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Membership fees for 2024 are $35 and $20 for members who join after July 1. The membership year is the current year.
The Membership Application Form is here.

The Club has been going for over 30 years. TOUKLEY & DISTRICT CYCLE CLUB Incorporated is an Incorporated Association registered for the purposes of a cycling club in NSW, it is a not-for-profit organisation. The limit of a memberís liability is their annual membership fee. Members can request a copy of the constitution from the Club Secretary at
      1. Able to attend all Club rides and events.
          a. This includes regular rides and social events.
            i. The Club has two cycling trips away each year - usually in Spring and Autumn. The Club has social events for those who would like to attend, and these vary from year to year.
      2. Insurance coverage. This is the biggest cost in running the Club.
      3. Able to order Club riding gear when orders are placed.
      4. Able to fully participate and vote at General meetings.
          a. The Club holds its Annual General Meeting in February and other General Meetings during the year. These meetings provide updates about the Club, its finances and allow all members to participate in the running of the Club and guide its future.
          b. Only members can serve as an office holder or be on the Executive Committee.
      5. Receive Club communications (ride calendar and other communications) via email.
          a. Members are also added to a WhatsApp group and receive communication about rides or changes to rides caused by things like weather.
          b. There is a Strava group set up for the Club for those members who would like to join that.

The Club Executive Committee Members for 2024 are:
President James McCarthy
Vice President Nicolette Gregory
Treasurer Carol McCloy
Secretary Rod Brady
Committee Member Gary Taunton
Committee Member Col Fowler
Committee Member Linda Hough
Committee Member Rick Stevenson
Publicity Officer Danny O'Shea Phone 0416086264