break we continued on our well-worn track to the Charmy Bridge, where we looped under the bridge before weaving our way through beautiful downtown Blue Heaven to Aldi's on the Motorway Link for a re-group. I didn't want to hold everybody up so I took off as soon as JD gave the word, managing to ride almost to the M1 before being passed by Tony, then Nigel and Ric. I held the péloton off until nearly to Sparks Road, so we were all soon assembled up near Hue Hue Road.
I took off early again, but without the element of surprise most of them caught me fairly soon. I must say how impressed I am at how fit and strong all our members are, all of them passing me on the big hill further along towards Wyee. Well done you guys!
After a regroup at the Wyee tennis club we continued east along Wyee Road to Doyalson where we had another re-group. At this stage, Paul, Nige and Ric left to organise the tea and coffee for our lunch, which we ate at the Edgewater Park, in Buff Point. Thanks for the drinks chaps, and thanks again for the sandwich, John
I left the group at that stage and went straight home via Charmy, reaching 55km for the day. Others in this group did between 50km and, in Ken's case, 107km for the day. Thanks for coming, Toukley cyclists, a lovely ride and great company. Cheers

Wednesday 20/09/2017 TDCC Grp 2 ride. Lizzie Bay-Gwandalan-Doyalson Loop
At the rise of dawn today it appeared to be the perfect day for a ride, a total of 20 riders agreed and fronted the start line at Peel Street. John L was the ride manager, and James the sweep. Biddy joined us as guest rider for the day, welcome Biddy. It was great to see some stalwarts from group 1 joining the ride today, including Anne D, Warwick B, and Peter H. Mike S has decided he will do most of his rides with Group 2 from now on. The riders in no particular order were, James, John, Warwick, Pam, David, Mike, Peter H, Bones, Biddy, Ian, Di, Chris, Joe, Marg, Anne D, Frank U, Frank B, Barry, Jill and Trevor and Virginia.
We set off for Noraville via Aldi and Main Road East Toukley, we passed Joe’s house and Bones noticed Joe’s bike out the front of his house, as Joe was nowhere to be seen, we carried on. It was full speed to Budgewoi where 3 more riders joined the group, mainly Jill and Trevor, plus Frank U. After the pit stop, we challenged the nice hills to Elizabeth Bay, where we had a short regroup. The next part of the ride to the Pacific Highway was a bit harder with the fleet-footed riders really setting an impressive pace, the tail struggled a bit but soon the Peloton was sighted waiting on the side of the Pacific Highway after turning right at the lights.
John did another head count and found that Frank B was missing, after a few phone calls we found Frank B, who advised us to keep going and he would meet us at Gwandalan as he had received a phone call he had to answer. Without warning Joe then appeared in the distance and was welcomed into the group. It was decided that the main Peloton should go ahead as this conversation was going on. John gave the riders in the peloton the OK to go hell for leather, and that the people in the tail group would meet up with them at the round-a-bout leading to Gwandalan.
The ride up the hill to the lights was challenging, Kanangra drive proved to be one of the best surfaces we ride on, even the tail group sailed along around 30km/hr. After a regather at the round-a-about, we headed downhill to Gwandalan and stopped for lunch at the beaut park on the waterfront. Unfortunately, the takeaway food shop has closed, luckily, we all had some food for emergency situations like this. During lunch, we were thinking that Bones looked a lot younger and somewhat different, he then told us he had a hair makeover, and got cheers from the group when he showed us his new look, must have looked 10 years younger.
After a peaceful rest, we headed off back to the round-a-bout, where we finally met up with Frank B, smiles all around. We then set off towards the Pacific Highway setting a clipping pace due to the good surface on the road. Anne D, Mike and Peter H decided to return to Toukley via the State Recreation Area or whatever the new name is. The rest of us headed downhill for a change and arrived quickly at Lake Munmorah, where Jill and Trevor headed for Budgewoi. The rest of us headed for the bus stop at San Remo, where John L left the ride as he lives about 100 metres away. Warwick took over as ride Manager and guided us down the hill at San Remo to the bike track. Some Budgewoi folks left us at this stage while the rest of us headed for The Corso, but Virginia’s magpie was nowhere in sight, thankfully. On arrival at Gorokan, Warwick led us over the bridge and up Main Street to Peel Street where we had a fully deserved rest. Lots of Yobbos in cars with Red P plates on today, we commented that we excused them because their brains are not fully developed till they are 25. Again, a great ride in pleasant conditions.
From Strava the average speed varied from 17.5 to 19.5km/hr, the wind speeds were from the SE varying from 15-20km/hr. The temperature varied between 18 to 26°C. We climbed around 400 metres.
Friday 15 September 2017 - Coasters and Skylarkers
Skylarkers - Skylarkers attracted 7 again today with a view to shoot down to Avoca for a change. Nice sunny but windy day and we collected a stranger along WBD who hung with us till Foresters. We also by-passed Warwick and Pete on WBD and waved to the other Coasters when they were re-grouping at North Entrance. A few hills to negotiate on this ride so Rick was looking for Avoca train station take him home! We had to send out a search aeroplane to look for him but we found him doing a yoga stretch instead!! 80 klms approximately done by all except Ken, who did 98 klms.

Coasters Ride Report 15 September 2017
Fifteen riders turned up at Jenny Dixon Reserve to brave the elements!
We had quite a bit of discussion regarding which way to go - too windy to the west, and if we went north we would have to ride back into the south-westerly wind, so the only way to go was south.
We put up with a bit of wind on the way to North Entrance, but overall it wasn't too bad. Our usual regroup at North Entrance saw the Skylarkers ride past us on the way to Avoca Beach.
After a refreshing stop, we rode over The Entrance Bridge and worked our way around the waterfront, enjoying the beauty of the ocean, on to Bay Road and then another regroup at Toowoon Bay.
At this stage I think everybody was enjoying the ride. It was time to make a phone call to John at The Entrance and book for 15 riders for coffee and cake. Pushing on Bay Road, we made a right turn down Swadling st, across The Entrance Road and worked our way to the bike track and on to The Entrance.
On the way we had a toilet break at Long Jetty, where we admired all the old photos on the dunny wall going back to the 1920s. One that stood out was of Pam Young when she was ten years old. [Actually it is of Pam at the age of 3 and taken in 1948] Great photos!
When we got to The Entrance, our table was ready for us - well done John. Coffee and cakes were enjoyable and relaxing. When we left it was a very steady ride back on WBD with a nice tail wind. Linda said goodbye at the new bike track, while the rest of us pushed on to the JD Reserve. Total distance of 30km, not a long way but an enjoyable ride and no punctures. Big thanks for Waz. for looking after the tail.
Paul F
[For anybody wondering, I was on the beach near Cabbage Tree Bay, not far from JDR, with family, scattering Marie's and Monte's ashes in the ocean. First anniversary as well. Danny]
Wednesday 13 September 2017 -
Group 1 - Brisbane Water Loop: Well, today's weather promised high winds plus a top of 33°C in Gosford so I wasn't expecting too many would venture out but we have some "tuff" members in our club because at least 20 plus people turned up. I haven't seen the list so this is just my guesstulation! Doug was scheduled to be ride manager today and gave an informed briefing with Warwick taking on the sweep role. However, Doug's bike had different ideas and gave up the ghost at Gosford pool. He was still within walking distance of his car so he said he'd see us at Davistown. I offered to lead from hereon in as it's probably the only route I know inside-out being a local n all. By the way, Nige had cycled all the way from home to do this ride. Anyway, off we went (temperature already in the 20's) round Adcock Park, stopping just past the Marine Rescue Centre, then Koolewong toilets (no magpies here this year so far). It was windy but not too bad eventually reaching Woy Woy toilets for a re-group and water fill. Along the pathway to Lions Park, where Robyn and Pam left us for a better deal! Lovely riding alongside the water here and plenty of walkers about enjoying the summer-like weather. Around Blackwall Mountain and straight across the Rip Bridge on the road which wasn't as windy as what I expected. A quick re-group before heading up the little path avoiding the big hill at Daley's Point - there's a big hole in that path as Viv had warned us about earlier. Popping out at Empire Bay Road then onto the next little bush path which a few of us took for the scenery whilst some continued on the main road and met us at Mackillop Oval.
All on bike paths now around the water's edge to Davistown where, true to his word, Doug met us with picnic blankets to sit on for our lunch - good on yer Doug. This ride has lots of twists and turns plus hills but Warwick managed to keep us all tucked in at the back - he did a sterling job and lost no-one - thanks Warwick. After a nice relaxing lunch stop by the water in the shade, I left the crew here to cycle back home whilst the rest went onwards back to Gosford - hopefully without incidents. By this time it was 35°C so it was a top effort by everyone to complete this windy hot ride today. Most would have done 48klms. Nige's ride is not up yet as I write but I bet he's done at least 110klms. Ken did 96klms by doing the Loop twice!! Well done to everyone who came. Irene

Group 2.0 ride to Berkeley Vale
A summer surprise for everyone today - mid-summer in early Spring! It was quite warm at Peel Street even at 8.30am, and the breeze was a strong 15-25 knots NW, so the source of the hot temperatures. The temperature was about 32°C. Shirley and Frank joined us after being away on other duties up the bush.
I didn't enjoy the conditions at all, but when they started talking about the Wyong toilets, I knew I had to perservere. By the time we got there though, I was just sick of it, and went home from the toilets. Amazingly everybody else was keen to continue, even Shirley whom I rated as unlikely to finish. So, well done all you guys and girls. The wind wasn't all tailwind going back, as we had hoped, so it was still a struggle for me. So I don't know what happened on the ride after I left, so we'll presume the best. Actually, people started to break down soon after, with some going on to The Entrance for a lift, while Mike headed home up WBD, well done Mike. Drinks and stops became high priority. I heard all this second hand from James, who gave up at the start, so talk to someone who actually did the ride.
Friday 8 September 2017 - Coasters
Another good roll up of 20 Riders At Jenny Dixon Park for the Coasters Ride. I decided to put on a mystery ride, Danny wasn't feeling to well, so he decided to get the Coffee organised at the Lakes Beach later in the morning. My partner in Crime (Col) decided to have a week in Perth, half his luck!
First port of call was the Budgewoi Toilets, just for Peter Bones, pushing on we rode onto the bike track heading towards Charmhaven. On the way I took a diversion onto Buff Point Avenue to get some relief out of the rotten westerly winds. Edgewater Park was our next regroup and toilet stop. After a quick stop we pushed into the westerly towards Charmhaven Bridge. Half way there, I got a phone call from Danny to let me know the Lakes Cafe was closed, so a quick decision with the rest of riders and we decided to go to the Coffee Shop at Budgewoi and thanks to Danny who was going to organise it. When we regrouped at the bridge, we had a few riders who weren't feeling too well, Westley and Virginia decided to call it a day and Doug wasn't travelling too well with his hip. So I decided to shorten the ride up, the conditions weren't great.
We did a big lap of Bluehaven and worked our way back to the bike track and then back to Budgewoi for Coffee and cakes at the Anchor Cafe. It was not a very enjoyable ride, due to winds, unfortunately we have no control over the weather! We all enjoyed the Coffee and Cakes which was very relaxing.
I left the ride at Budgewoi and passed on the reins to Barry Smith who took the rest back to Jenny Dixon Reserve, thanks to Doug for tailing the ride. Total km. approx. 32
Thanks everybody that rode,
Cheers Paul F.

Friday 8 September 2017 - Skylarkers
Again, Skylarkers had 7 today - we just swapped Lance for John - fair swap! Thought we'd show John the scarecrows so up Yarramalong again. Slow start as Ken got a puncture before he left co-op carpark. Very windy so we all hid behind Dave!! I rode "gunshot" Danny O'Shea! What's happening between Big Bird's legs? (looks like he laid a blue egg!)
From the Strava table, looks like everyone rode between 75 and 103km, into that westerly breeze. Well done you guys!
Wednesday 6 September 2017 - Group 1
Well what a day for a ride, 30 Km westerly winds to start off, fourteen brave riders turned up to take the challenge. We started off on our usual route, past Aldi through the lights and making our way towards Toukley Bridge, before we got to the bridge, a woman in a van decided to open her door so we had to swerve to miss that. 150 mts up the road a truck driver decided to open his door and jump out on the roadway and we had to swerve to miss him, not off to a good start and we haven't got to the bridge yet.
Before we got to Marks Rd we had a quick regroup, all safe so far. Pushing on to Tuggerawong where we had our usual regroup. All fresh again we punched into the Westerly to Wyong Toilets (Thanks Danny for a lend of the Key). Down the Tuggerah Straight, then on the new pathway around past Bunnings and around the back streets to Wyong Rd, where we said goodbye to Ken to ride back to Wyoming.
Pushing on riding on the bike path parallel to Wyong Rd we came across this white van blocking the whole bike path and he was jammed in a tight situation and he wasn't going anywhere. Nige and Ric offered a few suggestions, but he didn't want to know us, so we walked our bikes around him and quickly got out of the way, we were all scratching our heads wondering how he got there in the first place!
Further down the road at one of intersections I got attacked three times by a magpie, then crossing the road at Mingara I caught the edge of gutter and ended up on the deck. Having a bloody good day! Pushing on I told Lynn Taylor take over the reins and she took us all the way to Shelly Beach where we had lunch and lovely coffee (thanks Lynn), very relaxing. After lunch we said goodbye to Viv, Azi, Lynn, Kerrie and Pam who had left earlier, they had all ridden up to Peel St earlier. It was a very enjoyable ride back on WBD, regrouping at new bike track and working our way back to Peel St. traveling 56Km, thanks Doug for tailing and to all the riders for a great day, no accidents or punctures.
Paul F.

Wednesday 6 September 2017 - Group 2.0i CVBN
Quite a big turn-up for the club today, despite the strong wind - Seventeen in G2 and 14 in G1. John L managed the ride for G2, and Diane looked after the other end, and Dave and I rode gunshot (thanks Irene!).
It was pretty cold to start with and only got to about 21°C. The Westley wind (where is that guy?) was a steady 25 knots, but wasn't always apparent, so we were lucky. Down to Budgewoi then along the rutile road, also known as LBD or Elizabeth Bay Drive. It was a struggle getting up the last part into the wind, but we all managed it. Even harder was Chain Valley Bay Road, more exposed than LBD. At Mulloway Road the thought that we had done half the ride wasn't a relief, as we knew it was against the air pressure. We reached Josh Porter Reserve to have lunch, but several riders decided that Jamaica Blue at Munmorah shopping centre was a nicer venue, so we lost them for an hour or so. Meeting up at the highway, we were all back together again to continue our slow southerly progress.
At Doyalson Jill and Trevor went straight home, then at Wallarah Creek John also left us to it, but put Moonie in charge. At Lowanna Avenue, after the bridge, the group headed towards Toukley, except for Virginia, Christian, John L'Es and me, as we had already done that bit. At Bunnings Virginia rode straight home, while Chris continued along the highway to Wadalba. I advised John, who was heading to Wyong rail to catch the train home to Talleygaroopna, not to go with Chris, as I reckon the Pacific Highway is no place for a bike, especially if you're 80 years old, so I took John across the highway to the nursery, but we didn't go in, but along the dirt to the big fence, where we found the gate unlocked and open! Hooray!
Continuing through the Warnervale Wetlands we eventually reached Warnervale Road, where I pointed John in the right direction and sent him off. He already knew where Johns Rd and Pollock Avenue were, so he should be OK. I then continued back up Warnervale Road, crossing the highway at the purpose-built pedestrian-crossing-refuge thing and home, for a total of 45km. Despite the negatives of wind and cold, it turned out to be a very pleasant ride, with nice people. Thanks for coming, and thanks to John, Diane and Moonie for helping. Cheers
Friday 1 September 2017 - Skylarkers
Lance joined us to make 7 Skylarkers today on a scarecrow hunt to Yarramalong. Cold to start with but the sun came out along with the scarecrows! Chris managed to shock himself and a poor horse, whilst leaning on on an electric fence for a photo shoot! Lots of cows and horses about plus a lovely lady on a fine horse who offered to take a photo of us all (Rick has that one). Yummy orange cake at the cafe. All in all, a great day out with animals and countryside. Photos are here.

Friday 1 September 2017 - Coasters
Coasters Ride Report for Friday 1st August 2017. [I only put this line in to show that Waz doesn't know what month it is.]
On very cold, but sunny morning, we gathered at Jenny Dixon reserve to ponder over where to ride. We started on time under the watchful eye of Pam Young, with 18 riders. I volunteered to sweep. We headed off down Wilfred Barrett Drive with the ultimate destination of Sutton Reserve toilets, (of course), at Bateau Bay. The wind was coming from the south, very cold, and reasonably strong. Stopping at North Entrance, having eluded the dreaded magpie by going along Hutton Road, we quickly re-grouped and crossed The Entrance Bridge. We then took the coastal route to Toowoon Bay and then on to Sutton Reserve. A long delay before returning to The Entrance Mall via Shelley Beach Road and the Long Jetty bike path. Coffee at “the usual” before returning up W.B.D., with the wind thank goodness. We then split up at the start of the new bike path in the sandhills and went our separate ways, most back to Jenny Dixon. The ride ended in fine and reasonably warm weather.
Group 1 Ride Report for Wednesday 30th August 2017
O.O.T. Morpeth
On a cold, and sunny morning, 10 hardy souls prepared to cycle off towards Morpeth through the rural countryside. Before setting off Marshall took a group photo for Facebook. We parked the cars at Tarro and ventured north to Woodberry before altering course towards Nelsons Plains. Over the Hunter River, on a narrow bridge shoulder, where we nearly lost Barry Smith to a delivery van, and onto Seaham Road.
We were heading north-west into a strong wind for a short time before turning into Hinton Road. This road was not very busy, but very picturesque. We climbed into Hinton on the only hill on this ride, (about a 3 out of 5) and stopped by the channel. Then we set off over the bridge for a short 3 Klms. to Morpeth. Lunch was at the usual park. Some brought healthy food with them and some went off to the shop. Carol was talked into eating on the large swing and Rolf joined her, back to back, while photos were taken.
Having eaten and checked the shops out, we set off, with the wind at our backs, toward Duckenfield. Riding on to Millers Forest, Woodberry and on to Tarro. We had done 45 Klms and finished at 1.00PM.
The weather was kind with sun all day, and some wind, which didn’t really cause any problems. A lot of pedalling because of the flat terrain.

Wednesday 30/08/2017 TDCC Grp 2 ride. BHvn-Doylo-Wyee-BushellRidgeRd-Warnervale Loop
With Group 1 riders doing an out-of-town ride today at Tarro, 6 riders from group 1 joined 12 riders from group 2 for the challenging ride to Wyee and Bushells Ridge road. James could not ride today, so John Lonard took over as the ride manager, Doug did the duties of the sweep. Thanks to John for passing on the information regarding the ride. Conditions for the ride were near perfect, and a great relief after the nasty winds of the last few weeks, the temperature was 14°C with a slight WSW breeze of 9km/hr. We also welcomed back Bob W after a few weeks away, Col, Paul, Linda and Lyn also gave us the pleasure of their company.
The riders took the normal route to the Co-Op, where Steph joined the ride. John advised the faster riders to go for it, and that the rest of the group would meet up with them at San Remo. The ride then headed for the Blue Haven loop, with that nasty little climb to Aldi. Originally the ride was to cross the Link road from the Pacific Highway, John deemed this too dangerous with so many riders, the safety barrier on the Link road only accommodates a few riders safely. So, the ride was changed so that the riders turned left at the Link Road from Aldi, travel a few hundred metres to the turn off to Thompson Vale Road on the right hand side of the road, where they merged into the right turn lane, when it was safe to do so, they then returned to Doyalson and turned left into Wyee Road, where Darcy W joined the ride.
Again, the faster riders took off and headed to Gosford Road at Wyee, the Peloton and tail duly followed. Some riders then had some trepidation about the condition of the dirt section of Bushells Ridge road. No worries, with all riders negotiating the pot holes and loose soil without a hitch. John advised that the CCC was in the process of upgrading the road to tar. He advised the riders to walk around this section as a safety precaution. The next regroup was at the end of Bushells Ridge road before it joins the Hue Hue Road hill, famous for its steep descent to the flats of Warnervale. After setting some speed records, it was full speed ahead to Warnies for lunch. Darcy left us at this point as he had a prior appointment.
After lunch John advised the group that they would ride back to Peel Street via a different route. Originally it was planned to go up the Highway to the Wyong hospital and turn right into Craigie Avenue. The revised route took the riders across the Pacific Highway at the lights near the Dam Hotel and then back to Gorokan, via Wahroonga Rd. Steph and the other riders who lived west of the Lake left for home at this point, the others continued onto Peel St. John advised that the riders all enjoyed themselves and that the conditions for riding were very enjoyable.
The average speed was around 18km/hr, the temperature varied between 14 to 18°C, the winds varied from 14 to 20 km/hr and varied from the WSW then to Southerlies. The riders climbed about 450 metres, the total distance was 48kms.
We forgot to mention a rather nasty maggie has taken up residence at the corner of Enterprise Drive and Wyong Road. Last week it attacked Mike, Steph and Virginia who seems to attract our feathered friends, so just keep a lookout if you intend to ride in this area.
Last week we mentioned the status of our riders in the sick bay, so here is an update. We spoke to Darryl and he has started to ride again, taking it step by step, he started at 1km then worked his way up to 15kms. Darryl estimated another 6 weeks before he joins our rides again. Chris is still a few weeks away and has started walking. Frank U is due for his operation this week, he should be back in about 2 weeks. All the best to all these riders. This week we will find out how Richard and Kevin are progressing.
Friday 25 August 2017 - Coasters
A cool but nice day attracted 11 riders to this morning's short ride to the west. Westley was our ride manager and Doug looked after the tail. A strong southerly breeze, so off we went on the usual rigmarole around Toukley and over the Toukley Bridge.
Didn't stop at the Fish Co-op but kept barreling along towards Marks Road and Jensen Road. We had planned to go to the Wyong toilets, but lost interest in that, in our mission to reach the coffee. Turn right at Pollock Avenue, and right at Johns Road, already heading back towards Toukley. But at Orchid Way we turned left and headed towards Minnesota Road, which we stayed on for its whole length.
At Sparks Road we headed down to the Warnervale Wetlands and threaded our way through that lovely countryside to Hakone Road and then a short sprint to the nursery for our morning tea. James couldn't ride due to medical issues, but he came for m/t. I had to leave to go home at that stage, so I can only guess that everyone found their way back home or to Peel Street safely. As I arrived home it started raining quite heavily, so I hope everyone was still at the café under shelter.
It's a mistake leaving it for two days to write the report, as I have forgotten most of it by then, so if there are any obvious errors, please let me know and I will fix them. Cheers
Wednesday 23 August 2017 - Group 1, Tuggerah Lake Circuit, plus deviation via Blue Haven and the M1 Motorway
Lovely riding conditions today, with a 7 knot NW giving way to an easterly later. Eleven riders lined up to join this group, but Ken decided almost immediately to just ride home instead for a measly 70km. Col led the ride, and Rolf looked after us from behind.
We had only got to the Gorokan Fish Co-op when Group 2 rode past on Wallarah Road while we were at the co-op. Margaret G found them irresistible and joined that group, leaving us behind. She did ring me to advise what I already guessed. I'd say you made a good decision there Margie - it was a tough ride with mostly Skylarkers in G1 - I struggled to keep up all day, and I rode 80.8km. That left us with 9 riders, viz Col, Rick, Nigel, Lyn, Irene, Rolf, Danny, Warren and Tony.
From Gorokan we headed up The Corso, Malvina Pde and Panorama Avenue to the highway, then over Wallarah Creek, using the bridge and separate pathway. Then up to Aldi's and onto the Motorway Link and down to the M1. On to Sparks Road and Hue Hue Road heading south. At Holloway Drive we turned left, as usual, and rode to the end of that Drive to Burlington Avenue. Except I entered Burlo at the top end, and saved myself a nasty hill on Holloway Drive.
Back on Hue Hue, we turned right at Alison Road and headed for Yarramalong, for about one km, then left into Old Maitland Road, up to McPherson Road, then into the Mardi housing estate to pop out at Gavenlock at the end of Woodbury Park Crescent. Up Anzac Road, then over the bridge and taking the back roads, Lake Ave and Church Road. Halfway along this road Lyn got a flat, but with plenty of blokey guys there she didn't have to do anything. I found a nasty little bit of pointy rock embedded in her tyre, so that made it easy. Between me and Rick, we had it fixed in a few minutes and were on our way. We had lunch at BlueBell Park at Berkeley Vale. Lyn had her car there, having driven up to Peel Street in the morning, so she went home.
We continued around the lake, with Col easing back the speed, as I struggled to keep up. At The Entrance, Irene disappeared, don't know where to. I made my usual shortcut up the path next to the bridge, don't know why nobody else uses it. Yes I do, I ran up the wall trying to negotiate that little hairpin halfway up. Anyway I was way out in front, and took the magpie attacks for my trouble, before the peloton passed me near the caravan park, but I stuck to the back like a limpet, into the headwind, feeling like I had a tailwind. Thanks for the lift, guys! Good old Rick led us all the way up WBD - what a trooper!
I peeled off at the new bike track down to Evans Road, as i was the only one who lives in the west. I had to do a couple of laps of the block to reach 80km, but that's permissible I think. I still rode it all! Anyway I feel terrific, haven't had a snooze, and finished the kayakers photos before doing this report. Thanks to Col and Rolf, and the rest of G1.0i.

Wednesday 23/08/2017 TDCC Grp 2 ride. Tkly-Wyong-Ourimbah-Enterprise Drv-Wyong-Tkly Loop
The lack of wind, rain, and the warm temperatures today encouraged 21 of our riders, to get out of their warm beds, and join their friends for a gentle ride to Ourimbah, via Kangy Angy, and return via Enterprise Drv and Wyong Rd.
Chris B was to manage the ride, but he had his plans changed as the Doctor brought his appointment forward to this week, John L graciously agreed to be the ride manager for the day, James was the sweep as Di had other commitments. The dedication of our riders is outstanding, John L'E travelled from Woy Woy by train to ride with us, Marshall also travelled by train from Newcastle, Kee and Mandy drove up from Sydney. We also had a new rider to Group 2, Darcy W used to ride with group many years ago, and he has decided to make a return to riding, welcome back Darcy. The riders in sign-on order were Jill and Trevor, David F, Berny, Mike, James, Mandy and Kee, Westley the man of Steele, Ian, Pam, Darcy W, Marg L, John L’E, Bones, John L, Virginia, Joe, Marg G, Steph, and Marshall.
John gave us a pre-ride briefing, and then we all set off for the start point in Leonard Avenue, arriving at the top of the hill with some of us huffing and puffing. As usual, Joe joined us as we passed his house on the way to East Toukley. We had a short regroup at HMO, then it was full speed ahead to Craigie Park, which was to be our first regroup. As we turned off the highway and headed for the ride around the lake, a blue flash was sighted in the corner of the sweep’s eyes, it was Marg G who had decided to leave the group 1 ride, and join our group, a phone call assured that the group 1 ride manager was up-to-date with the Marg’s change in plans. After a brief stop, we headed for Craigie Park, some of our riders found the short climb a bit harder than usual, the rest of the riders glided over the hill like gazelles. John then advised the riders with twitchy legs to let their hair down and go flat out to Tacoma. The rest of us would catch up at Tacoma where we had planned a regroup.
After a lengthy stop, we headed for the Wyong loos, Ian, Marg L, Marg G led the pack into Wyong, luckily one of our members had a key. At this point Kee, Mandy, Jill, Trevor, and Darcy mentioned they would bypass the Kangy Angy and Ourimbah section of the ride, and re-join the ride at the junction of Wyong Rd and Enterprise Drive. We all then headed for Tuggerah, where the main group headed for Kangy Angy, the little climb seeming a bit friendlier than usual [tail wind]. We had a regroup at the top of the hill, then it was downhill to the flats leading into Ourimbah. Large amounts of glass were on the road, unfortunately Berny picked up some of this in his rear tyre. With help from David F, Mike, and Westley we were soon on the move again. Left into Burns road, then under the railway line, left on Enterprise Drive and we were on our way to Wyong road for our rendezvous with the prior-mentioned riders. Steph and the sweep expected a tail wind, but our sense of direction was a bit out, a nice NE breeze slowed our progress a bit.
After our regroup, we then headed over the new bridge on the great cycle track, then onto the Tuggerah bike path. We were riding about 20km/hr when a young bloke on a human-powered scooter passed the tail, then caught up with the lead riders, it was a bit humbling. With our tails between our legs, we headed for the Wyong River picnic area where we had a well-deserved rest. Lots of stories were told, advice was given and some taken, Bob turned up with some goodies for Steph. After our fill of food and drinks it was onto the road again. Pam left us at this stage, as she had ridden to Peel Street, John L’E also left at this stage to catch the train home to Woy Woy. John again told the faster riders to go for it, and that we would meet them at Tuggerawong, Steph and Marshall left us somewhere between Tuggerawong and Wyongah, Virginia a bit further along, Burney left at the fish Co-Op, where we had a regroup. We then headed over the bridge and made our way to Peel Street, with locals like Mike and Joe leaving us at Toukley. On arrival at Peel street and after some chatting we were on our way home, a great ride in nice conditions.
From Strava, the ride speeds varied between 18 to 19km/hr. the winds were from the North at 10km/hr, increasing to 20km/hr from the NE at the end of the ride around 14:00hrs. The temperature varied between 16 and 21°C. We climbed around 360 metres.
It was noted that we had a few people in the sick bay today, all the best to Frank U, Chris B, and Richard who Pam tells us is out and about doing short walks, the only problem is that it takes him hours to do as so many people in his area know Richard and like having a chat with him. We don’t know the condition of Darryl but we will endeavour to ring him this week, we have not seen Kevin for a while so we assume he is still not up to riding, Doug was limping and did not ride with any group today, due to soft tissue injury, Bob is still limping but is getting better week by week. All the best to these people, and get well soon.
Friday 18 August 2017 - Coasters and Skylarkers
Friday 18/08/2017 TDCC Coasters/Skylarkers ride Blacksmiths Beach to Broadmeadow loop.
The winds from Wednesday followed us to Blacksmiths Beach, so we expected less riders than normal to appear for the ride. We were pleasantly surprised when 18 riders turned up for the jaunt to Broadmeadows, twelve Coasters and six Skylarkers. I assume this is a rare occasion, as I have not seen a joint ride in my memory. Danny will correct me if I am wrong [not that I remember].
On arrival at the launch site, the wind was already blowing its head off, with wind speeds of 42km/hr, and gusts up to 60km/hr. The temperature was 16°C, but the wind chill factor caused it to feel like 6°, data from Nobbys Head BOM weather station. The ride was put back to 09:15hrs to ensure all the riders got to the start line in time. Most of the Skylarkers started from Rick’s place in Budgewoi, Irene dropped Chris off at Noraville so he had a bit further to ride, Nigel rode from home to Rick’s place and Ken outdid everyone by riding from Wyoming. It was noted from Strava that Mike S also did the Fernleigh track today, but somehow, we missed crossing paths. Mike posted pictures of Newcastle, and of his favourite bike on Strava. The Skylarkers arrived in unison with plenty of time to spare before the start of the ride, good going guys.
Paul was the ride manager and Doug was the sweep, Danny performed marshalling duties when required. The riders in no particular order, were Paul, Col, Danny, Doug, Bones, James, Irene, Viv, Westley, David, Bernie, David A, Darryl, Nigel, Ken L, Tony and Rick. Hopefully we have not missed anyone. Paul gave us a pre-ride briefing before we set of towards Broadmeadow, and the Fernleigh Track. Paul advised us that we would be riding east and loop around to the highway as it was a bit dangerous at the departure point. Once on the highway, we progressed quickly to Belmont before turning left at the Gunyah Hotel where we encountered the full strength of the South Westerly wind, we then looped around the next right turn to bring us out at the traffic lights on the Highway, much safer this way. A few turns of the pedals and we were at the start point of the Fernleigh Track.
Paul advised the tail to carry on ahead so we could get a head start on the Peloton. Slowly but surely the Peloton overtook the tail and powered up to Whitebridge. Lots of Mums and Bubs in strollers, some gutsy riders, and some people out for a leisurely stroll. The ride to Whitebridge is not steep but it goes on for 10kms, testing out the less experienced riders. Once on top of the hill at Whitebridge it was all downhill to Adamstown, through the old railway tunnel, the Boyz amongst us could not help making funny noises as we traversed the tunnel, just a boy thing.
After arriving at Adamstown, we did a turn left, then right and few other turns and arrived at Maccas in Broadmeadow in no time short. Maccas provided a nice bike rack, which was greatly appreciated. The soft sofa type seats gave our saddle-sore bottoms a chance to recover before the trip home. Most riders had a great Maccas coffee or hot chocolate, friendly and efficient service as it should be in our modern times. After discussing and trying to solve the problems of the World, Paul called time, however he asked us to wait a few minutes as David A had gone for a ride to get a few more kilometres [he rode 108km today]. When David arrived back we set off back to the Fernleigh Track, battling the ever increasing winds, thankfully the Fernleigh track provided a bit more protection from the elements. We encountered an unusual event going up the Fernleigh Track, towards the tunnel, a bloke on a skate board was being towed along by 2 dogs, at a frightening speed, we pulled off the track as we were in danger of being collected by the leads attached to the dogs, as the rider had lost control of the dogs - some people!
The climb to Whitebridge was a bit steeper than from the other direction, but thankfully a lot shorter. Once we arrived at Whitebridge, the ride to Belmont was mostly downhill except for a few flat sections and small climbs. As the tail was going fast, we assumed the lead groups were really flying. Darryl left us at Belmont as he had started there. Nigel decided to get a head start on the other Skylarkers on their ride back to the Coast. The rest of us left in a group and rode down the Highway, all the while being buffeted by the strong cross winds, it was a battle to keep the front wheel straight. We returned to Blacksmiths the same way we came. The drive west by the channel to the car park was hard going as the winds were cyclonic. After a quick chat we all headed for home in the comfort of our cars. Irene took Chris home to save him the ride back. Nigel’s ploy to start early did not pay off, as we saw the other Skylarkers had caught up with him in the 100km/hr zone.
The Coasters rode 46 kilometres, with the Skylarkers all travelling different distances. From Strava the Skylarkers averaged around 24km/hr, the Coasters around 20km/hrs and the tail around 18km/hr. We climbed around 500 metres, the wind speed at the end of the ride was 57km/hr with gusts of 85km/hr ['Near Gale' on the Beaufort Scale]. The temperature varied between 16 to 17°C.
Thanks to Paul and Col for organising the day, also many thanks to Doug for keeping tabs on the tail. All in all, a good effort by all our riders in the conditions, especially the impressive Skylarkers.
Wednesday 16 August 2017 - Groups 1 and 2
Group 1 - Group 1 to Palm Valley Road, Tumbi Umbi:

It was a very windy day today from the West but we still had 11 tribesmen and women front up for Group 1 and with no dedicated leader, Lyn was asked as the ride led to her "home" area. What a good choice too as she knew all the little paths to take and issues like "workmen there, narrow busy road here, glass on that section" etc. etc. Anyway, we had Ken, Azzi, Linda, Lyn, Viv, Nige, Paul F, Col, Rolf, Rick and myself.
Paul offered to be sweep and after a very meticulous briefing, off we trouped. Up to Aldi then cemetery and WBD, heading left around the back streets at North Entrance to avoid the magpie - it worked. Crossing The Entrance bridge was quite off-balancing with the strong winds but we all took it carefully and survived to reach the lake edge cycle path at Long Jetty. Ken suffered a puncture but said he was heading for home anyway. After crossing the Tumbi Creek, we branched left to eventually reach Tumbi Creek Rd then finally Palm Valley Road - I personally would have got lost around this section so thanks Lyn! Leetes Lane, Tumbi Road where we stopped to drop Lyn off at home.
By now we'd battled lots of wind and hills and therefore made an executive decision to forget the scheduled Toowoon Bay lunch stop but to carry onto the DCE cafe at The Entrance for lunch. Everyone agreed and in the absence of a ride leader, Nige's blue bike naturally took the front and we all followed!! Left down the lovely quiet and smooth Bellevue Road. Right at the traffic lights to take us round the back of Shelley Beach, Toowoon Bay which was sheer heaven as the wind was behind us for the first time and finally to the cafe. The staff there are wonderful, helping us to put tables together, half in the sun other half in the shade, to suit all our requests!
After our sojourn, Viv headed home and as we left the precinct under the bridge, a magpie came out from nowhere to attack Paul, more than once - he didn't bother with the rest of us!! We were watching all the water rushing under the bridge and white caps everywhere. Crossing the bridge to head North was no mean feat with the wind being quite horrendous at that point. However, we all made it then I got in my car to drive home and hope everyone made up WBD ok.
What a day! A nice route, not done very often - 52 klms and and average of 21°C. Many thanks to Lyn and Paul. Well done to everyone for facing that wind and getting out on their bikes anyway.

TDCC Grp 2 ride. BlueHvn-LakeMun-CVB-ElizBay Loop
On the most likely windiest day of the year, 17 hardy riders turned up to challenge the conditions. Luckily the temperature was mild, so the wind chill factor was not so noticeable. A couple of keen windsurfers in the car park indicated we were in for a windy day.
Steph advised she would join us at Gorokan, Mike advised he would not do the whole ride, and Frank U advised he would not be riding for a few weeks. Warwick was the ride manager, Di the sweep and Danny took over the marshalling duties and John as always was looking for the well-being of all the riders. Much thanks to these riders. The riders in sign-on order were James, Bones, Jill and Trevor, Diane, Westley, Chris, Danny, John L'E, Virginia, Pam, Warwick, David, Berny, Mike, John L, and Steph.
After getting our ride instructions from Warwick, we regrouped at Leonard Street, then headed for Gorokan via Aldi, HMO, Main Street and then over the Wallarah bridge. After meeting Steph, and having the obligatory pit stop, we then headed for The Corso and the expected encounter with Virginia's Magpie. Fortunately he was having a day off, or it might have been too windy to do his dive manoeuvres. Di panicked when she saw a Police car with its lights flashing, thinking we were going to be booked for some previous infringement. Luckily a young lady in a car had broken some road rule and was a bit red-faced.
Warwick was setting a cracking pace considering the conditions, and after flying over the mild hills on the way to San Remo, we were soon over the Charmy Bridge and had a regroup. Warwick advised that we would not go via the Link road as we can no longer turn right at Aldi, so we progressed to the Power Station outlet. Mike left the ride at the outlet to pursue other activities. We then rode up the hill to Scenic Drive passing Camp Breakaway. Some of us cheated and left early while the others were having a pit stop. That climb is not steep but goes on for a kilometre or so. Made us feel good to get to the top of the hill before the Peloton. We then headed for Doyalson via Scenic Drive, a bit narrow in parts, however we arrived at the traffic lights without incident, and regrouped to turn right at the lights as one big intimidating group.
After a regroup we powered our way to Lake Munmorah with Warwick looking like a Le Tour rider. We then turned left at Chain Valley Bay Rd, then had a torturous ride uphill to Mulloway Rd, where we turned left and had nice downhill run to Teralgin Drv where we joined up to the bike track to CVB south. Instead of going to CVBS we took a left hook and rode up Carters Road and across the Pacific Highway. No dramas with the lights not changing, as a motorist set off the lights for us. The rest of the ride to Elisabeth Bay was downhill so we were refreshed by the time we got to the park where most of us had coffee. The wind in the park was not too bad to begin with, however after 20 minutes or so, it blew like a tornado. Discussions at lunch time varied, but our resident Kiwi, Diane, took it in her stride, and had a laugh when we suggested one way to prove if Barnaby was a Kiwi, was to get him to pronounce "Fish and chips". This joke must have upset the Kiwi wind-Gods who then increased the windspeed to double its previous level. Time to leave, we all agreed. We headed off down Elisabeth Bay Drv to Budgie, where Di and John headed home West. The rest of us headed for Peel street, feeling like champions after riding against the wind for most of the ride.
From Strava the speeds varied between 17 to 18km/hr, we travelled 40kms, the temperature varied between 23 to 21°C, being colder at the end of the ride, the winds varied between 40-50 km/hr with gusts up to 60km/hr, we climbed about 400 metres. Although a tough ride, we felt like we had overcome a challenge, so very satisfying.
Don't forget, this Friday's ride for the Coasters starts at Blacksmiths at the boatramp carpark.
Friday 11 August 2017 - Friday Rides
1. Coasters - Chain Valley Bay North
Friday 11th of August 2017, TDCC Coasters CVB anticlockwise Loop.
On arrival at JD reserve, it looked like some of the riders had gone to Blacksmiths, as many people were not present, it turned out we were a bit earlier than usual. Our Newcastle ride from Blacksmiths Beach is next week. The weather Gods gave us a great Spring like day for our ride, I don’t have the numbers with me but it was about 20 riders. Danny was given the job as the ride manager and Doug looked after the tail.
Col and Paul advised us that the route was a bit different to our usual ride to CVB, it was to be anticlockwise with a few secret detours. After our pre-ride briefing, we set off down the lovely Park street under the overhanging trees, always a pleasure to ride this street, we then headed for Elisabeth Drive, to get our thrills on the steep downhill ride to the Central Coast Highway (CCH), some speed limits were broken in the process. It took heaps of time to cross the CCH, due to the amount of traffic now using our roads, it used to be a sleepy old place years ago.
Danny decided to test our mettle, and put his body to full use, now he has finished his treatment. We continued along the CCH to Budgewoi, where we turned right into Ourringo St, and then onto Mimosa and Elisabeth Bay Drv, where we climbed the medium level hill to the top of Elisabeth Bay Drv, then it was downhill to Elisabeth Bay, where we had a regroup past the roundabout. Unfortunately, one of our riders had a close encounter with a wayward driver, who overtook them on the roundabout, it was captured on Go-Pro. After gathering ourselves, we continued up the climb to the lights at the Pacific Highway, where we turned right, and had a regroup. As Doug and James were not riding at their best, they took a short cut, and planned to meet up with the gun riders at the top of Mulloway Rd. The rest of the riders climbed up the Pacific Highway and turned left at the lights into Kanangra Drv. They then burned the tar to the link road that joins up with Mulloway Rd, where Doug and James were waiting.
We set a good pace downhill to Josh Porter reserve, where a pit stop was called. Danny again got out his whip, and set out for Kingfisher Shores, along the newly completed bike track, before looping back to Tall Timbers road. We then turned left at the Pacific Highway and ventured to Elisabeth Bay Drv. We turned left at Carters Road, so we could cross the Pacific Highway, unfortunately Doug and James were not heavy enough to set off the green lights [hard to believe!], so they ended up cycling over the Bridge. The Peloton was waiting for us and advised that the Green light came on as we were half way across the foot bridge. After we regrouped, we set off for Elizabeth Bay at high speed, our destination for coffee was The Lakes beach café. Our riders must have been hanging out for some caffeine, as they were out of sight in no time. James had a mechanical, with his chain coming off, after a quick fix it was full speed ahead to the Lakes Beach. Paul had rung through to the Café, and had them reserve our table. After lots of chats and coffee, we all went our separate ways, with the climb to JD reserve giving us a final challenge. Thanks to all our riders who rode today, a most enjoyable ride in Spring like conditions [27°C]. Photos are here.

2. Skylarkers - Wyong and Terrigal
Skylarkers had 7 today namely Nige, John, Ken, Chris, Rick, Tony and myself. Off to Terrigal via Wyong we decided but got 2 punctures along the way. Nige at Marks Rd Gorokan and Tony near Mingara - you can see Rick and I did a good job supervising whilst John and Tony did the work! We got a new recruit at Terrigal, in pink leggings (see pic). Nige set a cracking pace back up WB Drive and exhausted us all but he was just getting warmed up!! Approximately 75 klms done in lovely warm conditions for an August day. A good time had by all. Photos are here.
Wednesday 9 August 2017 - Groups 1 & 2 rides
Group 1 - Jilliby
Another beautiful sunny morning, and not even all that cold. JD was our ride manager, with Warren Barguil looking after the tail end. Seventeen riders signed on for a new ride of >60km, with plenty of hills and isolation.
Basically, Marks Road, Wahroongah, Minnesota, Warnervale and Sparks Road to get us to Hue Hue Road (HHR) where we had our first breather. Turning left at HHR we rode carefully down to Holloway Drive and turned left again. So far so good. Follow Holloway down to Burlington and turn more left. Unfortunately, even though I studied this ride with the UBD last night, I turned right into Burlington and finished up back at the top of Holloway and HHR. Wazz and I were out of sight of the main péloton and didn't see which way they went. When they got to our next road, Dicksons, they hid around the corner so we couldn't see them. Eventually we got it all sorted out and continued up Dicksons Road for miles till we got to Durrens Road.
A lovely spin through the countryside till we hit Jilliby Road. With the wind more behind us now, and on the way home, we flew along Jilliby tillwe found ourselves back at HHR. What a relief! Never been so glad to see a cemetery! Another danger-laden ride back along HHR to Alison then into the refuge of The Old Milk Factory for lunch and coffee.
It's a very nice café there, so we sat in the sun chatting. Eventually I took my leave to ride at my pace back home. I only saw Kerry and Nigel on the way.
A challenging ride (for me anyway) but very enjoyable and well-run. No punctures, falls or chain problems, Well done everyone.

Group 2 report from James
Wednesday 9th of August 2017, TDCC-Grp 2.0 Gorokan-BluHvnLoop-Budgie-NorahHead Loop.
After all the windy days we have had recently, today promised to be a bit calmer. The better weather encouraged 15 keen riders to front the start line, for a relatively easy ride to the Blue Haven loop via Gorokan, and return by Budgewoi and Norah head. We welcomed back Westley after a few weeks in the sick bay, John L’Es who became a member last week and rode with group 1, John lives at Umina and catches the train to ride with us, welcome to the club John. It is noted that John also rides with CCTCC, but can’t commit to Sunday rides on a regular basis, so he has decided to ride with us to keep up his fitness for his other love, Bushwalking. Pam rode from The Entrance, but did not participate in the ride, as she had to take Richard to the Doctor, so rode back to The Entrance. David Fuller also joined us today, it was his second ride after a long break, welcome to David also. Warwick was the ride manager, Di the sweep, John L did his usual thing and helped all riders at the front and tail, Carol acted as a corner marshal. Thanks to all these riders.
The riders in sign on order were, Warwick, John L, Westley, Marg L, Diane, John L’Es, James, Trevor and Jill, Carol, David, Ian, Virginia, and Steph. The day started with Ian’s much talked about new bike being given the once over by our riders. All agreed it was a very nice bike and a great bargain, the green tyres created some comments, Ian reckons he rides about 3km/hr faster on his new bike.
Warwick gave us a pre-ride briefing before we set off for Leonard street. With all riders assembled we headed for East Toukley and had a short regroup at Harry Moore Oval (HMO), from there Warwick set a pace that was just right for the riders on the day. On arrival at the Fish Co-op park, some riders decided it was too far to the next pit stop, so we made a dash for the conveniences. Steph and Virginia joined the ride at this point. After we regrouped, we headed for Pacific Highway via the Corso. The wind did not seem to affect our riders, with good speeds obtained all the way to Blue Haven. Some young lady in a van caused some angst, when she decided to break into our line of riders to turn left, naughty-naughty. Once onto the Pacific highway we set a good pace to Blue Haven, careful not to be booked by the Radar. We had a regroup near the bridge underpass. Warwick warned us about the broken glass under the bridge so this section was traversed on foot. Once back on the tarmac we rode the Blue Haven loop which is a relatively easy ride, most of the riders were glad that we did not have to ride up the hill to Aldi, thanks Warwick and John. After returning to Wallarah bridge, we headed for Budgewoi via the great bike track. James had a problem with his bike, so headed off home to Buff Point, to get another bike, he then rejoined the ride at Slade [McKenzie] Park where the other riders were having a pit stop. After a short chat, we set off for Norah Head’s Ark Café, for some well-deserved lunch. We mostly had coffee from the Ark, some pie aficionados had to try the offerings, and we were told they are excellent. At our table, the conversations included the upcoming club week away at Mudgee, see our web site for details, also the subject of E-bikes as distinct from petrol-powered bikes was raised. Some riders suggested we consider including them, as a way to get new riders into the fold. One rider suggested it would be a good way to get her newly-retired husband into our riding culture.
With our bellies suitably filled, we reluctantly decided to finish our break and head for Peel street. Warwick tried to scare us with some talk about big hills, luckily, he was joking. The Budgie group left us at this point, the rest of us headed for Evans road, Carol took over the rôle of the sweep. The riders from the West left us at HMO, John L’Es headed to Wyong for his train trip back to Umina, via Woy Woy railway station it was guessed. The rest of us headed for Peel street with no further incidents to report. It was noted that twice in two weeks, Virginia was attacked on The Corso by a very nasty magpie, must be something about her helmet, no one else was attacked. In our recent reports about the sick bay, we neglected to mention that Richard was not riding as he had broken his wrist in a fall while riding with Pam, best wishes Richard and get well soon, also Westley has been absent due a nasty flu-like virus,but he is now recovered. Darryl is recovering well, and hopefully he will be back riding in a couple of months.
The average speeds of the ride were between 16 to 18km/hr, the winds varied from SW to SSW during the ride and varied between 10-20km/hr, we climbed 240 metres, the temperature was 14°C at the start of the ride and climbed to 19° at the finish of the ride. Thanks to all the riders who participated today, a great ride.
Friday 4 August 2017 - Coasters Local Ride
A lovely cool winter morning, fine and sunny, with a 20 knot (like, that's knots!) NW breeze, with 23 riders signing up for the mission. Col led the ride and Doug brought up the rear.
Pushing into that fierce wind, we rode west to the Gorokan fish co-op and into The Corso. Then to the Charmy Bridge, as it's known, and beautiful downtown Blue Heaven. Col led us on a magical mystery tour, even he didn't know where we were, till Annie had a flat, then we all spread out over several kilometres, leaving a rider on each corner, till we finally wound our way back along the thread and met Annie and her retinue coming the other way. We may have been spread out, but nobody got lost, so the system is working.
Then up to Roper Road and along easterly to the last turn before the highway, then wove our way back to the aforementioned bridge. Somebody rang the Lakes Beach Café to warn them of our imminent arrival, but unfortunately the call got lost and they weren't even expecting us. At Buff Point we rode up Narambi Avenue to Scenic Road, and across into Walu Av, and Ulana Avenue, down by the lake to the Budgewoi Bridge, and on to Lakes.
Not a long ride, 32km, but longer for those of us riding from home (46km for me), and tougher in the strong wind, but very pleasant anyway. After m/t we all rode back to our points of origin, including Col. Graeme and Merrilyn parked their car at Gorokan fish co-op, so they rode back to there with Virginia and me (see photo above), before we made the final effort up to Lake Haven.
Great fun, thanks to the officials and to everyone who participated. Check the venue for the ride on 18 August above, up Swansea way.
Wednesday 2 August 2017 - Group 1.0 - Summerland Point (SLP)
Quite cool this morning plus a SW breeze of 10 knots made us feel cold, but at the same time we had a lovely sunny day, so who's complaining? Sixteen riders signed on at the park, plus Rolf intercepted us at Budgewoi. The ride was led by Col, and swept up by Doug. Thanks you guys!
For a bit of variation Col took us around the Budgewoi Lake bike path to Highview Avenue, then up past Camp Breakaway to Scenic Road. (You getting all this John?) Once on the Pacific Hwy we rode north to Tall Timbers Road to Chain Valley Bay South (CVBS) where we stopped at our favorite spot in this village - the Josh Porter Reserve, for a pit-stop.
On the way north again we headed back up the bike path and Mulloway Road, CVBNorth, to CVB Road, and crossed over into the Dirt Link Road which took us (well, we had to pedal all the way) up to Kanangra Drive. As SLP was our designated lunch spot we turned left and rode the smooth bitumen up to the roundabout and down to the shops. Trouble is Doug is the only one who knows his way around here, and he was at the back, so we did a scenic tour first. There is a grocers shop at the end of the shops, and if you go right in up to the back you find a wonderful deli which has hot food and stuff, so no need to starve. I had a Potato Bake - delicious! After a very relaxed and entertaining lunch break we set off again back to Kanangra Drive, going all the way to the end at the Pacific Highway. On the way Barry picked up a plasterboard screw in his back tyre, which let all the air out. See photo.
That quickly fixed we continued on to Blue wren Drive and down the SRA hill to Lizzie Bay and back to base. With all the hills and the relentless headwind on the way back, I felt quite puffed out, not to mention that I did 68km, so very happy to get home to write this report. Photos are here.

Wednesday 2nd of July 2017 - Group 2.0
WBD-Toowoon Bay-LJ BikeTrack-WBD Loop.
On arrival at Peel street our riders were greeted with ice-cool conditions with a brisk SW breeze blowing. Some riders left their arrival till late to see if the conditions warmed up a bit. The mood before the ride was good, as we expected the winds would drop and the sun embrace our bodies once we were away from the Lake, and so it was. Lyn T joined Grp 2 for the first time, to my knowledge, after riding from Toowoon Bay, Lyn normally rides with group 1, but was having her car serviced at Toowoon Bay, worked out a good fit. Lyn also advised us about serious amounts of glass on WBD near Magenta, thanks Lyn. Steph joined the ride after a few weeks' break and was greeted with cheers and claps, we are always happy to have Steph riding with us.
James was the ride manager, Di was the sweep, John L also helped as usual with general duties, sometimes at the front and sometimes at the tail. Seventeen riders in sign-on order were, James, Warren, Chris, Peter Bones, Diane, Lyn, Carol, Marg L, Jill and Trevor, Frank U, Virginia, Steph, John L, Simon, Josie, and Joe.
After a safety briefing we headed for Leonard street, then started our ride into the brisk SW breeze of around 20km/hr. We picked up Joe X as we passed his house. Safely across Main Rd Toukley we had a short regather at Harry’s Oval, before heading for WBD opposite the quiet place. The riders were given the go-ahead to expend some energy, and go for it towards the Entrance, with a regroup at the Nth Entrance Bus Stop, opposite the Loos. Luckily no sign of the recalcitrant Magpie at the Nth Entrance turnoff. We were joined by Josie, and Simon at the Nth Entrance. We were then advised our next stop was Toowoon Bay, and that the faster riders could scorch the tar, most did not do this until we hit The Entrance surf club, so we arrived at Toowoon Bay at around 10:30hrs, a bit early for lunch, but we decided to stick to the schedule. Virginia and Carol decided to go for a coffee at the Surf club while the rest of us sunbaked, out the way of the breeze. Steph announced the reason for her slower than usual ride was due a flat in the front tube, luckily her gallant husband Bob arrived to help fix the flat. Bob had arranged to join us for lunch, after fixing the flat, like a good husband, Bob went shopping for a hot coffee to keep Steph going. As we were early arriving at Toowoon Bay, we took an extended lunch break, Frank showed us his latest bird photos, Carol told us about her strong interest in photography, and John L was advising our riders about the River cruises in Europe that include bike rides, obviously much more was discussed, but memory limits come into play.
Lyn left the ride after lunch to pick up her car, and the rest of us headed for Shelley Beach Road, then down the big dipper to the Tuggerah Lake bike track. After a regroup at the start of the track, we powered along with the breeze at our back, Warwick and Bones decided the road was the better option. Not as many people on the track now the school holidays are over. Our next stop was at Picnic Point, where we met a Husband and Wife rider team from Victoria. They told us how nice it was on the Coast, and that they had cycled from Chittaway, Steph obliged their request and took photographs of them on the edge of the Lake. After our bottles were filled, we headed over The Entrance Bridge for our next stop at the new bike track. Unfortunately, the forementioned Magpie took a dislike to Virginia, and dive bombed her from behind, luckily, he did not attack anyone else, Carol reckoned it was because he had to regather his thoughts and stamina before another attack. After that episode, we powered our way to the bike track, with a great Southerly breeze behind us. Luckily, we had no flats from the forementioned glass that Lyn warned us about near Magenta. At our bike track regroup, Di, Trevor and Jill left for Budgewoi along WBD, Warwick took over as lead rider, and Carol the tail. As usual the West bound riders left us at Harry’s oval, while with the rest of us headed for Peel Street. Comments about the ride were favourable. On arrival at Peel street, Bob was there with his trusty steed to take Steph home, our little group had a final chat before heading home.
The ride speeds averaged between 18 and 19 Km/hr, with Chris, Marg, Lyn, Frank, and Joe among the lead riders. The wind was around 20km/hr from the SW at the start of the ride, and increased to 30km/hr from the South on the way home. The temperature was 12°C at the start of the ride and increased to 20° at the completion of the ride. We climbed about 300 metres.
Friday 28 July 2017 - Skylarkers<
We had 8 Larking around this morning: Ken, John, Nige, Chris, Rick, Lance, Dave and myself. Upto Wyong via Jensen and Pollock, Kangi Angi, VOD (Palmdale), Footts Rd, a race up Enterprise Drive, Shelley Beach then DCE for coffee at The Entrance. What a glorious day weather wise albeit a bit windy coming home up Wilfred Barrett - no attacks from magpies either!! We thought Ian Moon was going to join us on his newly acquired bike after seeing this number plate!!! I believe Richard Stevenson has some better photos. Skylarker photos are here.

Another chilly but beautiful morning attracted 22 riders to our little Friday coffee ride. Virginia was annointed ride leader, and Diane as usual took up the tail-gunner position. The breeze was about 10 knots from the NW.
We haven't been to the west for a while, so Virginia took us on a scenic ride through Toukley and Gorokan to Tuggerawong Road, Wyongah, and down towards the Wyong River. Despite heading into the breeze somewhat we managed to sit on about 26kph for the long bits of road. A bit fast for a coffee ride, but no-one complained. At Wyong I used my magic key to open the toilet, then we set off back up Pollock Avenue to Johns Road. There we turned right and flew down to Orchid Way and into the mystery world of Wadalba.
Popping out the other side in Minnesota Road we rode the full length of that beautiful strip of bitumen all the way to Sparks Road, where we turned right towards the Warnervale Wetlands. We soon found ourselves at Charmhaven where the nursery café had tables already set out for us, thanks to Paul for organising that. The only interesting thing that happened there was we somehow finished up with a spare sticky date pudding and ice-cream, which we shared around the most sincere table, even though most people had already had one.
At this point Paul took over the leadership rôle to take us back to JDR, Norah Head, except for those who wanted to go around Budgewoi Lake, or back to Wadalba, or to Lake Haven or wherever took their fancy. Thanks eveyone for coming today, it was a very relaxing ride. I had to go around the block again once I got home, as I had only clocked up 39.3km, so I finished up with 40.6km. Others rode 50km or more. The Skylarkers rode 65km over Kangy Angy somewhere. Hope we get a report from them. Well done guys and gals! Cheers
Wednesday 26 July 2017 - Groups 1 and 2 rides
Group 2 - Heatherbrae-Medowie
Twenty riders fronted at the Heatherbrae Pie Shoppe carpark for our usual ride around the Newcastle airport and Medowie. John L led the ride for pacemaking, under the management of Doug, who rides too fast for this mob. Conditions were very good, being cool but warming, no cloud anywhere and a westerly breeze of 15-20 knots.
Due to the strong breeze Doug decided to trim the ride by excising the Heatherbrae-Tomago-Masonite Road section, and just going straight down Masonite (or was that Minnesota) Road to avoid the traffic and many dangers lurking along the highway. This resulted in about 11km disappearing from the ride, leaving us riding about 39km, a nice ride, and well worth the 160km round trip to drive to Heatherbrae. I think.
We had a visitor, a mate of Paul Allen's, Dennis, who rode an unusual bike, with an 8-speed rear hub and belt drive. Unfortunately, although riding with him all morning, I never noticed the bike! Welcome, Dennis!
The ride down Masonite Road and along Cabbage Tree Road was a delight, with the wind overtaking us as we glided along. Up Medowie Road was a bit different with the breeze side-on, but not too bad owing to the many windbreaks along the way. Turning left into Ferodale Road was a different story as we copped the wind head-on. I found that as long as you tucked in behind someone else (thanks Rolf) it wasn't too bad.
In no time at all we had reached our lunchtime spot, next to the Grahamstown Dam, which, as I read, holds 40,000 million gallons of water and covers 9 square miles, and was whipped to a froth in the wind.
After lunch, if you had any, the ride was conducted along bike paths mostly hidden from the wind, till we reached Raymond Terrace, then back to the pie shop for a proper lunch.
I see on the Strava report above (while it's still there) that Mike did 118kms, riding home all the way along the M1 in an hour, so well done Mike, or did you forget to turn your Strava off?
Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks to John L, Doug, Mike and Diane for their work on the ride.

Group 2 Report from James
Wednesday 26th of June 2017, TDCC-Grp 2. Hbrae-WilliamTown-Medowie-HBrae Loop.
By the time the early bird riders arrived at the Heatherbrae Pie Shop, the delicious aromas of the cooking pies were drifting across the car park, sensibility prevailed and no riders decided to try the offerings, although a few riders had hot coffees in hand. The weather was not the best, with strong winds and gusts up to 45km/hr upsetting what hair our male riders had left. The temperature was relatively warm, but the wind chill factor made our riders rug up with wind jackets. The number of riders was 22 with Dennis F being a guest rider, Paul A from the CCTCC also joined us for the ride - hope you enjoyed the ride guys, we were impressed with your riding skills. The ride manager was Doug with Mike looking after the tail, Marshall, John, Mike, Danny and one other I missed performed the Marshalling duties.
The riders in sign on order were James, Marg, Robyn, Trevor, John L, Jill, Marshall, Ian, Frank U, Doug, Warwick, Rolf, Danny, Anne D, Virginia, Kerry, John D, Peter H, and Mike. Doug gave us his pre-ride spiel about safety, and changes to the ride plan. Due to the wind Doug reduced the ride by 10km, by cutting out the Tomago Road section of the ride. Doug explained although he was the ride manager, he would ride with John L who would set the pace. Doug was worried about burning out the group 2 riders when he put on the after-burners. From the sign-on sheet you can see lots of group 1 riders including Peter H, Rolf, John and Anne, Kerry, Doug, Marshall, Warwick and of course Danny joined the group 2 riders, which was great. Robyn had only her second ride with the club since hurting her hand, and having an extended break from riding. Being one tough lady, Robyn performed impressively, only having problems with one nasty hill that had a few of the riders puffing and panting. It was good to see Jill and Trevor, and Mike who alternate between both groups depending on the ride.
After leaving the Pie Shop, we headed East along Masonite road towards the coast. The strong NW wind helped us in this section of the ride which was ridden at a good pace, not much traffic, a good road surface, and drivers behaving themselves, made it an enjoyable section of the ride. Masonite Road led us to Cabbage Tree Road where we turned left and headed for Nelson Bay, luckily, we did not go all the way and turned left at Medowie road. As usual in this area it's very interesting for plane watchers, the air force put on a display especially for us, and we were buzzed many times on our way back to Heatherbrae. What an impressive sight they are to our riders. After leaving Willamtown we meandered along the bike tracks, and generously sized bike lanes on the road, it was a gentle climb to Medowie where we turned left at Ferodale road, heading for the bike track alongside the Grahamstown Dam. Once on the track the full force of the wind hit the Peloton and other riders, it was assumed the riders in the Peloton took turns to protect the other riders. Marshall and Mike did a great job helping the tail, Big Bob would have been helpful, hurry back Bob. We stopped at Finnan park for lunch, it had good facilities, we looked for Kenny the Dunny man as the type of toilets used in the movie were in place, Kenny was nowhere in sight.
After lunch, we rejoined the bike track, soon the bike track stopped, and we encountered a narrow dirt track, some mud, and a nice little creek, if a bit polluted. Soon Doug led us out of the jungle, and onto the suddenly-appearing bike track, we then encountered the afore-mentioned nasty hill, after that it was plain sailing back to Heatherbrae. On arrival at the Pie Shop most of the riders dropped in for coffee and maybe a pie or two. Some of the riders noticed Dennis’s bike did not have a chain, but a thick rubber belt, that joined to an enclosed gear box as in the old days, it was a nice BMC bike, very impressive.
Our riders appreciated the varied nature of the ride, and the good surfaces we rode on. It would have been nicer if Mr Wind had stayed away. No mechanical problems to report. Special mention to Marg, Virginia and Di who have been riding lots of kilometres, it shows in their form.
The distance pedalled was 40km, the speed from the tail to the Peloton was from 17.5 to 19.5 km/hr, we climbed 340 metres, which was surprising as it seemed flatter, the temperature varied from 18°C at the start to 24° at the finish. The winds were Westerly then NW varying between 20-45km/hr. It was noted by some of the riders that we should give our riders on the unavailable list a cheerio, so all the best to Shirl and Frank, Kevin, of course Darryl who is recovering from his op, Big Bob who is doing the same, and Ann L.

Group 1 Report - Col had 9 soldiers turn up for his Wyong loop ride today, namely: Linda, Lyn, Rick, Ken, Paul F, Peter B, Col, myself and a big welcome to Greg, whom we pinched from Group 2!
"Where's Nige?" we all wondered but he soon turned up at the cemetery, after apparently suffering a puncture en route. So we trooped off down to the Entrance where we gained Simon then along the lakeside path at Long Jetty, we coiled in Richard and Pam. Good to see them safely back from holidays albeit a bit jet-lagged. So our numbers jumped to 13 but it didn't take long to reduce them again. We re-grouped at Blue Bell Park for a pit-stop and natter where Linda, Lyn, Pam and Richard decided to take a shorter route to the Wyong lunch spot.
So back down to 9 of us to follow Col's pretty smart pace up through some sneaky secret footpaths eventually getting onto Berkeley Road, over some challenging undulations then Enterprise Drive and Wyong Road - confusion as the path was blocked. Ken left us to go home at this point. Zipping under the tunnel, we popped up along the Tuggerah Straight bike path (which had lots of glass on it) and finally reached our lunch destination, meeting up with the rebel group already there! A nice chin-wag and food in our bellies, we dragged ourselves home along the River Road and Roller Coaster. The weather was noticeably warmer today - the best riding conditions with clear blue skies and no need for jackets really. Peter B did a sterling job of sweep and despite the changing numbers, Col didn't manage to lose anyone but did a terrific job leading us on a very nice ride with all our mates - thanks Col and Peter. 50kms with an average temperature of 19°C.
Cheers Irene.
Friday 21 July 2017 - Coasters
Despite a very chilly morning about 22 coasters fronted for this morning's ride down to Tumbi Bridge. Conditions were fine, sunny then clouds later, 10 knot WSW breeze, so very nice. Christian was our ride manager and Doug was our excellent sweep.
There was so much traffic on Wilfred Barrett Drive (WBD) that we had to stay in two columns for miles before I made a break for it, sick of being jammed in between all the other riders. I was soon passed by a few younger fitter riders, then by everybody when I stopped to scratch my nose. We all made it down to the bus stop in Roberts Street, using the new roadway round the back, to avoid the magpies. As we left to head south, Pete Bones declared he had a flat tyre. Of course he was well looked-after by our caring team at the back, thanks you guys, you know who you are.
We meandered along the bike path over Saltwater Creek Bridge, then to Tumbi Bridge where we turned around, still before ten o'clock and with less than 20km on our speedos. A welcome toilet stop then back with a nice tail-wind to The Entrance. Nice to get out of that freezing wind! We set the DCE waitstaff a big task when we all fronted up requesting coffee and stuff, but they coped pretty well. No morning tea visitors today - too far away!
Then it was a lovely ride back up WBD with the wind. Didn't even see the magpie! Bones and Bernie passed me but I made it to the new bike path terminus safely. I notice there are warning signs before that point about bikes and pedestrians crossing the road. Hope drivers know what they mean. At that point we split up somewhat, with the westies heading home along the new path to Evans Road, and the rest continuing up WBD to JDR and homewards. The expected headwind going west didn't seem to materialise much, so we enjoyed a pleasant ride home. My distance was 51km and Chris, Diane, Paul and Col exceeded that. The Skylarkers ranged from about 75 to 100km on their Dooralong Loop, so good for them. Irene's report follows. What a life!

Skylarkers started with 9 today - Lance and Cindy came to say hello at the start then hived off at Hue Hue Rd -Phew! Then we had a breather! !! Anyway, there was Ken, Nige, Tony, John, Rick, Chris and myself. We rode to Dooralong then half way up to Lemon Tree, turning round at the Transformation Centre where Rick wanted to transform his legs and they wouldn't even give him some water!! Tony tried to jump on the back of John's wheel but John held steady. It was quite a cold and windy ride but we made it back to Wyong milk factory and sat under the "Rusty Udder". A quick retreat back to home and Ken had done 107 klms with Tony doing 101 klms. It was nice catching up with Lance and Cindy plus she showed us all her "war wounds"! A good day's exercise out in the saddle with friends. Skylarkers photos are here.
Wednesday 19 July 2017 - Groups 1 and 2
Group 1 - twenty-two riders signed up for this ride, west to Tuggerah via Old Maitland Road. While it was fairly cold, the stiff westerly breeze made it feel very cold. However we soon warmed up and embraced the headwind. Seabreeze said it was 5-10 knots at Norah Head but 20-30 knots at Newcastle. Can't believe either graph.
Barry was our ride manager and Douglas was kind enough to do the other end, thanks both of you. All the Skylarkers came with us on this ride, so that was exciting. Maybe I've been riding with G2 too much. Or not riding at all! Baz took us out through Wyongah and down towards Tuggerawong, but turned up Jensen road and Pollock Avenue for variety.
At the Wyong toilets I was able to use my new MLAK key to let everyone into the disabled toilets. We then resumed our trek up Alison Road and along Old Maitland Road all the way to Tuggerah, with its nasty hills and narrow bike-averse width. At this point we became the happy beneficiaries of a strong tail-wind, taking us back to Wyong where we had lunch. Everything was lovely until Margaret asked me to unlock the toilet again and I couldn't find my key. Despite her pulling my bum-bag to bits and everyone searching all my pockets the key could not be found. Bugger! Lost again in 18 hours after a wait of months to get it! So we had to ride down to the Tacoma footy ground to use their toilets.
A lovely ride with the wind soon took us back to Wyongah, where I hived off for home and left Barry to take the group to his place, where John D took over to shepherd the péloton back to Peel Street.
Thanks everyone for coming on the ride in such tough conditions. By-the-way, when I got home I did as instructed and emptied my bum-bag out on the table, and incredibly there was the key in with the smart-phone! Happy days! I immediately remembered that's where I put it but had no recollection at lunchtime. So I'm not a silly old duffer after all. Am I? I have now welded a huge lump of angle iron onto the key on a chain around my neck. I hope I remember where I put it.

Wednesday 19th of July 2017, TDCC-Grp 2. Budgie-LakeMun-CVB-LinkRd-SLandPoint-Ret SRA Loop.
Clear skies and a chilly Westerly wind greeted us at Peel street, our 12 riders were all rugged up, and some had face masks to protect them from the chilly weather, some of our riders looked like they worked for Homeland Security. Marshall could not make it today, so John L took the role as the ride manager, Di was the tail as always, keeping the slower riders moving along when their spirits sagged from tired legs. Various riders acted as marshals including Carol, Chris, Ian, Lori, and Berny. Virginia turned up with her bike and in riding gear, but did not ride with us, family matters meant she could not ride with us today, however Virginia still completed a ride equivalent to our ride before getting to Peel street, after her 113km ride in the weekend, a good effort. The riders in sign on order were James, Chris, Berny, Di, Ian, Carol, John L, Marg L, Lori, Warren, Jill, and Trevor. Chris, Di, and Ian rode from home so left the ride at points other than Peel street.
Once the ride was started it was noted that the chilly breeze at the Lake’s edge was not so prevalent further from the lake, thankfully so. John set a nice pace on the way to Noraville and Budgewoi where we had a short break at Slade park. Jill and Trevor joined the ride at this point. Jill mentioned that when we cancelled last week's ride, there were some riders waiting at Slade Park for us, as we did not know they were there, we could not ring and inform them the ride was cancelled. Maybe best in the future that riders inform us if they plan to meet us on the way.
After leaving Slade Park, we rode past the new Pontoon and wharf at Budgewoi Circle, good effort C.C.C. On our way to Elizabeth Bay, Frank had a flat feeling, so pulled over and with some assistance Chris and Ian, he was shortly on his way. Our next regather was past the round-a-bout at Elizabeth Bay. To get a head start on the faster riders, some of the tail riders headed up the hill to the Pacific Highway to save time, some of the faster riders then headed for the Lake Munmorah High School which was our next regroup point. Frank had another flat near the School, again with help from the other riders we were shortly on our way. Unfortunately, some young Lady in a big four-wheel drive abused our riders at the lights, it was partly our fault, so it was suggested from some of our riders, that next time after waving a motorist to proceed, we should not change our minds.
Chain Valley Bay North was our next destination via the nice ride through the wetlands, this took us to Mulloway Rd and then the Link Road to Kanangra Drive, where we turned left and rode to the round-a-bout that diverts you to Summerland Point, this road is a pleasure to ride with a nice hot bitumen surface, and a wide cycle track. From there it was a nice downhill ride to Summerland Point, where we had lunch by the lake, with the swirling winds not allowing us to remove out warm protection. As the lake side was a bit chilly, lunch was a short affair, it was noticed that one bloke snuck over to the pie shop, great pies if you are over that way.
John decided to take us on a different route on the way out, so we returned to Kanangra drive via Cams Bvd, John suggested it was an easier way out, although our muscles thought differently. With the wind behind us we arrived at the Pacific Highway and crossed over to the lovely named Blue Wren Drive in the SRA. After dodging the pot holes and speed bumps, we all arrived in one piece at Elizabeth Bay, where a rest room break was used by some of the riders. With this small delay, the tail and some other riders decided to challenge the nasty little hill out of Elizabeth Bay so as not to slow down the Peloton. Of course, they were soon overtaken, Berny one of our faster riders was waiting at the top of the hill for the Peloton and mentioned the sound of the tyres and gears sounded like the riders in the Tour de France as they passed. Marg, Ian, Chris, Carol, and Warren were part of these gun riders. The group spilt at Budgewoi, with those living to the West going their way, James had leg cramps so John nursed him back to Peel street, due to our slow speed, by the time we arrived, all the other riders had departed for home, thanks for your help John.
Best wishes to our riders who are in the sick bay, and we hope to see you riding ASAP. Although the ride is challenging, due to the number of medium hills, everyone seemed to enjoy the ride. From Strava the distance was 48km, the average speed was from 16.5 to 19km/hr. The winds were 20-45km mostly from the West and North-West. We climbed 423 metres, the temperature was 14°C at the start of the ride and averaged around 16°.
Friday 14 July 2017 - Coasters and Skylarkers
Coasters Ride Report 14/7/17
On a cool fresh morning 27 riders turned up at Jennie Dixon Park, creating a record number of riders. Col and myself decided to try out a new section for the ride. First stop for a regroup Budgewoi then riding up Lizzie bay Drv, where the quick riders decided to have a hit out and regrouping past the roundabout, then riding up to the highway where Graham had a puncture. Warwick was our sweep and riding with his wife Robyn, who was having her first ride back after an injury. Waz decided to head back with Robyn and meet up later at the Lakes Beach for coffee.
Mike put his hand up to go sweep, thanks Mike. Graham had more problems with his puncture and decided to meet up at Joshua Porter Reserve. Riding on, crossing the lights at Lake Munmorah and down Tall Timbers Rd. where we rode on the new pathway heading all the way down Tall Timbers Rd. And around the small village of Chain Valley Bay and then heading back to Joshua Porter Reserve for a well-earned break. Then back on the bike lane around to Mulloway Drv. Onto The Dirt Rd, up to Kanangra Drv and then onto SRA where we had a regroup. By this time everybody was keen to get back to the Lakes for Coffee. Down the SRA and back along Lizzy Bay Drv. Unfortunately Peter Bishop got a puncture on the SRA. Most of the riders kept going, thanks to the other riders who helped Peter with his puncture. Back at the Lakes, Waz and Danny had everything organised, well done. After everyone settled it was a big welcome to Tess, who will be permanently moving to Queensland. It was nice to catch up with Tess and everyone wished her all the best for the future. After a well-earned rest with coffee, tea and food we made our way home.
Paul F.

Skylarkers had 7 enthusiasts today: John, Nige, Rick, Tony, Chris, myself and a big welcome back to Dave who returned after a long shoulder injury. Marks Point, just beyond Swansea was the order of the day and as you can see from the photos, it was pretty cold having our coffee with plenty of wind and no sun! However, to make up for that was big hot mugs with free biscuits, marshmallows and all at a very cheap price -must be the cheapest on the coast. Coming back, Nige had a huge piece of glass causing a puncture on EBD near the caravan park. With that all sorted, we dropped Rick and Dave at home and eventually Chris, myself and John called into Jenny Dixon to see if we could catch Tess and say "goodbye". Luckily she was still there chatting to Margaret. 74 klms done in cool conditions - a good ride had by all.
See pictures below

Wednesday 12 July 2017 - Groups 1 and 2
Group 1 - Western Sydney, M7
Group 1 to M7: Well, can you believe 18 enthusiasts ventured out of the Central Coast and drove to Kings Langley today for a "Mike and Doug Special". Doug took a trailer load of bikes plus occupants along with other car-sharing between members. It was pouring rain on the Coast hence Group 2 didn't get "up and running" at all. So we were very lucky to arrive in sunshine at Pearce Reserve with enough warmth to start stripping before we began!
Doug and Mike had done a recce of this ride a few weeks ago so were highly efficient in telling us "where to go". With Doug leading, Mike sweeping and the rest of us in the middle, we couldn't get lost. So we got cracking on this new ride along the M7 bike paths which were smooth, flowing, uphill and down dale, trying not to do a "Richie Porte"! We traversed along a short gravel track which suited those who brought their MTBs. Eventually, we had a pit stop at a delightful little park called Nurragingy Reserve where Mike gave us a bit of a history lesson on how it used to be some years ago.
"De-watered and Re-watered", according to Mike, we continued back onto the M7 bike path, past some farmyard smells, finally reaching our lunch spot of Horsley Park Equestrian Centre (photos attached). Plenty of shade and spare seats for us to spread ourselves out and enjoy our picnics overlooking the dressage arena.
Our return journey was a quicker affair staying with the M7 bike path more, downhill and Doug taking on a new lease of life with new eyes and ears! I think he's ready to come back to Skylarkers now. A few members did some important cornering positions and we were soon back to our cars. A new ride for the club which allowed us to explore new places and bike paths away from our local comfort zone. 53klms ridden with an average temp of 14°C with no rain. I think we have to really appreciate Mike and Doug for going to the trouble to firstly recce this ride for the club then carry it out safely with us all today - 3 cheers guys and thank you.
Photos are here.
Wednesday 12th of June 2017, TDCC-Grp 2. Tkly-Budge-CVBS-Doylo-Tkly Loop.
The car park at Peel street was deserted except for a few diehards, group 1 riders were in Sydney, so the car park looked like a desert (except for all the rain). Eventually seven group 2 riders arrived, Tess and Virginia arrived without their bikes, Jill and Trevor were keen to ride, but after Jill got out from the comfort of her car, she had second thoughts. Bones and Chris were as keen as ever to ride, with both riding from home. James was not so sure after being drenched in recent rides. Eventually the matter was settled with another downpour, a check of the radar on our apps showed more rain on the way, so we departed for home, hoping next week would be better. John, Ian, and Steph called and said they could not make the ride.
Just a note, Tess mentioned she would meet us on Friday's ride to say her goodbyes. She may ride with us, if not she will meet us at our coffee stop. If you want to come for coffee, ring Col or Paul on the day to find out where we will be stopping for our coffee break.
Friday 7 July 2017 - Coasters
On very cold but sunny morning, we gathered at Jenny Dixon Reserve to ponder over where to ride. We were a little late starting because one of our number forgot their helmet. Paul Flack kindly agreed to lead 18 riders towards Soldiers Beach for some whale watching, and then on for a Mystery Ride before coffee at the Lakes Beach Shop. Dianne Rhedey volunteered to sweep.
We were lucky to see 3 whales frolicking just off Norah Head before re-tracing our steps back to Budgewoi where we stopped for our 2nd re-group, beside the toilets, of course. Then on around the top of the lake to the Charmhaven Bridge. We then handed the leadership over to Col Fowler who then took us under the bridge and far away.
Round and around all the back streets west of the bridge before ascending to the heights around Aldi, and then around and around the higher parts of Blue Haven. Yes, we rode past Col’s house, but no, we were not invited in for any refreshments, not even a drink of water from the front tap.
Back up to the highest point and then down into the new housing estate before making our way back to Charmhaven Bridge. Back along the bike path across the top of the lake until we got past the hot water outlet, where we made a sharp left onto soft sand before getting back on the road, Buff Point Avenue, over the hill and down past Edgewater Park. Doug and I waited for some slower riders and promptly lost the main group. With no riders maintaining corners we kept going until we got back on the bike path, where some of the group had waited. Back to Budgewoi and on to Lakes Beach for coffee. As usual, Paul had phoned ahead and the table was set for us. Mine-host regaled us with stories of his holiday on a South Pacific cruise and how much food he had enjoyed, (which was obvious). We then split up and went our separate ways, most back to Jenny Dixon. The ride ended in fine and reasonably warm weather.
Wednesday 5 July 2017 - Group 1
On a cold, but sunny morning, we gathered at Peel Street before setting off to Mannering Park, led by the brilliant John Daley. There was some discussion about a sweep before Peter and I volunteered to share the job. We had 18 riders at the start. Off to Aldi, the Sailing Club, the Co-Op and Charmhaven Bridge. Up through the new estate (Blue Haven), instead of the highway, and out onto the Link Road to Doyalson. Then out to Wyee, passing one of the best coffee shops around at the Nursery, and up to the west end of Rutley’s Road where we turned East towards Mannering Park. Down into Mannering Park past George Murray’s gnome farm to the baths for lunch. We were thankfully joined by Paul Flack who had brought coffee and light refreshments. It was cold and windy and the hot coffee was much appreciated. We warmed ourselves by singing “Happy Birthday” to Anne Daley.
We returned via Rutley’s Road, and met up with our 19th rider, Marshall, who had over-slept after a flight from Brisbane and missed the start, (and lunch). On to the Pacific Highway where John got us safely across the dangerous traffic. Then back to Doyalson, up through the Armco fencing at San Remo and down Emu Drive to the bike path. East to Budgewoi where Peter and I stopped to help Marshall with a flat tyre. Marshall insisted on fixing it himself and so Peter and I continued to the cemetery and back to Peel Street. Marshall ended up walking most of the way back, even after being offered a ride in my car.
The ride ended in fine, warm weather. A taxing but very enjoyable ride.

Wednesday 5 July 2017 - G2 Batto Bay
Wednesday 5th of July 2017, TDCC-Grp 2. The Ent via WBD-Shelly Beach-Long Jetty-Tkly Loop.
Autumn returned today for our ride, there were few leg warmers in sight as testament to the conditions, we were all looking forward to a warm, rain free day in the saddle, after last weeks’ outing. The weather must have had an influence on our riders, as we had 21 very fit and happy riders breasting the starting line, and one who joined us later in the ride. We gained a new member today, with Greg T handing over his $20.00 to Barry our Treasurer. From memory, Lori also joined us for the first time, we were told Lori kayaks with the Toukley Kayakers, so is well known to some in both of our groups. Barry Saxton also joined us for one of his rare appearances. Steph also joined us and informed us Bob would meet us for coffee. Warren McC also joined us after not seeing him for a few weeks. Ian joined us after his trip to Alaska, Marg also joined in after missing a few rides. Danny turned up but dressed like he was going on a date, however he advised he did not feel too well, and would give today a miss. Danny noted between groups 1 and 2, we had about 40 riders, great effort team.
Virginia was the ride manager, with John L taking over the role as the sweep, Lori and Di at various points acted as Marshalls on various corners, thanks to those riders. The riders in sign on order were James, John L, Chris, Di, Jill and Trevor, Berny, Marg L, Bones, Virginia, Mike Saw, Bob W, Richard, Barry our Treasurer, Barry Saxton, Greg T, Lori, Steph, Warren, Frank U, Simon, and Joe. Virginia advised that the coffee/lunch stop had been changed from Bateau Bay to Shelly Beach due to the nice weather.
Lots of our riders rode from home today to get extra Kilometres, those included Di, Virginia, John L, Richard, Steph, Frank, and Lori, some from down South, great effort from those riders.
Virginia gave us a pre-ride briefing, and as usual we assembled in Leonard street, then headed to East Toukley where Joe joined us, our first regroup was in Evans road, then Wilfred Barrett Drive (WBD). It was noted that WBD from the Norah Head turnoff has been widened to a proper bike path width, thanks CCCouncil. That said, Virginia gave the go ahead for the faster riders to burn up the tar till our next stop at The North Entrance loos. Duly done, our gun riders with the aid of the NW breeze were out of sight of the tail in no time short. We had a detour at The North Entrance due to road works on Magpie corner, the bumpiest road on the Central Coast, again thanks CCC. On arrival at The North Entrance Simon joined the team.
After a short break, we headed over the bridge with our riders being ultra-careful due to the strong NW breeze. We then rode along the waterfront at The Entrance, with the view as always spectacular, then onto Toowoon Bay pine trees for a regroup. We then wound around the back streets of Toowoon Bay to the round-a-bout at Wyong road, we hung a left and rode through the golf club which has the best location on the CC. On arrival at Shelly Beach we could not get our usual tables at the coffee shop, so settled on the comfy seats closer to the Ocean. As always people had things to say, at our table Ian told us about his trip to Alaska, Greg our new member told us he used to own the BP petrol station at Lithgow, which a few of us are familiar, due to working in that area in the past. Steph’s Bob was his usual happy self although limping from his operation, he is riding his stationary bike at home and hopes to join us soon.
The atmosphere at Shelly beach was great with kids on scooters and bikes dodging the adults, whales breaching and blowing out streams of mist in the distance, Mums, Dads, and Grandparents soaking up the Sun. Berny suggested we should have some means of restarting the group after lunch, as some of us tend to chat on, Di solved the problem with her whistle, no dogs this time.
After lunch Lori left us for home, the rest of us rode over the road bumps out of Shelly Beach, not a good feeling. We then headed for the bike track at Long Jetty, at this point Steph and Chris decided to return via Wyong due to road works in the Marks road area. The ride to The Entrance was again heavily populated with families on bikes and walking, Mike commented it was good to see kids out playing and not stuck in front of a computer. Simon and Richard left us at The Entrance, the rest of us started riding over the Entrance Bridge, half way across we had to ride on the footpath due to broken beer bottles on the road.
Di started to have problems with her bike, Mike and others tried to fix the problem, but alas, a bike shop visit seemed the only way to get Di going at top speed again, Di soldiered on in high gear the rest of the way home. After a regroup at the new bike path, the Budgie mob kept going, the rest headed for Evans street, with the regulars leaving us at East Toukley for points West. Only a few riders returned to Peel street after a great ride. Please note that next weeks’ ride manager will be John L as Ian has other commitments.
The ride was 40km long, the average speeds were from 18 to 19km/hr, we climbed about 300 Metres, the temperatures ranged from 14 to 23 degrees, the wind was mostly from the NW at 10-15km/hr.
Lastly, all the best to the people in group 3, that is, our riders in the sick bay, and those recovering from various medical procedures. [Thanks James]

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