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Scheduled rides, summer program:

Wednesday Ride TDCC:
Group 1
- 9.00am Osborne Park, Peel Street, Toukley
Group 2 - 9.30am Osborne Park, Peel Street, Toukley.
Group 3 - 9.30am Osborne Park, Peel Street, Toukley.
Check ride calendar here for away rides or changes for each group.

Regular Friday Rides:
Skylarkers - Fridays at 8.30am, at Jenny Dixon Reserve, Norah Head, for a faster ride of 60-80km. Check FaceBook Group page here for changes of venue.
Coasters – Fridays at 9.00am, at Jenny Dixon Reserve, Norah Head, cnr Bungary Road and Park St – moderate pace, 35-50 km.

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Pedro's New Zealand Tour - November 2018. Click here for report and here for photos.
Autumn Holiday, Moss Vale 2019
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TDCC Bike n Barge tour of Europe 2019
This report with photos and stories is here.
Check out this excellent cycle safety website -
The Definitive Guide to Safer Cycling.
Thursday 14 May 2020 - Message from our Club Secretary
To see this message about new riding rules and venues, click here.
Pedestrian and Bike Safety for all ages
A good reference to safety, especially for kids, from a legal firm. Click here. Thanks to Conner and all the troop at Lake Jennings, somewhere in America.
Warwick has created a complete record of our holiday in Canberra for our enjoyment.
Click here to see. Other people's stories and photos are on our TDCC Group page on FB here.
Club Spring Holiday at Wagga Wagga 16 October 2021 - 23 October 2021
The brochure about this holiday is now available, Click here.

Reports -

Important Notice from the president:
Dear Club members
Following today’s announcement by the NSW Government of a 2 week lockdown from 6pm tonight Saturday 26 June 2021, till Midnight on Friday 9 July the TDCC Club Executive has made a prompt decision to suspend all Club cycling till further notice.
While the directive allows for exercise in groups less than 10 the Club Executive believes it is the best interest and safety of all its members to immediately discontinue all Club cycling effective with this note.
We will keep you informed once we know restrictions are lifted.
Till then keep Safe and well.
Yours Sincerely
Barry Smith

Budgewoi Lake from Toukley Bridge about 0815 - 2 July 2021
Friday 2 July 2021 - Skylarkers/Coasters
A few carefully selected friends gathered at Jenny Dixon Reserve this morning for a virus-aware ride, for exercise. Skylarkers included Garry, Fred, Ric, Carl, Kerrie, Tony and one other guy. Coasters could only find 3 starters, Paul, Chris and Danny. Conditions were cool and cloudy, but not windy, nor raining. Nice!
The Skylarkers, 8 of 'em, headed off to Terrigal, then to ride to Tumbi, Tuggerah and Wyong, before having m/t at RR, Tacoma. After ascertaining that Col wasn't coming, the Coasters were about to shove off, when we saw Ric coming back along Bungaree Rd, to join us after deciding not to accompany the others. His injuries from a recent fall may have been a factor. Did you see Primoz Roglic after his crash? Similar. So Ric came with us as we set off with Watanobbi in mind.
Over Toukley Bridge and Marks Road and the Big Dipper of Wyongah, down to Wahroonga Road where Paul had a flat. A big piece of glass, like a diamond, was extracted from the tyre on the first inspection, and the tyre was soon fixed, mostly due to Ric.
Then to Wyong toilets, under the bridge and up through Watanobbi. Along the highway opposite the golf course where Ric himself suffered the next puncture. No sharps detected, and we were soon on our way. Next stop, Macca's, North Wyong where we had coffee and a snack, before we split up to go in different directions, viz Ric to RR to hopefully meet up with the Skylarkers. Chris and Paul through Wadalba and beyond, with Chris promising to ride with Paul to Toukley before heading home, and me, Danny, navigating straight down the highway to the hospital, and through Kanwal and home. I did 41km.
I see that Nicolette and Hugh rode around Tuggerah Lake, also choosing RR to buy their take-away coffee. Wonder if they ran into the Skylarkers. On Strava Carl posted that his ride ended with injury after only a few kms. I'll try to find out what the circumstances were.
So nice to be out on the bike again.

Skylarkers at River Reflex - 25 June 2021
Friday 25 June 2021 - Friday Rides
Skylarkers - 25th June Skylarkers report!!: 9 of us rocked up this morning with a beaut sunny Friday on the cards. Lemon Tree was the destination and discussion on the intended route confused some of us at the start which ended up with John and Warren taking a different way so we met them at the start of Hue Hue.
The rest of us ventured up to Charmhaven, Link Rd to Sparks, a scenic detour round the acreages of Holloway Drive then up Dicksons all the way to Durren Durren. At Dooralong Hall, we bumped into the SOFAs and I wish I'd taken a photo but I was busy yacking as usual!!
We then fast-tracked upto Lemon tree - lots of potholes up here and surprisingly plenty of trucks as well. At the end, Fred told us a story of when he was last there, he found a wombat in a bad condition and it ventured very close to him.
Nice tail wind back to River Reflections where we bumped into Coasters - so great to see so many of our club out enjoying this gorgeous weather. Another catch-up with everyone plus Brenda too, who kindly took our photo.
John led us home at such a "frenetic" pace - one by one we were dropping people as they scarpered home and we were all pretty exhausted by this time - well done John. Top ride out in top weather and top company. Nearly forgot the mileage, from 88 to 110 for Tony. More from Garry I think but his Strava stopped at the cafe!

Coasters - Perfect conditions at Jenny Dixon's where, amazingly, only 11 of us made the effort. Bit of a comedown after Wednesday's turn-up of 27. Christian had a plan, viz head west. So we rode our usual route around Toukley before hitting Marks Road and Tuggerawong Road to Prawn Beach Lane, that quaintly named short street to our favourite path alongside the beautiful Tuggerah Lake.
Once we popped back out onto Tugg Rd we soon turned into Jensen Road and finished up at Wyong. Our next hit-out was down to South Tacoma where we thought about our late beautiful friend Margaret, before returning to the bridge.
Up the back way to Gavenlock Road, up to the south end and across to the Pac Hwy and down the Tuggerah Straight bike path before making a beeline to River Reflex for coffee.
John D and Dave were there, waiting for the Skylarkers. Brenda was there too, and had already checked me in and ordered my coffee, and an apple turnover for good measure. I had to eat it of course, so as to not appear churlish. It was good fun to meet our faster team, as we don't see them up close that often, just a blur on the other side of the road. We give good patronage to the RR café, with more than 20 of us there today.
I'll stop now, in case you want to go to the toilet. I did 55km, with Col doing 70 and Chris 79km. Good effort those boys!

Coasters on the New Bike Path at Tuggerah Lake - 25 June 2021

Pedro and friends climbing the SRA Lookout
TDCC Club Group rides - Wednesday 23 June 2021
Group 1 Gunslingers - Rode up to Summerland Point and Gwandalan, via the SRA, and back down the highway to the start via The Corso. About 7 of them, with their distances from 60km to 80. A short one, with an average speed of 25kmh. Well done!
Group 2 - A big turn-out today, with 27 riders, including a couple not seen for ages, like Big John and Little Michael. Barry led the ride, with Doug taking care of the tail-end. Conditions were perfect for a winter's day, like, cold and sunny.
My friend Brenda came to see us off, and also came to m/t, ordering my coffee before we arrived. Nice!
We kept to the east of all the lakes, up past Lakes Beach in Budgewoi, through Lizzie Bay, and up to Kanangra Drive on the Pacific Hwy. At Elizabeth Bay we had a breakaway group ride up the State Recreation Area (SRA) for a quick squiz at Birdie Island, before continuing on to Kanangra, getting there well ahead of the main group, seeing as it's shorter.
We rode along Kanangra towards Summerland Point, but bailed out at the Gravel Link Road which took us straight down to Chain Valley Bay Road and Mulloway Rd. Eventually we found ourselves at Josh Porter Reserve for a comfort break, before heading off up Tall Timbers Road, across to the beaut path which took us back to Lake Munmorah.
Anyway, to cut a long ride short, we soon re-appeared at Lakes Beach where we had coffee and a snack and a serious chat about Covid-19. For a minute. My distance, from home, was 50km, Col and Chris's was 59km each and the basic ride was 38km. A very relaxing (on the e-bike) ride with all our friends. Thanks everyone for coming along on a chilly morning. Thanks to our staff, Baz and Dougie, and for anyone who posted a corner. More photos on our club group page on FB here.

Club members and Brenda at Lakes Beach - 23 June 2021
Friday 18 June 2021 - Skylarkers and Coasters
Coasters - On a chilly morning with no breeze to begin with at Jenny Dixon, 10 excited riders turned up for one of our favourite rides, the Summerland Point Loop via Budgewoi, and Lake Munmorah, as usual with Chris back to full health, he was the ride leader with James performing the sweep duties.
The other riders were Virginia, Col, Debbie, Paul, Merrilyn & Graeme who have just come back from adventures in the N.T., plus Daryl & Barry. Some of our regulars, including Mike, Doug, Keith A, Rolf and Pedro, decided to go mountain bike riding, as seen on Strava.
Chris said it was going to be a slow ride, Daryl disagreed and mentioned to Chris when we arrived at Budgewoi that the pace was a bit hot. I think Daryl must have been saving his energy for the dance session he was attending later on in the day.
By the time we arrived in Budgewoi, the wind Gods decided to test our mettle, and started blow more than we liked, it was an Easterly, so it did not hamper our progress, just made us glad we were all well wrapped up.
As usual in this ride we had a short rest break at Elisabeth Bay, then after we turned onto the Pacific Highway to allow the tail to catch the flyers at the front of the group. The climb to Kanangra Drive up the Pacific Highway sorted out the better riders from the rest of the group, with some unnamed riders huffing and puffing, G and M performed really-well seeing as they have not ridden for a while, we supposed walking in the NT with back Packs for 6 hours a day kept them fit.
The ride into Summerland Point was a breeze, with the strong Easterly pushing us along, it was noticed the steel wire barriers are still not fixed and extend into the verge of the road, not good, Mr LMC.
On arrival at the waterfront at Summerland Point, most of the riders headed for the sunny spots where lots of photos were taken, by this stage the wind chill factor had lowered the temperature and the cold was starting to seep through our clothing. As we were relaxing and chatting, the [sulfur-crested] cockatoos above us were screeching like mad, and made conversation difficult, they are not the most pleasant sounding of our bird species, as some of our overseas visitors have mentioned in the past.
Before leaving the waterfront and after a lengthy discussion amongst our group, the decision was made to have coffee at the Lavender Goat café at Charmhaven, so we set off along the most scenic roads on any of our inland rides, of course it was Cams Blvd Rural, not just a great name for a road, very scenic, and not much traffic.
No dramas on the way back to Charmhaven, just some old smelly Diesel trucks polluting our noses and lungs. Debbie left us at Elisabeth Bay Drive, and returned home, forgoing coffee, Paul did the same when we reached San Remo, the rest of us enjoyed the pleasant surroundings of the said mentioned café.
At our table Graeme, and Merrilyn told us about their travels, and hikes in the N.T., and showed us some great pics of the landscape, they mentioned how blue the sky was, and how vibrant the rock colours were, they suggested it was not a tour for the faint-hearted, no cranky crocs were encountered so they both arrived home in one piece.
After coffee Col headed home in a Northerly direction, Barry made a beeline for home, Chris stayed with us till Gorokan, the rest of us headed back to JD with Daryl stopping in Main Street Toukley at his favourite fruitery for some bananas, we guessed you can’t buy bananas in Lake Munmorah.
Thanks to everyone for coming, the ride was about 50km, it was cool, average speeds were from 19 to 20km/hr.

Skylarkers - Just looking at Strava, I see they rode up to Manno, then when they got back to Ruttleys Road, they went west onto Wyee Road, and finished up on Gosford Rd, then back on to Hue Hue along Bushells Ridge and followed it all the way to the other end at Alison, where they headed towards Tacoma for a cuppa at RR where they found JD who joined them. These guys did about 70km.

SOFA - A solid contingent of older riders rode around the dirt near Sparks Road, still managing about 42 - 49km, well done. Keeps 'em off the road anyway.
Wednesday 16 June 2021 - Blacksmiths to Newcastle via Speers Pt
I wish I could give you a comprehensive report, but I think this Ride was a first for most of us. There were about 22 riders, we started from Blacksmiths car park and virtually followed Warwick, towards Warner’s Bay on the bike path, was very picturesque. weather was perfect, was surprised to see Nicolette backing up after arriving back from NZ last night.
On our way to Fernleigh Track, Daryl from Group 3 took us a very different way, very interesting, through tunnels and Bridges... After coffee at McDonald, we made our way to the F/T where the bunch split up a bit, we some of the faster rider taking off . It was also great to see Dave joining us for the ride, We all achieved approximately 60 kms.
I hope you get some more comments about the ride, there were no incidents as far as I know and we all had a great day, That is the best I can do.
CB (Christian)

At the Tuggerah Lake bike path, Ian, Daz, Linda, Col and Doug - 11 June 2021
Skylarkers and Coasters Rides - 11 June 2021
Skylarkers -A sunny but cold wintry day faced Skylarkers with a top temp of 16°C forecast. We were a smallish group today of only 5 - Kerry, Vic, Rick, Tony and myself. Four of them started at 8.30 at JD's and made their way straight down to Terrigal where I joined them at the very leisurely time of 9.45am.
The plan was to head back up to to River Reflections, Tacoma, for coffee, and we thought we'd try out the new Terrigal boardwalk (shared pathway). This was a great experience, reminding us of the Sea Cliff Bridge near Stanwell Tops!
So we returned North via Hansens rd, Tumbi, Chittaway & Wyong rd etc. Despite the cold winds, the winter sun was lovely and it was great to meet up with the Coasters enjoying the sunshine - in the same joint!! John also joined us for a chat and we spent a very relaxed hour in the sunshine there, eating cakes and yacking!! - Bliss!!
The photos show a beaut day which belies the wind and cold but what a top day out with mates and meeting more mates along the way.

Coasters - With Chris calling in sick, we had to devise our own ride today, so Col and I, being the only ones there at the time, decided that a trip out west would be nice, with me leading. It was freezing cold, but otherwise a very pleasant day. We finished up with 11 riders. We started off with a loop up the bikepath to Dennison Street, opposite the cemetery, then down Oleander and through the caravan park, and along Canton Beach. The wind was WNW 20 knots, which meant the apparent temperature was about -25° Kelvin. All the way to Wyong we copped it, but tried to dodge it by going zig-zag along Jensen Road.
After a wee stop at the toilets we crossed the river and did a loop around Tuggerah Straight and back along Gavenlock Road, at which time it became a lovely tail-wind. Heading back along the 'river' road, we checked in at River Reflex for m/t. After a while the Skyarkers arrived after their big loop through Terrigal and Chittaway.
I brought out my third jacket in three rides, this time my Dutch one bought at Maastricht on our trip through Europe a couple of years ago. Perfectly warm thanks! It never got over 14°C all ride, but in the sun and with a tailwind it was very pleasant.
Thanks everyone for coming, great to see you all again! Our mileages were from 46km (Moonie) to 62 for Col, 51 for me and Pedro. Cheers

Skylarkers at RR - 11 June 2021

Some of Group 2 at The Entrance - 9 June 2021
Wednesday 9 June 2021 - Killarney Vale
A lovely clear sunny morning, with a WNW wind up to 30 knots, temperature 11° to a top of 13°C, feels like freezing! Eleven riders came to Peel Street, and Paul led us down Wilfred Barrett Drive to North Entrance. Near Magenta Doug got a puncture, but it was soon fixed.
A contingent of older riders rode straight down to bike path on Tuggerah Lake, while the rest of us did some convoluted route through Toowoon Bay, Batto Bay and KIllarney Vale (K/V), and we all met up at the new Better Cakes café near the lake at K/V, though the main group was about 45 minutes later as we had a few problems, like getting lost, sorry guys. It was a nice café though, and we sat out in the sunshine with the gas heaters, about 10 meters away, but out of the wind anyway.
All back together again, we rode back to T/E along the bike path, then up Wilfred Barrett Drive to the 'new' bike path, then home. Col and I did 62km, Chris did 71 and the Peel St riders did about 42. Jill and Trev rode from home, with Trev on his new E-bike, and Jill on her old grid, till the new bike gets sorted out. Thanks everyone for coming out in such adverse conditions. Makes one appreciate one's nice warm home.

Chris taking a photo of Danny, but not quite getting it right - 9 June 2021

The Entrance, NSW - 4 June 2021
Skylarkers and Coasters - 4 June 2021
After a rainy night we came out to a magnificent day, total blue sky, cold, bracing. The Skylarkers, about 7 of them, took off up the highway to Whitebridge and Redhead Beach. Between 90 and 120km, so a good hard ride, with plenty of verticals. Well done you people!
Coasters - Chris took us down WBD to The Entrance (T/E) in perfect weather. After a re-group at the bus stop in North T/E, we headed over the bridge on our way to Batto Bay, but Linda got a puncture just after the bridge, so a few keen helpers got her going again. She also had a broken spoke, a separate issue I think. Took some nice photos at the top of Marine Pde. At Batto Bay we kept a lookout for whales, and were rewarded with a fine display from a couple of these magnificent mammals. We were thinking about riding up Crackneck, but Chris wasn't too keen given his sore leg, so Pedro took us through the back streets to Tuggerah Lake. A nice ride along the lake to T/E where we went to our favourite café, The Bite Club, but shock! It's gone! However there is a new caf next door called the Bejeezus Grill, and, despite being very new, they did well.
At this stage we split up as members went to their favourite spots, and we never saw some of them again. The wind had picked up a bit, WNW, not really helpful, but we got back to JDR, or the New Bikepath, well done everyone.
Thanks for coming, and thanks to Chris and Rolf for looking after us. A delightful experience, we must do it again some time.

Daz, Rolf, Deb and Karen at Marine Pde - 4 June 2021

Morning view of Budgewoi Lake - 2 June 2021
Wednesday 2 June 2021 - Group rides and General Meeting
Absolutely perfect winter's day, short rides needed before the meeting in the church hall at lunchtime.
Group 1 - left early to allow time to ride around Tuggerah Lake before the meeting. Counter-clockwise was the direction, with several riders.
Group 2 - James at the front and Doug at the rear, we went to Budgewoi, then up Lizzie Bay Drive for its whole length, where we found ourselves at the Pacific Highway. I notice on that corner they're building a new path which will take us around the corner without having to wait at the lights on the roadway - excellent!
Then down the highway to San Remo where we didn't stop for coffee or anything, just straight through and over the bridge. A few Buff Pointers and Budgewoi residents left us at the Armco fence at the top of the hill, going in a homely direction before coming to the meeting.
I left at Lowanna Drive (Panorama Ave/The Corso) to go home for lunch, clocking up a modest 32km for the day. Others who rode to the meeting or otherwise extended their ride got up to 50km. We have 85 members, but only about 20 came to the hall for the GM. Jenny and Kez made some delicious cakes, and there were bikkies, tea and coffee, BYO lunch.
The meeting revealed we won't be having any Bunnings BBQs this year, but we will be having a Xmas party. I can't remember anything else, but the Hon Sec will notify us of other news. Thanks everyone for participating in the ride and the meeting and helping out with furniture and refreshments.

Coasters re-group at Lake Munmorah - 28 May 2021
Friday 28 May 2021 - Skylarkers and Coasters
Skylarkers ride on the M7 bikepath and to Prospect Reservoir - The majority of the Skylarkers arrived home at late afternoon- we enjoyed a great ride; very Sunny but rode out into that strengthening SWer becoming a crosswind as we encircled Western Sydney- the M7 bike track is a gem; good for a speed hit out and excellent for climbing throughout. Despite the wind we completed the 87Km at good pace with lunch in Parramatta and afternoon tea at Ric’s friend’s home at Quakers Hill.
A very enjoyable day for: Fred, Tony, Vic, Kerry, Ric, myself and Ric’s friend Mark.

Coasters - Not surprisingly for the end of May the temperature was cold, with a 7 knot SW breeze, increasing over the next 2 hours to 20-25 knots, with a severe chill factor. We had 12 riders turn up, a bit lower than expected, maybe they knew about the wind, plus Paul and Pedro came to check up on us, both suffering medical conditions. Our prospective leader, Chris, didn't come at all, because of lergical attack.
Paul had drawn up the program, and gave it to me, as the next person to arrive, to lead the ride. So with a slight tail-wind we headed up to Budgewoi, then LBD (Lizzie Bay Drive), turning left just before the highway into Acacia Ave for a visit to the Lake Munmorah waterfront.
Up the long way to the highway with our sights set for Tall Timbers Rd (TTR). Ev and Deb decided this short detour was not for them and headed off straight to the coffee stop at San Remo. The remainder of the Coasters rode down TTR to Kingfisher Shores, a quaint little outpost but quite nice, down the end of the road. It could have been called Black Cockatoo Shores today as we had close encounters with the yellow-tailed variety swooping very close to us, with their funny squeaky call. They are quite huge these cockies, initially mistaken for brush turkeys. Quite a thrill for bird-lovers!
Back to CVBS and Josh Porter Reserve for a bit before heading back up TTR and the highway to our coffee stop, La Macchina Espresso at San Remo, the same as the previous girls, although we missed them by 10 minutes, according to Paul, who was keeping watch. We were down to 8 of us by then, but we had a very enjoyable drink and a chat for quite a while.
Eventually we pushed off, with some of us going straight home and others wandering back to JDR, without their leader, as I had forgotten to re-charge my battery and was down to the last bar. Virginia and I rode back to Lake Haven, where we clocked up 42km, which was the standard for today, with Col getting a few more kays. It was a tough ride back down the highway into the 20+ knot breeze, with the temp never getting over 15°C. Thanks for coming everyone. Thanks to Rolf for sweeping up.

A happy group at San Remo - 28 May 2021

Our usual photo-opp at Wyongah - 26 May 2021
Wednesday 26 May 2021 - Group Rides
Beautiful sunny day, not too cold, and little breeze to start with. Saw Group 1 leaving Peel Street at 0910, on their way to Dicksons Road. About 9 of them, good turn- out guys. Up to Dooralong and back down Jilliby Road to Wyong then Tacoma for coffee at RR. 92km for Tony, and only 52km for Carl after he snapped a spoke on Dicksons Rd.
Group 2 - Chris led 17 of us down to Wyongah then Wyong, before taking us up Pollock Ave to Figtree Blvd and Minnesota Rd to Sparks Rd. Then down to the Warny Wetlands and through the back roads to Arizona Road, left on the Pacific Highway and down to Kams Court for coffee at the Lavendar Goat, although some of us went to the nursery caf.
At that stage we had the choice to go straight home or continue around Budgewoi Lake and back through Toukley. No excuses on an e-bike, I went the long way home, with Moonie, for a total of 62km, although my Strava didn't like my phone going flat and drew the line right across the lake. Some cyclists did only 47km, as I think they left out the Budgie loop. Chris did about 68, as he always goes back to the start to make sure everyone gets back safely. Thanks to Chris for leading, and Rolf for sweeping up, and to everybody for coming out on such a beautiful day for a ride together. You can see from the photos what the weather was like.
Nothing from the Skylarkers at this stage, not even on Strava. Hope they're alright.
Group 3 - Eight persons for the ride to Bateau Bay via the ocean route and returning via the lake front bike path. Coffee was had at The Entrance. Very few people around today. Michael had a second ride with us on his red Focus Ebike with dropbars. He will no doubt join group 2 on his next ride. Ride distance was 43 kms.

Stunning spot on the Wyongah bike-path - 26 May 2021

Sheltering from the rain at Long Jetty - 21 May 2021
Skylarker and Coasters Rides - 21 May 2021
A very cool cloudy morning for those brave enough to front Jenny Dixon Reserve this morning, with rain and a nasty southerly to follow.
Skylarker - As far as I can tell, only one brave rider turned up for the Skylarkers ride, viz Carl, who rode all the way up to Whitebridge on the Fernleigh Track, and back. Experienced everything the weather had to offer, and did 88km - brilliant effort!
Coasters - Ten riders fronted at JDR, plus Doug who had an certificate from Sue. Cloudy and cold, but not raining yet. I saw Virginia walking home about 2km from her place, with a punture. Too hard for little fingers to fix, and I was already late, so I left her to it. We set off down WBD, but Pam had a puncture almost immediately, followed by another one a bit later. Didn't have any spares, so rang Richard to come and pick her up. But he wasn't answering, so Rolf helped her to fix it, and we never saw them again.
Down at Long Jetty, just near Pam's family photos on the Toilet of History, it started raining, so we ducked under a picnic shelter till it eased off. At this stage Mike decided to go home, good decision, while the rest of us pushed on in a light shower. There were a lot of bikes out today despite the weather, one of them called us big girls for sheltering under the roof, but he only had a T-shirt and shorts on, so was soaked. We pushed on to Chittaway and around the loop via Church and Lake Roads, getting wetter and wetter. Riders started peeling off to go home, leaving 4 of us who made it to coffee at Wadalba, where Doug was waiting for us. After coffee, Daryl discovered his credit card was missing, so back-tracked to Pollock Avenue where he thought it may have escaped.
Soaking wet by this stage, only me, Baz and Chris left. Chris chose to accompany Barry for a while, despite being about 300 meters from home at that stage. I did about 51km, most did more, 64km for Pedro, 57 for Buff Pointers. I went straight home and got out of my saturated clothing and had a warm shower. My new jacket that I got from Nicolette turns out to be a fair-weather jacket, as my shirt and singlet were wet. It has panels in it that are only fabric, not waterproof. I have another 2 jackets at home that are much better, and which no doubt will see plenty of use in the forthcoming winter.
Still better than sitting at home, thanks everyone for coming.

Group 2 re-group at Gorokan Peace Park - 19 May 2021
Wednesday 19 May 2021 - Group Rides
Another cold start but perfect cycling day.
Group 1 - G1 were still there when we arrived at Peel St at 0910, about 7 of 'em, big tough guys and Kerry. Went through Wyong and over Kangy Angy to Palmdale, Ffoots Rd and up to Hidden Valley, and back along Enterprise Drive, except some of them just went back to Wyong while others, maybe just JD, went around the lake. 74km to 104 for Tony.
Group 2 - Barry led the péloton back through Toukley and over the bridge to The Corso, and up to Charmy Bridge. Back around the top of Budgewoi Lake on the bike path, then from Budgie up Lizzie Bay Dr to the highway, and across into Carters Road.
Straight to Josh Porter Reserve at CVBS for a break before riding back to the hwy. A pleasant ride down to Doyalson and the Armco fence at San Remo, where we took the short-cut down to the lake.
At this stage some of us who live over this side of the lake decided another trip back to Budgie was surplus to requirements, and Moonie went home and Virginia and I had coffee at La Macchina, then went home. We three still finished with over 50km on the clock, while the full ride was further. Even Group 3, whose report follows this one, did more than we did. I hope there were no incidents for the rest of the ride. haven't heard anything. Thanks to Baz for leading, and Mike for looking after the back end.
Group 3 - Nine starters for the ride as programmed. Debbie and Evelyn left in the Budgewoi area to attend to other matters. An uneventful ride but it certainly wasn’t 45 kms. It was more like 54kms, so group 2 would have done more kms than their programme suggested also.

Still group 2 but with Budgewoi Lake in it - 19 May 2021

First regroup at Gorokan Peace Park - 14 May 2021
Friday 14 May 2021 - Club Rides
Skylarkers - Half a dozen riders met at Kariong for a zip down the old Pacific Highway to Mt Colah or somewhere, then back again to the start. A good ride around 80km. Good work! Irene was on a similar ride and they just missed each other at m/t.
Coasters - Chris led 22 of us over to the western district on very familiar roads, except we went down Virginia Road, something we rarely do, if ever. We had been to the Charmy bridge via The Corso and Panorama Ave, back along the Hwy to Bunnings and Hakone and Hiawatha. Morning tea was at River Reflex, though a few MTB riders went to their usual haunt in Wadalba. About 46km, though I was never more than 11km from home, cool, huh?
Thanks everyone for coming, cool to start but a very nice day.
Wednesday 12 May 2021 - Group Rides
Group One - Made their way up to Budgewoi, then along Lizzie Bay Road to the Pacific Highway, left there and all the way via Link Road and M1 to Sparks Road. No soft options for this hardy crew! Then down to Warnies and through the meadows on Warnies Track to the Pac Hwy again. All the way down that hwy to Tuggerah, then around Tuggerah Lake to Batto Bay and looks like Blue Bay café for m/t. Trying to put together a report just from the Strava posts. Back up WBD to home. 72km for JD, more for Budgie and Lake Munmorah guys. Serious riding, well done!
Group 2 - Thirteen riders at Peel Street, plus another one at Budgewoi. Paul led us the same way as G1 up to Lizzie Bay, where some of us kept on Lizzie Bay Rd, while others of our group went up the SRA, cause we can. A couple of mussel bikes also went up the big hill, viz Rolf for starters.
At the hwy we either crossed the highway, or went up it, depending on which way we went, to Kanangra Drive where we had a re-group. Then right along Kanangra to Gwandalan, a short recce of that lovely but isolated village, then back to the hwy and down to San Remo for coffee. Thanks Paul for leading us, and thanks to Ian "Moonie" Moon for doing a dedicated job as sweep, I know, I was watching him. Thanks for coming everyone. A very pleasant morning out on the bikes.
Group 3 - 11 riders today to enjoy the countryside from Tarro to Morpeth. All creatures great and small were seen - from horses to a bluebird. Good to have the company of Marshall.

Group 2 members enjoying coffee at San Remo - 12 May 2021

Big surf at The Entrance - 7 May 2021
Friday 7 May 2021 - Club rides
Cloudy/sunny day, 21°C, slight southerly breeze, almost no rain - perfect!
The Skylarkers, maybe 8 of them, headed up to Summerland Point, via Lizzie Bay and up the SRA, no mercy! Down Kanangra Drive to Summerland Pt, then the back way to Gwandalan. Popping out again at the Pacific Highway, back down to Elizabeth Bay Drive, then all the way down to North Entrance. We saw them going down WBD but I only recognised Irene and JD, who waved. A good ride for these guys with about 80km covered.
The Coasters, with 11 riders, 6 on e-bikes, cruised down WBD to North Entrance and continued on to Toowoon Bay before finishing the ride to Batto Bay. Pedro said he was going to do Crackneck Lookout, so a few of us electric riders followed him up the long steep road. Very fit guys Chris and Rolf rode their mussel bikes up there as well.
Then we cruised back down to The Entrance where we had coffee at The Bite Club, bumping into our old kayaking mates Graeme, Chris, Bill and Sharon. Very pleasant there, with such friendly staff.
Back up WBD to the carpark where the western citizens followed the 'new' bike path to Evans Road, while the rest of the crew rode back to JDR. My distance was 54km, Chris's was 67 and the basic ride was about 37km. A really nice day and very sociable. If you watched the Old People's home for 4 year olds, you would have seen what it's like for some elderly folk living on their own, no friends, no activity, though admittedly most were in their 80s and 90s. Stimulated by the presence of toddlers they sparked up amazingly. We get heaps of exercise and social networking, so we're looking good for a fruitful and healthy life. We're very lucky to have each other and the clubs we're in. More photos on our Club FaceBook Group page here, and on FB.

At the top of Crackneck, Rolf, Chris and Barry - 7 May 2021

Danny, Paul, Pedro and crew at Prawn Beach Lane, Wyongah - 5 May 2021
Wednesday 5 May 2021 - Club Rides
A cloudy morning, not too cold and almost no breeze and no rain.
Group 1, about 6 of 'em, shot off from Peel Street at 0900 exactly, heading clockwise around Tuggerah Lake, via The Entrance, Killarney Vale and Ourimbah along Enterprise Drive to Ffoots Road, back to Wyong over Kangy Angy with coffee I'm guessing at River Reflex. 80-90km pleasant ride. Well done, you guys and Kerrie are amazing.
Gruppo 2 was scheduled to start at Blacksmiths for a spin up to Newcastle, but weather suggested a change to a local ride, so that's what we did. Paul decided on a run to Wyong and back via Watanobbi and Wadalba. There were a dozen of us at the start, in the old language, but we lost the girls (Lyn and Ev) very close to River Reflections as they had enough cycling for today, even on their Ev-bikes. Half of the péloton were on electric bikes, just saying.
It was a very relaxed ride, and we did lose a few people around Watanobbi, but everyone knew where they were going. There was a bit of a mix-up at Charmy nursery, with some people going to the café in there and some going further to the Chinese caf at Kam Court - The Lavendar Goat - which wasn't on the menu. I saw somebody from behind walking into the nursery and I identified him as Rolf, even though i couldn't see his face, but I did recognise his van nearby. Five of us dined at The Goat, then split up to go in 5 different directions home. A very enjoyable ride, thanks Paul for leading. Group 3 rode with us.
Friday 30 April 2021 - Club Rides
Skylarkers - Six or so riders set off on a quick circuit of Tuggerah Lake, 60km, with a mission to destroy the older/slower riders, not that there are any. Average speed 28kmh, stopping only to take a few photos and have coffee at Blue Bay. Tony, John, Rick, Irene and others to numerous to list.
Coasters - Friday Coasters coffee Ride 30/04/2021
15 Riders turned up for our ride today, with some familiar faces not present... Peter (Pedro) was there, but was not riding because of his recent Op on both his hands, but reassured us it was not for long, and he will be back soon. Evelyn was all ready for the ride but decided that she would only ride to her place since we were going that way. Danny was at a funeral.
The group was Viv, Cathy, Lyn, Paul, Colin, James, Barry, Ian, Keith, Doug, Michael, Daryl, Rolf, & myself.
We left JDR on time and headed for Budgewoi and round the lake to Charmhaven, then with the help of Col we made our way to the Pacific Hwy. and turned left on Wyee rd. We had a re-group when we reached Gosford Rd. since there were 5 riders on Electric Bikes they were all present. We continued onto the dirt road which was in pretty good condition towards the Link rd. and back towards Blue Haven for our Coffee Stop.
That is where we split up, some going to the Secret cafe and some decided to try the coffee shop at Kam's court which is apparently under New Management and some of us had never been there. Plenty of room for the Bikes and a very clean place, some tasted the nice cakes they had on offer!!
Was very pleased with the ride, as we all parted ways, I went back to JDR with the one that had their car there. A nice 42 Klm. ride, thanks to Barry for keeping an eye on the back, and hope you all got home safe, until next time enjoy your weekend.

Rolf and friends at Tuggerah Lake to see the magical creations of the sea - 28 April 2021
Wednesday 28 April 2021 - Wednesday TDCC Group rides
Group 1 - Half a dozen spiffing riders headed down WBD to Wamberal then continued on down to Wamberal before turning right and going the back way to Enterprise Drive (EP) . Then from Ourimbah up OCR to Ffoots (sic) Road, back to Palmdale, Kangy Angy and on to Wyong and Tacoma where we met them when G2 arrived later. Good ride guys, around 80km.
Group 2 - Warwick led us down WBD (Chris bailed out due to personal commitments), in beautiful weather, around the southern end of Tuggerah Lake, to Blue Bell Park. Carol then led us down to Chittaway to see an amazing creation (sculpture? - see pic above) before Waz took over to take us on a route that not many had seen before viz Berkeley Road, with its 2 big hills, which took us to EP, where we waited for Nicolette, who had a puncture going up one of the hills. Sweep du jour Doug, and friends, extracted a tooth from her tyre (true!) while the rest of the patient group waited on EP.
That fixed, thanks guys, we continued on to RR where we saw Gruppo Uno, just leaving. Waz and his faithful retinue finished their coffee and departed, while half a dozen of us were still drinking ours. So we had a relaxed ride back home. Thanks to everyone for coming. Eighteen riders, of whom half were on e-bikes. This is a sign of dedication, we're not inclined to give up riding because of age or physical deterioration, just change mode.
Group 3 - Only five started with group 3 today. Jill, Trevor, Bones, Darryl C and Darryl M. The ride took us from Peel St to Elizabeth Bay then to the hwy north to Kanangra drive. We took the dirt road to to CVB. Very rough causing my lunch to jump out its carrier multiple times. Lunch was at the shopping centre near Charmhaven where I ate my road kill.
From here Jill and Trevor made for home while the trivial trio headed for Peel st via Panorama (40ks). No ride 3 next week as D1 and D2 will do a local ride (for us) with group 2 and Jill and Trev are having a naughty weekend for Trevors birthday.
Darryl C

Beautiful autumn day at Lake Budgewoi - 23 April 2021
TDCC Friday Rides
Skylarkers - I can see 4 Skylarkers on Strava riding to Dooralong via Tooheys Road, Hue Hue, Dicksons Rd, and back via Jilliby Road to Wyong and River Reflex for coffee. 72 to 92 kms at an average of 25kmh.

Coasters - Chris dreamed up a challenging ride today (joke, Joyce!), taking the 19 of us on a tour of Blue Haven, then coffee at San Remo (or Charmhaven for some).
Peter and Cathy returned after a long absence, so welcome back! Quite a few e-bikes now in the club, everyone satisfied that they have done the right thing, as age creeps up on us and our strength fades. At least mine has.
Across the Toukley bridge and up The Corso, over and under the Charmy Bridge and into the maze that is Blue Haven. Col was riding shotgun for Chris, so was able to tell him where to go, as he is a native Bluey. It wasn't long before we were back at Northlakes shops heading for La Macchina Espresso. The entire péloton disintegrated at this stage, with some going home, some heading for another secret café in Charmhaven, some lost, but about half of the original group settled on La Macchina where we had a lovely caffè experience. At my table we regaled each other with our overseas adventures, except for Col, whose ship-borne escapades always finished up back where he started. Once they got to Switzerland they lost me.
Eventually we pushed off again towards Norah Head, taking the Budgewoi route, so for us westerners, Chris, Baz and me, gave us extra distance going round in circles. I clocked up 50km, with hardly any topping up, and Chris made about 68 I think. Some did only 35km.
Thanks everyone for coming, it was a very enjoyable day out riding with friends. thanks to Chris for leading, and to those who did some sweeping and corner posting.

First stop at San Remo bridge, by the creek - 23 April 2021

Group 2 heading for River Reflections, Tacoma - 21 April 2021 Hugh's photo.
Wednesday 21 April 2021 - TDCC Group Rides
Welcome back! Group 1 - Five riders rode down Wilfred Barrett Drive, around the bottom of Tuggerah Lake, west along Enterprise Drive, up Hidden Valley (OCR), back along Ffoots Rd (sic), over Kangy Angy, through Wyong to River Reflections in Tacoma. Big ride! 98 -110km! New member Gary had a sweat up by the end (average speed 28kmh). Includes Tony, Rick, Kerrie, Gary and another guy. Well done everyone!
Group 2 - Virginia led us out through Wyong, up Alison Road and down past The Old Milk Factory, without stopping, to Woodbury Park to Old Maitland Rd and down McPherson Road.
There was a stiff southerly (15-18 knots), but that ended at McPherson Road, with the tailwind kicking in. A trip down to South Tacoma was abandoned as unnecessary, unanimously.
Coffee was enjoyed at RR where the Group 1 team joined us. Our average speed is our business, but the distance covered ranged from 45 to 65 km. Thanks Virginia for a wonderful ride.
There were some interesting livestock on the way, and I got a shot of a sheep and some alpacas. More photos are on our FaceBook page here.
Group 3 - Six starters today to head for Wattanobbi. We trailed group 2 as far as Jensen road where they turned off. We met up with them again at Wyong toilets where we waited for them to head off again so as not to be overtaken on the River Road.
Steph Ferguson was arriving as we were leaving but she is still happy to ride on her own.
The route to Britannia drive was a bit hilly but the extra effort required balanced out the shorter ride distance of today. We gave Warnervale a miss this time and followed the Pacific highway and crossed over to Johns road and then into Orchid Way for a coffee stop at Wadalba. The bakehouse wasn’t welcoming and so coffee was had in a sunny spot at Woolworths Centre. A familiar route back to Peel St.
Thanks Jill!

Some of the interesting animals seen on the way - 21 April 2021
Friday 16 April 2021 - Club Rides
Skylarkers - About 6 of them, rode out to Morisset, then along Mandolin Road, back down Jilliby and Hue Hue to Wyong. Coffee at RR in Tacoma. Distances from 76km to 100km, so well done Skylarkers - a good effort.
Norah Head Coasters - Eighteen of us headed down WBD with Chris at the helm and various tail-blazers looking after the other end, like Doug, Mike, Rolf or Pedro. Straight on to the lakeside bike path and follow it round to Blue Bell Park for our first pit stop.
Continuing on we found our way to Wyong Road on our way to the Tuggerah Straight bike path. Chris lost concentration for a second and took everyone under the bridge at the Pacific Highway/Wyong Road, before returning to the path to go over the bridge.
For some reason Rolf had an urge to go over Woodbury Park Drive in Mardi, with about 100 meters vertical, just so he could come down again. Funny, as he doesn't like going down hills. i went with him and loved it. Rolf kept me in sight up the long steep part, amazing old geezer!
We caught up with the péloton along Wolseley Road, after their unintended detour, all pulling in to River Reflections at the same time. It was lovely and sunny as we arrived, but by the time we left it was cloudy and windy, and rainy by the time I got home ten minutes later.
Still, we all had a good time didn't we? Mike was on his new electric MTB, complete with knobbly tyres, and loving it. Pedro is close to getting his e-bike too, which I think we will all be thankful for, for his sake. Thanks everyone for coming along today, and thanks Chris for devising and leading the interesting ride. No photos today as I forgot to take any.
Wednesday 14 April 2021 - Club Rides
Starting with Group 1, gleaned only from Strava, which rode from Osborne Park, Toukley, down WBD to Terrigal, back up to Eastern Road, then continuing around Tuggerah Lake, Wyong and onto the 'river road', stopping for coffee at River Reflex for coffee, then back to the start, 87km for Rick, and 100 for Tony, from Lake Munmorah. Well done guys.
Group 2 from James [Danny and Virginia went home after getting as far as the highway, for medical appointments.]
TDCC Grp 2 Summerland Point Loop via Lake Munmorah, Return via SRA 14/04/21
On the nicest Autumn day so far this year, 18 enthusiastic riders turned up at Peel street to enjoy the ride and the company of their friends. It was not a normal ride as you will see later on in the report.
On the way to Peel street we saw John L’E and what looked like another of our riders who we could not recognise due to them wearing the old TDCC shirt.
The 2nd rider mentioned turned out to be Graeme C, the confusion came about because Graeme C and Jenny C normally arrive by car as they live quite far away in the Lake Macquarie area. As both Graeme and Jenny had commitments, they started from Lake Munmorah and Kanangra drive respectively. We started to have concerns for John as he had not arrived 10 minutes before starting time. The other riders had not seen John on the road on the way to Peel street, however with 5 minutes to spare John turned up and told us he had gone for coffee, as he had left Umina at 6:30AM and had no time for breakfast, it was a relief to know he was safe.
Eighteen riders turned up, Warwick was the ride manager, the sweep duties were carried out by old faithful Doug, Keith, and James, on the way back. The other riders were Robyn, Cathy, Rolf, Jenny C, Graham C, Virginia, Chris, Carol, Linda, Nicolette, John L’E, Debbie, Keith A and Lyn S.
With a pleasant breeze blowing we set off towards Budgewoi with Warwick setting a gentle pace to allow the non e-bike riders to make up the distance they had lost on the hills coming to the round-a-bout at Noraville. On the way to Budgewoi, we saw Jennifer coming the other way as she had been to a prior appointment that had finished earlier than she expected. From there to Budgewoi, the President put his foot down and left some of us in his wake, on arrival at Budgewoi we had a short break before heading for Lake Munmorah.
As we set off for Lizzy Bay, Warwick set a fast pace with most of the riders going with him, however he left a few of the e-bike riders huffing and puffing and put quite a distance between the Peloton and the tail.
After our standard stop after the Lizzy Bay round-a-bout, we headed for the Pacific Highway up the nasty incline that is Elizabeth Bay drive. On arriving at the Pacific Highway, Virginia and Danny left the group, and returned home as they had prior engagements.
The rest of us headed towards the Lake, down Carters road, before meandering amongst the Mangrove trees and over the wetlands via the great cycleway and bridge. After traversing through Chain Valley Bay North, we traversed the not so lovely pot-holed road, that is so bad it does not have a name. On reaching Kanangra Drive we headed for the Summerland Point-Gwandalan Junction round-a-bout, this stretch of road is a pleasure to ride on and most of us were riding around the 28-30km/hr mark.
From there it was a downhill run all the way to Summerland Point, where some of stopped to get our coffee fix, the rest of us ventured to one of the most scenic parks on the coast and enjoyed sitting around having a good chat amongst ourselves and trying occasionally to converse with the local ducks who were not the least bit afraid of our presence.
After lunch etc, we headed up to Kanangra drive via one of the most pleasant rides on the coast along the quaintly named Cams Boulevard Rural, it would be a great ride at night with the overhanging trees giving a cathedral effect.
The ride back to the Pacific Highway was again a high speed ride with the road surface being excellent for cycling, however disaster was about to strike. As one group headed south via the SRA, another group headed south via the Pacific Highway, at this time Robyn’s bike sustained a puncture, and at the same time Chris’s bike suffered the same fate.
Robyn had crossed the Highway into the SRA, before we realised that she had a flat, Warwick was soon on the job, at this stage we realised Chris was on the other side of the Highway, Jennifer was there to give support as she had parked her car on the opposite side of the road and ridden towards Peel street. Doug and Rolf got the OK to keep riding from Warwick, while the rest of us waited till the repairs were done.
After 20 minutes or so, all was fixed and we set off again, Warwick, Robyn, Cathy, Nicolette, John, Linda and James returned via the SRA, Keith, Debbie, Lyn and Graeme heading down the Highway, Graeme picked up his car somewhere south along the highway. John cycled home to Umina, what an effort! [140km, including a short train trip.]
An eventful day, but an enjoyable one, thanks to everyone. The average speeds were around 20km/hr, the distance was around 46km, the weather great, the company excellent.
Group 3 - Programmed ride (but 50kms) to Mannering Park. Peter and Mike had a rest and recovery stop at Charmhaven bridge and then headed to Budgewoi Circle for coffee and chat with a few returning group 2 riders.
Five riders continued with a stop at Aldi for Darryl M to buy a bottle of sparkling water (yuks) which he emptied out at the park and replaced with still water. We then followed the lake bike path and back to highway and Doyalson. From here a few variations to take us back to Budgewoi Circle for the coffee stop. Steph Ferguson was out riding today and was doing the Budgewoi Lake loop route.

Chris with his crew at Chittaway - 9 April 2021
Friday 9 April 2021 - Skylarkers and Coasters rides
Skylarkers - The Skylarkers rode from JDR up to Whitebridge on the Fernleigh Track, then rode back again, for a total of about 90km - a good solid ride for the fast guys, and girls.
Coasters - Chris was leading and decided on a bit of variety by going over Kangy Angy and down Enterprise Drive, but too many complaints from the peanut gallery forced him into an easier but longer ride anti-clockwise around Tuggerah Lake, with m/t at The Entrance. I was on my muscle bike, having left my e-bike back axle at Merimbula yesterday. Brenda has found it in the grass and posted it back to me. A good work-out for me doing 62km.
Just to make sure we suffered for not agreeing to the Captain's Call, Chris made us ride the full length of Wahroonga Road, and up the steepest part of Johns Road, but the joke's on him as it didn't hurt anyway ha ha ha!
A stop at the famous Wyong toilets, then down the Tuggerah Straight and over the Wyong Road bridge, past all the shops in Bryant Drive, and up to Lake Road, finishing the detour with Church Road and Geoffrey Road. There was plenty of evidence of flooding around Chittaway, hard to imagine looking at the calm creek that it was 2 or 3 meters higher during the week.
With Chris setting a cracking pace and sticking to the roads rather than the busy pathways, we made good time getting to Long Jetty where we re-lived the olden days, looking at Pam's family photos on the Toilet of Remembrance. Pam was with us of course and we discussed the poor spelling and grammar of the display, but we love it anyway. Pictures were taken in 1947 when Pam was hardly even born.
Morning tea was enjoyed at The Entrance CBD at our favorite café The Bite Club, which is only open 4 days a week. They have the most delicious cake there, the mango and coconut bread, and nice coffee.
That left us only the sprint up WBD, with the westerly breeze keeping us cool. Most people did about 48km, from JDR and back, whilst Virginia and I did over 60km. Of course Nicolette did 50, as she always rides around to round up the distance, and Chris did 74, as he lives further away, but not as far as Col, who rode 76, living as he does at the top of Blue Heaven.
Twenty of us rode, thanks for coming everyone, thanks to CB for leading.

The stiff (by the time we finished) westerly breeze shows up on the Tuggerah Lake at the Toukley bridge - 9 April 2021
Wednesday 7 April 2021 - Club Rides
Group 1 - A team of élite riders made their way out to Summerland Point and Gwandalan for a 60km ride, but, like all the groups, got caught in a shower on the way back.
Group 2 - Ride report 21-04-07 Grp 2 Morisset-Lemon Tree loop
Today’s ride was a very simple route as per the ride calendar, just 2 roads, Mandalong Road and Dooralong Road, out and back to Lemon Tree from Morisset.
With the weather conditions looking a bit dubious, only 6 hardy riders turned up for the ride, unfortunately Paul F went to the other starting point in Morisset, and missed the ride, he had an out-of-date ride calendar, so did a solo ride from home.
Six brave riders arrived at the start point in Old Maitland road, they were Linda the ride manager, Doug and Rolf who shared the sweep duties, Viv, Cathy, and James. The girls nearly outnumbered the guys, showed they were as tough as us blokes, as if anyone ever doubted their abilities.
Linda set a good pace from Morisset, and some of us were pushing hard to keep up, the ride to Dooralong was pretty tough, as we climbed most of the way before descending a bit from the hilly sections of the ride. The road has one section of about 1km which is not yet tarred, but otherwise the road is in quite good nick. On arrival at the community hall in Dooralong, we had a comfort break, and some snacks to keep us going, up to this stage we had only very light rain, but after 10 minutes at the community hall, all the heavens broke loose, and the noise of the rain on the tin roof of the building was something to behold.
After another 10 minutes or so, we headed off towards Lemon Tree along Dooralong Road, this road was not as hilly as Mandalong Road but still challenging, not much traffic but the garbos decided to do their pick-ups on the same day as our ride, so we had to give way to the big boyz in the trucks. Don’t know what country folk put in their bins, but they were smelly, and kept taking our breath away.
On the way to Lemon Tree, we passed the once named Dooralong Resort, which is now a Salvation Army rehab centre of some type. A few of us have had some nice days out in the past, with nice Sunday lunches, and a few beers when the hotel section was in operation, it was an amazing set up, so far out in the bush.
Aside from the nice farm animals we saw, a few of us noticed the small Wallabies darting to and fro among the bushes beside the road, thankfully they decided not to cross the road in front of us.
The rain for now had held off as we headed back to Morisset, however on nearing the Dooralong Community centre at the junction of the two mentioned roads, lighting and thunder appeared, some of us took cover at the community centre while some of us partook use of the comfort centre, by now the rain had set in and decided to follow us all the way back to Morisset, of course we were all drenched by the time we got back to Morisset.
The ride back from Dooralong was much easier than we had expected, aside from one long hill, and the uphill section of the dirt road. It seemed like it was all downhill along some steep and winding smooth roads. Viv showed the way down the hill and rode like a pro leaving us all in her wake. Even the flat sections of the road encouraged good speeds of around the 30km/hr zone.
On arrival back in Morisset, most of the group headed for coffee at Maccas, James could not go as he had matters to attend to at home.
The ride was about 45km, the average speeds were between 19-21km/hr, the weather, well, you know, was bad. In the opinion of many of our riders it was the best ride amongst all of our rides, as it contained roads that tested our abilities, that included hills to climb, steep hills to descend to test our riding skills, flat roads to test our legs, and great vistas to tempt our brains.
Thanks to Linda, Doug and Rolf, and welcome to our new member Cathy, who Linda was organising to sign her up.

Group 3 - 8 riders did programmed ride down Wilfred Barret and the Long Jetty bike paths with an extension to Killarney vale. Back roads then to take us through the Bateau Bay tunnels and joining up with coast roads back to The Entrance for a coffee stop. Back to Peel st after 42 kms and without any rain. Congratulations to Darryl M who had an 80th birthday last month.
Coasters Good Friday Ride 2 April 2021
Twelve Riders turned up for our Good Friday ride - Nicolette, Viv, Linda, Merrilyn & Graham, Paul, Rolf, Ian, Michael, Daryl, Doug, and myself, Chris.
The ride started from Jenny Dixon, and we made our way to Budgewoi via Elizabeth Bay Drive, then onto Carters Rd. all the way to Josh Porter Reserve for a break.
Since we were not sure which coffee shop was going to be open on this particular day, Doug advised me that Sue would like to organize a coffee break for us. which was quite welcome by all of us. Doug decided that the venue was going to be Edgewater Park, Buff Point, and contacted his wife. After our break at JP Reserve, we headed for a loop around Kingfisher Shores and back on Tall Timbers Rd to the Pacific Hwy.
Since I was a bit vague about how to get back to Edgewater Park, Doug took over the lead, We were soon there and Sue had already set the table with Coffee, hot cross buns, and cake. A big thank you to Sue from all of us.
In the Park there were quite a few families already enjoying the break in glorious sunshine, a bit of a change from last week... Then it was time to move on, some went home from there while I took the remainder back to JDR. Great day for a ride NO Wind, No Rain, just glorious Sunshine. Thanks to all of you for coming. Have a great Easter and see you again soon.
Wednesday 31 March 2021 - Group 3 ride near Newcastle
A good size group of riders showed up for group 3 OOT ride from Belmont to Speers Point, Newcastle and then the Fernleigh track.
It began to rain at the start which allowed participants to don rain gear before heading off. A brisk pace was set to Speers Point park where the rain stopped just as Trevor discovered Jill was carrying his rain jacket. Newly-laid cycle path enabled an easier ride to Glendale though the new route though the golf club is yet to be opened. We followed the old tramway to Wallsend. We then took a different way towards the University through several tunnels over the loop de loop (great fun) then passing over the new 15 million dollar cycle bridge.
Lunch was at Broadmeadow Maccas where I headed for home and the peloton headed for the Fernleigh track. I did 60ks, most did 55, Rolf did a lot more. [Probably rode from home at Buff Point!]
Darryl C (PS thanks for trusting me on the diversion)

New $15m bridge - Group 3 ride 31 Mrch 2021

Some of Group 2 near KIllarney Vale - 31 March 2021
Wednesday 31 March 2021 - TDCC Coasters Group 2 Batto Bay-Killarney Vale-Tumbi Umbi-Berkley Vale Loop
Today looked like some rain was on the way, fortunately the BOM got it wrong, and we had lots of sunshine, and no rain. We expected a good roll-up today, but we noticed that some of the usual group 2 riders rode with group 3, along the Fernleigh Track to Newcastle, much more mysterious ride than a local ride.
Eleven of our riders turned up at Peel Street. Barry rode from home but did not start the ride, preferring to ride home as he is not yet fully fit. Peter Bones started the ride but pulled out at a later stage.
The riders to front the starter's gun were Paul the ride manager, James the sweep, Nicolette, Linda, Karen, Keith M, Chris, Col, Bones and Ian. Chris, Linda and others acted as marshals along the way, apologies if I missed anyone.
The ride was as advertised, but for a few extra streets and parks not listed on the ride, and made for a very enjoyable ride through the back streets of Bateau Bay and Tumbi.
We set off towards WBD at a nice pace with all the group getting through the lights on Main Road, except for Bones, who lost his water bottle just as he was about to cross Main Road. The sweep and Chris waited for him, and then re-joined the group at the quiet/quite place on WBD.
After setting of again for the Entrance the faster riders really showed how good they are and the Péloton slowly disappeared over the horizon, or more correctly, the hills on WBD. Karen and Bones with the sweep, and Chris tailed off the Peloton with the short nasty hills taking their toll on Karen and Pete, who have not been riding regularly. On arriving at The Entrance, Bones advised Paul that he would return after we crossed The Entrance Bridge as he was not feeling 100%. The rest of the group then travelled to Bateau Bay with a regroup at Toowoon Bay. On arriving in Bateau Bay, we traversed Bateau Bay road, then we turned left at Marlowe Road, before crossing The Entrance Road onto Passage Road, which led us into the very pleasant playing fields via the nicely maintained bike paths, although the barriers were a bit of a pain from time to time causing the group to constantly dismount.
We then got onto Eastern Road, then Tumbi road riding along some sublime natural sights, and some nice new homes that were pleasant to the eye.
Eventually we reached Wyong Road, which at the best of times is a nightmare to cross, however as we have had some practice in the past, we seemed to organise ourselves so that we all crossed before the lights turned red, first time ever. Most of us felt like we were being herded like cattle to the cattle stalls, the RTA or whoever left such a small area to gather once you cross the road.
After crossing Wyong road, we headed to the bike track along the lakeside, which has recovered very nicely after the recent floods, with lots of seaweed piled high in places by the council, and residents, some of whom were still cleaning up.
After arriving at Saltwater Creek, we encountered what seemed like thousands of school kids who were attending an Athletics carnival, very serious with lots of marshals from Long Jetty nearly all the way back to Picnic Point at the Entrance. Pushing on, we arrived at the Entrance with most of the coffee shops closed, so we went to last one on the row, some name I can’t recall [Bite Club?], had Euro in the name. People were pleasant and the coffee good.
Paul and James swapped roles for the ride home, which was faster than usual up WBD, due to the Southerly that was blowing. We had a regroup at the new bike track, where Paul and Col said their goodbyes, the rest of us headed back to Peel Street. Chris turned off at Canton beach, and headed for Wadalba, and the rest of us made it back to Peel street where we chatted for 10 minutes or so before heading home.
Thanks to Paul and marshals for looking after us riders. A very nice ride indeed.
The ride was about 51Km, the average speeds were between 18-21km/hr, we climbed 317 metres, the weather was good, the company great.

Strava tells us that Group 1 rode out to Jilliby Road, the "Nigel's Ride", and back to River Reflex for coffee, a 65km effort.
Group 3 had a nice ride from Belmont on Lake Macquarie to Speers Point, up the tramway bike path, through Jesmond and back to Broady and down the FT for a 50km ride (see full report above).

A few more Group 2 riders on Tumbi Bridge - 31 March 2021
TDCC Coasters Wyong-Mardi Loop 25/03/2021
On a beaut day for riding, 15 keen enthusiasts turned up at Jenny Dixon (JD), Chris was the ride manager, James and Doug took turns at sweep duties.
The riders were Chris, James, Paul, Col, Nicolette, Hugh, Daryl G, Bones, Mike, Deb, Keith A, Linda, Viv, Doug, and Rolf.
Daryl got a round of applause as he had arrived 5 minutes before kick-off. Nicolette was a bit worried she would find the going hard as she has not ridden for a few weeks, due to a holiday in Tassie.
At the briefing, Chris explained that the route would take us to Wyong via Wyongah etc, then around the River to the Old Milk Factory, then looping through Mardi and back to River Reflections for coffee.
Chris took it steady at the beginning of the ride, waiting in Noraville to ensure we all crossed Central Coast highway. After we got going again it was full speed to Gorokan with Bones trying his best to keep up, as he has had a break from riding due to ill health.
Our first regather was behind the Gorokan shopping centre, then we headed for the bike track off Tuggerawong road, then back onto Tuggerawong road for the sprint to Wyong. Just as we left the track, Keith A recognised some walkers from the track, and he stopped to chat with them, the sweep waited for Keith, and together they began the chase of the Peloton. Ten minutes or so later with the pedal to the metal, we caught up with the Peloton, not bad for some breathless old blokes, as the Peloton was about 1km ahead of us when we started the pursuit.
As is the usual, we stopped at our regular comfort stop at Wyong. The Wyong River had turned from a raging torrent last week, to a gentle mill pond today, amazing how much the water levels in the lake, and river have subsided in such a short time.
The next part of the ride took us along the river, in the aptly named River Road to Alison Road, and then past the Old Dairy, before turning left into Old Maitland road, then onto McPherson road at the back of Mardi, before crossing the river again on the Pacific Highway, and cycling to River Reflections.
As we were settling in with our coffee, three of the Skylarkers arrived, they were Carl, Warren and Fred, they had just returned from their ride to Hidden Valley, a fine group of fit looking riders. There was enough room for most of the riders, including the Skylarkers, to fit at one table under the roof out of the Sun, lots of noise emanated from the that part of RR, so it was assumed a good time was had by all. The three remaining riders sat under the great umbrella and tried to solve the problems of the world.
After half an hour or so, Chris called 5 minutes, so we slowly packed up and set off for JD, the Westerners left us at Gorokan, the rest returned to JD, Daryl somehow managed to come back with a big bunch of bananas, Daryl suggested they were for the Monkeys, in his typical comical way.
Nicolette said she was a bit sore, being here first ride for a while, Bones stopped to talk with Joe, one of our past riders, Bones was going to some park to have his lunch, so he was not sighted again.
After saying our goodbyes, we set off home, proud of our achievements.
After the ride, as was seen on Strava, Col had hit a pothole on his way home, and his bike had sustained a flat rear tube, luckily his better half came and picked him up.
The ride was 46km, we climbed 260 metres, the average speeds from Strava were around 20km/hr, the temperature was about 20°C at the start of the ride and had climbed to 26° at the end of the ride.

Club line-up before riding back to Cowra from Canowindra - 26 March 2021
TDCC Cowra Holiday, Day 6 ride to Canowindra - 26 March 2021
Pedro chose a fairly flat ride today, out to Canowindra along some quiet country backroads through gently undulating meadows. The day started very cold, 9°C, but warmed up to a nice day about halfway there. The total distance for me was 80km, possibly a bit more than the average as I got lost on arrival in Canowindra. But I soon realised my error and very soon was hailed by the Skylarkers who were just finishing coffee at a café.
I think there were 14 riders today, and a crew of four support staff, with all the morning tea and water. Thanks to them, esp. Jenny, who supplied the car. The food at m/t was superb!
The Skylarkers took a different route back to Cowra, which wasn't much longer but included more hills.
I broke up the long ride by clearing dead animals off the road, got two rabbits, plus the possum the other day. Just showing some respect.
It was a relief to get back to the Van Park, after 4 hours of very similar views, but some of it was lovely, with horses, cows and sheep. And rabbits. Nice clouds were photographed too. More photos are on our FaceBook Group Page. Thanks Pedro for a stirling effort and a good ride. A few of us e-bike riders got a Strava award for the longest e-bike ride.

Day 5 at Cowra - m/t near Darbys Falls - 25 March 2021
Thursday 25 March 2021 - Cowra Day 5
After such a lovely day yesterday, we expected a fine and sunny day for our ride out to Darbys Falls today. Sadly it rained a lot, but not too heavily, so we didn't get soaked, just a bit damp. The ride for us mortals was 52km, with 660m in vertical. Warwick lead us out, 13 of us, five on e-bikes, including me.
Jenny and Pedro met us at a likely picnic spot, where the rain held off while we had our coffee and tasty treats.
Kerrie, Ric and Tony kept going right past the m/t towards the falls and other points of interest, on the Wyngala Loop, despite already having climbed all those hills. They finished up riding 85km, with over 1400 meters of vertical, on a hard, hilly ride. Jenny caught up with them later and revived the three of them with morning tea.
The péloton then rode back to Woodstock Road, and made our way back to Cowra, through more rain, and beautiful countryside, to home. Those of us on mussel bikes did brilliantly in the tough conditions, so well done you guys! Virginia's brother John came down from Bathurst to ride with us and excelled.
Nice rocks on the way back - 25 March 2021
TDCC Grp 2/3 ride report Bateau Bay loop 23/03/2021
With a large proportion of our riders in Cowra enjoying all the nice tucker, we expected only few members to turn up for today’s ride to Bateau Bay beach. Of course, this ride was meant to loop Tuggerah Lake via Wyong, starting at Peel street, but after an inspection of the route, and Peel street, it was decided not to ride the original route due to so many bike paths, and roads being closed, due to being covered by water up to a 30-90 CM high in places.
We were hoping that the change in location of the starting point of the ride would not cause any problems, hoping everyone had read the email the club sent out, however 2 members did not receive the email, one due to a technical matter, and one not having an email address, luckily this matter was resolved by the time we got to The Entrance, with John L’Es, and Peter B catching up while we were having a comfort stop.
Nineteen riders turned up for the ride, they were James (ride manager), Colin F, Paul, Rolf (sweep), Harry, Hugh, Evi, Ralph, Chris, Darryl M, Debbie, Pam, Keith A, Linda H, Greg H, Doug, Peter Bones, John L’Es. Rolf was the sweep to begin the ride, but due to circumstances he relinquished this role later in the ride due to a mechanical problem.
The ride started on time and we were quickly on the WBD (Wilfred Barrett Drive) in no time flat. We expected some debris on the road, but it was thankfully quite clear of debris. We had a regather at the Magenta Resort to allow the sweep, and the tail group to catch up with the peloton. Linda, Ralph, and Hugh decided to power onto the North Entrance, as they were bursting with energy, after being cooped up for days on end, due to the rain.
After arriving at the North Entrance, we received a call from Rolf, whose bike had suffered a serious type of puncture, Mike and Keith went back to lend a hand with the repairs, after waiting for about 20 minutes Doug volunteered to join up with the Rolf, and friends and told us to ride on, which we did. At this stage John L’E, and Bones found us and joined the group. Rolf relinquished his sweep duties and passed them onto Daryl, who was with Rolf at the time of the puncture.
We then rode onto Toowoon Bay Beach via the normal route, after a few minutes Doug, Mike and Keith arrived at Toowoon Bay, where Rolf apologised for the hold up, of course not his fault, more people than ever seem to be throwing bottles out of car windows these days.
With all members present we then rode to Bateau Bay Beach where we had a photo shoot. Some members decided to ride up Krackneck Lookout to get a few extra kilometres in their legs, they were all on electric bikes, the riders were Paul, John L’E, and Ralph. Ralph was very excited on returning from the hill as he had ridden downhill at speeds near 60km/hr, a bit scary for most of us, but Ralph these days is an accomplished mountain bike rider who had been enjoying the various riding trails in the area.
While we were waiting for the boys, we were entertained by a group of not so young people, doing vigorous exercises in some type of boot camp setup, too much stretching for our liking.
When the boys returned, we headed to the Entrance which was much quieter than usual for our coffee hit. Mike and his group of coffee lovers headed for the Usui café, while the rest of us headed for the Chicken shop that also does coffee, as all the other coffee cafes were closed.
To our surprise Nicolette in civvies caught up with us while we having coffee, Nicolette has just returned from Tassie and was full of excitement about her travels, and for sure she will tell us more about her time in Tassie on Friday, when she returns to riding.
After coffee we all returned up WBD with a strong 30km/hr NW wind making the going tough, as usual the locals turned off for home at the new bike track, while the rest of us returned to Jenny, passing Mike, and his group at Noraville.
The few people who returned to Jenny, stood around one of our members new Electric Car, and discussed it in detail, as it is the future way our transport seems to be going. Somehow, they managed to get 2 bikes into the car, thankfully one was a fold up type.
After a chat amongst the other riders who returned to Jenny, we wished each other well, and that we would see each other at the next ride we attend, weather permitting.
The ride was about 36km, the average speeds were between 19-23km/hr, the weather was great, except for the wind on the way home up WBD.

Gathering at the Camp Kitchen for today's ride - 24 March 2021
TDCC Cowra Holiday Day 4 ride to Wattamondara
Much nicer today with no rain, just cloudy sunny conditions with a good breeze from the west. Fifteen riders followed Pedro out of the park and along some country roads and around a few corners, with very few knowing where we were going. We crossed a couple of causeways, with water flowing across the road, so unless you managed to get your feet out of the way, you got wet shoes, and socks.
Eventually we came to a nice little village called Wattamondara where Jenny had set up our morning tea brilliantly of course. in a nice picnic spot with all facilities. Even though most people started with a jacket on, they were removed as redundant fairly soon.
Turning for home we soon had a nice tailwind and were able to crank it up. I was doing 35kmh on my e-bike which only has motor power up to 25. I found a dead possum on the road, possibly killed by the Skylarkers on their way through, though rigor mortis was well established, so I gave it a decent send-off into the bushes beside the road.
A very pleasant ride, especially if you were on an e-bike, with a few wee hills and the breeze of course. Thanks Pedro for leading, Warwick for sweeping up, and Jenny for helping out all round and the fabulous m/t. Thanks also to Pedro's wife Jean for some of the delicious food.
Jenny cuts up the cakes for m/t. Jean Holt made a lot of nice little apple tarts and stuff too.
Tuesday 23 March 2021 - Cowra Club Holiday
Monday 22 March (yesterday) was very rainy, like the rest of NSW, so we didn't ride. Some people had a look around the beautiful town of Cowra, including the Information Centre, which had some historical stuff, and a wonderful 3D hologram story of about 9 minutes, describing the events of 5 August 1944, when the Japanese prisoners in the camp attempted to break out, resulting in the deaths of 235 prisoners and 5 Australian soldiers.
I had lunch at the Rose Garden Café, and later we all arrived there for afternoon tea, about 16 of us. This was followed by the inevitable Happy Hour back at the camp kitchen, where we decided that we wouldn't be riding on Tuesday either, good decision.
On said Tuesday we all set off for morning tea with delicious coffee and cream buns at the Town of Grenfell, about 75km away, then we saw various points of interest, such as the birthplace of Henry Lawson, the painted silos, then a short drive to Canowindra where we checked out the quaint architecture before driving back to Cowra. On the way to Canowindra, we noticed a big flock of sheep on the road, but as we got closer we realised it was a huge flock of corellas, and one galah, all sitting on the road. I blew my horn and slowed down but they were very reluctant to move. Jenny and Ric's cars came through before us and didn't have time to slow down, but miraculously no birds were injured.
Back at camp, Jenny and Kerry made a heap of blueberry scones, with jam and cream, which was gratefully wolfed down, this was about an hour after lunch. About 20 minutes after that it was time for Happy Hour, then back to our cabins/vans to make dinner. Can't see much weight being lost during this holiday.
Tomorrow we will definitely be doing a 60km ride, as the weather has improved dramatically. There is virtually no flooding here, despite all the rain. Plenty of good photos were taken and you can see tem on FB TDCC Group Page.
Sunday 21 March 2021, Cowra - 2nd edition
9.00am all gather for the start of the ride, rain started, rush to get wet-weather gear. Off we go with Pedro at the front, the rain got worse. Sixteen starters but two gave up fairly quickly and went back (good move). My mistake was leaving the happy hour last night early (happy hour 5-6pm?) and missed the briefing at which Pedro said - this is a day for e-bikes if you've got one. Feeling lucky, I left my e-bike in the shed and rode my mussel bike and lived to regret it. Riding down the road in the pouring rain, we passed a couple of runners going the other way, waving at us, with a cry of "You idiots!" aimed at everyone.
The total distance for the day was 58km and the vertical climb from Strava was 632 meters, a lot over that distance.
At one creek crossing there was a causeway with a couple of inches of water running over it, , which must be the case always, so there is a coating of green algae on the roadway. Ric tried to ride on it and finished up on his bum in the water. Me, being at the back, was odds on to do the same thing, but I heeded the warning and walked my bike through it, getting very wet feet, like everybody I suppose.
We met our Toukley Tea Ladies at Woodstock for morning tea, for a delicious treat, and it was dry and a bit windy, and some of us stripped down a bit (I took off all my comprehensive rain gear). A fierce wind had sprung up for our return trip, but mostly it was behind us. Soon the rain started again and never stopped, so we rode for many miles through quite heavy rain and got thoroughly soaked. As easily the slowest rider I was always way at the back, but my sturdy sweep Moonie stayed with me all day, thanks Ian!
We all arrived back at the caravan park totally drenched, but with such an adventure baked into our memories.
Photos and stories on our FB page, link above.
Sunday 21 March 2021 8.00am- Cowra Holiday
Here we are at sunny Cowra after a horrific trip down from the Central Coast yesterday, through the heaviest rain for hours on end, till it finally cleared near Bathurst (no I'm not making this up) and haven't seen a drop of rain since.
Pedro left home very early yesterday and arrived at Cowra about lunch-time and after a dip in the pool went out to reconnoitre some of the rides. We had a Happy Hour of course, about a dozen of us. Still no rain and we woke up to a cloudy morning but still dry, and not the least bit cold I'm happy to report.
We'll go for a ride this morning and I'll report back later in the day. Cheers!
Anvil Cloud Storm from the south, ANZAC Day 2005. Toukley Sailing Club
Friday 19 March 2021 - Coasters
TDCC Coasters lake Munmorah Loop 19/03/2021
After the rain of the last few days, most people believed there was no chance of a ride today, however a few diehards arrived at Jenny Dixon, not letting the BOM prediction for heaps of rain deter them, instead by looking at the rain radar, they realised that there was a gap in the weather in our area.
Six riders turned up for the start of the ride, Danny resplendent in his civvies, advised us that he would not ride due to the conditions and that he was time-starved due to preparations for the Cowra event.
After much discussion it was decided the ride should loop Lake Munmorah going via Budgewoi, and Elisabeth Bay with a detour to Josh Porter reserve at Chain Valley Bay.
The riders at the start were Paul who was the ride manager, Debbie, Rolf, Mike, James, and Doug who was the sweep.
Daryl G advised us earlier that he was coming, however knowing that Daryl’s clock is always running late, we waited till the last moment for him to arrive, with Daryl nowhere in sight, we headed off towards Budgewoi. Shortly after, on Budgewoi Road, a bloke in a blue falcon with a bike on the back tooted his horn, and overtook us, it was of course Daryl, we assumed Daryl had abandoned the ride, so we got on with the ride.
Our first stop was at Slade park for a comfort stop, to our surprise a bloke who looked like a big yellow canary in the distance, soon arrived at Slade Park, Daryl had parked at the Lakes Beach, and rode to Slade Park in his splendid yellow rain cheater.
Paul then set a good pace to Elisabeth Bay with Debbie and James trying to keep in touch with his e-bike, but to no avail. After the regroup at Elisabeth Bay we headed up Elisabeth Bay Drive and turned off at Acacia Avenue, and then Diane Avenue to join up with the local bike path at the top of the lake. After meandering around the path, and around a few streets, we ended up at the Pacific Highway, where Paul advised us that he was leaving the ride to attend an arranged meeting.
After another meeting amongst the remaining riders, we decided to forgo the Josh Porter loop, and continue down the highway to San Remo. Debbie was nominated as the lead rider for this section. Debbie rode so fast that Rolf could barely stay in touch, the rest of us tried hard but were at least 500 metres behind by the time we got to Doyalson. Good effort Debbie and Rolf.
After leaving Doyalson we headed for the turn off to San Remo heights via the gap in the Armagard fence, but instead of going via the lake path, which was flooded, we took the road to the power station outlet, then bypassed the flooded path to Edgewater Park, and then took various roads to re-join the bike path at the eastern end of Buff Point. From there we rode to Budgewoi for coffee at The Anchor café, where we were joined by Peter H, who had some spare time in between ensuring all was good for the Cowra event.
The coffee was great, as was the service, a little rain dropped while we were sipping our coffee, but it cleared in time before we all headed home.
Thanks to Paul, Doug and Mike plus the various marshals.
The ride was about 30 kilometres, the average speeds were in the 18 to 20km/hr range, the temperature was pleasant, the wind was a hindrance in parts, but the tail wind in sections was great.
Danny's supplemental report - Just as the left-over non-riders were leaving Jenny Dixon, Daryl turned up, saying it was still only 2 minutes to nine (good timing Daz!). I assured him it was 2 minutes past, and they went thataway, so off he went.
Earlier, at my place, I was just about to leave home to ride to the start and the weather forecast at 8.00am said it was going to pass down, that's when I decided to drive to JDR. On Wednesday of course I rubbished another Daryl for going home, when it turned out to be a nice day, sort of, so I did even worse today, as it didn't rain all morning.
North shore of Budgewoi Lake. Pedro rides to coffee at Lakes - 17 March 2021
Wednesday 17 March 2021 - Group rides
Cool (17°C) cloudy and slightly rainy welcome at Peel Street, very windy but we didn't realise how windy till later (20-25 knots ENE), but we still had 16 riders for G2, two for G1, and 1 for G3, unnamed person, who decided to go home to Lake Macquarie rather than risk getting wet, or maybe being the only G3 rider for the day. Anyway, joke's on him, as it didn't actually rain at all.
G1 comprising as far as we could see only Ric and Carl, rode out over Kangy Angy, down Enterprise Drive, halfway to Tumbi and back via RR café for over 80km.
Warwick was our ride manager, and Doug and Mike did duty at the back. Over the Toukley Bridge and along The Corso and Panorama Ave to Charmy Bridge, round the back of Blue Haven, and up the hwy to Rutleys Road. On the way into Manno we stopped at the house where all the gnomes and statues were, but they are all gone now, but George was there, our old member from way back, so we had a little re-union before finishing the trip to Vales Point, where we soon decided to abandon lunch there, as it was so windy, and opted for Lakes Beach instead for our lunch break. Coming back along the new bikepath at Mannering Park, the big waves and white-caps were whipping in, but luckily most of our riding was done in the lee, and once we got back to the hwy it was tailwind all the way back to San Remo.
At San Remo Col and Paul decided to stop at La Macchina for coffee, while the rest of the péloton rode the bikepath to Budgewoi. A few of us stopped at Budgie for coffee, but the rest of us who like to stick to the original plan, rode to Lakes Beach, only to find the café shut. After a brief conference we set off for Noraville where there are a couple of nice cafés and that's where we had our break.
I did a total of 62km, Virginia about the same, Col did 55, and Christian maxed out at 73km, while the basic ride was about 50. Thanks for coming everyone, see you on Friday, or Saturday at Cowra, or in a couple of weeks.

Rolf and Doug in paradise - 17 March 2021
Coasters and Skylarkers Ride - Friday 12 March 2021
On a morning where the BOM said we would have heaps of rain, the night-time rain passed by the Toukley area without a drop in sight, so we were all in a positive mood on arrival at JD.
Twelve riders turned up for the ride, and they were - Linda, who had the good idea not to ride, Estelle who could not ride as her battery would not go into her e-bike, Rolf and James tried their best to fix it, but to no avail, later in the day Estelle advised us that the top bracket was loose, and was fixed at the bike shop, Estelle then advised us that she will be ok to ride next week. The starters were Viv, Col, Paul, Mike, Keith A, Doug (sweep), Daryl and our leader Chris.
Danny turned up in civvies but advised us he was feeling a bit crook, so we wished him a quick recovery before we set off. [Yeah, nah, feeling a bit better now 1700hrs.]
JDR was a hive of activity when we arrived, as a school athletics carnival was being set up in the adjoining field to JDR, unfortunately they had cancelled the event by the time we got back there.
As we set off for Budgie the weather was fine, overcast, but no rain, however a short time later it poured down, and most of us kept dry by being prepared, yours truly did not believe the BOM report, and got drenched.
On arrival at Slade Park, we took shelter under the picnic huts, and, aside from solving the problems of the world, we discussed the future of the ride, after 15 minutes of so of continual downpour, Chris decided to cancel the ride.
Paul, and Col decided to ride home, James returned to JDR, the rest of the group headed for Anchors coffee shop in Budgewoi. After coffee, Mike, Keith, Doug, and Chris returned home via San Remo, and the Corso (from Strava). Not sure what Viv did, but I assumed she would have ridden with the boyz and then returned to JDR. Daryl returned by means unknown, and it was assumed he went to his normal Friday dancing gig.
Thanks to Chris and Doug for their efforts.

The Skylarkers got away early and went to Hidden Valley, so missed the rain. There were six of them, running up between 80 and 102km - brilliant effort!
Wading through the long grass at Nords Wharf park - 10 March 2021
Wednesday 10 March 2021 - Group Rides
We all rode in cloudy conditions threatening rain, but only a few drops to be felt. Group 1 raced down to Terrigal, then across to Tuggerah and Wyong for coffee at River Reflections, for a total of about 75km.
Group 2 rode up to Nords Wharf, via Budgewoi and Lizzie Bay. Danny (this reporter) rode up the SRA on his e-bike, cos he could, coming out before the rest of the group were in sight, this being probably due to not stopping at traffic lights and re-grouping. When I got to the traffic lights they were flashing amber, so I carefully entered the intersection, only to have the lights resume normal operation while I was in the middle, on the red. No drama luckily.
We continued up the hwy, past the Big Prawn, Catho Hill Bay and Awabakal Drive, to Nords Wharf Road, where Rolf suffered a puncture. Never-the-less we raced down the big hill and waited for them at the very grassy lakeside park.
The only shop in Nords is now for lease, so we pushed on up another big hill back to the hwy, with San Remo, or a Secret Café, in our sights. Back to the start then, for those who needed to go there, or home for the rest of us. A very enjoyable ride, thanks everyone for making the effort despite the overcast sky, thanks to James for leading, and Doug for sweeping up. Well done to all those on analogue bikes, a hard ride of about 52km, or more (over 70km) for those who did extra, like Pedro, and remote residents like Chris.
Group 3 - Eight riders headed down The Corso and around Budgewoi lake to link up with Elizabeth bay drive to connect with The Highway and into the SRA and then onto Budgewoi circle for a coffee stop. A potential new member named Cathy has recently retired and now able to ride with a club. She was going to encourage her husband to ride also. 45kms were completed under excellent riding temperatures.
Beautiful Lake Macquarie at Nords Wharf - 10 March 2021
Sue's pic of supper after our night-ride - 7 March 2021
Autumn Night-ride - Sunday 7 March 2021
After a fine lazy Sunday, 18 riders met at The Entrance (T/E) for a local ride in the dark, which we haven't had for a couple of years. Everyone was equipped with the latest in lighting technology, reflective vests, and an eagerness to try ourselves out in the night-time. Doug was the manager, and set a cracking pace on the road. James and Mike were the sweeps, and did a good job too.
It was still daylight when we headed off at 7.00pm, imperceptably changing to dusk then night as we scurried along. Firstly we rode from Memorial Park, Marine Pde, T/E, up to Toowoon Bay and Batto Bay, then down to the Central Coast Highway, to the lovely bike/pedestrian path near Saltwater Creek Bridge. We followed this path all the way to Chittaway, stopping forlornly at the Bluebell Park toilets which were locked. Nobody had a Mlak key so, sorry, no relief, sadly all the toilets in the Shire were locked at that ungodly hour.
At Chittaway Bay we crossed the Ourimbah Creek bridge onto Geoffrey Road and followed our favorite detour along Church and Lake Roads to Tuggerah Supa Center, which we ducked behind and under the railway through our secret tunnel. Keith A got a flat tyre on the way to Chittaway, and he and Mike fixed it, and caught up with the péloton at Wyong Road on our way back from Tuggerah.
By this time it was pitch black and racing along the narrow path from Chittaway Road to Pindari Avenue through the encroaching bush and hills and bends was a case of don't stop or you will be lost. At one stage we did get slightly lost, with the midrunners not able to see the continuing path up a crest, but I knew the way even if others tried to mislead us, and we caught up at the next intersection. We finally found our way down to the lakeside bike path, even after someone tried to lead us up someone's driveway. I have done this ride many times before, but only in the daytime, and it's quite different at night.
Now heading home along the path, we looked forward to supper which we knew was waiting for us back at T/E. Not concentrating on the job led to an unnamed rider collecting a stanchion at the entrance to a small bridge and coming to grief. However she/he managed to re-mount and finish the ride, not much the worse for wear.
We finally made it to Picnic Point and soon we were at our cars, loading up. Sue had a magnificent supper set up for us in the picnic shelter - coffee, tea, delicious sangers, fruit cake which I daresay she baked herself during the day, and bikkies. Time for a good old chat and enjoy the friendship that comes with doing stuff together. Total distance was about 33km.
Thanks again to Doug and Sue who produced and directed the whole night. Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the outing.

Catching prawns in the Entrance channel, why didn't we think of that? - 7 March 2021
Stiff southerly breeze on the way home, The Entrance, Tuggerah Lake - 5 March 2021
Friday rides - 5 March 2021
Despite the choppy conditions shown above, most of the ride was conducted in ideal conditions, ie sunny/cloudy, fine, warm... Five Skylarkers headed down to Terrigal, then back up to Tumbi Umbi, Chittaway, Wyong and Tacoma for coffee at RR, finishing with good totals from 75 to 88km for Ric.
The Coasters had another brilliant turnout of 24 riders with Chris leading us westerly to Charmhaven, back to Arizona Road and through the Warnervale paddocks to Wadalba and up to Johns Road. Straight through to Wyong then down the 'river' road to RR café.
While waiting for our coffee, Robyn was kind enough to inform me that my back tyre was flat. I only got the bike back from the shop yesterday! So between the hot coffee and fixing the flat with many helpers, all useful, I missed the departure of the Coasters. In the meantime however, the Skylarkers had arrived after their marathon ride down to Terrigal, so I joined them for m/t. Irene put on a good show, sideswiping the waitress's tray of drinks, tipping them all on the tiles and on Fred's leg. So much coffee on the ground, but the lady came with a watering can and washed it all away. Sorry I never thought to take a photo of it all. I then left to ride home alone, taking that photo on the way.
Thanks everyone for coming. A very entertaining ride!

Twenty-five members at Peel Street despite the rainy outlook - 3 March 2021
Wednesday 3 March 2021 - Group Rides, all to The Entrance and beyond
Rainy and cloudy, with a decent southerly breeze, seemed a good day to keep safe in a café somewhere. A few of us had ridden in the rain to the venue, Peel Street, Toukley, while everyone else drove their cars, and no-one had unloaded their bikes. However, as we all stood there contemplating our bad luck, more riders arrived and the rain stopped, so we were back in business.
Group 1 - Kerrie arrived early but was soaked and went home to change, Ric arrived and decided to look for Kezza and proceed with their ride, which was a loop of Tuggerah Lake.
Group 2 had about 18 people, not all with a bike, and 15 or so set off for The Entrance (T/E) with Wazza leading. Some of them only went as far as T/E then turned back. The rest headed on down to Wamberal to finish with a good ride.
Group 3 was led by Jill and had 7 riders, including me on my mussel bike. No e-bikes in this group. We rode down to T/E and to Batto Bay, down Shelly Beach Road to the lake (Tuggerah) and back to T/E for coffee. The minimum ride in G3 was 40km while I did 50.
It turned out to be a nice riding day, though some rides were cut a bit short, and rain fell later, so luck was on our side.
Thanks to those intrepid riders who made the effort.

Coasters at the substation, Pacific Hwy, Munmorah - 26 Feb 2021
Friday Rides - 26 February 2021
A lovely sunny day for all of us. The Skylarkers set themselves an ambitious plan if they did indeed plan it, riding down WBD, through Batto Bay, Tumbi Umbi, Hansen Road, Leetes La, Berkeley Road, Enterprise Drive, Burnsie, OCR, Ffoots Road and back over Kangy Angy before finally stopping at RR for a coffee, so anti-clockwise for a change. John did about 71km and Tony about 90, a tough ride and well done youse guys.
The Norah Head Coasters boasted 25 riders today with fairly new guy Colin, old guy John L'E with a new compliant e-bike, well done John, and a new guy Hugh on his second attempt, this one successful. Chris was our manager and Doug and crew did the tail, thanks chaps.
With the destination Summerland Point, we rode down to Budgewoi, the whole of Lizzie Bay Dr and turned right into the Pacific Hwy. It was quite warm by this stage, but everybody was enjoying the ride. Up to Kanangra Drive and along there to Summerland Point. Rolf warned us about some damaged cable safety fence, which left a cable hanging right across a curve, very dangerous, so thanks for the warning, Rolf.
After a comfort stop at the toilets we continued along Cams Blvd back to Summerland Road, and up to Kanangra. At the highway we had a choice to either go down Blue Wren Drive to the Birdie Beach Road, or turn right at the hwy for the comfortable option to meet up again at Lizzie Bay then to coffee at Lakes Beach.
Col and I stayed on the highway at LBD so we could just go home. I was on my mussell bike, with the e-bike in for repairs, and Col was tired out as well. Col turned off at Roper Road, and I continued down to La Macchina for an iced coffee and an almond croissant, in case you're interested. My total ride was 50km, Chris did 73km and Hugh Sykes only managed 40 on the basic ride
Thanks everyone for coming. See more photos on our Group FB page here.

Cloudy day at Tuggerah Lake for Group 2 - 24 February 2021
Wednesday 24 February 2021 - Group Rides
Good turnup today, Group 1 had 7 riders, G2 had 20 and G3 had maybe 5.
Group 1 riders took a straightforward course today, out to Catherine Hill Bay, 52 to 72 km, good work guys and Kerrie.
Group 3 rode around Budgewoi Lake for a modest 24km, including in their number the famous Peter Bones, of whom we have seen little recently.
Which brings us to Group 2, 20 of us, led by James. He was very well-prepared, with copies of his itinerary to hand out to interested members. In a cloudy warm not-quite rainy condition we headed down to Toukley Bridge, into Mary Street, bypassing Molly's place (our black catty friend) down to Craigie Park for a wee stop. Then along the road to Prawn Beach Lane (love that name) for a spectacular view of the lake and a photo shoot. One photo see above.
After a regroup at the Award-winning Wyong Toilets we continued down to Tuggerah and took the rail subway to arrive at Lake Road/Church Road for a detour to Chittaway, meeting our friend Wayne on the way. Wayne rode with us to Batto Bay. Spitting rain at times it seemed we would get wet, which we did as we approached The Entrance. It rained quite steadily but we were so close to the CBD that we thought it not worth stopping to put on our jackets. Big disappointment at T/E CBD as our favorite café The Bite Club was not open, so we spread out among other coffee shops, on wet tables.
Heading back up WBD it started raining more, so I put my rain jacket on, lovely warm and dry, while Col perservered with his club shirt, so I would say by the time he got home, after 88km, he would have been soaked. Never-the-less, it was a good ride, enjoyable and sociable.

Our favourite rest spot - The Entrance lookout - 19 February 2021
Coasters and Skylarkers - 19 February 2021
Quite a warm morning, up to 27°C later, with an 10 knot easterly breeze slackening to 4 knots SE by noon. The Skylarkers took off up the SRA hill, back to Doyalson, Wyee Rd, Bushells Ridge, Hue Hue, St Johns Road, up Dicksons Road on Nigels Ride, back to Jilliby Road, Wyong, River Reflex for coffee etc for about 75km.
The Coasters, led by Christian, rode down WBD to The Entrance ((T/E), Toowoon Bay, Batto Bay and back to the Tuggerah Lake for a pleasant ride to T/E for coffee. Pedro led the bit through the backroads of Batto Bay.
Some of our group who dined away from us got an early start but they waited for us at the new bike path carpark. Poor old Keith A shredded his tyre on the last stretch and had to get a lift home from Darryl. My front tyre was going down, but I kept pumping CO2 into it to get me home. There were 18 of us, a good size group. Thanks everyone for coming, thanks to our leaders and sweeps, including Viv V. This report and some photos appear on our FaceBook Group Page, which has survived the FB massacre here.

Garbage scow rounding the headland at Newcastle to pick up rubbish from moored ships - 17 February 2021
Wednesday 17 February 2021 - Group Rides
Group 1 - Several guys forming Group 1 rode from Peel Street, down WBD, around the lake to Chittaway, up Enterprise Drive, up Hidden Valley (OCR) and back via Ffoots Road and Palmdale, over Kangy Angy, back to Wyong and I daresay they had coffee at River Reflex before returning to their homes with about 80km dealt with.
Group 2/3 - An away ride today, with G3 joining Group 2 making 35 riders. We split them up, with the second half about 5 minutes behind Warwick's group, except for the trip back when they took a different route. Waz was our capable leader, with Doug our sweep, I think, leaving from the Belmont Rail carpark at the bottom of the Fernleigh Track (FT), and riding up to Nobbys Beach in Newcastle, with a few adventuresome types going all the way out to the end of the rocky point to take photos and get a sea-spray shower.
I rode this track on Sunday, so I left the e-bike at home and rode my mussel bike, and very happy with my performance. Our friend and member Marshall joined us for the northern section of our ride, nice to see you again, Marshall! No flats or prangs, well done y'all. Thanks for coming, everyone!
Friday 12 February 2021 - Skylarkers and Coasters Rides
A warm cloudy day at Jenny Dixon Reserve. The Skylarkers had already gone, down WBD, onto the bike path on the south side of Tuggerah Lake to Chittaway Drive, Enterprise Dr, up OCR to Hidden Valley, back to Ffoots Road, Palmdale, Kangy Angy, Wyong, River Reflex for coffee and back to Norah Head, 80 - 102km (Tony) for the ride, average speed 26kmh - good work!
The Norah Head Coasters, to give us our full name, did a relatively easy ride, especially the 6 of us on e-bikes, up to Budgewoi, Lizzie Bay, up to the Pacific Hwy, right up to CVB Road and down to Josh Porter Reserve in CVBS. Rolf took a detour up the SRA Lookout road and we never saw him again. Apparently he misheard the briefing and waited for us up at Kanangra Drive, for too long, then went back to Charmy to the Secret Café, where he joined a select group of members for m/t.
After waiting for a few minutes for Rolf, the rest of us rode down to San Remo where we had our coffee at La Macchina.
Afterwards Christian (Marie Alain?) took the péloton back to JDR via Buff Point, while Barry and I rode back along Panorama and The Corso towards home. I completed 43km while the average was 38-40km.
A very pleasant ride with no dramas, thanks everyone (all 26) for coming, and thanks to Chris for leading and Jimbo for sweeping up.
Wednesday 10 February 2021 - Group Rides
Group 1 - About 6 of them rode out to Gwandalan for a ride of 50km or so.
Group 2 - Barry led 24 of us on a circuit which included, in order, Toukley Bridge, Tuggerawong, Tacoma, Wyong (Pollock Ave), Wadalba, Minnesota Road, Warnervale Wetlands, Charmhaven, San Remo, Buff Point, and Budgewoi, for coffee at Lakes Beach.
Doug and James did the sweeping, but James had a set-back on the Marks Rd roller-coaster, getting a flat back tyre. Danny and a few others doubled back after he rang someone for help, and fixed the problem (a large glass crystal) before resuming the ride.
Next, onto the beautiful scenic cycleway along the clifftops of Tuggerah Lake. Barry took us, as he had promised, along the river road all the way to Hillcrest Avenue, but Chris and Azy weren't listening, and shot off ahead after the scenic path straight up Jensen Road and we never saw them again.
After a photo-shoot at the bottom of Hillcrest, I got a phone call from Chris asking where we were, so he said they would be waiting near the Wadalba shops.We then reached Jensen Road, down to Pollock and up to Johns Road, keeping a look-out for our wayward members on the way. All the way along Figtree Blvd and Minnesota, but my calls to Chris went unanswered. Through the Warnie Wetties, and up to the Pacific Hwy.
After an epic effort to get us all across the highway, Baz then took us all the way up the highway along the edge of the road including past the Charmy shops, a bit scary at times. By this time the weather had deteriorated, colder and light rain, so after we got to San Remo I decided to chicken out and go home, as I didn't fancy getting wet just in my club shirt. It spit rain all the way home, but apparently didn't rain on the ride. I still did 40km, but missed out on the coffee.
I haven't heard of any other news so it must be good. The distances covered were from 44km to 70 for Moonie and something enormous for Azy, riding from Batto Bay. Chris did ring me again as I was riding home, still loitering around Wadalba, so I have no idea what happened. There will be an enquiry in due course. Thanks everyone for coming.
Group 3 - Eight riders completed the Tuggerah lake circuit of 45 kms. Karen was back after a health-related break and a new rider named Colin joined us also. We just reached Bluebell Park as a rain shower passed over and we sat on milk crates under the shelter of shop awnings for coffee and nibbles. Karen had a puncture on the home stretch and a tricky sharp object removed from the tyre. A good steady ride under pleasant temperatures.
Friday 5 February 2021 - Skylarkers and Coasters
Quite a large group of Skylarkers took off early today to beat the heat, maybe ten of 'em, heading up to Budgewoi, Buff Point, Doyalson and Wyee to Morisset for a loop through Mandolong and Jilliby to Wyong, with m/t at River Reflex, for a total of 75 to 90km in the hot conditions.
The Coasters managed 18 riders, with Warwick at the helm, and Doug sweeping up. Hot and humid, but with a NE breeze of 12 knots at 0900 to blow us to The Entrance (T/E), increasing to 20 knots by noon to impede our journey home. No flats or falls so good on us!
After a break at Roberts St North T/E, we found the bike path by the lake, all the way to Blue Bell Park at Killarney Vale, doubling back by the back streets, then up to Toowoon Bay and down to T/E for coffee.
Then into the stiff headwind for the trip back up WBD and home. Much easier on my e-bike, sorry guys that I passed up WBD! All-in-all, a very pleasant Coasters ride with a basic distance of 45km, but longer for those who rode from home in the west, or north. 60km for me and Baz, and 70 for Moonie. Thanks for coming everyone, contributing to our physical and mental health. If we only knew how beneficial our cycling club was to us all...
Wednesday 3 February 2021 - Group rides and AGM and GM
Cloudy breezy morning of about 21°C, no rain. We started from Jenny Dixon Reserve, Norah Head, instead of the usual Peel Street Toukley as a trial. At the meeting we were asked to vote on which would be the best start venue, but the vote was split 50/50, so a e-mail-in survey is under way.
Group 1 ride - Four riders did a very fast lap of Tuggerah Lake (27.7kmh average), Ric, Carl, Vic and Fred, so good effort those guys.
Group 2 and 3 riding together. A short ride so G3 came in with G2, giving us about 23 riders, though we lost a couple of those at Budgewoi as they had to go and prepare the hall for the AGM. James was leading on his e-bike, and Doug looked after the other end.
We had to take the old highway detour on the way past Lakes Beach, as there had been a serious crash right on the Lakes driveway, with a big 4WD wagon smashed to bits, and emergency vehicles everywhere, including a huge helicopter. Traffic was held up badly but we just cruised past the carnage.
Then a pleasant cruise up Lizzie Bay Drive to the Pacific Highway, turn left and ride all the way back to Doyalson and San Remo. People started peeling off at this stage to get home for a shower before driving to the Colongra Hall for the meetings. No coffee, except for a select group who went to the Secret Café in Charmhaven. Only 30km for me at this stage, after riding from home, so I did some extra laps of my back streets for a massive total of 34km. Some other keen riders did much further with extra trips to various places. We had nearly 3 hours before the meeting, to which not everyone was going anyway, so plenty of time to ride further.
No accidents or flats, nor any abusive drivers, if you don't count unnecessary horn-blowing. Thanks to the participants and organisers for your help.
Reports on the meetings at Colongra Hall may arrive soon.
Friday 29 January 2021 - Coasters
Yeah, nah, not a very nice day today. Cloudy, raining, breezy but not that cold. I fronted Jenny Dixon because of FOMO, and James was there, with his bike, firmly bolted to his car, with no intention of going anywhere. Rolf turned up on his bike, so best-in-class award for him. Soon Pedro, Mike, and Doug arrived so we planned a venue for morning coffee, while James went home for a doctor's apptmt.
Up to The General Store for coffee, where we sat playing with our phones most of the time, had some coffee, talked about the good old days and discussed the gearing on our bikes. Fascinating stuff! Then I went home and had breakfast.
Wednesday 27 January 2021 - Group Rides
Conditions were less than ideal, with spitting rain all morning, and a brisk SSW breeze of 20-25 knots (50kmh), but quite warm, maybe 21°C or more. Group 1 was all ready to go, just the four of 'em, led by Carl. Wadalba, Sparks Road, Hue Hue, Dicksons Rd, Mandolong Rd, back down Jilliby to Wyong and coffee at RR. 74km.
Group 3 dissipated with Jill and Trevor coming with G2, led by Paul, backed up by Doug and Mike. We had a couple of new guys, keen but nowhere near ready for such a ride. At this stage it was a tail wind, but far from ideal conditions. I wanted to go home, but was shamed into joining the group, and I'm glad I did.
Out to Budgewoi then Lizzie Bay Drive to Lizzie Bay. The choice was, go up the SRA or use LBD and the highway, everyone meeting up at Kanagra Drive.
I chose the SRA as I had my e-bike, but I was the only one. I met the péloton at Kanangra as anticipated, several minutes ahead of them, even after taking photos near the Birdie Beach Lookout. We then rode to the firetrail gravel road, in not very good condition, down Mulloway and to Josh Porter Reserve for a pitstop.
After a brief stop we rode down the highway to Doyalson, then continued on the Motorway Link to Blue Haven Drive, round the back of BH to coffee at La Macchina Espresso, except for Doug, Mike and Keith A who continued on to the Charmy nursery café. We had been shedding riders at various points and were down to about 8 or 9 at m/t.
After a beautiful caffè we split up into the Peel Street and Buff Pointers, while Chris, Virginia and I headed straight down the highway to our homes, a bit further for Chris living in Wadalba. The Peel Street mob had a drama on the bike path near Ralph's place when Paul F got a flat, lost control and slammed into a railing, losing a fair bit of skin, thanks for the update James, spoiling our good record this year. Hope you're alright Paul!
Thanks for coming everyone, in such adverse conditions, you are legends! This report and some photos are on our FaceBook Group page here.
Friday 22 January 2021 - Coasters
Twenty-one well-known faces appeared at Jenny Dixon Reserve, Norah Head, this morning, for a relaxed ride together up to Josh Porter Reserve at Chain Valley Bay South (CVBS), with Chris and Paul leading the way, and Doug and Mike looking after the tail-end. warm becoming hot, was the forecast, and it was true. No flat tyres or riders getting separated, nor any other dramas.
A well-disciplined ride group made its way up to Lizzie Bay Drive to Lake Munmorah the suburb, then straight across the highway into Carters Road and on the bike path to Josh Porter where we had a comfort stop. Comfy again, we rode down Tall Timbers Road (TTR) to Kingfisher Shores for a squiz, then back up TTR to the highway, then city-bound all the way to San Remo, where we piled into the Espresso Macchiato for coffee, and maybe a snack, in my case an Eggs Benny with smoked salmon, to keep me going till lunchtime. Some riders went elsewhere, like the Secret Café, or home.
By the time we left there, we were down to about 8 riders as everyone headed for home. Thanks for coming everyone, good to see you all again. It's been, what, 2 days. Thanks to the previously mentioned officials who kept us safe and motivated. My total distance was an astounding 38km.
Wednesday 20 January 2021 (hey 20/1/2021!) - Group rides
Group 1 - Four cyclists joined G1 for a favourite ride over Kangy Angy and down Enterprise Drive. No doubt m/t at RR.
I was planning to sook it out with Group 3 today, but they cancelled it, only Trevor and Jill were there. So I went with Group 2 on my e-bike for a big ride down to Tumbi Umbi. Paul and Pedro led the ride, down through The Entrance (T/E) CBD, up to Batto Bay and on via Cresthaven Avenue, with 16 of us present.
At one stage we stopped, looking for the sweep (Dougie and Mike) but they never arrived. I don't know this area much, but I rode back the way we had come looking for them, through a sports field and suburbs, going back about 3km before I found them fixing Rolf's flat tyre. Doug, Rolf and Mike had just about finished putting the tyre back on and in no time had the wheel back in and mounted up to ride on, when suddenly Rolf says, "Hang on! there's something wrong with the tyre", and jumps off again to examine it when BANG!! Shotgun goes off in our faces - tyre no longer on the rim and tube burst! So I left them to it and we never saw them again all day.
Back at the péloton we pushed off again, along Eastern Road and Tumbi Road, back to the lake, then wound our way back to T/E, looking forward to lunch at my favourite cafe at T/E CBD The Bite Club. Closed! Bugger! Coffee at the ice cream shop, quite nice, and at least we were all sitting close by.
We had lost a few by then, people going home early or getting lost, making our way back our back up WBD before heading home or to base. Finished up doing 63km, Chris did 69, and Virginia, who is on a mission to shame us all, did 91km for the day, with an early lap of Budgewoi lake followed by a visit to Pollock Ave.
We copped a little bit of rain near the start, but otherwise it was just a cool cloudy day, not cold - nice ride really. Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks to Paul, Pedro, Doug and Mike for helping out.
Friday 15 January 2021 - Skylarkers and Coasters
A warm humid cloudy day with the Skylarkers heading off to Hidden Valley, Ourimbah, either 8 or 9 if you count the camera operator - 80km.
The Coasters met as usual at Jenny Dixon Reserve (JDR) with 24 of us so a very good roll-up, forcing us to think about where we could accommodate so many people for morning tea. Waz picked The Entrance as a good place.
He set off down Wilfred Barrett Drive (WBD) with us all behind, but we didn't stay there for long, with several riders keen to be up the front. We eventually met up at the bus stop in Roberts street, North Entrance, but there were a few missing. Nicolette had suffered a glassy puncture just back up the road, and was having trouble fitting her new tyre on her new bike. Eventually she and her retinue of helpers made their way to a bike shop in Long Jetty and got it fixed. The rest of us rode through The Entrance CBD and up to Toowoon Bay before taking Swadling Ave down to the lake where we caught up with Nicolette and her staff.
We soon made it all the way to our favorite cafés near the merry-go-round and pelican feeder in T/E and enjoyed excellent service and food. Eventually we headed back to the bridge and up WBD. I had a head start as I always take the path from the toilets up to the bridge, while everyone else follows the leader on an easier but longer trek through the back streets. Some time after Magenta Graeme caught me after a brilliant effort (I was on my e-bike) and we never saw him again. Mike didn't wait for us at the toilets so was already at the New Bike Path Carpark where we collected the rest of the western suburbs riders and rode home across the Toukley Bridge.
The distance ridden today depended a lot on whether one had ridden from home, so the minimum was 30km and Col and Christian did a lot more. Thanks everyone for coming today. It's obvious that we all love riding together and seeing each other to keep fit and mentally healthy. Thanks Waz and me for leading and Doug for doing the Sweep.
Wednesday 13 January 2021 - Group Rides
Another sunny warm day with a faint NE breeze. Group 1 with about 6 riders headed south through The Entrance, turning around at Wamberal and coming back via Berkeley Vale, for a total of 66 to 74km depending on where you started.
Group 2 had 19 riders, with Hugh leading for the first time. He had plenty of experienced hangers-on to tell him where he went wrong, usually for stopping in an unexpected place.
Our friendly cat, Molly, was unavailable today behind the Gorokan shops, so we kept going to Prawn Beach Lane for a scenic tour of the stunning lake shore, before continuing to Jensen Road and on to the Wyong toilets. After crossing on to the Tuggerah Straight bike path we didn't wait for those who missed the lights, instead waiting at the Tuggerah railway station for them.
Up over Kangy Angy and down the Pacific Highway to Burns Road, where we stopped while Hugh gave us further advice about getting through the single-lane tunnel at the end of Burns Road. Hugh had hoped to addess us again on Enterprise Drive, but there wasn't enough room, so we persuaded him to keep going, to Wyong Road, Church Road and Lake Road, through the secret tunnel behind the shopping centre and not stopping till we were back at Tuggerah Rail.
A pleasant ride then to River Reflections at Tacoma where we enjoyed a variety of hot and cold drinks, and a few ice creams. I had failed to launch my Strava till we were at Chittaway, so lost about 40km off my record. I'm gutted! Eventually I noticed Moonie and Virginia getting ready to go early, so seeing that we live near each other I joined them for an early getaway.
Ian and Ginnie let me lead till we got to MyRNA Road but I had slowed to a crawl by then, so I let Viginia go ahead and finished the ride at my own slow pace.
Doug was our Sweep all day, thanks Dougie, and thanks Hugh and everyone else for the wonderful ride. Maximum temp. was 29°C as forecast - very nice!
Group 3 - With Jill as leader, 8 riders headed along WBD and beautiful and busy coastal roads to Bateau Bay and choosing the shaded reserve for m/tea/snack. We left the lake cycleway to the tourists and returned to Peel St by the same route. No drawing pin punctures or problems. We averaged 18.6kph to the Bay but probably not the same on the return. Do we ever ride northward on WBD without a head wind? Jill
Friday 8 January 2021 - Skylarkers and Coasters
At least 6 Skylarkers turned up today for Nigel's Ride, which is Sparks Rd, Hue Hue, Holloway, Dicksons and Jilliby, back to River Reflections at Tacoma for a >60km ride.
Sixteen Coasters came to Jenny Dixon's on a cool and windy (SSE 15-25knots) day, but no rain. Nobody wanted to face the wind, so we headed west to avoid it, even the Skylarkers. Paul led the ride, down over the Toukley bridge, Marks Road, Jensen Road, and back up Pollock to Wadalba for coffee.
After coffee we split into 2 groups according to our shortest route home. Those who drove to JDR and the seaside citizens took Wahroongah Road back to Gorokan, and we westies, plus Linda, rode up Minnesota Road and Sparks Road towards Bunnings, Charmhaven. I went straight along Mataram Ave directly home. Thirty kms for me, Virginia managed 40 by taking many detours to build up her challenge total. We all had a good time, even if I did have my 4th puncture in 3 days (dodgy rim-tape), and pretty well avoided the nasty wind. Thanks for coming everyone.
Wednesday 6 January 2021 - Group Rides
Absolutely perfect day for a local ride, sunny/cloudy, warm, 15knot SSE breeze hardly felt. Group 1, with 6 riders, did a loop around Budgewoi and Munmorah Lakes, then up to Summerland Point. Dave did his own ride around Tuggerah Lake. All about 60-70kms.
Group 3, 4 riders, were supposed to ride up to the SRA Lookout, but while we saw them push off, nothing further has been heard of them, not even a clue on Strava.
Group 2 meanwhile headed off to Toukley Bridge with about 15 riders, through Charmhaven and over the Wallarah Creek bridge and into Blue Haven. Paul and James had left 10 minutes earlier on their e-bikes and Strava showed them riding through Buff Point to San Remo, where we met them later. Warwick was our leader and Doug looked after the tail end.
Riding our usual loop through Blue Heaven along Roper Road, we crossed the Motorway Link, always an exciting time, with death stalking us as we crossed. Up to Doyalson then past Ruttleys Road all the way to Tall Timbers Road for a quick visit to Joshua Porters Reserve for a quick break and pitstop. We did have a flat past Ruttleys Rd with Paul's E-bike getting something nasty from a burnt-out car site. Soon fixed.
Chain Valley Bay South then North then up the gravel track to Kanagra Drive. Didn't see G1, too late I suspect. Back to the highway then down Blue Wren Drive to Birdie Beach Drive and down the big hill, better than going up it. Always exciting, at least the way I do it. Then to McKenzie Park at Budgewoi for lunch and coffee, BYO.
Did I mention that I came out to a flat in the morning? Fixed that and still made it in time. After lunch I found my back tyre flat again, so using my last tube I fixed it with Paul and James' help. Off they went but when I started I found the tyre down again. Bugger! No more tubes, too far to walk home (11km) so I resorted to the smartphone and got Pedro, climbing a hill on Wilfred Barrett Drive, who luckily for me stopped and took the call, then riding home getting his car and taking me home. Thanks Pedro!
Next morning I tried to fix the new flat, but couldn't find a leak. I'm beginning to suspect that there was no puncture, just a weak inflation effort with the CO2 bottle. So I've put it all back together and we'll see how it goes tomorrow on the Coasters ride. Went to the bike shop and bought a new tyre, 3 spare tubes, a rim tape, so I hope I've got all bases covered.
Everybody else finished the ride with about 48-50km A perfect day! Cheers
TDCC Coasters Loop of Toukley, Budgewoi and Elizabeth Bay - 1 January 2021
Today’s weather had an ominous look about it from the moment we welcomed the New Year, lots of rains as we loaded our bikes for the trip to Jenny Dixon. On arrival at Jenny Dixon the rain kept coming, our gladiators decided to ride because this Summer looks like the rain is going to be part of the normal, sounds like Covid. We reasoned if we let a little bit of rain put of us, we would hardly ride in the next month or so.
After consultation between the riders present, we decided to do a loop of Canton Beach, then back to Aldi, then do a loop of Noraville including the Toukley Golf club, then go to Budgewoi via Noraville, then do a tour of Budgewoi suburbia to the end of Sunrise Avenue, followed by a loop around Budgewoi before returning to the Budgewoi Circle, followed by a trip to Elizabeth Bay then back to Jenny Dixon. Choice of Coffee stop was still up in the air as we prepared to leave Jenny Dixon.
Seven of our members turned up at Jenny Dixon, Mike for a chat, Peter H and Rolf with their bicycles pondering what to do, eventually James (Ride Manager), Nicolette, Hugh (Sweep) and John L, decided to ride.
John has not ridden with us for a while for various health reasons, and we are told he is most likely our oldest rider, a good effort as John caught the train from Woy-Woy to Wyong, then rode to Jenny Dixon, and had to do the same on the return journey, good effort John.
After settling on the above-mentioned route, we set off towards Canton Beach with curious holiday makers giving us the once-over, maybe thinking, what are these people doing, we just ignored their stares, and cycled on continually wiping rain drops from off glasses or from our eyes.
After getting to the end of the Canton Beach bike track, we did a U-turn, and headed back to Aldi via Crossingham St, and Evans road, we then followed the back roads beside the bushland leading to the Toukley Golf Club, lots of natural bushland to admire. On arrival at the Golf Club, we did a U turn at the entrance to the club. Nicolette did not want to get too close to the Club House after hearing stories about the Red Bellied black snake that lives near the Club House, apparently, we are told members are not allowed to interfere with the snake, it would be a game person who did, as the snake is a monster.
Shortly after leaving the Golf Club Nicolette had a mechanical problem, apparently a twig had caught in her front brake disk, and every time she braked it gave out a yell like a tortured soul. After removing the offending twig we took off towards Noraville, heading for Budgewoi for a comfort stop at Slade Park.
Luckily the breathalyser unit that was on Main Road Toukley had packed up and gone home, so we were not delayed by having to blow into whatever it is these days.
On arrival at Slade Park, we discovered that Nicolette was nowhere in sight. Unfortunately the rain on our rear vision mirrors had blocked our view of the riders behind us, thankfully after a short while Nicolette arrived at Slade Park just as we were setting out to look for her. My apologies Nicolette.
After leaving Slade Park we headed under the bridge to join up with Sunrise Avenue, after looking behind us for Hugh and John, we realised that we had lost sight of another rider. Hugh informed us that John had taken a wrong turn and kept going along the bike track towards San-Remo. Hugh tried to catch him and operated his loud horn on his bike to attract John, as John did not have his hearing aid in place, he did not hear Hugh’s call. Hugh gave up the chase and eventually John realised his mistake and returned to the group, smiles all around we headed off along Sunrise Avenue to the village at the end of the road. We all had a laugh about our little problems today, someone mentioned the name John Cleese.
After doing a tour around the back streets of Halie and Budgewoi we returned to the Budgewoi circle where we then planned to have coffee on the way back from Elisabeth Bay, so with that in mind we set off towards the first round-a-bout at Lizzie Bay where we did a U turn, and returned to the Circle for a coffee. Unfortunately we could not get a seat, due to the amount of tourists in town.
Someone suggested the Lakes Beach, and so it was we had coffee at the Lakes Beach, luckily under an awning with chairs, the staff were friendly and the coffee just perfect, we took a few photos which will appear somewhere on our web pages.
After coffee and short chat at Jenny Dixon due to the rain, we all went our own ways with John cycling to Wyong to catch the train home, the ride was around 37km, at average speeds between 17-19 Km/hr, the weather was worse than last Wednesday.
TDCC Grp 2 Bateau Bay Loop 30-12-2020
On getting out of bed this morning most of our riders would have checked the BOM weather radar map and seen that lots of rain was on the way but, being the troopers that they are, 13 riders turned up to challenge the gruelling conditions.
As group 3 were short on members, Jill and Trevor decided to join our group, Group 1 riders went for their own rides, and from Strava it seems Tony did the Newcastle ride, David to Summerland Point, and Rick and Co, looped Tuggerah Lake.
Hugh was a first-time ride manager with Doug the tail, the other riders were James, Col, Peter H, Mike, Keith A, Doug, Debbie, Ian, Jill, Trevor, Virginia, and Rolf.
Rhonda, a guest beginner rider, turned up, but only rode a few kilometres before retiring from the ride, deciding she needed more practice.
After starting the ride Hugh, who is just short of 80 years young, set a hot pace to the quiet place on Wilfred Barrett drive (WBD). Hugh advised we could now go hell-for-leather to The Entrance along WBD, but no one took up the offer due to the hot pace they knew Hugh would set.
Shortly after leaving the quiet place, not far along WBD, the heavens opened up, and some of us who did not prepare for the rain, were soaked by the time we got to the Entrance. At our first stop at North Entrance, we soon got into our all-weather jackets which although we had wet shirts, managed to keep us warm via our own body heat.
Thankfully the North Entrance Magpies have left the nest, and daddy Magpie no longer needs to attack us, and mister nasty tack-man must have not wanted to go out in the rain, as we did not encounter any punctures.
After leaving North Entrance we joined the bike track at Picnic point, and ventured around to Wyong Road, where we crossed the road at a round-a-bout, at this stage some riders decided it was a bit dicey, and decided to go via another route, we eventually joined up at the Bateau Bay shopping centre then meandered around The Entrance sports fields before heading back to The Entrance for coffee, by this stage the rain had decided to take it easy on us.
The sewing machine café was closed for some reason, maybe they are on holidays, the rest of the groups went to various cafés around The Entrance, Ian and Virginia decided to ride home as they had ridden to Peel Street. The owners of the coffee shop we went to asked us to sit inside their restaurant due to the inclement conditions outside, thanks nice people.
Hugh, Col and James returned to Peel street, Hugh set a cracking pace which left Col and James struggling to keep up. The rest of the various groups wound their way home, by this stage the rain had decided to teach us another lesson. Fortunately we were prepared this time, and stayed dry except for our legs.
Col was a bit concerned he would ride home by mistake, and not to Peel street as he is so used to riding from home, all was ok, and after a short chat in the rain we left for home, thankfully I had a change of clothes in the car.
Thanks to Hugh for a great ride, and Doug for doing the sweep duties. Some of our girls even mentioned how much they enjoyed riding in the rain, tougher than us boys.
The ride was about 41 KM and average speeds were a bit lower than usual due the rain, and averaged from 17.5 to 19km/hr. You may have guessed how the weather was.
TDCC Grp 1/2/3 Lake Munmorah Loop - Wednesday 23-12-2020
The heading was not a mistake, yes, we had riders from 3 groups today, David from group 1, Jill and Trevor from group 3 and the rest from group 2.
The ride today was as the advertised ride, that is, start at Peel street, then Gorokan, Blue Haven loop, Link Road, the Pacific Highway to Blue Bell drive, through the SRA, then Norah head via Elisabeth Bay and Budgewoi, then return to Peel Street.
A beautiful day greeted us at Peel Street with 21 riders all dressed up for a nice short ride, led by Linda with Warwick looking after the tail. Aside from David, it was also good to see Debbie, and Lindley back riding with the group as they have not ridden with us for a while for various reasons.
Peter H arrived on his bike, but only planned a short ride before returning home due to having some stitches still in place.
The riders in sign on order were Warwick, Robyn, Linda, Ian, James, Nicolette, Keith A, Doug, Harry, Mike, Peter G, Lindley, Debbie, David, Keith M, Virginia, Jill, Trevor, Col and Hugh.
Linda set a cracking pace to Gorokan, and some of the tail riders were breathing heavy when we arrived at Gorokan for our first comfort stop, David left us for some comfort, but promised he would catch us on The Corso, of course it was not long before he caught up, due to him being a group 1 rider, albeit returning to riding after a lengthy layoff.
On arrival at Wallarah Creek Bridge, we had a drink break, then took off around Blue Haven in the direction of Aldi in Roper road. [Trevor and Jill only starters for group 3. First ride for Trevor after surgery so we only intended to go as far as Roper road. No point in riding final hill only to return via same hill!!. A 34km ride was still completed. Jill]
The rest of us had a regroup at the end of Roper road before crossing onto the Link Road, and then heading for Blue Wren Drive along the Pacific Highway, luckily the traffic lights were in a good mood today, and we had a nice run to Kanangra Drive where we turned left, before doing a U turn, and crossing the Pacific Highway into Blue Wren drive.
At this point, Paul decided to avoid the bumpy ride through the SRA, and returned to Elisabeth Bay via the Highway, then Elizabeth Bay drive where he planned to rendezvous with the rest of the group.
The rest of us made it to Elisabeth Bay, where Linda told the fast riders to go for it, so they did, with David disappearing out of sight like a tour de-France rider, some other made valiant attempts to catch him, but failed.
On arriving at Budgewoi, Doug, Mike, Debbie, Harry and Doug separated from the Peloton and detoured to Budgewoi for coffee, the rest of us headed to Norah Head to the previously named Oak Café, another new name today, which I can’t remember, no, not the General Store as listed on Google maps.
The ambience was great amongst the trees at the Cafe, and made even better by a visit from Jenny, Rolf, and Peter H, plus a few of the local Brush Turkeys. They have reorganised things at the Café due to Covid, and the service is much better now that they have In and Out service lanes.
It was noticed that David, and Warwick were table hopping trying to catch up with the friends they have not seen for a while, for various reasons, good effort boyz.
After leaving Norah Head we were soon on Evans Road, Virginia turned off at Canton Beach to ride home, the rest of us made our way back to Peel street without incident, where we all stood around discussing the day’s ride, and the upcoming XMAS festivities.
On leaving Peel street we noticed Harry was still there with the hood of his car up in the air, Harry advised us he had called the NRMA, and they would be there in 10 minutes, and that he was ok, we had a quick look at the battery, and the battery indicator said it was flat, could have been a faulty Alternator or Battery, we will find out next week.
The ride was about 42km, the average speeds were from 19-21 km/hr, the temperature was pleasant with a Southerly breeze helping and hindering us on various parts of the ride, all agreed it was a pleasant ride, thanks to Linda and Warwick and the other riders who acted as marshalls.
As usual, this report and some wonderful photos from our riding photographers are on our FaceBook Group Page here.
Message from The President - Next year's AGM is on 3 February 2021.
Subs are now due and should be paid before Xmas. Direct Deposit into our account - Account Name : TDCC Inc BSB : 637000 Account No : 782039261.
Friday 18 December 2020 - Coasters and Skylarkers
Skylarkers - Starting very early (0730) to miss what threatened to be a very hot and stormy day, a few Skylarkers, JD, Carl, Ric, Kerry and others, rode down to Wyong. Then along Tuggerah Straight and all the way along Wyong Road to Eastern Road and The Entrance Road to Terrigal, then back up to The Entrance. I can't work out where they had morning coffee, but they covered 74-77km. Pretty sure they would have copped a lot of hot weather, but missed out on the cool change later.

Coasters - Thirteen riders set out from Jenny Dixon Reserve, including Bones, whom we haven't seen for ages. Col wasn't feeling the best, so he went straight home at Budgewoi. Still covered almost as much distance as me. Ev pulled the plug at Lizzie Bay due to the excessive heat, but the rest of us - James, Doug, Mike, Hugh, Graeme, Merrilyn, Nicolette, Linda... - Plugged on through the 31°C muggy heat, till we finally got to San Remo CBD where we had m/t, a few cold drinks like berry frazzes and iced coffee. While we were sitting there a cool breeze suddenly sprung up and made our trip home much more pleasant. I went straight home along the highway, while the rest did the Buff Point/Budgewoi loop.
Thanks for coming everyone, a gruelling and satisfying ride. About 32km.
Wednesday 16 December 2020 - Group Rides
Group 1 ride - At least 3 riders went on a ride clockwise around Tuggerah Lake, JD, Ric and Carl maybe more, with a loop around Mingara and Leetes Lane, with Ric, JD, Carl. About 65km, well done you guys.
Carl Smith - Yes Danny, Gp 1 today was composed with John, Ric, Kerry, Warren and myself- a good ride in very humid conditions and into the NE- for the record we had two flats to attend to with an elderly lady coming out to support us with the offer of some cold water to tide us over. Coffee at RR where we bumped into Peter H and Jenny D- great company and an enjoyable ride. [Thanks Carl]

Group 2 - Waz turned up with some excuse for not leading the ride around Brisbane Water (BW), so Danny led it. With him were Hugh, Nicolette, Doug and James. It was very cloudy and threatening rain when we started, but that gave way to a bright sunny day, perfect for a beaut ride around Brisbane Water.
I accidentally/deliberately cut out the excursions around Empire Bay and Bensville, but did include the Davistown detour, allowing us to have m/t at our favorite Teapot café before heading off around Saratoga and back to Avoca Drive. We don't often do this ride, so 3 of us hadn't done the BW Loop before, but Doug and I showed them the way.
Plenty of hills, but good for the cardiopulmonary system. Thanks for coming.
Group 3 - Gosford to Umina Beach. Ev led this small group, consisting of her, and Hans and Jenny, who accompanied G2 down to Blackwall before veering right towards the famous surf beaches for coffee, then back through the streets of Umina, I'm just making this up, before returning to Gosford like tired little teddy bears. Well done you three mouseketeers! See some photos on our FaceBook page here.
Friday 11 December 2020 - Friday Rides
Skylarkers - An early start allowed the Skylarkers to ride up the SRA, across to Summerland Point and back down Lizzie Bay Drive just in time to meet the Coasters coming back up the other way. They then continued on down Wilfred Barrett Drive to Blue Bay for coffee somewhere, I'm not sure if they are still going to the Sewing Machine café or not, then back up to Norah Head for a 65km ride, average 24.5kmh. There were at least the same number of Skylarkers as Coasters too.
Coasters - Nine starters at Jenny Dixon, must have been the wind, a 20 knot southerly. Apart from that it was a perfect cycling day - no sun, no rain, not cold... A short quick ride was indicated so we headed up to Budgewoi and Lizzie Bay Drive to the highway at Lake Munmorah the suburb, across said hwy and down Carters Road to Josh Porter Reserve to pay our respects, then up Tall Timbers and down the hwy to San Remo for coffee at La Macchina. Doug and Mike went to the Secret Café in Charmhaven and Viv went straight back to JDR.
After a long and pleasant chat about being old we took off back to the east, except for those who went straight home, like me and Col. Paul led that part of the ride as I had gone so I hope they didn't have too much fun without us. Thanks for coming everyone. No rain so well picked.
Wednesday 9 December 2020 - Group Rides
Not really hot, just seemed like it in the sun. Easterly breeze from 5 knots at 0900 building to 10 knots by noon.
Group 1 - A good tough ride for the quickies today, five of 'em - around Tuggerah Lake and down to Terrigal for coffee, then back to the start up WBD, into the stiff NE breeze. 70-93 (Tony) km.

Group 2 - Paul led this ride with 18 riders. It was posted as 55km but Paul wisely trimmed a few k's off by going north via Charmhaven rather than Budgewoi and Buff Point. When we got to Gorokan Peace Park, a driver of a big 4WD with a boat on didn't get the meaning of the name of the park, and blew his horn while right in the middle of our group. Short-tempered idiot, don't know how he has the patience to fish!
Continuing up to the Charmy bridge, then through Blue Haven to Roper Rd at the top, down to the hwy then up to Doyalson, where we turned left into Wyee Road. Then along Gosford Road, where we encountered a huge tipper/trailer going the same way, overtaking us while still using the whole road. Gave us a bit of a scare.
At Tooheys Road we turned left and introduced some of our newer riders the the delights of dirt roads and steep downhills. Amazingly, we came across a road crew fixing the worst bits, like putting bitumen under the Motorway Bridge, where we ride immediately after coming down the hill. Hopefully they will put some hotmix on the bit where we have to brake hard. They had a Flagman and a huge grader, but they stopped everything so we could safely get through. Tooheys Road is much longer than I remember, but we eventually made it onto the Motorway Link and up to Blue Haven while only getting blasted by one massive B-Double on the bridge.
As we went under the Charmy Bridge, a few of us peeled off to go to local coffee (Secret Café) then home, while everyone else ploughed on to Budgewoi for coffee at Lakes Beach.
As I was with the westies, I have left it with my Star Reporter James to describe the remainder of the ride and all the disasters it may have encountered.
James report - Here is a few things from the last part of the ride
First stop Edgewater Park for a comfort stop. Lots of dogs taking their servants for a walk. One dog nearly got run over by our riders, looks like she was sleepwalking.
After Buff Point our next stop was the Lakes Beach, we road under the Budgewoi bridge and cycled along the road, unfortunate Hugh suffered a puncture and decided to walk to the Lakes Beach from Budge as it would be an easier fix in the shade.
Nicolette, Paul and Gary had a competition regarding who had the smartest shoes, we think it was a draw, Nic took photos which will be somewhere on one of our sites.
We head back to Peel street via the lovely uphill ride then took the path we usually use when leaving JD, and then returned via Evans road avoiding Main street traffic. 47km, 19-20km/hr
Cheers James

Group 3 ride - Ev and 5 others rode to Budgewoi, then up Lizzie Bay Drive all the way, then Josh Porter Reserve at CVBS, then back up Tall Timbers Road and down to Doylo, through the Armco at the Bus stop at San Remo and back across the top of Budgie Lake.
Sorry, no photos until I can figure out what's wrong with my system. It all works well on the other bike club and kayaking sites, so I'll work it out eventually. In the meantime however you can see the reports and all the photos on the Club Group FaceBook page here.
Friday 4 December 2020 - Skylarkers and Coasters rides
Skylarkers - Nigel's Ride (Dickson Rd, Darren Road and Jilliby Road)
About 6 Skylarkers rode up through Charmhaven and Blue Haven, down the Motorway Link, and M1 Expressway (scary!) to Sparks Road round the back way and up Dicksons Road. Turning left at Darren Road, they rode to the other end, Jilliby Road, to Hue Hue Road and back through Wyong for coffee at River Reflections, finishing the ride back home with about 74km, or 88km for Tony, at an average speed of 25kmh. Well done team!

TDCC Coasters Mystery ride loop 04-12-2020
Today’s mystery ride was designed by Paul, James was the ride manager, Ian and Carol the sweeps at different stages of the ride, and Hugh, Carol, Danny and probably some others performed marshalling duties. Nicolette and Danny were the official photographers whose pics appear with this report.
The course was a loop around Wadalba via Toukley and return via Budgewoi. Thirteen riders arrived at Jenny Dixon park (JD) for the ride, aside from those already mentioned they were Col F, Estelle, Hugh, Barry, Colin I, Mike, Linda, Rolf, Anne D, and Big Daryl.
A gentle sea breeze greeted us on arrival at JD, as always Daryl made it just in time before the whistle blew. As we had a new rider in Colin, we decided to tone down the pace for today. We started the nice down hill ride to West Toukley, and over the bridge for our first stop at Wallarah Point Peace Park at Gorokan. After a short drinks break we headed along The Corso to Dudley street where we did a left turn, and headed for Wallarah road again, where we did a right turn, and rode up the hill to Dalnott Road, where we turned left, and joined up with Marks road, we then continued to our favourite bike track around the western edge of Tuggerah lake, where we stopped for the regular photo shoot, as mentioned, Danny and Nicolette did the photo shoots.
Up to this point not much happened, no mechanical problems, and the nice sea breeze kept us comfortable, not many walkers or riders about today, XMAS shopping must be in full swing. From the track we set a good pace along Jensen road to Pollock avenue, where the speed was taking its toll on our less experienced riders, so we had a long drinks and rest break before heading up the nasty little climb that is Pollock Avenue, before stopping again in Johns Road for a recovery session.
After restarting we headed for Figtree Boulevarde, where Danny and few of his fellow riders decided to make a detour to avoid a nasty little climb in Johns Road, alas he came out about 50 metres in front of the Peloton, he seems to know all the short cuts in our rides.
From Figtree Boulevarde we crossed the Pacific Highway into Minnesota Road, and then continued to Sparks Road, where we turned right, at this point Colin said he was feeling dehydrated, and had run out of water, Paul and Nicolette had spare water, so they filled up his bottle for him. A timely reminder to take enough water with us on these hot days, it was noted that other riders have suffered from dehydration in the past and have had to abandon the ride due to the fatigue, and nausea that dehydration brings on.
After restarting the ride, we rode along Sparks Road to Hiawatha Road where we hung a left turn and rode up another nasty hill before turning into Hakone Road, where the Radar sign clocked us at around 26km/hr, not bad going for the Coasters. [At this point Danny took another short-cut, but it didn't turn out too well and he lost some distance.] We rode onto to Bunnings, before turning left at the round-about. At this stage Danny left us for another appointment, Mike and Rolf decided to have coffee at the Nursery, their favourite coffee haunt, while the rest of us kept going to San Remo, and stopped at our favourite coffee haunt La Macchina Espresso café.
Anne, Estelle, Linda and Carol had a table drum to themselves while the rest of us sat around another 2 table drums, where we were joined by Chris with his fancy walking stick, his hip still giving him problems, we wished him well for his recovery back to good health.
After coffee Ian, Col, and Barry headed directly home as they had ridden to JD, while the rest of us returned via the bike track through Buff Point, and Budgewoi.
Everyone enjoyed the ride, and thanked Paul for his great ride design, they also thanked the other people involved in the organising of the ride, thanks people.
The ride was about 43km, and the average ride speeds were from 18 to 20km/hr. The weather was great, thanks to the great sea breeze, a bit warmer inland but on arrival back at JD the sea breeze caressed our faces, and made us appreciate what a great place we live at.
See our Group FaceBook page here.
Wednesday 2 December 2020 - Group rides.
A steady 15 knot southerly didn't deter many riders from turning up at Osborne Park. Windy, and quite warm, but very nice riding weather.

Group 1 - Several speedy riders, incl Kerry, Ric, Carl, Keith and Tony, took off towards Wyong and over Kangy Angy, through Palmdale, and up OCR to Hidden Valley, before riding back around the bottom (southern edge, not the muddy bottom) of Tuggerah Lake, with a long coffee break somewhere on the way. 90km for you guys and Kez.

Group 2 - TDCC Grp 2 KV Loop via The Ent, Ret via Wyong 2-12-2020
On arrival at Peel street the temperature felt great for riding, a light breeze was blowing from the South, and it promised to be a great day of riding, and so it turned out to be, no rain, just threatening clouds.
While we were getting ready to ride, Carol called us over and excitedly announced she had become a Granny and showed us the picture of the new Bub and Mum, what a great start to the day.
Riders were Barry, Doug, James, Linda, Carol, Paul, Keith M, Debbie, Harry, Kee and Rolf. Barry was the ride manager and James the sweep.
We had expected more riders on such a nice day but getting close to Xmas other matters such as helping the economy took over.
Barry set a nice pace to the quiet place on the hill at WBD, on the way Doug had to answer a telephone call so was delayed a while, Barry and crew waited for us at the said quiet place. After Doug held up, we had a regroup, we then set off towards The Entrance with Barry setting a hot pace, Kee found the going hard up some of the hills on the way, but soldiered on, riding past the Maggie hot spot, and tack area without incident.
After a comfort break at North Entrance, we set off across the bridge to The Entrance bike track, traversing over Manning Road which has to be the most pot holed road on the coast, hope the CCC has enough money to fix it soon. [Half a billion dollars in debt.]
From Picnic Point at the start of the track, we cycled along path to Lake Edge road, where we turned off and ventured to Wyong Road, crossing to the Mingara club side of the road at the traffic lights, they only stayed green for a few seconds, so only half of us could get across the road at any time. Forgot to mention not too many people on the bike track, just a few Mums with Bubs, and a few keen joggers.
After crossing Wyong Road, we headed for Palm Valley Road with the thought of the hilly road ahead tormenting our inner selves. Most of us struggled but it was apparent those with the Greyhound builds amongst us managed the ride through the beautiful Glenning Valley, more easily than people of a heavier frame, blame gravity.
After getting to the end of Palm Valley road we turned left at Wyong road, then right at the next roundabout, before ending back up on the bike track, which we cycled along to the next comfort stop at the lovely Blue Bell Park.
At this point Debbie, Doug and Rolf advised Barry they would not be stopping at Maccas for coffee and would keep riding home.
After leaving Blue Bell Park we cycled to the end of the track, before riding to the Chittaway Bay shopping centre past the winding canal, a nice little section of our ride. After we got going again, the main group returned to Tuggerah via Church Road and Lake Road, Carol decided it was too bumpy, and decided to return via the bike track along Wyong Road.
On arrival at Tuggerah the forementioned group of riders said their goodbyes, while the rest of us went to Maccas, where we found Carol sitting up enjoying her hard-earned coffee, enjoying the pics of her new grandchild.
As there were only a few riders left, Carol and Linda sat at one table having a chat, I guess about the new Bub and what is happening over XMAS, the rest of us boyz, Keith M, Harry, Paul, Kee and James sat at another table, and discussed mostly our favourite shows on Netflix.
After coffee Barry decided to return via Gavenlock road instead of Tuggerah Straight to avoid crossing the road twice, good decision Barry. Our next stop was the Wyong comfort house, where water bottles were refilled before we took off again. We returned via Pollock Avenue, and Jensen Road to our normal path home. This hill section of road took it toll on Harry who was struggling, but he kept going like a real trooper.
Thankfully the Southerly breeze helped us along on the rest of the way home, all agreed it was a great and satisfying ride.
The ride was a bit longer than expected at 57km, the average speed varied between 19 to 21km/hr.

Group 3 - Just 4 of us, with a relatively short ride, viz 38km. My ride was even shorter as I had an appt to get stitches out, so only 24 for me. Also, I had a piece of green glass lodge itself in my new tyre about 800 meters from the start. Soon fixed. Ev led us, with returning member Michael Byrne, and Lyn S. Up Wahroongah Rd to Wadlaba, then along Minnesota Rd and Warnervale Road to enjoy the full delights of the Warnie Wetlands. I left them at Bunnings to go home, while the others rode up to San Remo and acfoss the north edge of Budgewoi Lake to Budgie, for coffee.
Well done everyone!
Friday 27 November 2020 - Coasters/Skylarkers rides
Coasters at Wyongah - 27 November 2020
Coasters - Cloudy to start but soon sunny for our ride down to Wyong then across the river and down to Tacoma South. Twelve riders in the Coasters, with Moonie leading and Doug sweeping up.
We stopped at the Scenic Point on the Wyongah bike path to admire the view, and take that beautiful photo above. We continued along Tuggerawong Road to the toilets at Wyong for a wee break. Under the bridge then over the bridge turning hard right onto South Tacoma Road and right down to the end. We can never go into this area without thinking about our precious friend Margaret who so tragically died here earlier in the year. Never forgotten.
There was a slight breeze but not as bad as Seabreeze suggested, viz 15-20 knots SSW, just a breeze that's all. We then returned to the 'river road' and made our way to River Reflections café for our morning tea, only to find the Skylarkers already there. I know they started very early, probably 8 o'clock, as Col saw them on the bike path at Buff Point going the other way.
After m/t we made our own way home or back to JD's without a proper leader, but we knew the way anyway. Thanks everyone for coming today on this very enjoyable ride.
The Skylarkers rode up to Wyee and all the way to Morisset, before turning left at Dooralong Road and riding through Jilliby back to Wyong for a brisk 75km bike ride. Well done you guys. And Kerrie.
Wednesday 25 November 2020 - Group 1 ride
Looks like Ric and Carl rode up to Nords Wharf and Catherine Hill Bay. 68kms. May have been others.
Group 2 ride around Medowie
No official report yet, but a big bunch of TDCC riders started at Heatherbrae pie Shop and rode down to Tomago Road, maybe a shortcut near the end, and maybe some went down Masonite Road according to Strava, along Tomago and Cabbage Tree Roads, then past the airport and up Medowie Road. Lunch I think was at the Grahamstown Dam park, then back through Raymond Terrace to Heatherbrae where I'm hoping they all had a good feed of scrumptious pies and coffee. 48kms.
Wednesday 25 November 2020 - Group 3 ride to the Old Milk Factory.
Group 3 ride today was attended by 3 riders. We rode to the milk factory on Allison rd, had a coffee and then decided we come back the same way as it was getting quite warm. Our average speed was 20.4 thank you John W and Kee for a great ride.
Friday 20 November 2020 - Coasters Ride
TDCC Coasters Wyee Mystery ride loop 20-11-2020
After the bumper turn-out last Wednesday, we expected a similar turnout today, but as per Murphy’s law, we only had 7 riders. Carl and Warren from group 1 joined us. They had an earlier ride of 40km around Budgewoi and Munmorah lakes via the SRA, that was not enough to satisfy their urge to ride.
At a pre-ride gathering we were discussing the nice cakes and goodies etc being devoured by our fellow riders in Canberra. It was then noticed that some of our colleague’s clothes in Canberra were tighter than usual, which showed us that the tucker must have been good in Canberra. No mention from where the comments came, or who they were talking about, maybe we were just jealous we were not there. Everyone commented how much they have enjoyed the pics coming from our riders in Canberra, and Danny’s reports pointing out the highlights of the rides.
Paul was the designer of today’s mystery ride, and he nominated James to be the Ride Manager, with Doug volunteering for tail duties. The other riders not already mentioned were Col and Rolf. The ride was to take us from Jenny Dixon to Gorokan via Canton Beach, then to San Remo, then Doyalson via the Pacific Highway, then Wyee Road, then Gosford Road, Bushells Ridge and Tooheys roads back to the Link Road, then Blue Haven, then San Remo, and after a coffee, back home to Jenny Dixon via Budgewoi.
When we set out on the ride it was 20°C, a very pleasant temperature for riding, so a good pace was set to Gorokan, our first drinks break. After leaving Gorokan we set a fast pace to San Remo, where care had to be taken crossing the Wallarah Bridge due to the sharp change in direction as we entered the bridge crossing, where a few of us have come to grief in the past. About time a proper crossing was implemented.
At our stop beside the Wallarah bridge, it was noticed that some of the riders were sweating profusely, must have been the fast pace set by those damn electric bikes. The group 1 riders were pleasantly surprised at the pace the group 2 riders could sustain.
It was noticed by the group that Doug has got back to his best riding, after recovering from his health problems, and he had no problems keeping up with the Coasters, and Skylarkers.
From San Remo Paul took over as lead rider to navigate us around the traffic lights at San Remo, taking us through some secret route in the back blocks of Blue Haven. Safely back on the Pacific highway after navigating the crossing with the Link road, which was time consuming due to the amount of traffic. James took over again as we navigated our way to Wyee Road at Doyalson, where we had a short drinks break, as it was getting hotter the further we went from the coast.
At this point, Warren asked could if he could stretch his legs a bit on the way to Wyee, so we lost sight of him for a short while, but after putting on our afterburners, we might have narrowed the gap slightly.
We had at short re-gather for drinks at Gosford road, before setting off to the Bushells Ridge road. Before getting there we saw a sign saying detour, and that the road was closed, we later found out it was due to Wyee getting the sewer installed.
After a bit of bamboozlement, the wiser heads in our group decided to ignore the signs, and soldier on, luckily we did as we could not find any work being done, just a sign saying do not enter as works in progress, again we kept going, no worker or work being performed anywhere that we could see.
Our next stop was Tooheys road, where to our surprise they do not make beer, so after a drink of water we headed down the most treacherous section of the road which is dirt with a steep descent of about 500 metres long, and has more potholes than the Moon, lots of loose gravel, and mini ravines in the middle of the road to negotiate. Before setting off on the descent, we noticed a group/family [mob] of Kangaroos bounding alongside the road in the bush, we took extra care not to encounter any of our Kangas.
Col and Doug showed their skills in dirt-track riding by overtaking the lead riders, and then putting a good gap between the rest of us before getting to the end of the road.
Shortly after leaving Tooheys road we were back on the Link Road, and then crossed the two bridges on the Link Road which are a bit dicey to navigate due to a small verge on the side of the road. At Blue Haven we turned right at the Aldi corner, and had a mostly downhill ride to the coffee shop at North Lakes shopping centre.
Chris, minus his walking stick, joined us for coffee, and we had a nice chat amongst the people at the 2 tables that we required to seat us all.
After coffee Doug, Col, and Rolf returned home while the rest of us rode to jenny Dixon via Budgewoi.
By this stage it was warming up, so we were glad to get back to Jenny Dixon where the sea breezes greeted us.
Thanks to all riders for their cooperation, and Paul and Doug for their help.
The ride was about 43km, and the average speeds were between 20-21km/hr.
TDCC Holiday at Canberra - Thursday 19 November 2020 - Day 5.
What a wonderful day for us, perfect temperatures and no detectable breeze, just a sunny day. Pedro took us up to the top of our street, the opposite of what we have done so far, a reverse almost of Tuesday's ride.
Up to the top street, and down to Lanyon Drive, then up to Monaro Hwy and all the way up to Isabella Drive. The turn right into Isabella is tricky as we had to cross the highway, but Pedro had it all sussed out - With traffic lights a bit further back, just wait for the resulting gap in the traffic to make our way across.
Then follow the easiest bike path route all the way down to Yarralumla, miles of smooth generally flat or downhill path, through pine forests and Aussie bush, complete with a couple of huge kangaroos next to the path.
We eventually finished up at the Yarralumla Play Station, a big kids' play area, before finding the morning tea crew in the park with all we could desire, except somewhere to sit down. Scones/jam/cream, apple cheesecake, the inevitable fruit cake and coffee. We really have got this caper all sorted, between the kayakers and the bike club, we have everything.
From there it was another easy ride along the south side of LBG, to Kingston and Fyshwick, along Canberra Avenue, into Queanbeyan (Qbn), where the first one back (me) arrived at 1.30pm, with 64km on the Strava.
Tonight we are having our big night out, with dinner at the Qbn League's Club, all dressed in our Thursday best clothes with a good appetite for the culinary delights of country NSW Club tucker, eg Chicken Schnitzel, or Snitty Parmigiana, and a lemon lime and bitters. At least that's what I'm having.

Canberra Holiday Day 6 - Friday 20 November 2020.
A very hot day on this last riding day of our holiday - 30°C at noon, feels like 34°. So Pedro decided to have some sympathy for us and took us on a short ride, 35km, down to the Canberra rail and then around the back into the industrial areas and out onto Pialligo Avenue, past the Canberra airport and to the north side of LBG.
On the way Kee had a flat, so we got spread out for miles till his team fixed it, leaving us all out in the sun. Luckily there was a sea breeze so not too bad. Then we continued on past the airport and arrived at the lake where we found Jenny, Eunice and Mandy all set up with our morning tea and, despite it being our last day, there was a cornucopia of treats and coffee. And seating.
A rousing vote of support was given to the people who have made our holiday so enjoyable, Pedro of course, the Tea Ladies, and Warwick, all given muffled applause (we had our bike gloves on) and a rousing 3 cheers.
A few riders decided to extend their ride by finishing the lake circumnavigation, in the warm weather, with a nice breeze. Rick, Estelle, Debbie and Azy were the keen riders, and the rest of us followed Pedro over the Commonwealth Bridge and back along the other side of the lake, around the wetlands and back through Fyshwick to Queanbeyan, our home-away-from-home. Pretty hot by the time we got back to the c'van park for sure.
Thanks for following our adventures on our website. We're looking at Cowra for next Autumn's holiday so we'll let you know in due course.
Wednesday 18 November 2020 - TDCC Group Rides
TDCC Grp 2 Wamberal Loop 18-11-2020
With a lot our regular riders enjoying the pleasures of riding around Canberra, and its surrounds, our ride manager for the day, Paul, did not expect many riders, however, to our surprise, 17 riders turned up for the Wamberal loop sprint. Group 2 combined with 2 members from group 1, and 2 members from group 3, they were Carl S, and Warren P from group 1, and Electric Daryl C and Non-Electric Daryl M. We were also joined by a first-time rider Col I, who had tried to ride with us a few weeks ago but did not bring his keys to unlock his bike from its carrier. Col looks like a very good rider, and we were pleased to have him join the club a few weeks ago.
The other riders in sign on order were, Col F, Keith M, Virginia, Lindley, Doug who was sweep, Mike, Daryl C from group 3, Daryl M from group 3, Harrison, Warren P from group 1, Carl S from group 1, Ian, Col F and Rolf. Paul decided to let James take the lead so as to get him to learn this ride, as neither he nor many of us had done it before. This was a mistake as James did a Danny, and forgot to recharge his e-bike. Yes, I know Danny forgot the charger on an away trip, same result. [Hey! I resemble that!]
James led the ride to WBD, after that the faster riders were advised they could go hell-for-leather to The Entrance, with a note of caution about the tack sprinkler lurking in the area.
On arrival at North Entrance, Paul took over as leader, then we headed for Toowoon Bay for a regroup. On arrival there, Paul talked James into returning to the Blue Bay café, and arranged with David F to have a coffee with James before they returned from Wamberal.
After leaving Toowoon Bay at 10.00hrs, Paul advised they would be back around 11.00hrs, probably a bit optimistic, and so it was. So David, and myself, settled in for coffee, which became 2 due to the off-schedule arrival of the riders from Wamberal. Col F advised they had a good ride to Wamberal and back, stopping at the Wamberal surf club for 10 minutes or so, no flats or incidents.
As some of us had not been to the Café for a while, we discovered new owners had taken over, and the new owner was living in the back section where we used to go when we had an overflow of riders. We were concerned we would not all fit in the front section, but luckily the café emptied just before our riders arrived. The congestion was a bit less than expected as Mike, Doug and few others headed to The Entrance for their coffee.
After an extended coffee break, we headed back to Peel street, pushing into a strong NE breeze up WBD making the last part of the ride heavy going. Daryl M struggled as he is recovering from a knee operation, and Lindley was seen rubbing his sore legs. [His own or Daryl's?]
The 2 boys from group 1 had already ridden around Lake Munmorah before they joined our ride so ended up riding around 84 kilometres at an average speed of 24km/hr, good effort guys.
The tail-end riders averaged around 18km/hr while the gun riders averaged around 20km/hr.
As I did not ride to Wamberal, I don’t have a km figure for the ride, but looking at Strava I could see that the Moon man had ridden from home, and did 63km, so deduced from that, I would say the ride was around 57km.
We had no angry motorists on the road today, that was pleasant, as was the weather except for the nasty NE that always seem to greet us on the way back to Peel street.
On arrival at Peel street, we stood around in groups for 20-30 minutes having chats about the ride, and non-important matters before returning home.
David said he is healing up, but his shoulder is still sore after repairs to his A/C joint, Chris was not there for coffee, but David advised us that he has thrown his walking stick into the Wyong River, and is walking unaided again, and is slowly healing, and looking forward to some cycling shortly.
Oh! Also, thanks to all our riders in Canberra, who are suppling us with lots of great photos of their adventures.
Saturday 14-18 November 2020 - TDCC Holiday in Canberra Days 5 and 6 are above.
About 30 members and associates of the club travelled to Queanbeyan, near Canberra, to spend a week riding or assisting on trips around the federal capital. The holiday was planned and executed by Pedro with the help of the club committee, many thanks to everyone involved.

What follows is a brief description of each ride, no photos at present, but many are shown on our FaceBook Group page here. More reports will be added as the rides are completed.

Day 0, Saturday 14 November 2020 - No riding today, just arrival and setting up camp, followed by the inevitable Happy Hour.

Day 1, Sunday 15 November. Twenty-five riders led by Pedro rode from the Cresthaven Holiday Park, Queanbeyan, past the Canberra Railway Station, up Canberra Avenue to Fyshwick, the same as every other day, and through a tricky route around the eastern end of Lake Burley Griffin (LBG) and along the northern shore of the lake. We then crossed the lake to the south side via the Kings Bridge.
We then rode along the south side, past Yarralumla and Scrivener Dam and the National Museum, under the Commonwealth Bridge for a good look at the Captain Cook Memorial Jet. Eventually we arrived at the National Carillion, where we met the morning tea crew, fondly self-named The Terrific Tetley Tea Tarts with Tasty Treats (TTTTT).
Finally we headed off back over the bridge towards Fyshwick and ultimately Queanbeyan, an extra 7km each way compared to starting in Canberra itself.

Day 2 - Belconnen. Today we had an adverse forecast of windy conditions, namely NE winds from 15 to 25 knots, which blew in our faces all the way to our turnaround point. We rode up to Fyshwick on a small detour, before riding back up the south side of LBG, then back to the city over Comm. Bridge, through the back streets near Northbourne Avenue, through Turner and finally to Kaleen then Belconnen, where we rendezvous'd with the TTTTT for a delicious cake'n'coffee experience. The return trip was a delight as we had the wind behind us now, and the route was mostly downhill. Then a ride back down Canberra Avenue to Queanbeyan and a long haul up Donald Road to the park. Because of the wind and the hills it was fairly exhausting for many of us, but a wonderful cycling outing. And of course the Happy Hour at 1700hrs to relax and socialise.

Day 3 - Woden Valley. A beautiful day this Tuesday 17 November. Cloudy, warmish (max 22°C), almost no breeze - perfect! Riding up Canberra Avenue and along the southern shore all the way to Yarralumla, where we left the lake-loop track and took the Kaleen/Woden path which eventually, after a few hiccups, led us to a lovely park with fountain where we indulged in tasty treats again, thanks to all the ladies involved.
Time to head back, making our way up through Gowrie to Isabella Drive which took us all the way to Monaro Hwy and back on a long downhill stretch before we veered off onto Lanyon Drive , all uphill, and home through the other end of our street.

Day 4 - Rest Day. No rest for the energetic! A group with Rick, JD and Annie, Estelle, Azy and Nige rode from Queanbeyan here to the city then up to Gunghalin and back, about 75km. Well done guys! Also Hugh rode from Kingston to Yarralumla return, 17km. This is all gleaned from Strava and FB, so may be incomplete. The rest of this holiday is shown above, on Thursday 19 November.
Coasters ride to Pollock Ave - Friday 13 November 2020

A dozen coasters at Tuggerah Lake bike path viewing platform - 13 November 2020
Twelve coasters and one Skylarker arrived at Jenny Dixon Reserve (JDR) this morning on a warm day with mixed northerly breezes. John D was the sole Skylarker as all the others were unavailable for some reason. John chose to ride the Skylarkers ride, on his own, to the SRA lookout and back to Blue Bay, just under 50km. Our numbers were down quite a lot from last week as many have already made their way to Queanbeyan for next week's club holiday.
Paul was our leader, and James looked after the other end. We set off into Noraville and down through Toukley and over the famous Toukley Bridge. After a re-group at Mary Street in Gorokan, where our friendly black cat came and said Hello to every rider, we headed off to the Kanwal Roller-Coaster and on to the wonderful Wyongah scenic bike path. I took a photo, then a very nice lady offered to take a pic, above, of us with me in it. This is her behind Rolf.

We then continued down to Jensen Road, and up Pollock Avenue for our hill-climbing practice. Up Fig Tree Blvd and Minnesota Road to Sparks Road, left at Hiawatha and right at Hakone Road, thereby completely avoiding all the wetlands, up to Arizona Road. Linda suffered a puncture in Chelmsford Road West. I let her do all the work while I had a rest after the last hill, then Paul, James and I recovered a tiny steel wire from her tyre, and we were on our way again.
We followed the péloton to La Macchina Espresso in San Remo where they make beautiful coffee, and nice toasties. Our friend and usual leader, Christian, met up with us at coffee, on a walking stick as he has a pinched sciatic nerve, and is in a lot of pain. After coffee it looks like everybody else went back to JDR via Buff Point and Budgewoi, while I just rode back along the highway to my place, as I had already done that last bit first. Thanks everyone for coming.
TDCC Grp 2 SRA Loop ride 11-11-2020

Group 2 assembles in Leonard Avenue for the start of their ride. Col, Nicolette and Barry at the front - Wednesday 11 November 2020

On a most beautiful day for riding, 20 keen riders turned up for the advertised group 2 ride, that included a loop through the State Recreation Area (SRA). Barry was the ride manager and Warwick the sweep, the other riders were in sign on order, Robyn, Col, James, Ian, Paul, Keith M, John, Peter G, Estelle, Hugh, Lindley, Mike, Rolf, Azy, Nicolette, Linda, Virginia and Pedro.
Barry set a good pace to Slade Park Budgewoi, of around 25 km/hr, on arrival at Slade Park we met up with Jill who was waiting on group 3 riders, Trevor did not ride today, but Jill being a keen rider decided to ride to catch up with her group 3 friends.
After our regather at Slade park, we set off towards Buff Point’s Edgewater Park for our first comfort stop. It was nice to see lots of people in the park enjoying the sights and pleasant smells of the flowering trees.
Next we headed for San Remo along the bike track, which is one of the nicest of our rides, lots of walkers and riders were also enjoying the track. On arrival at San Remo we had to carry or walk our bikes under the road bridge as some irresponsible types had smashed bottle on the bike path, luckily no punctures.
From San Remo we rode up the Pacific Highway to the link road, from where we continued on to Doyalson with a few of us struggling up the long hill to Blue Haven Heights, i.e. Col’s domain.
From Doylo to Woolies corner, Barry set a hot pace, and we were soon at Tall Timbers road, where we did a leftie, and for a bit of extra distance we did the Kingfisher Shores loop, before heading for Josh Porter reserve where we had an extended break, filling up our water bottles, while also taking in the great views across Lake Macquarie.
After leaving Josh Porter reserve we rode along the bike path that meanders amongst the wetlands before exiting at Teragalin Drive Reserve, as the time was nearly 11am we stopped to pay our respects under the nicest tree we stood under for a long time. We observed a minutes silence, with all of us standing in a circle with heads bowed, remembering those who sacrificed their lives.
From there we rode up Mulloway, rode to the dirt track that connects to Kanangra Drive, those riders with narrow tyres found the going hard due to loose gravel, and the amount of potholes they had to keep an eye out for. After getting onto Kanangra Drive it was another fast ride to Blue Wren Drive due to the great condition of the road. Riding along Blue Wren Drive was another matter due to the pot-holed road, thankfully National Parks were in the process of patching up the potholes, and they were about 50% completed.
At the end of Blue Wren Drive we stopped at the junction of Birdie Beach Drive on top of the hill, Warwick decided to ride with a few others to the original ride plan to Tea Tree Lookout, while the rest of the riders continued Elizabeth Bay for lunch. The ride to the lookout was worth it, with Bird Island seeming to be closer than ever to the shore and looking magnificent. The ride out to the top of hill was daunting as usual, but the riders with the Electric bikes loved it. After reaching the top of the hill it was full speed ahead to Elizabeth Bay where we joined the other riders for lunch.
The Café at Elizabeth Bay has been transformed into a 60’s style milk bar with décor reminiscent of the 60’s, worth a visit if you have not been there, you will have to like the Music of Elvis and others of the period.
Some of the group sat in the park for lunch, while the rest of us sat on the comfy seating provided at the front of the café. After a nice break, Barry blew the whistle to start riding again, and we were soon on our way to Budgewoi. On arrival at Caravan Park in Budgie, we caught up with group 3, where Bones was unlucky enough to suffer a puncture, it looked like all hands were on deck to assist the repair, so we rode on to Peel Street.
Again, it was a fast ride back to Peel Street with some riders were showing the strain of the long and fast ride.
The ride was about 49kms, the average speeds were around 20-21km/hr, the temperature was a bit higher than usual, and reminded us that we should stay well-hydrated in the coming hot months ahead. The wind was not too bad with only slight head winds from time to time.

Rear of group 2 (detail) - 11 November 2020
Group 1 only had about 5 riders at the start, and rode to Toukley Bridge on their mission to circumnavigate Tuggerah Lake. They went off-course at the southern end, making a loop to The Skillion at Terrigal, before coming back up The Entrance Rd and Wilfred Barrett Drive, to finish with between 77km and 100 (Tony of course), a good Group 1 ride.
Group 3 did about 45km up to Gwandalan and more-or-less back the same way. I think about 10 riders?
Danny (Didn't ride due to medical appt, but attended the start just to check everyone was OK.)
Friday 6 November 2020 - Coasters and Skylarkers
No Skylarkers were evident at Jenny Dixon Reserve (JDR) this morning, but at least 10 Coasters came, most of them with their bikes on their cars. It was freezing cold and spitting rain from time to time, with a SSW breeze of around 20 knots to make cycling seem quite unappealing, so most of us adjourned to the Island cafe (used to be Bombora) just up the road, while the others just went home. No leaders, no sweeps and no punctures, so not all bad news. See you next week.
Wednesday 4 November 2020 - Ride groups
Ev modelling our uniforms at Peel Street - Wednesday 4 November 2020
Another perfect day on the Central Coast saw about 40 riders meet at Osborne Park, Toukley, for a ride in the fresh air. Group 1 had 7 keen fit riders, who headed for Jilliby via Sparks Road, and came back through Wyong for coffee at River Reflections in Tacoma (from my examination of their Strava maps), for about 62km.
Group 3 made their way up to Roper Road, Blue Haven, for a gentle 35km ride. About 6 of them.
Group 2 had the bulk of the riders today with 27 at the start. G1 muscled past us in Moss Avenue on the way out. Apparently we are allowed to ride in groups up to 30 now, so well-timed. Paul led the group, and Waz looked after the tail, thanks guys. Down to Wyong toilets for a pitstop, then Tuggerah Straight and through the tunnel and pop out behind the Bulk Shops to our favorite loop around Lake ave and Church street. Must be a while since we did this as a few newer riders, especially Gary is who brand new, welcome Gary, had never been there before. We would have had another new rider but when he got to Peel Street he found that he had dropped his padlock key at home and couldn't get his bike off the car. We caught up with him at Long Jetty.
We took the road at Chittaway rather than the bike path, but found the road blocked and the path access closed, so we had to do a long detour to get back to the path. We then headed up towards Toowoon Bay, including a few hills, on our way to The Entrance (T/E) for coffee. I noticed the hills as I am on my old grid, so no electric assistance.
We spread out around T/E as one of our favorite cafés, the Bite Club, was inexplicably closed. DCE failed badly with my order and I got my banana bread just as everyone was leaving. Being good mates as they are, they waited for me at the bridge, thanks guys!
With a stiff NE breeze, 10-15 knots, in our faces up Wilfred Barrett it was tough for me, so I tucked in behind Warwick for a tow up to Magenta. I then chased after Carol and sat in her draught until she remembered she had more gears and steamed away. The bulk of the péloton was waiting at the bike track carpark, thanks Paul. No getting away from those hills, even on the purpose-built path, but eventually we got to Evans Road where we said goodbye to the westerners who live on the other side of the Toukley Bridge. Virginia accompanied me and we passed Keith and Doug at Canton Beach who had been having a tough time with punctures. My and Virginia's total was around 65km while the Peel streeters did about 55km. Now I've recovered a bit I am glad I did the ride on the analogue bike. Thanks for coming everyone. Forty riders!!

Barry heads up the re-group in Mary Street, Gorokan, Nicolette's photo - 4 November 2020
Friday 30 October 2020 - Coasters to Batto Bay
Coasters Crew at The Entrance - Friday 30 October 2020
A fine day with nice everything, including 15 riders. Paul led us out, and Waz held up the rear. Riding down to Batto Bay for a change, keeping a look out for drawing pins at North Entrance.
At least four e-bikes, but not mine as it was still dirty after a rainy Wednesday, so I rode my other bike, with no battery.
Paul picked up 6 drawing pins in his hand, at Roberts Street, where we wait before crossing the bridge at The Entrance, so we all kept a lookout for pins all day, but didn't pick any up in our tyres, thanks god. Saw Young Richard at Blue Bay, and he says he's well, but Pam is recovering from a procedure on her hand, so not riding. At the lookout at Batto, Linley decided he needed a better lookout, so he rode to Crackneck. If I had my e-bike I might have joined him.
Back to The Entrance CBD for coffee, our favorite part of the day. Then back on the grids for a dash to JD's, watching out for drawing pins. No Punctures! Thanks to Paul and Waz for their dedication, and thanks to the rest of you for coming out despite the fine weather for a sociable ride together. This is what the Coasters are all about!

Skylarkers - Friday 30 October 2020:
JD reports that they rode from JD's via The Entrance to Hidden Valley, Palm Grove. Saw horses and rode about 80km, Tony 101km. Looking for photos.
Wednesday 28 October 2020 - Group 2 ride to Mannering Park
A cloudy day but sunny at 7.00am, forcing us all to come out, with Group 1 going to Summerland Point, and G3 going to Newcastle. JD had a vision of drowning, so G1 cut their ride short, but the other 2 groups got well and truly drownded.
Group 2 - Heading out from Peel Street, James, our leader, got a puncture almost immediately, so we waited until it was fixed then continued. We did help him, mind.
Over the Toukley Bridge then the Charmy bridge, with a loop through the nether regions of Blue Haven, before riding the whole length of Roper Road and on to the Pacific Highway. Paul then did a left into Wyee Road, and I thought, oops not the course I was expecting, but then did a u-turn back onto the highway heading north. This kept us off the only lane through the intersection, where all the cars and trucks were, due to roadworks on that corner, so well done Paul.
Up to Ruttleys Road with the sky gone all grey and looking a bit threatening. Into Vales Point Road and riding right to the end, where we found a lot of rain, and all got wet. Rolf had a puncture here, luckily in comfortable conditions at the picnic area at Vales Point, and he fixed it quickly.
With the rain pelting down, we decided not to all go to San Remo Macchina Espresso, but to go directly to Home. Some riders, like Jenny and Graeme, and Lyn S, raced home as soon as it started raining, a good decision.
On the way back, in light rain, I also got a flat tyre on my e-bike, on Ruttleys Road, in the bush, so I told everyone to leave me there and I would fix it myself. Luckily, Rolf, Doug and Keith A ignored me and pitched in to help, so we got it fixed quite quickly and were soon on our way again. I wasn't quite ready to go so I finished up behind, then got caught at the hwy lights, so almost lost sight of the three amigos, but Keith was kind enough to wait for me, then we all came together at the San Remo lights. Rolf had gone home towards Budgewoi, but he texted me later to make sure I was alright. Good mate!
We split up at Lowanna Drive and went our own way home, tired, wet, thirsty and probably hungry, so glad to finally get out of the wet clothes. Uncomfortable ride, but all the more memorable and enjoyable. Thanks everyone for looking out for each other.
PS James had 2 more punctures after he left us, and finished up walking a few kilometers to Westley's place in Buff Point for a lift home.
TDCC Coasters Wyong-Budgewoi Loop Ride report 23/10/2020
On a type of day that no one wanted to sleep in due to the sunny morning, 17 riders arrived for the above-mentioned mystery ride. Warwick was the ride manager, and James the Sweep. Warwick advised us that we would head to Gorokan, then Craigie Park, then along Tuggerawong Road to the scenic cycle track, where we would enjoy the great views of the lake before returning to Tuggerawong Road, then onto Jensen Road before turning right at Pollock Avenue, then make our way to Minnesota Road via Johns road and Wadalba.
After crossing the Highway, we would then progress to Sparks Road, then through the Woongarrah Wetlands joining the Pacific Highway next to Bunnings. From there we would ride to the bike track at San Remo, then through to Budgewoi, before stopping at Lakes beach for coffee. Of course, then back to Jenny Dixon.
Of the 17 riders we had one new member, his name is Greg Holbut who also rides with the CCTCC group, which also contains of some of our familiar riders. Greg was a keen Paraglider up until recently, and his exploits can be seen on YouTube by Googling his name.
Greg also rides the smallest bike we have ever seen ridden by any club member; it is a fold-up type bike. Although only having small wheels Greg could keep pace with our fastest riders and advised us he had ridden from down South, and with our ride would have covered about 70km after today’s ride, good effort Greg, and welcome to the club.
The other riders not already mentioned were, Robyn, Col, Paul, Pam, Evi, Nicolette, Peter B, Maree, Anne, Linda, Graeme, Merrilyn, and Daryl G.
On setting off for Gorokan we cycled to Harry Moore oval, then along the foreshore of Canton Beach to join up with Main Road Toukley, we then crossed the bridge before having our first stop behind the shopping centre at Gorokan.
From there we ventured to Craigie Park where some of us struggled up those nasty hills, before long we were riding on some newly completed road works with lot of loose sharp pebbles on the road.
Not long after, Nicolette suffered a rear flat tyre. It was all hands-on deck to remove the tyre, and try to fit a replacement tube, unfortunately it was a special type of rim with a tubeless tyre, the type you see in the Tour de France. We had trouble removing the tyre as these types of tyres are difficult to remove. Col, Paul, James and Peter, tried to break the seal but to no avail, eventually Nicolette took over, and somehow broke the seal, from there it was easy to remove the tube, and fit a new tube.
However, getting the tyre back on proved very difficult, especially the last part, that is getting the last section of the tyre back over the rim. One of the boys suggested we use a lubricant, such as a suntan lotion to make it easier to move the tyre, of course this worked, we have some geniuses amongst our group. See Anne D’s photo on Strava showing the team at work, thanks Anne.
After setting off again along the route mentioned above, we were riding up Pollock Avenue when a Mum with a young toddler started waving, and cheering us on, of course this lifted our spirits and spurred us on. From Pollock Avenue we turned into Johns road that has the most confusing road signs on the Central Coast, one says Stop, and one say Give Way. Luckily no vehicles were present when we turned the corner.
From there we cycled to Minnesota Road, then through to Sparks Road before riding through the wetlands and onto Bunnings. Warwick decided it would be best to cross the Highway via the barrier at the Charmhaven shopping centre, to our surprise the traffic in both directions stopped, and let all of us cross the road at the same time, thanks CC motorists.
We had a regroup after we crossed the Bridge, at this stage Col left the ride as he had ridden from home. After saying our goodbyes, we then cycled to Edgewater Park at Buff Point. On the way we had another fan group of a Mum and 2 toddlers with outsize sunglasses who gave us waves and cheers. Shortly after we met up with some Council workers who were mates of Daryl from when he used to work on the Council, we think they gave him a bit of a razzing.
On arrival at Edgewater Park, there was a rush to the comfort centre, as this was the first comfort stop since leaving Jenny Dixon. Evi left us at this stage as she had ridden to Jenny Dixon. All feeling relieved, we headed at a good pace to the Lakes Beach, where we were all looking forward to coffee and other goodies.
After coffee etc we headed back to Jenny Dixon with Pam, Peter B and Daryl decided to ride up the easy way to avoid the steep hill that is Elizabeth Drive.
The ride was about 38KM, the average speed was between 18 & 19km/hr, a bit slower than usual, the weather was perfect.
Wednesday 21 October 2020 - TDCC Grp 2 Gwandalan Loop Ride report 21/10/2020
On another beautiful day, 18 riders turned up for the advertised ride to Gwandalan via the SRA (State Recreation Area) and return by the Pacific Highway.
Paul was the ride manager, and Doug the sweep. Paul advised us at the start of the ride, that anyone who did not want to ride through the SRA, could ride to Kanangra Drive, via the Pacific Highway, and join the group that was to ride to the original plan, through the SRA. This was due to the poor condition of the road surface plus the many steep hills on the way to Kanangra Drive.
The other riders were Warwick, Robyn, Keith M, Harrison, Lindley, Virginia, Anne, Mike, Pedro, Azy, Keith A, Linda, Rolf, James, Peter G, and last, but not least, Col, who had another 21st birthday today.
Paul set an easy pace to the roundabout at Noraville, however some impatient driver got annoyed with our group, and turned sharply into the church grounds at Noraville in front of Warwick, and abused him in no uncertain terms, advising Waz that we should not be on the road.
After that little fracas it was a hard slog to Slade Park at Budgewoi due to the NE winds with gusts up to 35km/hr. On arrival at Slade Park with all riders accounted for, we headed for Elisabeth Bay, the normally easy ride was made a lot tougher than usual, and the tail had a lot of trouble keeping up with the Peloton, and was a long way behind when the peloton arrived in Lizzy Bay.
After the regroup at the second roundabout in Lizzy bay, Paul and his group rode up to Kanangra Drive, via the Pacific Highway as mentioned earlier, Warwick and his hardy group rode via the SRA, both groups had about an equal number of riders, surprisingly both groups arrived at Kanangra Drive at the same time.
Once both groups were at the beginning of Kanangra Drive, we had a regroup, where Paul explained the next part of the route. Freshly rested, we headed along Kanangra drive at a good clip leaving about 4 to 5 bike lengths between each rider, luckily, we did this as Harry’s tyre came off his bike, and he came to a sudden halt. Thankfully the good brakes, and alert riders stopped us before we concertinaed into Harry, and the other cyclists behind him.
Keith A, and the sweep soon had Harry on his way again, and he soon caught up with the Peloton who were waiting at the Gwandalan turn off. Keith advised us that it was not another tack, but that the tyre they repaired after last week’s puncture, with a patch, had decided to say goodbye to the tube.
From there it was a nice easy ride down-hill to the lake, where we spread ourselves out in the nicely named Gwandalan Lioness Park, a bit chilly in the shade but nice in the Sun.
After enjoying our lunch and coffee, Warwick called us together to advise us that it was Col’s birthday, so we all joined in to sing Happy Birthday, some of the singers were great, some of the guys were terrible, but the smile on Col’s face showed that he enjoyed the well wishes he had received for our group of riders.
The return journey after our break continued in a loop around Gwandalan, before re-joining Kanangra drive for the ride back to the Pacific Highway. It was a fast ride due to the tail wind. Warwick was heard to comment to Anne D, how well she was riding, and that he had trouble keeping up with her, even on his e-bike. Anne suggested if he used a bit more electrical power, he could have overtaken her, Warwick mentioned he enjoys turning off the power, and riding au naturel, sometimes.
On re-joining the Pacific Highway, it was all downhill to Doyalson with the NE breeze giving us a helping hand to increase our average speed. Col left us at Blue Haven for his house just around the corner, and we guessed he was going to have a little celebration with his family. At San Remo, Keith A advised us that himself, Mike, Pedro, Doug and Rolf were leaving the main group and returning to Noraville and other locations via Budgewoi.
James then became the sweep for the main group as we headed back to Gorokan and then Toukley. Virginia left us as usual at Dudley street to return home as she had ridden to Peel street, Linda and Anne waved us goodbye just after the Ambo station in Peel street, the rest of us returned to our cars before having a good chat and heading home.
The ride was about 47.5 kilometres, and the average speeds were between 19-20km/hr.
Bleak conditions on Budgewoi Lake - 16 October 2020
Friday 16 October 2020 - Skylarkers and Coasters
Fourteen Coasters and about 5 Skylarkers converged on Jenny Dixon Reserve (JDR) this morning. The Skylarkers were gone by the time I got there, on a mission around Tuggerah Lake in the Strong Breeze (25-27 knots), easing off later to Fresh Breeze (17-21 knots), but all at a nice temperature of 22°C.
Chris was back in action today leading us Coasters, and Doug and Mike did the tail. Col went home from San Remo, Linda from Lake Haven, and we split up at Wadalba to reduce our impact on the environment, and seating.
Minnesota Road was completely blocked by Police, probably in their search for an armed offender, so we detoured back along Warnervale Road to Louisiana Road, then Fairmont Blvd, thanks James, a shortcut back to Minnesota. Morning tea was held for the residual group at River Reflections, Tacoma, where most of us had a delicious tart of some sort.
Then we headed back home, or to JDR. Although Chris had ridden from home, he still took the stragglers back, maybe only to Peel Street, Toukley, still racking up about 60km. My distance was 44km, more than enough in such tough conditions (the wind). Thanks you dedicated cyclists for making it a worthwhile ride this morning, and thanks to our guides.
Nice here at Lakedge Park, Buff Point - 16/10/2020
North Entrance - Wednesday 14 October 2020
Wednesday 14 October 2020 - Group Rides
Around 35 riders came to Osborn Park today for 3 different rides. Group 1 with about 7 riders did a loop of Tuggerah Lake, clockwise, G2 went to Batto Bay, with about 20 participants, and G3 comprised 9 riders, or 10 if you count Bones who tagged along, went to Toowoon Bay. Several riders copped punctures from drawing pins which some despicable sociopath had sprinkled around Wifred Barrett Drive. I rode home with one in my back tyre, but it didn't go flat.
Jill led G3 and Trevor swept up, looking after Keith V, on his old bike. I taught Keith to check his tyres and pump them up, at least he had a good pump, which he didn't even realise had a pressure guage incorporated in it. We headed down from Toowoon Bay to Long Jetty then along the lake path to The Entrance where we had coffee. There was a 15 knot southerly wind, at 22°C, which turned into a lovely tail wind for the ride back.

TDCC group 2 Bateau Bay Loop Ride report 14/10/2020
On a blustery day, and slightly chilly morning due to the wind chill factor, 21 riders turned up to for the ride to Sutton Reserve (Bruce Burgis Park) at Bateau Bay. We would have had a few more riders but it was noticed that Danny, Keith A, and Lyn S had their names on the group 3 sign on sheet, but rode with group 2 for an easier ride [nah, nah, nah! I was on G2 sheet and rode with G3.]. This confusion was caused due to people not being able to sign on personally during this covid period. We noticed Pam was at the start line, but chose to ride with group 3 also, it is worth noting that Pam had ridden from home around the Long Jetty area.
The eventual ride list was Warwick as ride manager, Doug was the sweep, the rest of the riders were Robyn, John R, Pedro, Linda, Lyn T, James, Azy, Estelle, Chris, Col, Lindley, Paul, Rolf, Harrison, Keith M, Mike, Maree and good old Daryl.
When the ride started, we headed for Wilfred Barrett Drive (WBD) riding into the strong southerly breeze, Warwick had to wait a while at WBD for 2 different groups who had got held up by the 2 sets of traffic lights at Main Road and next to the sportsground.
Next we headed for the North Entrance along WBD, the head wind took its toll, with the group splintering into 4 sets of riders, 500 metres or so between them. From the BOM the wind was a Southerly at 24km/hr with consistent gusts of 32km/hr, no wonder it was hard work. On our arrival at the North Entrance we kept a look out for the angry Maggie, and the drawing pins that someone has been scattering on the road. Maybe it was the Maggie, as his other diving tactics to stop us riding in the area did not work.
However, at arrival at the North Entrance comfort stop, Doug and Col had both encountered drawing pins that resulted in punctured tubes. These were quickly fixed by a band of helpers, and we were on our way to Long Jetty via the bike track, and then the roadway beside the bicycle track.
At the Entrance, Lyn T left us as she had ridden to Peel street, Estelle also left us to join group 2 [3], so as to keep up her energy for her holiday starting tomorrow.
Along the way to Long Jetty we noticed a lot less people on the bike track now that school holidays are over, we were greeted by friendly Mums with kids on small bikes who gave us big smiles and waves, very nice to see such nice happy kids getting exercise, instead of playing with iPads etc.
On arrival at Rotary Park, we had a regroup where it was discovered that Doug had another flat, this was due to the wrong size tube being installed at the last repair. Doug asked us to ride on, and that he and Mike would meet us at Sutton Park, Bateau Bay.
Riding on, Warwick took us along the bike path for a short distance before turning left, and then crossing Wyong Road at Killarney Vale shopping centre, before turning left into South street where we did a Cook’s tour of Killarney Vale passing through Bateau Bay sports ground and through some very nice areas with lots of natural bush settings.
Next we crossed the Entrance road at Passage road, and were lucky not to encounter too much traffic on our ride to Sutton Park.
On arrival at Sutton Reserve most of the group stopped for coffee at the nearby shopping centre, good service, and nice coffee by all reports.
Doug, and Mike arrived shortly after the rest of the group at the park, and Jan was there to pick up hubby Col, and take him home after lunch, as they had an afternoon commitment.
The atmosphere in the park was very enjoyable, with the trees providing shade from the midday Sun, and it was a pleasant place to relax and have a chat with our friends.
After lunch/coffee break we headed back to the Entrance on the planned route with the Southerly making it a bit easier than usual. On reaching WBD the ride back to the bike track alongside WBD was one of the quickest yet with the wind really pushing us along, again some of us struggled with the high pace but all of us felt satisfied with our effort.
On arrival at the bike track, Harrison reported that he had a drawing pin in his front tyre, although the tyre had not gone down, Harry was advised not to take it out, but try and ride back to Peel street, which he attempted. Unfortunately, after he put in an impressive ride along the windy bike path, a short distance along Evans road he suffered a puncture to his rear tube and reported that his front tyre was losing pressure.
The calm heads of Warwick, and Paul decided that Paul would bring his car back and retrieve Harry and his bike. To relief of us all, on leaving Peel street, we saw Harry putting his bike on his car, thanks to Paul and Warwick for looking after Harry.
The ride was about 46 km, the averages speeds varied from 18 to 20km/hr, the temperature was around 20 degrees, but the wind chill reading was mostly around 17°C.
All in all, an enjoyable ride, except for the punctures.
Some of the Coasters at The Bite Café, The Entrance
Friday 9 October 2020 - Coasters
Firstly, got a lovely e-mail from Nick at the Lake Jennings Boy Scout Troop in the USA somewhere, with a request to add a link, just above the Reports heading above, to a bike safety site from one of his Boy Scouts, Conner. Thanks Conner! I don't think they know we are at the bottom of the world. See the power of the internet?
Anyway, my ride today was de-railed by a hospital appointment at 8.45am for a Pacemaker check. All good! Apparently I have 6 years left. On my PM battery. I then rode from home to meet everyone at The Entrance, but there was no-one there yet. So I had coffee with a group of kayaking friends, then headed towards Batto Bay in the hope of finding the Coasters. I ran into them near the Blue Bay Store, so it was good to find some friends. Apparently they had had a couple of flat tyres, hence their late return. So, James can take over the report as he witnessed it all. Cheers, Danny
TDCC Coasters Bateau Bay Loop Ride report 09/10/2020
On a windy morning, 17 cheery riders turned up at Jenny Dixon for our mystery ride. The ride was determined by our ride manager gurus, that a ride to Bateau Bay beach would be a nice place to go, then return to the Entrance for coffee.
Barry was the ride manager, and Warwick the sweep. The other riders as per the ride list sheet order were, Robyn, Paul, Pedro, Chris, Col, Lindley, Carol, Hugh, Nicolette, James, Daryl, Maree, Linda, Danny and guest rider Keith V.
Barry promised it would be a bit slower Coaster’s ride than usual, he was fibbing of course. We set a good pace to the North Entrance, with the usual speedsters (Linda, Col, Paul, Pedro, Robyn, Nicolette, Hugh, and Lindley hot on Barry’s tail. Chris was having his second ride back with us after his trauma injury, and although not back to his best, put in a great effort, Chris advised us later that he will lead the ride next week, he was feeling so good.
On arrival at the North Entrance comfort stop, it was discovered Linda had a flat tube, someone has been spreading tacks on the road at the junction of Wilfred Barrett drive, and Hutton road. Apparently, this is a known fact that there is a tack spreader somewhere in the area, as it happens on a regular basis. Our top bike technicians set to work, and had Linda mobile in no time at all. After the repair we were then on our way to Toowoon Bay. At this point Keith V decided not to ride any further with the group, as it was his first attempt with faster riders, we let him know that he would improve with a few more rides under his belt.
At the Entrance, there was a bit more traffic around due to the school holidays, but we progressed to Toowoon Bay without hassle. On arrival at Toowoon Bay, Warwick noticed a noise coming from Carols back wheel, on further inspection a 1.5cm L shaped bit of steel was removed from the tyre. All seemed good, so we then set off towards Bateau Bay. At the Shelley Beach roundabout, Pedro returned home as he had a previous engagement that he had to go to.
From the roundabout, it was a high-speed ride down-hill along Grandview street, and then onto Bateau Bay road past the Shelley Beach caravan park, a good speed was maintained most of the way to Bateau Bay Beach, due to the smooth road surface, it makes a big difference when the roads are so good.
On arrival at Bateau Bay beach, the sights of the frolicking whales offshore thrilled our group, who were busy taking snapshots of the Mother and her baby, they appeared to be waving to us with their flippers up in the air. The ambience at the beach side park was magic, aside from the whales, human families were enjoying the day with picnics set up at most of the tables, a group of about 50 pre-schoolers looked like they were also enjoying the day out with their minders. Unfortunately, this little bit of heaven only lasted a few minutes, before Carol realised her back tyre was flat. Again, Warwick, Col, Paul and Chris got down to work and this time the job was much harder than the first repair, it probably took about 25 minutes to get the bike up and running again, thanks for the effort boys. There are photos of the event on Strava from some of our riders if you want to check the scene.
As soon as the work was completed, we headed back to the Entrance for our coffee break. Along the way we ran into our Publicity officer Danny, who had missed the start of the ride due to a Doctor’s appointment, he had to get a booster function put in his pacemaker. It was apparent the upgrade was successful, as Danny soon overtook our group at speed, and burnt us off on the ride down the hill to the coffee shop.
Due to the number of tourists in town, we spread ourselves out among 3 coffee shops, some of our group ran into other non-club riders they knew, so quite a few riders were spaced around the forecourt.
After we all had nice chats among the various groups, Barry gave us the nod, “on your bikes”, this was the sign for a renegade Magpie to attack James, no one else was attacked, maybe he looked like a predator on his bike.
After leaving The Entrance and crossing the bridge, the ride back to Jenny Dixon was made easier by the W/SW winds assisting us, most of our riders would have been riding close to their personal best time. Danny commented on how well we all rode. Some people who rode to Jenny Dixon left us at the bike track, the rest of us returned to Jenny Dixon, where after packing up and having a chat we set off home.
The ride was around 36km, the average speed was around 21.5 km/hr, a bit faster than the usual 20km/hr average, Barry must have been feeling good. The wind was mostly from the W/SW at around an average of 11km/hr with gusts up to 25km/hr

Skylarkers - 9 October 2020
Skylarkers had a crew of only 4 today due to some MIA. Dooralong was the "Order of the Day" and the wind was up - predominantly a Westerly with some South in it at times. As we set off we hadn't even reached WBD, when a voice from the dark shouted out from the bush in Denison St. Turned out to be Doug with the SOFA crew also starting out on their ride.
We basically did Nige's ride - Rollercoaster, Warnies and out to Dickson's Rd with no respite from the wind except for Rick's bike making a funny noise. The solution was to turn it upsidedown, twiddle a bit and turn the pedals (that's a female version!) Once onto Jilliby Rd, we found some cows to photograph but by the time we stopped, they'd lost interest and turned away! A heavenly stop at Dooralong Hall/park where we basked in the sun awhile out of the breeze. Then onto the last leg into River Reflections where the cakes are so devine... Couldn't resist, one for each of us as we reflected on the decadence of the different ones!
Coming home, we had a tail wind occasionally but not for long enough. As you can see from the photo, lovely sunny weather and all up 70klms up from JD's with Tony clocking up 90 and Rick somewhere between! All up, a great day out for 4 mates.

Skylarkers with new friends at Dooralong - 9 October 2020

Some Coasters at Josh Porter Reserve, Chain Valley Bay South (CVBS) - 2 October 2020
Friday 2 October 2020 - Coasters trip to Chain Valley Bay South
Ideal weather everywhere on the Central Coast saw 22 riders assemble at Jenny Dixon Reserve, Norah Head, for a mystery ride to, as it transpired, CVBN and South, Josh Porter, and back to San Remo for m/t or in my case lunch. Paul led this outing and Warwick looked after the other end.
James broke a spoke so had to go straight back to JDR from the bike path between CVBN and CVBS. After a pleasant social occasion at JPR we headed back to Tall Timbers Road (TTR), but turned right down to the caravan park before continuing up TTR to the highway. After re-setting ourselves at Doyalson, we rode down the Motorway Link to Blue Haven Way and into that salubrious suburb before popping out at the San Remo shops where we headed for our favorite café, La Macchina Espresso, for coffee, munchies or even a garlic pesto with mushrooms and bacon, if that took your fancy.
After that very pleasant experience we headed for home, either directly or via JDR for our cars. Such a delightful morning, thanks everyone for joining in, sorry about you James. Thanks to Paul and Paul for keeping us together.

Coasters at CVBS, a beautiful place - 2 October 2020
Wednesday 30 September 2020 - TDCC Rides
Perfect conditions for six Group 3 riders (hoping for a report soon), and 16 Group 2 starters. Group 1 started at Swansea for a ride up to Newcastle. Hoping for a report later.
Group 2 Report: Warwick led the G2 crew on an interesting ride over Toukley Bridge and along The Corso. At Moala Pde we had to wait for many vehicles turning from the opposite direction into Moala Pde, obviously because of some detour happening over in Charmhaven. Chris later reported that the highway was completely closed at the Charmy shops, he coudn't even get close enough to see what was happening, but there was some object right across the highway there.
So we continued to the so-called Charmy Bridge and into Blue Haven, making our way up to Roper Road, where Chris left us with a plan to re-visit at Warnervale Park, for lunch.
Waz then took us up to Doyalson and left into Wyee Road, and along that long road to Hue Hue Road, skipping the shortcut via Gosford Road as it was blocked by roadworks. Many regroups and rests were taken as this is quite a tough ride, but praise is due for the efforts of this group in the road conditions. We finally made it to Sparks Road, only about 30km so far, surprisingly.
Lunch was held at the playground near the Warnervale Railway Station, with many kids there during there holidays. Strangely, there is no toilet for the use of patrons. You have to cross the road and use Warnie's loos. The café does have very nice coffee though, and delicious food available.
The final leg was different, riding all the way along Warnervale Road to Louisiana Road, and into the housing estate at Hamlyn Terrace, through a gap in the fence and a gate, and out the other side of the hospital, across the highway into Craigie Avenue, where I peeled off to my nearby home. I rode 50km on my e-bike, the posted distance.
Thanks Waz for leading, and Rolf for sweeping, and to everybody else for coming. A wonderful day in the fresh air riding with mates.

Paul and Waz at Batto Bay - Coasters 25 September 2020
Club Rides - Friday 25 September 2020
Skylarkers - About 7 of them rode out to Pelican, then back to Swansea for cakes. No coffee apparently. 67km.
Coasters Ride to Batto Bay - Eighteen riders met at Jenny Dixon Reserve today, keen to ride somewhere. Batto Bay was designated by Warwick, who led us down Wilfred Barrett Drive (WBD), with a gentle following wind.
No magpie attacks at the bend near the Marine Rescue, we think it might be dead, someone saw a carcase by the road. What a shame!
After a rest at Roberts Street, North Entrance, we continued over the The Entrance Bridge, and through The Entrance CBD heading towards Toowoon Bay for a re-group. Barry was reported missing with a flat tyre, and Waz rode back to help. Baz decided that with his limited spare time and an appointment after lunch, he couldn't finish the ride, and summoned his wife Lois to come and collect him in the Merc. Don't know how they went stuffing the bike into that little car.
We finally made it to Batto Bay where Darryl saw a whale making its way south, but he was the only one who saw it. Then we set off back to T/E for coffee, going via Long Jetty for a variation. We found seats wherever we could at DCE and the other shoppe, where we also found Graeme and Sharon, and Bill and Chris, all having a nice little ride. Graeme had his little doggie on the bike with him, and was riding in clogs. Just sayin'...
While we were all sitting there in the sun, a mighty weather change came bursting through, with winds NNW up to 35 knots (70kmh). Fortunately it eased off slightly by the time we got going again, but unfortunately we still had a big headwind to go back. I bet the Skylarkers were laughing!
Tall John and I were keen to get going, as we both live on the west side of the Toukley Bridge, so we left before the others. I had a very pleasant ride on my E-bike, and John kept up with me all the way up WBD, good going. My total k's was 52, as I had ridden from home, and the standard ride was 37km. Thanks everyone for coming.

Darryl at Batto Bay trying to convince Linda and Marie there was a whale out there. 25 September 2020

Beautiful view from the Tuggerawong bike path - 23 September 2020
Wednesday 23 September 2020 - TDCC Wednesday rides
Group 3 ride to Warnies. A big roll-up at Peel street this morning - 7 riders in Group 1, 18 in Group 2 and 10 in group 3. The G1 took themselves up to Yarramalong into a stiff headwind, and sailed back with ease, covering between 75 and 91km.
Group 2's report is below, but Group 3 was where I was. We rode over the Toukley Bridge and along Marks Road, over the roller coaster, having a re-group at Craigie Park. Jill was our ride manager, and Trevor did the tail.
A few of us took the Tuggerawong bike path, where that lovely photo above was taken, all finally meeting up at the Wyong toilets. We then rode through Wyong, towards Wattanobbi, where I did a corner, but I forgot how many of us there were, and when I didn't see anyone else I took off after the last person to pass me, Darryl, who told me, when asked, that he wasn't the last one, there were a few more. I raced back, on my leccy bike, but couldn't see anyone. I did a bit of searching, then rode down to the highway and up towards Wattanobbi, then eventually found them all together, none of whom had any idea where they were going. The guy up the front turned right instead of left and we were lost again, but eventually we found everyone else, and I got 2 de-merits.
Back on the hwy we headed for Warnies Track and finished up at Warnie's Warnevale Railway Station Café, where we had lunch.
After lunch Keith V and I were a bit slow out of the gates, and the others rode off without us. Because Keith had no idea where he was (he's from Avoca Beach), I had to take him all the way to Toukley Bridge (instead of going straight home) whence he made his own way to Peel Street.
So while the average distance for today's ride was 38km, my total was 50, more than they did in Group 2. Still, a very enjoyable ride, and a nice lunch at Warnies (Keith and I both had hamburgers, that's we we got left behind).

TDCC Grp 2 Summerland Point via Elisabeth Bay ride report. 23/9/2020
On arrival at Peel street, a good turnout of riders was encouraging to see, no doubt the sunny skies played their part. Group 2 had our latest club members sign up, that is Elly and Craig who rode with us as guest riders last Friday. Barry ensured the paperwork was performed with his usual efficiency.
The weather at the start of the ride was fair, with just a slight breeze blowing across the lake, this was to change later in the day as the Sun performed tricks with the wind.
Seventeen riders signed on for the strenuous ride to Summerland Point via Elisabeth Bay. The return journey was not as per the advertised route, as shall be explained.
The 17 riders were Warwick who rode as the sweep, Robyn, Col, Keith M, James, Rolf, Pedro, Paul who was the ride manager, Doug, Keith A, Estelle, Lindley, Barry, Elly, Mike, Lyn and Craig. We welcomed back Robyn who has not ridden for a few weeks due to a niggling sprain, and Estelle who has been on holidays.
Paul, the ride manager, gave a stern warning to all riders to ensure they were at the start point on Leonard street by the start time, however a few riders (no names) continued chatting, by the time Paul fired the starting gun, it was 09:35hrs, Paul stayed calm, and led the group to Aldi, then to Budgewoi in an orderly manner at a good pace.
Instead of the usual comfort stop at Slade Park, Paul advised we would be stopping at Mackenzie Park instead, to view the newly-painted murals on the amenities block. The second reason was to meet up with Lyn R (S?), who was waiting for us at the park. However, things did not go to plan, as we entered Slade Park, Paul’s bike had a puncture, so Paul asked James to ride to Mackenzie park, and let Lyn know that the group were delayed.
Eventually with the tube fixed, the group arrived to admire the murals, and take some photos, all done, we set off towards Elisabeth Bay at a swift pace to make up some time.
From Lizzy Bay we crossed the Highway to Chain Valley Bay and rode along the along the wooden bike track amongst the Mangroves, creeks and overarching trees to North Chain Valley Bay, a lovely part of the ride for those who took the time to enjoy the scenery.
From there we progressed to Kanangra Drive via the very gravelly, and pot-holed road (Link Road), those riders who have narrow tyres struggled to avoid embarrassment, thankfully we all arrived at Kanangra Drive unscathed.
Once onto Kanangra Drive, we had a nice run into Summerland Point, although the head winds which had sprung up since we had left Peel street stopped us from reaching our maximum potential.
On reaching the unoriginally named Summerland Park, and the nearby shopping centre, where the coffee shop was overloaded with our riders, the rest of us settled into the park, and took up spots on the benches to take advantage of the bright sunshine and pleasant ambience.
The scene was surreal with ducks of all kinds meandering amongst us, family groups having picnics and generally enjoying themselves with the sights of the delightful Lake Macquarie, with the local boaties showing off their million-dollar boats.
After lunch, and on the way to the carpark for a regather, we encountered a Mother Duck with a duckling beside her, with our group Ooohing and Awwing, we were astounded when about 10 ducklings emerged from under Mum’s wings, a delightful sight which cheered our hearts.
At the regather, Paul advised that we would return via the Pacific Highway, and not the SRA due to the poor condition of the road, he advised those who wanted to go via the SRA could do so if they wished.
When we restarted the ride, we rode along Cams Blvd Rural to Kanangra Drive, it is a nice ride, as you ride under the canopy of the trees for quite a long stretch of the road. After joining up with Kanangra Drive, we headed for the Pacific Highway where we had a regather when we turned right into the Pacific Highway.
At this stage, Mike, Estelle, Doug, Rolf and Pedro decided to return via the SRA and test their riding skills. The rest of us headed down the highway, where unfortunately Paul had another flat. Paul advised us to keep going as he may be some time before he gets going again, Col decided to stay with Paul to assist with the repairs, thanks Col.
The rest of us had a regather at Elisabeth Bay, where we saw the 5 riders who returned via the SRA heading up the nasty hill towards Budgewoi. The rest of us followed and rode to Peel street without drama. After we had arrived at Peel street and had a chat amongst the group, we then packed up and started to head home, at this stage Paul had still not arrived. We will find out what happened at Friday’s ride.
Estelle mentioned she was not happy with her performance today, but we assured her that she went well, and that she was in the middle of the group most of the time. Remember we will always wait for riders at the tail, and we are not racing, but riding to enjoy ourselves and stay healthy.
The ride was about 43km, the average speed was around 19.5km/hr, the temperature was around 21 to 23°C during the ride, the wind was WNW around 13km/hr with gusts of 30km/hr.

Grim aspect of Tuggerah Lake - 18 September 2020

TDCC Coasters Shelley Beach Loop ride 18/9/2020
On a day that the BOM said there was little chance of rain, the rain Gods, Nasty, Good, and I Don’t Care Gods decided to settle on a little bit of each. On the way to Jenny Dixon, our enthusiastic riders encountered a small amount of rain, which stayed around until we left on our ride.
Twelve riders turned up, but only Rolf the ride manager for the day, Mike the sweep, Viv the Marshal, James, Pedro, and 2 guest riders, Elly and Craig participated in the ride. Warwick returned to Woy Woy, Col, Danny and Lyn S rode home [after we all had m/t at Bombora, with Doug and Paul], and Paul took his new car home out of the rain.
At the start or the ride, we welcomed Elly and Craig to our group, as they are keen to join the club. They have just moved up from the big smoke 5 weeks ago, and they have settled into life near the Wyong River. Apparently, Keith A met them on one of our rides last week, and told them about our club, thanks to Keith.
As per the report title, today’s ride was to the Entrance, then Long Jetty via the bike path, Bateau Bay, Shelley beach, then back to the Entrance for coffee, and then back to Jenny Dixon after coffee.
Rolf set a good pace to the Entrance, however James dropped an item of clothing from himself, so Mike the sweep, went back to retrieve the item, so Mike and myself then fell behind the Peloton by a kilometre or so. We therefore put our pedals into high gear, and found Viv waiting for us at Magpie corner, thankfully he was in a docile mood today.
After the compulsory comfort break at the North Entrance, we headed over the bridge and onto the Entrance bike path towards Long Jetty. As we left Picnic Point, Elly nearly came to grief on the sharp right-hand bend onto the main track, luckily her riding skills kept her upright.
After arriving at the Long Jetty section of the track, we crossed The Entrance road, and rode along the Entrance road pathway past the Primary School on the corner of the Entrance road and Yakalla street. A big group of about 100 kids sitting on a grandstand gave us a almighty cheer, made us all feel better, must have been setting up for some school event. Shortly after we passed the High School section, of course, no response from those sophisticated young adults.
After that setback we rode along the bike path that meanders through the Edsacc Oval, through to Bias Avenue, which of course is named after the bowls club, 100 metres from where we turned into Bias Avenue.
We noticed by this stage of the ride that Elly and Craig were not novice riders, and had no trouble keeping up with our pace.
From Bias Avenue we rode back to The Entrance along the usual route, to the coffee shop opposite the War Memorial.
While Elly was chatting to Pedro about the club and our activities, Craig was telling us a bit about himself and Elly. Apparently, Elly was a good Triathlete in another life, and Craig was a keen rower and coached rowing at the Newington College. He is looking for a similar role in our region, if anyone knows of a school that needs a coach.
After coffee, Viv rode home as she had ridden to Jenny Dixon. Rolf decided to take the bike path at the North Entrance instead of the road way, it was a good chance to test our riding skills, Rolf quickly rode out of sight, Pedro was a few meters behind our, and no matter how we tried, we could not shake him off, good effort Pedro.
After re-joining the road near the Magenta resort, it was full speed ahead to Jenny Dixon. On arrival at Jenny Dixon we could not find Craig. Apparently Rolf had decided to show Craig a few of the local hot spots. Eventually they returned passing the wedding ceremony in the park just down from Jenny Dixon. The wedding looked impressive with a big white tent set up, with outdoor seating, the champers was flowing, unfortunately no one beckoned us over.
Once we were all back to Jenny Dixon, we had a very nice chat within our group, and with Elly and Craig who promised to ride with us next Wednesday.
The ride was around 34km, the average speeds were around 20km/hr, the temperature hovered around 17°C for the whole ride, the wind was mostly Southerly around 20km/hr. The rain at the start of the ride was similar to walking under a tree full of cicadas in summer. After setting off to the Entrance we did not encounter any more rain.
Again, a very enjoyable ride.
The Skylarkers did a loop of Tuggerah Lake, including Kangy Angy and Enterprise Drive, but in the Clockwise direction, except for the Kangy Angy/Enterprise Drive section, for a change. About 70km, in rather chilly conditions, but I don't suppose they noticed.
Wednesday 16 September 2020 - Group rides
Group 1 - In the absence of more info, G1 rode down to Terrigal for over 60km of vigorous cycling.
Group 2/3 - Starting at Morisset with 24 riders, we rode back along the main street to Deaves Road, towards Mandolong. We had to separate the last four riders to maintain to COVID-19 rules. Up Deaves and onto Freemans Drive, straight through Cooranbong past the lovely café, to Newport Road, where we waited for everyone to catch up. Warwick was leading and Mike and Doug looked after the back, and I marshalled a few corners.
At Dora Creek we had a welcome toilet stop, before heading back over the bridge towards Morisset, then taking the next left, Marconi Road, to enter the strange world of the peninsula.The ride program suggested a distance of 50km, which seemed a lot for G2, but it was only 38km, but tough, with many hills, with uphills amazingly equalling downhills by the time we got back to Morrie.
Lunch was held on the edge of the road near Bonnells Bay shopping centre, for those who needed a coffee fix.
We then meandered all over the peninsula, including the finally-finished Trinity Point, looking very beautiful, before dragging our sorry saddles back to Morisset.
Notable performances of the day were: everyone on a normal bike who did all those hills without complaint, Rolf, who rode from home and, despite many offers to give him a lift, back, and Col who, after a stirling ride all day, then rode home to boost his distance, another 18km.
The weather was magnificent, getting quite hot in the sun while we were stopped. The temperature at home was 27°C. Thanks everyone for coming, especially those who filled an administrative rôle.
Friday 11 September 2020 - Coasters/Skylarkers
Skylarkers - Several cyclists making up the Skylarkers rode from Jenny Dixon Reserve, Norah Head, up through Budgewoi and Lake Munmorah to Belmont, where they joined the Fernleigh Track , only turning around at Whitebridge before coming back for a nearly 90km ride. Well done you guys!

TDCC Coasters Mystery ride. 11-09-2020
Today's mystery ride was a mystery in more ways than one, thanks to a friendly road crew who blocked our progress. The Mystery ride as usual started at Jenny Dixon, then went to Budgewoi, San Remo, then tried to get to Wallarah Peace park at Gorokan, where we intended to ride under the bridge and progress our way to Wahroonga road. Unfortunately, long delays at the road works on The Corso near Rowan Park caused us to detour to Marks road via Dudley street, and other numerous roads.
As happens when things don’t go as planned, some of our group went to Dudley street via different routes. Once on our way along Marks road, we turned right into Wahroonga Road, cycled to Wadalba, crossed the Pacific Highway, and cycled along Minnesota Road to Sparks road, where we turned right, and joined the Warnervale Wetlands bike track. We then cycled to Charmhaven, and returned to Toukley/Jenny Dixon via Budgewoi or Gorokan.
On such a nice day, we expected a good turnout, and we were not disappointed, as 15 riders fronted to enjoy the sunshine, after the disappointment of Wednesday’s weather we were all excited.
The riders in order of appearance were, Viv, Col, Pedro, James, Paul, Kerry, Keith A, Debbie, Harrison, Doug, Barry, Daryl, Anne D, Rolf, and Mike. James was the ride manager, and Mike and Doug shared the tail duties.
The group left Jenny Dixon in good spirits, and we set a pace of 25 km/hr all the way to Slade Park at Budgewoi. Daryl commented the pace was a bit hot for his legs, so we slowed down too 22km/hr for Daryl’s benefit. On arriving at Slade park some riders stripped off their excess riding gear, this was due to the warmer than expected temperature and the effort they had put in on the way to Budgewoi.
After a short break, we headed to Edgewater Park at Buff Point for a comfort stop. Lots of people were walking dogs, lots of Mums with bubs, and other cyclists were on the track, so we had to be careful not to run into anyone. The lead riders were using their bike bells a lot more than usual, we even got a few thank you greetings from the walkers.
From Edgewater park we cycled to San Remo, and then had a regroup before turning south along the Pacific Highway. We then turned left at Lowana Avenue so as to follow the road around the lake to Gorokan. The CCC Lolly Pop man had other ideas as mentioned earlier, so we detoured to Marks road as mentioned.
After a re-gather in Marks road, Kerry and some of the boys really put their muscle into the pedals and left the rest of us in their wake. After turning into Wahroonga road, we waited for Mike who seemed to have been lost, thankfully he turned up a few minutes later and we set off towards Wadalba without incident.
From Wadalba we headed towards Sparks Road along Minnesota road, but at this point Doug got caught at the lights, so we had a short stop to let him catch up. Originally, we were to cross Sparks road where there was no traffic lights, but Col suggested we continue along Minnesota road, and turn into Sparks road at the traffic lights, a good suggestion Col, and thanks, much safer.
Shortly we were on the Wetlands bike track, Hamlyn Terrace, which was very enjoyable, especially the section beside the primary school, where we rode among trees that formed a Cathedral style canopy above our heads.
Coming out of the Wetlands, we headed up Hakone Road to Arizona Road, and eventually arrived at the Charmy nursery. At this point Kerry and Anne D, left the ride, and returned home. Barry, Col, Paul, and James went to the San Remo coffee haunt, while the rest of the remaining group stayed at the Nursery coffee hut. Too many of us to go to the one shop in this Covid times.
After coffee, the San Remo group split up and just as we did Nicolette and her riding partner turned up, so we had a short chat before departing. Col, Barry, and Paul rode to their respective places of abode, and James returned to Jenny Dixon. The Charmy group dispersed after coffee and returned to their homes, only Daryl rode back to Jenny Dixon, and arrived just after James. After discussing bike related matters, we also saddled up our horses, and made our way home.
Different riders averaged between 48 to 56km as some had ridden from home, Kerry would have done more as she cycled from down The Entrance way. The average speeds varied between 17 to 19.5 km/hr. The temperature was nice, and the winds were variable, but not overpowering.
TDCC Group 2. Berkley Vale/Budge Lake loop ride report. 9/9/2020
On arrival at Peel street, after battling our way through gale force winds, and a little bit of rain, we found that most of our riders had decided to stay in their warm comfy beds. Keith M was in his little BMW waiting for us to arrive after driving all the way from Point Clare, Paul arrived shortly after, then James, and in dribs and drabs, Doug, Pedro, and Mike.
Paul came by car with no bike, James was more optimistic and came with bike on car. The 3 musketeers (Pedro’s description on Strava), Doug, Pedro, and Mike rode to Peel street.
After much discussion, we decided that the organised ride was not going to happen, so the 3 Musketeers decided to loop Budgewoi Lake and have coffee at the Charmy Nursery. After coffee they rode back Toukley, dropping off Doug on the way as he lives close to the Nursery.
Paul, Keith and James headed home in awe of the intrepid Musketeers, thankfully not much rain, but lots of wind on their shortened ride.
Paul told us that group 1 had decided on Tuesday not to ride today, group 3 members were nowhere to be seen, so we guessed they did the same.
Brenda, Danny and Gemma went to Merimbula on Tuesday, so they missed the worst of the weather, from the BOM it looks like they are enjoying fine weather down South [correct].
Last week we forgot to mention David F, also was also suffering injuries from the same riding accident as Chris was involved in. David has injuries to his ribs, which will keep him out of action for a few weeks. All the best David for a quick recovery.

Coasters at San Remo - 4 September 2020. I picked this one as Merrilyn and Robyn have their mouths open.
Friday 4 September 2020 - Coasters ride around Budgewoi Lake
A warm day only getting warmer, so early in Spring, revealed twenty riders keen to get going on their secret Friday ride. Our regular leader/manager, Chris Boi, took himself out of contention on Monday by crashing on the Fernleigh Track, injuring his shoulder, so we got Wazza instead. Waz decided we had enough big rides this week, after Wednesday's marathon (58km for me), so he settled on a nice short ride. In the same accident Dave Fuller cracked a few ribs and punctured his lung, so spent a few days in hospital.
Setting a cracking pace on his e-bike, Warwick took us down to the Toukley Bridge and along The Corso to the highway at Charmy. There were about 4 e-bikes on today's ride, including me (Danny).
After crossing the 'Charmy' bridge we did a little exploration of Blue Haven to add some distance. Then we rode to Lakedge Park, via the backroad in San Remo, then on to Budgewoi where we set off straight down Budgewoi Road to Lakes Beach Café for morning tea.
We were met at Lakes' by Nicolette, Brenda and Jemma, my support crew. Not having ridden since 3 July I suddenly peeled off over 100km on my first week back on the bike. Feeling good, thanks!
After m/t we all headed off home, various locations, glad to have had this beautiful day riding with mates. I'm pretty sure Col rang Jan to pick him up at Lakes Beach, but surprisingly his Strava record showed he rode home to Blue Heaven via the very dangerous Scenic Road, Hwy, Link Road and via Aldi to home, for a total of 55km. I think you owe us an explanation Col! I rode from and back home, so I clocked up 46km, while Paul's total was closer to 37.
More photos on our FaceBook Group page here.

Peaceful Tuggerah Lake at Toukley Bridge. 4 September 2020. More photos on our FB Group page.
TDCC Rides - 2 September 2020
TDCC Group 2. Tumbi Umbi loop ride report
Today’s weather was much better than recent efforts, lacking the Westerly winds that normally blow across the lake, so the scene was set for a nice ride. Fifteen riders turned out today, Warwick was the ride leader, and Rolf was in charge of the tail. Unfortunately, Chris could not attend as had an injury sustained while riding with some of his mates on a private ride, best wishes Chris, for your recovery.
The other riders were Robyn, James, Viv, Linda, Carol, Peter, Keith A, Debbie, Mike, Azy, Pedro, Maree and Danny [G3]. Col turned up but returned home without riding with the club. Some group 3 riders turned up who we have not seen so much of recently, so Hi to Frank and Daryl M.
With the smell of Spring in the air we set off for Gorokan, on the way some blokes on the building site opposite the Beachcomber hotel, gave us a big cheer, much welcomed fellows.
On arriving at Gorokan, and while having a short break to allow the tail to catch up, group 3 arrived behind us. As Danny has not ridden with group 2 since his operation, he decided the pace of group 2 was not suited to his fitness level at this stage, so he joined the group 3 riders who rode around Tuggerah lake. On checking Strava their ride was not much shorter than ours, and their speed was only a few km/hr less than ours, good effort group 3 riders. [Thanks, James!]
The ride to Wyong was made more enjoyable by our detour along the Tuggerawong bike path, which as mentioned in previous reports has some great views of the lake. On arrival at Wyong, and our first rest stop, group 3 arrived within a few minutes, good effort group 3.
After leaving Wyong we rode to Tuggerah, then onto the bike track on the south side of Wyong road, riding under the Wyong road to access the bike path. The bike path is in need of an update as most concrete sections are on a different level and create a bone-jarring ride. As you will see later in the report, one of our riders returned a different way to Tuggerah to avoid the shocks to his elbows and wrists.
The way to Tumbi Umbi was convoluted and involved crossing Wyong road at the traffic lights which only went green for a few seconds, even Usain Bolt would have had trouble getting across the road in time.
After we crossed Wyong road at the lights near the Mingara club, we cycled West along the bike path before turning left into Palm Valley road. Most of us had never been along this road before. It was absolutely stunning, with multiple hills, and valleys, with the scents of Jasmine and other exotic plants filling the air. What surprised us was the size, and beauty of the houses built on acreages, a must-see if you have not driven along this road. Must be where all the millionaires on the coast live.
Palm Valley road eventually returns to the forementioned traffic lights near the Mingara club, where we crossed Wyong road, and then cycled to Bluebell Park at Berkeley Vale, where we stopped for lunch.
Before arriving at Bluebell Park, Mike, Pedro, and Rolf left the group, and returned to Toukley via Wilfred Barrett Drive. After lunch Viv returned home as she had ridden to Peel Street.
As all tables were occupied by other people when we arrived, so we mostly sat on the ground or stood up, some of us found our way to the occupied tables on the pretence of having a chat with the people already sitting there, they did not mind, as long as we kept our, you know, distance.
After lunch, we headed for the bike track beside Wyong road, Paul decided the bike path was not to his liking, so he returned to Tuggerah via Church Road, and Lake road, that is pot-holed pretty badly, so Paul must have dodged them.
While we were stopped at Tuggerah for a regroup, Paul caught up with us, so the alternative route did not take much longer, maybe Paul put the after-burners on.
After leaving Tuggerah and having a short stop at the Wyong loos, we headed back to Toukley with a medium strength NNW head wind blowing the whole way. Various riders turned off before Peel street to return home, the rest of us had a chat at Peel street before heading home.
A most enjoyable ride, taxing our legs but satisfying our minds after the great sights of Palm Valley Road, Tumbi Umbi.
The ride was around 60km, the average speed was around 20km/hr, the temperature for most of the ride was 17°C, the wind was mostly around 18km/hr from the NNW.
Just a note about crossing the Wyong river bridge, after we came off the Bridge, on the road to the footpath in front of Booth’s, we were abused by motorists for riding across the road where traffic enters from the South. Maybe take more care when traversing this area in future.
Carol suffered a broken spoke in one of her wheels, so she was off to the bike shop after the ride, Carol said it did not affect her ride and made it to Peel street without stopping.
As mentioned earlier it was a great ride, except for a few boofheads who like to abuse cyclists, must have been the Spring air making them a bit chirpy, behaving like spring magpies.

Group 3 ride around Tuggerah Lake - Only 7 of us at Peel Street, with a couple of e-bikes and some outpatients, like me with a new hip. Ev was our manager, but Jill led the ride the whole way, at a brisk pace, that's why James was surprised at our frequent catching-up. Seen in the photo above are the rest of us.
With a lovely tail-wind we made good time to Blue Bell Park, but we didn't stop for long, resuming our quest for the bright lights of Long Jetty CBD, where we had lunch. Or at least some of us did. With no shops, 3 of us just sucked water and watched the others feast on prepared-earlier coffee and food.
We soon pushed on towards The Entrance where hunger and home-sickness forced me to keep going and leave the rest of the group to make their own way home. I cycled 58km, good for a new-hip recipient (7 weeks), though I was very tired.
Thanks to Ev and Jill for leading the ride, and everyone else for coming today.
Group 3 pitting at Craigie Park - 2 September 2020
Friday 28 August 2020 - Group 2
TDCC Grp 2 Coasters Bateau Bay loop
Today’s mystery ride was indeed a mystery ride, with our ride managers performing multiple U-turns, we assumed to keep us on our toes. The route went from JD park to the Entrance, then to Bateau Bay. After a rest at Bateau Bay beach, we returned to the Entrance via Killarney Vale shopping centre, and the Entrance bike track, and after coffee at the Entrance we returned to JD park, the way we came.
Seventeen people turned up at JD park, only 13 were rode with the Coasters, Pedro turned up for a chat, Mike, Doug, and Col went on a mates’ ride around Budgewoi Lake, in an anti-clockwise direction. As Col had ridden to JD park with his neighbour, Mike, and Doug accompanied Col back to San Remo, where he ventured home with his neighbour. Mike, and Doug continued around Budgewoi Lake, Doug left Mike at Gorokan, from where Mike returned to Toukley. Good effort Col, and Doug who are close to joining our rides from the speeds shown on Strava.
Chris was the ride manager with Warwick riding tail, Paul as usual acted as a Marshal so us stragglers would not get lost. The other riders were Robyn, James, Barry, Marie, Alan, Lindley, Anne D, Daryl G, Graeme, Merrilyn, and Keith A.
The ever-exuberant Chris set a cracking pace from JD park to the Entrance, leaving a small group of us in his wake, of course our gun riders kept up, and encouraged him to go faster. Half-way to The Entrance, Keith A had pulled up in the breakdown lane, as Warwick, and Myself arrived on the scene we thought Keith must have had a flat. Of course Keith did not have a flat, but was clearing broken beer bottles from the road so that others did not come to grief, great effort Keith, we joked about carrying a broom with us next time, so much glass on the road from people discarding stuff from cars, not good.
When we regathered at North Entrance, after not being attacked by the resident Maggie, we set sail for Toowoon Bay where we had a bit of a chin wag. Our next stop was the front entrance to the Shelly Beach golf club, Chris soon realised that were not playing golf today and we did a U-turn before riding to Bateau Bay beach, which looked absolutely stunning in the bright sunshine.
The ride to Bateau Bay beach was made a little more entertaining by a little old lady, who took it upon herself to abuse the whole group as we were riding through her territory, scarier than the Entrance Magpies.
Warwick was so enthused with the ambience at Bateau beach, that he decided to ride up to the Wyrrabalong/Cracknet Lookout, which is an 80-metre climb over a few hundred metres. Warwick mentioned it was even hard on an e-bike, there was no other takers.
After leaving Bateau Bay beach we headed for Killarney Vale shopping centre via the rear of Edsacc Oval, we had a detour on the way to Killarney Vale via the Bateau Bay bowling club, after another U-turn we headed South (we were too young to play Bowls), and found the correct track to Edsacc Oval. Eventually we made it to Killarney Vale shopping centre, then to The Entrance bike track, which we followed to our favourite coffee shop DCE at The Entrance.
Of course, strict Covid requirements were in place, with the sit-down sippers having to sign the guest book. Danny, Brenda, and Nicolette greeted us on arrival. Gemma was not her usual happy self today and was not offering her usual tail wagging, Brenda did not know what put her in this mood, maybe Danny didn’t give her favourite treats.
Nicolette was wearing her Magpie helmet and had ridden from home to The Entrance for coffee with us. Nicolette advised us she is riding ok, but can’t do the longer distances just yet, from Strava her ride speeds are up with our group, so should not be long before she re-joins the group.
After coffee we left for Jenny Dixon, as we neared the bridge a sneaky magpie dive bombed a few of our members multiple times, he must have been a first time Dad as he did not connect with any of our riders, just made a lot of noise.
With a strong breeze coming at 90 degrees to us, we rode over the Entrance Bridge, where we struggled to ride a straight line. As we approached the North Entrance fish co-op, we were on the look-out for the feared magpie, he did not disappoint us this time, with multiple attacks on various riders.
The ride back along Wilfred Barrett Drive was assisted by a strong breeze, really much easier than on the way to The Entrance. Riders who live West of WBD left us at the new bike track for home, the rest of us rode to JD park without incident.
Everyone was pleased with themselves and enjoyed our little detours.
The ride was around 40km, our average speeds were around 20km/hr, we climbed around 260 metres.
Wednesday 26 August 2020 - Group 2 ride to Wyee
TDCC Grp 2 Wyee Loop via Charmy-Doylo-Wyee-Warnervale-Wadalba-Toukley (not Ruttleys Road)
As can be seen from the ride name listed in the title of this document, the planned ride (via Ruttleys Road) was abandoned for safety reasons. Some our members will be aware that Tony came to grief at the causeway on Ruttleys Road, near the Mannering Park turn-off. Apparently as he had just about finished the crossing, a large truck blew its horn behind him, and it distracted Tony so that he did not see the pothole in front of him, so he came to grief. Thankfully he was not seriously hurt. Those people who have ridden across the causeway/bridge will know there is no bike lane, so thankfully our ride manager changed the route from the advertised ride.
The weather gods have been kind to us today, with little breeze at the lake front as we prepared for our ride.
Twenty people turned up for the ride, Warwick was the ride manager, and Rolf the sweep. The remaining riders were, Robyn, James, Chris, Debbie, Keith A, Keith M, Pedro, Mike, Azy, Carol, Hans, John, Paul, Lyn S, Doug, and 4 riders from group 3 who were Lyn R, Trevor, Jill and Daryl M.
In a cheery mode we set off towards Harry Moore Oval (HMO) near Toukley primary school. At HMO Lyn S left us to return home as she had ridden to Peel street from points south along Wilfred Barrett Drive. On arrival at Gorokan, Doug did the same as he is not fully fit to join our longer rides, he too had ridden from home.
From Gorokan to San Remo, Warwick set a blistering pace on his Electron powered bike. One old bloke named James walked across the footpath on Wallarah Creek bridge, as he has come to grief on that bridge in the past, as have a few other riders. Better to be safe than sorry, the path is a bit narrow for bikes with wide handle bars.
After a break at San Remo, we set off for the back streets of Blue Haven. When we stopped near Aldi, the group 3 riders decided that they would return to Peel street, as the speed of the ride was a bit higher than they were used to riding. From Strava it was seen that Lyn R rode to Budgewoi, then onto Elizabeth Bay before returning to Budgewoi, good effort Lyn.
After leaving Blue Haven we ventured to Doyalson where the wind sprang up and made life a bit hard for some of our lighter riders. I could have imagined them lifting off the road like Mary Poppins.
From Doylo we ventured to Wyee along some sections of road that were good, and some sections badly in need of repair. On arrival at Wyee we stopped at the Tennis courts on the corner of Hue Hue Road, before turning south into Hue Hue road for the roller coaster ride to Sparks road at Halloran. As the speed from Wyee was quite high, the tail took a long time to catch the lead groups.
After leaving Halloran we headed for Warnies, and Wadalba, our 2 nominated coffee break locations. Unfortunately Sparks road breakdown lane was in a poor condition, and 2 of our riders nearly came to grief in a massive pot hole. Rolf suggested we would need a torchlight to find our way out, must have been about 75cm wide and 50cm deep, it was in the shade so hard to see, I will report it the CCC.
The péloton stopped near the traffic lights adjacent to Lakes Grammar school (Minnesota Rd), waiting for the tail group, who seemed a long time in catching up, this was due to Pedro’s bike having a flat tube. So some of the group went to Warnies, and some went to Sams at Wadalba. Warwick and the others waited for the tube to be replaced. We were advised later that they had trouble getting the tyre back on, the repairs must have taken an hour or so, some sort of record.
Eventually when all was settled, the Warnies group headed home by a route unknown to our group at Sams. The Sam’s group headed home via Wahroonga road, and Gorokan.
It was noted that some of our riders asked about Col’s health as they were not present the last time we were advised of his condition. Paul advised us that Col was improving. Don’t know if Danny or Brenda joined us for coffee, they may have been at Warnies. [No, we were driving to Mater Hospital at North Sydney for a 6-week check-up. All Clear!]
Again, it was a very pleasant ride with average speeds between 17 and 22km/hr, so this accounts for the big gaps in the riding groups at times. We climbed around 420 metres, and the wind speeds were erratic, mostly NW and NNW between 7 to 15 km/hr with gusts up to 20km/hr.
We arrived back at Peel street a bit later than usual, but all agreed it was a great ride, even with the setbacks we had.
Friday 21 August 2020 - Coasters
TDCC Coasters Budgewoi and Lake Munmorah Lake loop ride 21-08-2020
Today’s mystery ride took us to Budgewoi, then Lake Munmorah, Doyalson, Blue Haven, San Remo, and back to Toukley via Charmhaven, and Gorokan to the mysterious Jenny Dixon Park. Jenny Dixon Park has a history that says a ghost inhabits the surrounding area. I was wondering where the name of the park came from, I always thought it was the name of a important person from past history, but it is named after a ship (Jenny Dickson) that was wrecked before the lighthouse was installed, and someone got the name wrong.
On leaving our homes the riders reported no wind, and mild temperatures, but on arriving at Jenny Dixon a cool westerly breeze had sprung up, and made conditions a bit on the cold side, so we were all rugged up.
We had nineteen riders, Chris was the ride manager and Warwick the sweep, the marshals at various times were Viv, Rolf, and Paul. The other riders were Robyn, James, Carol, Barry, Mike, Linda, Daryl, Merrilyn, Graeme, Lindley, Keith, Debbie, Pedro, and Kerry.
Doug turned up to check on how things were going, and Westley arrived on his bike having cycled from Buff Point. Westley tells us he is taking it easy after his operation, and is doing around 20km at a time, hopefully he will join our rides again in about a month.
While we were waiting for our ride instructions Paul rang Col, and put him on loud-speaker. Everyone wished Col well, various conversations were going on at the one time making it hard to work out what was said, however Col suggested he might join us for coffee.
As usual we set a good pace to Budgewoi only to be held up trying to cross C.C. Highway. After a pit stop at Budgewoi, we headed for Elizabeth Bay, but the winds on CC Highway impeded our progress, and some of us found it hard going. After leaving Elizabeth Bay, our next stop was in front of the Doctor’s surgery on the Pacific Highway, some of us joked most likely everyone of us could have had some sort problem to report, but we soldiered on towards Doyalson.
At Doyalson, Chris advised that we would add the Blue Haven loop to our ride, as he felt we did not have enough kilometres under our belts, also the coffee groupies would have turned up too late to greet us.
Shortly after our arrival at San Remo for coffee, Danny, Brenda, and Col arrived, to our pleasant surprise. Col looked very fit and happy. Hopefully it will not be too long before he joins our rides again. Due to us arriving early, Gemma did not have time to have her hair done, and her nails painted, so she decided, like any glamourous girl, not to come with Danny and Brenda.
Mike, Rolf, and Pedro decided to try the Charmhaven nursery coffee shop for a change and left us at San Remo.
After coffee, the main group left for Jenny Dixon via Gorokan, while Keith and Debbie returned via Budgewoi.
Although the conditions were not the best for riding, we still enjoyed ourselves.
Oh, about Jenny Dixon, there is supposed to be a female ghost who hails a lift in the area. On our arrival at Jenny Dixon, she is nowhere to be seen. Apparently a young woman was murdered there years ago, check Google for details if you like ghost stories.
The ride was around 34km, the average speeds were around 20km/hr, and we climbed around 230 metres.
Wednesday 19 August 2020 - Group 2 ride from Cessnock
TDCC Grp 2 Report for Cessnock to Millfield loop.
Only eight brave riders ventured out in the windy cold conditions that we encountered on our arrival at Cessnock. The riders were Warwick, Robyn, Debbie, Keith, James, Hans, Rolf, and guest rider Harrison (aka Harry) who is one of Keith’s Grandsons. Warwick was the ride manager, and Rolf the sweep. Due to the small number of riders, we did not need marshals, as Warwick incorporated extra stops into the ride.
This ride differed from previous rides that we have been on in the Cessnock area, in that we did not leave Cessnock and crossover Vincent street before going left onto Wollombi road. This time we headed East back towards the coast, and then turned left at Neath Road, and continued for 10kms or so before meeting up with Cessnock road, where we turned left, and continued back to Cessnock, before joining Wollombi road which took us back along the route of previous rides.
As with previous rides around the Cessnock area, it was great to see many of the old hotels still in place with their magnificent architecture. Where have all the great architects gone?
Getting back to the ride, after we completed the previous-mentioned loop to arrive back in Cessnock, all members of the group said how much they enjoyed that part of the ride, due to lack of traffic on Neath Road, and generous bike lanes on Cessnock Road.
Thankfully, Warwick set a relatively gentle pace, as he was taking into account that 18-year old Harry was having his first long ride, and explained that he may lack fitness. Warwick was excited about Harry being a possible future member, and someone mentioned they recognised the bike Harry was riding, turns out it has been ridden by Pedro.
After leaving Cessnock we headed for Millfield, going through some nice countryside vistas in the locations of Bellbird Heights, no Bell Birds to be heard, then Pelton, and Greta Main. This part of the ride included some undulating sections (lots of serious hills, and fast downhill sections), with a tortuous little hill after Bellbird Heights testing us all out. Warwick recalled a ride a few years ago where all riders walked up the hill, some of us also remembered that occasion.
When we arrived at Millfield we turned left, and headed for Paxton. On the way to Ellalong we saw some beautiful scenery, including Ellalong Lagoon, which is home to lots of Platypus or Platypuses if you are a scientist. The ride to Quorrobolong passed along roads with nice-sounding names, especially Sandy Creek road. As with the earlier part of the ride to Millfield the roads were a challenge with flat sections of road hard to find, lots of undulating roads, as one of our longest serving members (his name starts with a P) would say.
Before we got to Quorrobolong, we turned left at Quorrobolong Road, and headed for Kitchener. The road to Kitchener was exciting in parts, with long down hill sections including some high-speed windy bits that kept our brains on the job. In no time we passed the Khartoum hotel in Kitchener, aptly named for those with a knowledge of history. From there it was a short ride back to Cessnock where we settled in for some lunch. Due to the high winds some of us left a bit earlier for the comfort of our cars.
Congratulations to Harry for the effort he put in, and to Rolf and Keith for their encouragement to Harry along the way when the going got tough.
The general consensus from our riders was that it was a great ride, probably one of the best we participate in, hopefully next time more riders will join us.
We did not sight any of our coffee groupies today. We checked out Khartoum hotel, just in case Gemma was there, but no dish-lickers in sight.
The ride was around 50km, the average speeds were around 20km/hr, and we climbed around 520 metres, which is more than the usual ride.

The whole Coasters Crew at River Reflections, Tacoma, except for Carol behind the camera - 14 August 2020
Friday 14 August 2020 - Skylarkers and Coasters
The Skylarkers rode up to Marks Point today, 65-70km, via Birdie Beach lookout, slowed down by Tony having 3 flat front tyres. Well done guys!

Coasters - TDCC Coasters Mystery ride 14-08-2020
Today’s mystery ride took us to Budgewoi, then San Remo, Charmhaven, Warnervale, then back to Wadalba, Wyong, then River Reflections Café for coffee, and then back to Jenny Dixon.
The weather at the start of ride was a bit chilly, and everyone was rugged up due to the cold westerly wind that was blowing.
Before the start of the ride Paul gave us an update on Col’s heath, he is out of hospital, and progressing well, Paul asked us not to ring Col, but to communicate by email or SMS etc.
Eighteen riders turned up at the start, plus Doug who rode home again without entering the ride, and Pedro who showed up to have a chat. Doug was going to have a private ride with Mike, but Mike must have slept in as he was not sighted by Doug, and no evidence of a ride on Strava.
Chris was the ride manager, and Warwick was the sweep, Carol and others acted as marshals when required, thanks to these riders for organising the ride.
It was good to see our Senior committee members all on the same ride, our President Warwick, our Secretary Barry, and our Treasurer Linda.
The riders today were as mentioned plus Robyn, Paul, James, Ray, Debbie, Lindley, Graeme, Merrilyn, Linda, Barry, Estelle, Daryl, Viv, Alan, and Marie. As Alan does not ride very much with us, it was nice to see a new face and have a chat.
As usual the ride to Budgewoi was at a fast clip. We were held up crossing Scenic drive due to the amount of those pesky motorists on the road. On arrival at Slade Park with a short break, we headed for Buff Point’s Edgewater park, where we had another short break, loads of chatter was heard within the group.
Chris gave instructions on the next part of the ride, unfortunately due to loss of hearing within most of our riders, the instructions were not heard by those standing further than a few metres away. As the pathway to San Remo was under water, we travelled by road to San Remo, then crossed that nasty little walkway over the Wallarah creek.
On arrival at Charmhaven, we tried to cross the Pacific Highway, took longer than usual, must have been people rushing for the specials at Harvey Norman, and Bunnings. Next, after visiting the Warnervale Wetlands we headed along Sparks road, and turned left at Virginia road, then right at Warnervale Road, and headed towards Warnervale.
We were about to cross the railway line when the track bells rang, and the gates came down, a massive goods train blocked our way, our friendly group started waving at the driver, he responded in kind, and gave us a blast of the train’s horn, laughter all around.
After crossing the railway line, we pulled up one hundred metres down the road. Apparently confusion reigned in the leader’s group, we were lost. After much consultation we did a U-turn, and headed back over the railway lines. While we were stopped Viv passed my rear light to me. My home-made Heath Robinson device had broken off due to metal fatigue, Central Coast roads at fault, thanks Viv, saved me $100.00 or so.
From Warnervale we headed to Wadalba, bypassed Sam’s Bakery one of our favourite places for coffee, then headed to Wyong via Pollock Avenue. On arrival at Wyong toilets we stopped for a compulsory comfort break. Our original plan was to go to South Tacoma, but due to the earlier diversion we did another U-turn and headed for the River Reflections Café.
On arrival at R.R. Café we were greeted by Danny, Brenda, and old faithful Gemma, who has been on her best behaviour so she could come and greet us. It must be said, she was in a most excitable mood, and greeted all newcomers and cars with excited vocals.
Just as we settled in for coffee, another two of our nicest members, Jenny and Kerry, arrived to have a chat, they circulated amongst all their friends with laughs all around.
As it was Ray’s last ride before returning to England, we all gathered for a group photo, see our web page (above) for the photo taken by Carol. After wishing Ray all the best we headed back to Jenny Dixon pleased with ourselves. A very enjoyable ride, thanks to Chris for the extra bit of Mystery.
Thankfully, no incidents or accidents to report. We rode around 49km, and from Strava the average speeds were from 18 to 19km/hr.

Keith M, Ray, Carol, Azi, Estelle (pink), Hugh, Virginia and Chris - Group 2, Wadalba 12 Auguat 2020. Photos by Nicolette
Wednesday 12 August 2020 - Groups
Group 3 - Report on Morpeth Ride 12/08/2020 I was elected as leader, but only after I promised to actually finish today's ride. Darryl No.2 grilled me after my bike fell apart on the Hinton Rd. last time we rode. We started with ten riders, Hans, Jenny, Darryls No.1 and No.2, Rolf, Jill, Trevor, Lyn, Robyn, and me. Rolf was elected sweep, by himself, and we set off looking for a toilet as the closest one was locked. Hans and Jenny found one at Woodberry and joined us soon after the start. We should look at this for the next ride.
We travelled at about 18 kmh for the whole ride and every time I stopped the group were all together, even at the top of the Hinton hill. We had started with a cloud cover and a temperature around 14°C but when we reached Hinton the temperature had dropped noticeably. We stopped at Morpeth, in the park, socially distancing and sent some members to find coffee while the rest kept an eye on the bikes. The coffee was good, purchased at the Bakery, and one of our number also purchased a pie that received the thumbs up.
We left Morpeth under darker skies and the radar suggesting rain. Down Duckenfield Rd. over the very bumpy road at a faster speed due to the colder temperature and the threat of rain. We arrived back at Tarro without stopping and were able to pack up and leave before light rain started to fall. All were happy and dry after a 44 klms ride through beautiful, lush countryside on quiet country roads.

James, Lindley, Virginia, Ray, Keith M, Estelle, Paul, Hugh, Danny and Azi, Sam's Bakery - 12 August 2020
Group 2 report - TDCC Grp 2 Wyee loop ride report.
Due to circumstances beyond the control of our ride manager, today’s ride was changed from the advertised route. The cycle way from Budgewoi to San Remo was flooded, and Bushell’s Ridge Road was muddy from the recent rain, and not suited to our bikes with narrow tyres.
The route was therefore changed, so that we cycled to San Remo via the Corso at Charmhaven, from there we cycled up the Pacific Highway, and turned left at Wyee road, and headed for Wyee, at Wyee we turned left into Gosford Road, and continued to Hue Hue road, turning left at Sparks road, from where we then made our way to Wadalba, via Minnesota road, where we planned to have coffee at Sam’s bakery, we returned to Peel street via Wahroonga Road, and the normal route to Toukley.
The weather was completely different to last week, today’s temperature was around 13°C, but with no wind to chill us down, in fact there was no wind at all, so it was very pleasant.
Paul gave us a report on the health of our fellow riders who are out action at the present time. He advised that Col has a lung infection, but is slowly responding to treatment, Paul mentioned, thankfully, that it was not Covid-19.
We had 15 riders turned up for the ride, Paul was the ride manager, the other riders were Debbie, Virginia, Carol, Estelle, Chris, Hugh, Keith M, Keith A, Lindley, Mike, Azi, Ray, James and Keith A’s grandson Scott who was a guest rider. Carol, and Chris acted as Marshalls, and James was the sweep.
Doug rode from home to Peel street, and returned home without joining the ride, he is feeling a bit better, and wanted to test himself out before attempting a bigger ride. Pedro also turned up in civvies just to say hello to his friends. It was great to see Keith M, and Azi back on their bikes again after their recent spills, a bit scarred but willing to have a go, a great effort from the guys.
As usual we set a good pace to Aldi, with all riders getting through the lights in one go. Our first stop was at Harry Moore Oval, as all were present, we headed for Gorokan keeping up a good pace. After another stop at Gorokan, our next stop was San-Remo, from there we ventured around the back streets of Blue Haven, and eventually made our way to Doyalson, and as mentioned turned into Wyee road, where we had a short break. Paul advised that there were many potholes in Wyee road, so be careful, Paul was correct.
On arriving at Wyee, we turned left into Gosford road, and then made our way to Hue Hue road, where we had another stop, to discuss safety on Hue Hue road. Paul gave us a speech about the narrow borders of the road and mentioned the steepness of the road required extra attention.
After safely descending the hill we turned left into Sparks Road, and headed for Sam’s Bakery, Wadalba. On the way, Mike lost something from his bike, and by the time we recovered the Peloton was far ahead, so we made a super human effort to catch them, eventually we caught them at traffic lights near the Lakes Grammar school. Mike left us at this point as he had matters to attend to at home.
Debbie, Keith, and Scott left us not long after, and cycled home. Chris mentioned that Scott, who was up the front of the ride at all times, looked a really good rider, and could have pulled away from us seniors at any time. Not knowing the way, he had to stay with us, it was obvious that he enjoyed the ride, and it was good to see a younger cyclist in our group.
The rest of us headed for Sam’s bakery for a well-earned coffee, our friends Danny, Brenda, and Nicolette were there, but Gemma was nowhere to be seen, as she had been a naughty dog, and Brenda decided to put her in the naughty corner.
As this was most likely the last time we would see Ray Schofield for a while, our group wished him well for his trip home to England, and nice words were said about Ray by Paul, and other members of our group, Ray also responded with nice words about us.
After coffee we headed for Peel street with no incidents to report. Virginia and Chris left for home around this time as they had ridden to Peel street.
The ride was around 44km long, from Strava the average speeds ranged between 18 to 20km/hr. From the B.O.M. web site, the temperature ranged between 14 to 16°C, with the wind mostly NNE around 15km/hr.
Thanks to Chris for his input, and Danny for reviewing, and editing our reports. [You're welcome]
Heads down, bum up, morning tea ahead - 12 August 2020
Group 1 ride
A team of serious riders (you should see Ric's photos on Strava) headed for Munmorah, down the highway to Wyee Road, towards Morisset and turn right at Rutleys Road, visit Mannering Park, back to the hwy then return (I think).
Friday 7 August 2020 - Norah Head Coasters
TDCC Coasters Budgewoi Like loop ride report
The weather Gods had a fight over what type of day it was going to be, after a bit of a battle the Rain God won, and decided to rain on our parade, however this did not stop some of our brave riders from attempting a ride. Four of our most optimistic riders fronted at Jenny Dixon, they were Debbie, Chris, Rolf, and Keith, another 5 non-riders turned up to give them some encouragement and have a chat, they were Paul, Pedro, Mike, Doug, and James.
After much discussion our valiant group decided to loop Budgewoi Lake. Chris advised by the time they had got to Budgewoi, the heavens decided to open, so enough was enough, our riders took the hint, Debbie and Keith headed home, Chris, and Rolf decided to go for coffee at Norah Head, the rain was so troublesome that Rolf decided discretion was the better part of valour, and decided to head for his beloved van and head home. Chris was left with no alternative but to ride home to Wadalba, he advised that he was drenched by the time he had got home, but after a quick shower he was feeling a lot better. No coffee groupies sighted today.
Thanks to Chris for advising the details of the short-lived ride.
From Strava Chris rode 38km at an average speed of 18.4km/hr in temperatures around 11°C, great effort Chris.
Don't think the Skylarkers rode today, too smart for that. Brenda and I had lunch at the Old Milk Factory, then drove to Yarramalong, then up Bumble Hill and back via Peats Ridge and the M1, Danny
Wednesday 5 August 2020 - Group 2 ride to Batto Bay
TDCC Grp 2 Bateau Bay Beach loop ride report.
Today’s ride was as planned, and as advertised on the club web page, except for a short detour around the road works at Bateau Bay beach.
After the great weather last week, today’s weather was a bit cooler. On arrival at Peel Street, the wind was blowing in a WNW direction across the lake, with gusts of 35 km/hr, the temperature was 14°C with a wind chill factor giving an apparent temperature of 7°C, no wonder it felt cold, at the end of the ride the temperature was 15°C with an apparent temperature of 11°C (from BOM web site). Well done to those riders who turned up to brave the elements.
As our old mate Paul F turned 80 yesterday, we all sang happy birthday and when we finished Paul made an announcement about some of our riders in the sick bay. Col was not feeling well but is on the mend, Doug is having tests done, and it waiting on the outcome, and Keith is recovering from his fall last week, probably off for another week, and Danny is progressing nicely after his Op, as is Pam who had hers on the same day. Nicolette is close to 5 weeks in and is looking good.
Paul was the ride manager, and Warwick was in charge of the tail. We had 3 riders from group 3 joining us today as group 3 were short of numbers, so we had the pleasure of the company of Jill, Trevor, and Rob, this made a total of 16 riders. Paul said he was going to take it easy, though it still felt like we were going at a good pace as we headed for William Barrett Drive (WBD). On arrival we were met by Pedro in his little red Kia. As I could not hear his conversation with the riders at the head of the Peloton, I guess he just wanted to see our friendly faces, as he did not join us for coffee later in the ride.
Paul told the faster riders they could go ahead if they wanted to stretch their legs, which they did, some of us struggled a bit along WBD to The Entrance due to the wind, and we had split into 4 groups by the time we reached the North Entrance. Unfortunately, Michael or Azi as he is generally known came to grief on Hutton Road at the North Entrance, just up from where the nasty magpie resides. As Azi was behind the lead group, they did not notice he was in trouble. The second group was out of sight of Azi, and did not see his accident. Unfortunately he hit the rear of a parked car and sustained injuries to his head, and abrasions on his arms. Thankfully, neighbours in the area heard the noise, and came to his aid. Shortly after, an off-duty Fireman stopped, and he rendered First Aid while the neighbours called the ambulance. One of the neighbours stored Azie’s bike, which was badly damaged, club members organised to pick up the bike later today. At the time of writing we are not sure of Azie’s condition or when he will be released from hospital. Club members discussed with Azie that he should ring them when he wanted to be picked up from hospital. Thanks to the Fireman and neighbours in the area, plus our bike club members who assisted Azie.
After a delay of half an hour or so, we headed for the Entrance bike track, crossing the Entrance Bridge was a challenge, and we thought that some of our more slender members might get blown into the lake, the wind was so strong. From the Entrance bike track we followed the planned route to Bateau Bay beach except for the detour mentioned earlier. Bateau Bay beach looked glorious, and we spent a good 10 minutes or so admiring the sights, the C.C.Council have done a good job with the car park, facilities, and viewing area.
Paul then set a blistering pace back to the Entrance where we settled in for some of the best coffee in the area at the DCE cafe, as usual we were greeted by our self-called Coffee Groupies, Pam, Richard, Nicolette, Brenda, Gemma (the doggie) and Danny who must be getting better as he was swinging his walking stick around with gusto to make his point of view.
After our coffee break, we headed back to Toukley in dribs and drabs, expecting the wind to give us assistance, but unfortunately as it had a big Westerly component we were disappointed.
Warwick, Robyn, Lindley, Rob, and James were the only riders to return to Peel street as the other riders had gone straight home, as they had ridden to Peel street. We asked Rob how did it feel riding with the élite group 2 riders, and he said it was hard, but it would definitely make him a better rider.
The distance of the ride was about 43km, and the rider’s average speed was from 18 to 20km/hr.
Further old reports can be obtained from the Website manager.

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